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Ducati Boasts Double Podiums At Laguna Seca

​​This weekend saw the breaking of a couple of records at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca by none other than Loris Baz, who broke the record for the weekend’s fastest lap  – his best this season. 

Baz also did his team proud, challenging Yamaha’s Jake Gagne for the Warhorse HSBK Racing Ducati.

Loris Baz on his Ducati machine

“It’s been a great weekend; the best we’ve had so far,” Baz says. “We’ve had no real issues all weekend; besides the small fumble on Friday, we’ve been strong all weekend. I think since Road America, race one, we finally found a bass setup that I like on the bike, so I’m riding better and better.”

“I’ve really enjoyed riding the V4 R at Laguna Seca. I was able to put pressure on Jake during race one and race two. We put on a great show in front of the many fans around the track. Considering how new this project is, we are getting better and better, so I look forward to the future.”

The results won Baz two second-place podiums, punting him into fifth place. 

Toni Elias isn’t far behind either. His battle at the Panera Bread Ducati boosted him from 8th to 7th as he subbed in for Kyle Wyman, who broke his left arm at the Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta on June 13.

Wyman plans on focusing his efforts on winning the Mission King Of The Baggers Championship (if you’re interested in baggers on a racetrack, check out the interview we did on Patricia Fernandez).

Toni Elias shaking hands

“I am really happy to come here and have the opportunity to ride Kyle’s bike,” says Elias. “I felt what it was like to be racing again, feeling the pressure, the nervousness, and battling all the way up until the last corner. It’s been amazing. We worked on improving every session to get better and better. We suffered with traction, and that’s what made me suffer a little, but in general, we made good steps forward.”

“I felt super great with Kyle’s team – a lot of good people. They were very open and listened to my opinion, which can be difficult when coming into a new team. Overall, it was a good experience, and now I have more information on the Ducati, so I look forward to the future to hopefully continue riding for the brand.”

Jake Gagne ahead of Loris Baz at Laguna Seca

Here are the official specs of the weekend’s results:
2021 MotoAmerica Superbike Standing – Top 5

P1 – Jake Gagne (Yamaha) 225

P2 – Mathew Scholtz (Yamaha) 160

P3 – Josh Herrin (Yamaha) 145

P4 – Cameron Petersen (Suzuki) 137

P5 – Loris Baz (Ducati) 122

P10 – Kyle Wyman (Ducati) 49

Best of luck to these young men in the continuation of the season.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Gerloff & Beaubier take win a-piece at Sonoma MotoAmerica

2019 MotoAmerica

Round 7 – Championship of Sonoma

Images by Brian J. Nelson

The 2019 Championship of Sonoma, Round 7 of the MotoAmerica Superbike Championship, saw Garrett Gerloff take the Saturday race win, with Toni Elias in tow, while Beaubier was a non-finish in a result that looked set to decide the Superbike championship.

MotoAmerica Rnd Sonoma Gerloff Beaubier
Garrett Gerloff and Cameron Beaubier celebrated a Yamaha double-win at Sonoma Raceway

Sunday’s Race 2 proved that anything can happen however, with Toni Elias crashing out and Beaubier taking the win, leaving Elias with a strong but not insurmountable lead, while Gerloff and Beaubier are separated by only six-points in the standings.

In the Supersport class Hayden Gillim took out the Race 1 win on Saturday from Bobby Fong and PJ Jacobsen, while Sunday Jacobsen claim the win from Fong and Bryce Prince, with Gillim having to settle for fourth. Andrew Lee claimed victory in the single Stock 1000 race of the weekend.

In the Liqui Moly Junior Cup Rocco Landers continued to build his lead with Kevin Olmedo his closest competitor over the weekend. Alex Dumas meanwhile took a clean win in the Twins Cup class, with a single race run and the rider holding a 12-second lead over second placed Draik Beauchamp.

Superbikes – Saturday

Toni Elias took a giant step towards winning his second MotoAmerica EBC Brakes Superbike title in the Championship of Sonoma at Sonoma Raceway, the Spaniard finishing second to Garrett Gerloff while his main championship rival Cameron Beaubier crashed out of the race on lap two.

