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2019 Suzuki V-Strom 1000XT | $17,990 ride-away with luggage

Pick up a 2019 V-Strom 1000XT with $3k of luggage for $17,990 R/A

For a limited time, riders can ride away on a new MY19 V-Strom 1000XT adventure tourer equipped with the newly released Genuine Suzuki three-piece aluminium luggage system worth over $3,000 for $17,990. That’s the normal ride-away price of the 1000XT!

Suzuki V Strom XT
2019 V-Strom 1000XT

The bonus luggage set consists of a robust 38L waterproof top case, constructed from 1.5mm aluminium and powder coated black to protect against oxidation and abrasion whilst being easy to clean. Additional protection is offered by glass-fibre reinforced plastic covers at each corner top and bottom, the lid also features four large tie-down points integrated into the design.

The top case is accompanied by a set of tough 37L quick-release, waterproof side cases. As a matching system, many features are shared across all three pieces including construction material, black powder coated finish, plastic corner covers and integrated tie-down points. The side case lids are also completely removable via a quick release fastener system for superior access and cleaning.

Combined the bonus luggage set offers users 112L of usable storage. All three pieces and mounting points are lockable by key and can be quickly removed from the model specific bracketry. Available now from Suzuki Motorcycles dealerships for a manufacturer’s suggested price of $17,990 Ride Away including 12-months registration and fitment of the bonus aluminium luggage set.

Suzuki V Strom XT
2019 V-Strom 1000XT

2019 Suzuki V-Strom 1000XT

The pearl in the V-Strom 1000’s crown is the versatile 1037cc 90-degree V-twin engine. The rider-friendly nature of the big V-twin is tuned to deliver a thick layer of torque (101Nm) from as low as 4000rpm.

The XT Cross-Touring model features wire-spoked wheels and tapered handlebars as standard. The MY19 iteration sports three new colour schemes: Champion Yellow No.2, Pearl Blue/Pearl Glacier White & Glass Sparkle Black.

Suzuki’s advanced traction control system proves sometimes simple is better, featuring two modes of assistance; Mode 1 has the least amount of intervention allowing for a certain degree of rear wheelspin to not get in the way of spirited riding. Mode 2 has a higher level of intervention, applied at an instant controlling and preventing the slightest amount of spin, particularly effective in supporting the rider in situations such as rain or on slippery road surfaces. The system can also be turned off altogether.

The Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS) acts as a slipper clutch system when changing down rapidly, while always providing light use at the lever. Suzuki’s Low RPM assist system has been installed, freeing the rider from unexpected engine stalls. This system will automatically raises the idle speed when engaging the clutch or when riding at low rpms, preventing sudden engine stalling.

Braking duties are taken care of by radial mounted four piston mono-block Tokico brake calipers and twin 310mm diameter discs up the front, and a 260mm diameter single disc with a single piston caliper on the rear, providing strong and controllable braking performance.

The Bosch ABS “Motion Track Brake System” employs a five-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), and by combining data regarding the posture of the motorcycle with the front and rear wheel speeds, have made it possible for the ABS to activate not only in a straight line braking but also when the motorcycle is cornering.

This new sophisticated system instantly assesses the need for ABS intervention when the lever or pedal is operated by calculating the angle of the motorcycle versus the wheel speeds. The intelligent unit controls the increase/decrease in braking pressure at an advanced level matching it to the level of traction available.

Also a new feature is the Combination Brake system which automatically activates the rear brake in an effort to stabilise the motorcycle when the front brake pressure rises above a certain threshold.

The exterior design draws inspiration from the DR-Z800 raced by Gaston Rahier in the Dakar rally and the production DR-BIG model that followed. Developed through extensive wind-tunnel testing the windscreen is 49mm taller than the previous version for increased rider comfort and protection whilst significantly reducing wind buffering. Three pre-set height options are available, the windscreen is set at its lowest position from standard and can be lifted by either 15mm or 30mm according to rider preference.

Suzuki’s ratchet-gear mechanism allows the rider to easily choose from three windscreen angles. No tools are required and the desired position can be achieved by simply pushing the windscreen out by hand, even with riding gloves on.

A double stich seat provides luxurious comfort for both the rider and passenger. The revised shape is now slimmer at the front for increased rider clearance combined with the low seat height making it easier for riders to reach the ground. The sides of the seat provide a high level of grip thanks to using the same materials as from the competition RM-Z motocross range.

19 inch front and 17 inch rear wheels provide balance, stability and nimbleness to effectively cope with all riding situations. The V-Strom 1000XT features tubeless wire-spoke wheels. Wire-spoked aluminium-alloy rims absorb shock effectively at low speeds to promote friendly handling character.

Black-anodized 43mm inverted front forks and a dial-adjustable rear shock help to ensure great road holding and a smooth, comfortable ride even with a passenger and a full complement of luggage. Both front and rear suspension systems are fully adjustable enabling the rider to maximise performance in any situation.

The V-Strom 1000XT is built on a slim, twin-spar aluminium-alloy frame, providing a smooth ride, and a sporty riding experience when pushed hard. The aluminium swingarm provides a high level of straight-line and cornering stability. The chassis has been designed to perform regardless whether it’s fully loaded with luggage and/or pillion or solo.

The instruments include an analogue tachometer and a brightness-adjustable LCD speedometer. The LCD readouts include an odometer, dual trip meters, the gear position, the coolant and ambient temperatures, the voltage, the riding range, the average fuel consumption, the instantaneous fuel consumption, the traction control mode, a fuel gauge and a clock.

A convenient 12V DC outlet is located below the instrument panel and is ideal for powering GPS units or charging mobile devices.

Source: MCNews.com.au