MotoAmerica Rnd Sonoma Toni Elias Saturday
Toni Elias – MotoAmerica 2019 Round 7, Sonoma Raceway

Elias’ second-place finish combined with Beaubier’s non-finish gives him a 59-point lead in the championship heading into Sunday’s second EBC Brakes Superbike race, 266-207.

While Elias may have gained the most on a sunny Saturday in Northern California’s wine country, the day belonged to Gerloff. Hot off his win in race two at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca a month ago, the Texan bested Elias by 10.3 second to take his second career EBC Brakes Superbike race win.

Gerloff was quick all day, ending up the second fastest qualifier behind his teammate Beaubier, the three-time series champion who had won the last four Superbike races held at Sonoma. Gerloff didn’t waste much time in taking the lead from Elias after Beaubier crashed out of the lead on the second lap – just moments after passing Elias.

MotoAmerica Rnd Sonoma Garrett Gerloff Saturday
Garrett Gerloff – MotoAmerica 2019 Round 7, Sonoma Raceway

In addition to taking his second win, Gerloff also took big gains in the title chase and is now just a single point behind Beaubier in third place with 206 points.

Third place today went to Mathew Scholtz, the South African besting JD Beach. Fifth place went to Jake Gagne in his best finish of the season. Max Flinders had his best career Superbike finish in sixth. Sam Verderico finished seventh in the race that featured an exorbitant amount of non-finishers. The non-finishers included Beaubier, Josh Herrin, Kyle Wyman, David Anthony, Jake Lewis and Cameron Petersen.

EBC Brakes Superbike Result – Saturday

  1. Garrett Gerloff (Yamaha)
  2. Toni Elias (Suzuki) +10.369
  3. Mathew Scholtz (Yamaha) +21.193
  4. JD Beach (Yamaha) +27.084
  5. Jake Gagne (BMW) +50.380

Superbike – Sunday

Sunday’s race in the Cycle Gear Championship of Sonoma was further proof that it truly ain’t over till it’s over. With most series observers, including Cameron Beaubier, thinking the 2019 MotoAmerica EBC Brake Superbike Championship was a foregone conclusion after Beaubier crashed out of Saturday’s race and championship leader Toni Elias won, suddenly it wasn’t.

MotoAmerica Rnd Sonoma SBK Sun Start BJN P
Sunday SBK Start – MotoAmerica 2019 Round 7, Sonoma Raceway

Elias crashed out of Sunday’s race early and Beaubier rode to victory, his fifth in the last six Superbike races at Sonoma Raceway, and his third of the season. And just like that, the championship is back on with Elias leading Beaubier and his YZF-R1 by 34 points with three rounds and six races left in the title chase.

With fast-starter Beaubier leading, Elias crashed out of second place on the third lap. From there it was yesterday’s race winner Garrett Gerloff giving chase to Beaubier, the Texan putting up an admirable fight until losing front tire grip that forced him to slow his pace. That allowed Beaubier to cruise to a 5.281-second win, pocketing the 25 championship points that come with it.

MotoAmerica Rnd Sonoma Podium Sunday Superbike
Sunday Superbike podium – MotoAmerica 2019 Round 7, Sonoma Raceway
Cameron Beaubier

“It just feels really good to get a win today after crashing three laps in yesterday, especially just after kind of being in a rut lately. I saw plus 3.5 on my board and I was like, ‘Let’s just take this home.’ It feels really good. Obviously, it’s unfortunate I crashed yesterday. I thought it was pretty much all over points-wise going into today. I think it was good for me,though, because I just went out with the intention to win. Don’t go ride careful or nothing like that. Just put your head down and go race. Go race to win. I felt like I rode loose. I felt like I rode good. We’re back in it.”

MotoAmerica Rnd Sonoma Cameron Beaubier Superbike
Cameron Beaubier – MotoAmerica 2019 Round 7, Sonoma Raceway

Gerloff had a solid weekend at Sonoma and leaves Northern California with a win and a second place.

Garrett Gerloff

“My team gave me an awesome bike today, I really felt good on it. Wasn’t too different from yesterday. Yesterday I ran the softest front compound there was, and it ended up shredding on me at the end of the race. I tried the little bit harder compound this morning and just hated it. I didn’t like it. I was hoping that with the higher temperature today and stuff that the soft would maybe go a little bit longer, and I think it did but just not the whole race. It sucks. I wish I could have adapted a little bit better to the green tire this morning, but we just didn’t want to take the chance. I felt good at the beginning of the race. Ran off in the chicane on the fifth lap or sixth lap, which helped him (Beaubier) get out a little bit farther in front. Just did everything I could to try to kind of reel him back in. Felt like I was, to a certain extent, but then with like nine laps to go, my front was just so gone that I had trouble just turning the bike into the chicane and the last corner. Just really heavy braking front load corners. That was it. Kind of sucks, but we learned a lot this weekend. It was still a good weekend. First and second is not too bad. It’s cool that we’re right there in the championship, more or less. It feels good. Just try to keep taking steps forward. I’m really excited for Pittsburgh. It’s a track I really like. See how it goes there.”

Third place on Sunday went to Josh Herrin, the Yoshimura Suzuki rider making up for yesterday’s first-lap crash.

Josh Herrin

“It feels good, it sucks coming in being on a factory team and seeing these guys that are expecting a win and not doing good. Not to say that third is great, but I think all of us could say at the team that it feels pretty good today. This weekend hasn’t been good at all. A lot of people have been struggling, besides these two. Like I said, it feels really good. I’m happy to be up here. Hopefully Pittsburgh treats me a little bit better and we can be fighting up there with these guys at least. That would feel really good if we could at least see them at the end of the race. Thanks to the entire team for putting in all the work. I know it sucks being out in the heat and then having to repair a bike all night, so thank you to Jimmy, Frenchie, Ollie, Davey, all the guys, Scott, for putting in the work. Congrats to these guys. I look forward to going to Pittsburgh.”

As much as he gained in Saturday’s race, Elias lost in Sunday’s.

Toni Elias

“We made a little change to the front fork, I was feeling comfortable because I went with the medium tire and I was expecting a great race from mid-race to the end. I was in a good rhythm behind Cameron (Beaubier). I didn’t feel like I was pushing. I didn’t feel like I made a mistake or braked too late, but maybe with the change I did in the front, it was too hard and I just lost the front in one of the bumps. I’m sorry for the team, but I want to look in a positive way. We still have a 34-point lead. It’s not 59 like it was yesterday, but it’s still 34. We still have six races and we’ll see what happens.”

Fourth place went to Mathew Scholtz, the South African finishing third on Saturday. Scholtz battled with Herrin for most of the race and also had JD Beach nipping at his heels for the duration. Beach ended up just over a second behind in fifth place, a day after the Kentuckian finished fourth.

Jake Gagne was sixth, some four seconds ahead of Cameron Petersen. David Anthony rebounded from a crash in yesterday’s race to finish eighth. Jeremy Coffey and Sam Verderico rounded out the top 10.

MotoAmerica Rnd Sonoma Cameron Beaubier Superbike
Cameron Beaubier – MotoAmerica 2019 Round 7, Sonoma Raceway

With the series heading to Pittsburgh International Race Complex in two weeks, Elias leads the title chase, 266-232, over Beaubier with Gerloff third on 226. Beach is fourth with 159 points, 11 better than Herrin.

EBC Brakes Superbike

  1. Cameron Beaubier (Yamaha)
  2. Garrett Gerloff (Yamaha) +5.281
  3. Josh Herrin (Suzuki) +21.832
  4. Mathew Scholtz (Yamaha) +26.470
  5. JD Beach (Yamaha) +27.796

EBC Brakes Superbike Standings

  1. Toni Elias 266
  2. Cameron Beaubier 232
  3. Garrett Gerloff 226
  4. JD Beach 159
  5. Josh Herrin 148
  6. Mathew Scholtz 139
  7. Jake Lewis 121
  8. Cameron Petersen 90
  9. David Anthony 84
  10. Jake Gagne 83
  11. Max Flinders 65

Supersport – Saturday

After the Supersport race was red-flagged because of a crash on the first lap, it was re-started, and Hayden Gillim went to the front and hung on to a narrow lead to capture his fifth win of the season.

MotoAmerica Rnd Sonoma PJ Jacobsen BJN P
PJ Jacobsen – MotoAmerica 2019 Round 7, Sonoma Raceway

Second-place finisher and current championship leader Bobby Fong closed the gap to Gillim as the laps wound down and brought his M4 ECSTAR Suzuki home in second. As a result, Gillim closed the points gap to just 13 behind Fong. Third place went to PJ Jacobsen.

MotoAmerica Rnd Sonoma Hayden Gillim Saturday
Hayden Gillim – MotoAmerica 2019 Round 7, Sonoma Raceway

Supersport Race Result – Saturday

  1. Hayden Gillim (Yamaha)
  2. Bobby Fong (Suzuki) +0.102
  3. PJ Jacobsen (Yamaha) +3.089
  4. Bryce Prince (Yamaha) +7.213
  5. Joshua Hayes (Yamaha) +10.692

Supersport – Sunday

In Sunday’s Supersport race, PJ Jacobsen notched his second win of the season after passing Bobby Fong late in the race. Fong, who is leading the championship, tried a couple of times to get back around Jacobsen, but he used discretion to maintain his second-place position rather than put valuable points in jeopardy. Bryce Prince put his Yamaha on the podium in third.

PJ Jacobsen

“Right from the beginning with the bike I felt really good. It was weird. In the beginning, everyone was running low 40s, high 39s. The pace was really slow. When that was happening, I felt really good. So, I just wanted to move to the front. I haven’t been there so much, but I just decided I wanted to go to the front and just try to lead this thing until the end, and I just pushed as hard as I could. The team, Celtic HSBK Racing, gave me a great bike today. We made some changes overnight, really just with some gearing and a little bit of the suspension. It was working really good. I’m pretty pumped. Also, Jake Zemke helped me with some line choices. I was struggling in the esses with these guys yesterday. So, I think I got everything pretty right today.”

MotoAmerica Rnd Sonoma PJ Jacobsen Sunday
PJ Jacobsen – MotoAmerica 2019 Round 7, Sonoma Raceway


  1. PJ Jacobsen (Yamaha)
  2. Bobby Fong (Suzuki) +8.196
  3. Bryce Prince (Yamaha) +10.988
  4. Hayden Gillim (Yamaha) +11.737
  5. Joshua Hayes (Yamaha) +15.613
MotoAmerica Rnd Sonoma PJ Jacobsen BJN P
Supersport Podium – MotoAmerica 2019 Round 7, Sonoma Raceway

Supersport Standings

  1. Bobby Fong 200
  2. Hayden Gillim 180
  3. P.J. Jacobsen 164
  4. Richie Escalante 136
  5. Sean Dylan Kelly 125
  6. Bryce Prince 117
  7. Joshua Hayes 105
  8. Jason Aguilar 84
  9. Nick McFadden 83
  10. Lucas Silva 58

Liqui Moly Junior Cup – Saturday

In Liqui Moly Junior Cup race one, Rocco Landers won his eighth race out of 10 so far this season, and though he notched the victory in dominant fashion, it was not without drama.

MotoAmerica Rnd Sonoma Rocco Landers Sunday
Rocco Landers – MotoAmerica 2019 Round 7, Sonoma Raceway

The Californian had a couple of “moments” during the nine-lap event where he and his Kawasaki were not in sync, but the talented 14-year-old maintained his composure to take the checkers by a little over one and a half seconds over second-place finisher Kevin Olmedo. Third place went to Marc Edwards, the local rider also aboard a Kawasaki.

Liqui Moly Junior Cup Race 1

  1. Rocco Landers (Kawasaki)
  2. Kevin Olmedo (Kawasaki) +1.513
  3. Marc Edwards (Kawasaki) +1.584
  4. Josh Serne (Kawasaki) +1.659
  5. Brenden Ketelsen (Kawasaki) +7.089

Liqui Moly Junior Cup – Sunday

Sunday’s Liqui Moly Junior Cup race-two podium was a carbon copy of Saturday’s result. Rocco Landers tallied his ninth win out of 11 races so far this season, but the 12-lap event was a battle between him and Kevin Olmedo, who led the majority of the laps.

MotoAmerica Rnd Sonoma Rocco Landers Saturday
Rocco Landers – MotoAmerica 2019 Round 7, Sonoma Raceway

Landers seemed to be biding his time, and on the final lap, he pounced and passed Olmedo for the lead, and ultimately, the win. Local rider Marc Edwards matched his third-place finish on Saturday with another third place on Sunday aboard his Kawasaki.

Rocco Landers

“I didn’t have an exact plan as to what corner I’d pass him in, but the couple laps to the end, I just started trying to see what was going on, just tried to step back and think about it, I really wanted to see what I could do. On the last lap there, I was just following him a little bit. Coming up towards the end, I was like, ‘I got a good run. Just see what happens here.’ I came up on him and got by him. It was a very fun race. He was going so fast, and so was everyone.”

MotoAmerica Rnd Sonoma Rocco Landers Sun BJN P
Rocco Landers – MotoAmerica 2019 Round 7, Sonoma Raceway

Liqui Moly Junior Cup

  1. Rocco Landers (Kawasaki)
  2. Kevin Olmedo (Kawasaki) +0.219
  3. Marc Edwards (Kawasaki) +19.408
  4. Brenden Ketelsen (Kawasaki) +20.161
  5. Josh Serne (Kawasaki) +30.698

Liqui Moly Junior Cup Standings

  1. Rocco Landers 250
  2. Dallas Daniels 174
  3. Kevin Olmedo 153
  4. Gauge Rees 98
  5. Dominic Doyle 81
  6. Jackson Blackmon 79
  7. Damian Jigalov 72
  8. Marc Edwards 63
  9. Samuel Lochoff 62
  10. Brenden Ketelsen 57

Stock 1000 – Sunday

The weekend’s Stock 1000 race saw local rider, defending class champion, and current points leader Andrew Lee get his fourth victory of the season with a dominant performance that saw him start from the pole, get the holeshot into turn one, and lead every one of the 14 laps to the checkers aboard his Kawasaki.

MotoAmerica Rnd Sonoma STK Field Sunday BJN P
Stock 1000 – MotoAmerica 2019 Round 7, Sonoma Raceway

Michael Gilbert also rode his Kawasaki to second place after getting by Geoff May with just two laps to go in the race. May finished third to round out the podium.

Andrew Lee

“The Franklin Armory/Graves Kawasaki crew has been working really hard lately, getting a bike underneath me that I can go out there and ride to my full potential today. The bike was just feeling really great. I got a good start, and I knew these guys were going to be breathing down my neck. After qualifying, I felt like I had some pretty good pace underneath me. I was looking at the pit board and I was like, ‘Man.’ The grip wasn’t great for me. I was just clicking my markers and getting lap in, lap out, just trying to stay consistent. I’m just happy to come away with three wins in a row. So, hopefully, moving forward we can keep it going.”

MotoAmerica Rnd Sonoma Andrew Lee Sunday
Andrew Lee – MotoAmerica 2019 Round 7, Sonoma Raceway

Stock 1000 Race Results

  1. Andrew Lee (Kawasaki)
  2. Michael Gilbert (Kawasaki) +7.608
  3. Geoff May (Kawasaki) +11.472
  4. Stefano Mesa (Kawasaki) +17.123
  5. Travis Wyman (BMW) +23.288
MotoAmerica Rnd Sonoma Andrew Lee podium BJN P
Stock 1000 podium – MotoAmerica 2019 Round 7, Sonoma Raceway

Stock 1000 Standings


Twins Cup – Sunday

The Twins Cup race saw a big shakeup in the championship after points leader Michael Barnes’ Ducati had a technical issue, which took him out of the race lead, out of the race, and unfortunately, out of the championship lead.

MotoAmerica Rnd Sonoma Twins Cup BJN P
Twins Cup – MotoAmerica 2019 Round 7, Sonoma Raceway

Alex Dumas then took over the lead, put his head down, and stretched out a gap of more than 12-seconds by the time he took the checkers. Second place went to Draik Beauchamp, while Joseph Blasius finished a close third.

The race result vaulted Beauchamp into the championship lead with 108 points, Dumas is in second with 107-points, and Barnes was shuffled down to third in the standings. But, he has 106-points, so only three points separate the top three title contenders.

Alex Dumas

“Michael (Barnes) passed me on the first lap coming into the last corner, he was going pretty fast. I followed him for two or three laps until he had a problem. I didn’t know if I could win. I was catching him at some places on the track where I was faster, and he was pulling a gap on me at other places. It was really hard to just keep up with him and stay behind him really close to make a pass. It was pretty much a lonely race at the end. I just took it home, and I’m really happy.”

MotoAmerica Rnd Sonoma Alex Dumas Sunday
Alex Dumas – MotoAmerica 2019 Round 7, Sonoma Raceway

Twins Cup Race Result

  1. Alex Dumas (Suzuki)
  2. Draik Beauchamp (Yamaha) +12.521
  3. Joseph Blasius (Suzuki) +13.334
  4. Kris Turner (Suzuki) +24.891
  5. Jason Madama (Yamaha) +31.790

Twins Cup Standings

  1. Draik Beauchamp 108
  2. Alex Dumas 107
  3. Michael Barnes 106
  4. Curtis Murray 89
  5. Chris Parrish 78
  6. Joseph Blasius 66
  7. Jason Madama 58
  8. Kris Turner 42
  9. Jeffrey Tigert 40
  10. Cooper McDonald 38

Source: MCNews.com.au

Elias & Gerloff share MotoAmerica SBK wins at Laguna

Toni Elias claimed the Saturday Superbike win at Laguna Seca, with Garrett Gerloff and Cameron Beaubier completing the podium, to kick off the weekend. Sunday would see Gerloff claim the Race 2 win, with a 4.449-second lead over championship leader Elias, with third places Beaubier now has a 39-point deficit to contend with.

MotoAmerica Rnd Laguna Seca Sun Garrett Gerloff Toni Elias Cameron Beaubier
Garrett Gerloff and Toni Elias battled it out over the weekend – 2019 MotoAmerica Round 6 – Laguna Seca

Supersport saw a single race for the weekend, run on Sunday, where Bobby Fong took the win from PJ Jacobsen and Richie Escalante, with a crash by standings leader Gillim catapaulting Fong to an 18-point lead.

Andrew Lee claimed the Stock 1000 race win, while Kaleb DeKeyrel came out on top in the Twins Cup. Rocco Landers continued his domination of the Liqui Moly Junior Cup class, with another win.

Superbikes 1

Toni Elias may not have led any of the practice or qualifying sessions at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, but he led the only thing that paid points on Saturday as the Spaniard raced to his sixth EBC Brakes Superbike win of the season in the Championship of Monterey.

Elias won a battle between himself and the Yamaha Factory Racing duo of Garrett Gerloff and Cameron Beaubier, the Texan getting the better of his three-time MotoAmerica Superbike Champion teammate Beaubier to finish second, and .778 of a second behind Elias.

With Elias winning and Beaubier finishing third, the points gap has grown to 35 points, 226-191, heading into Sunday’s second of two EBC Brakes Superbike races at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.

Toni Elias

“I’m happy. My team did an amazing job. My family is here. My son is here. It’s his first race ever for him. Thirty-five points now in the lead of the championship, but as you all know, you can’t get too comfortable. Mistakes can happen. You’ve got to stay calm. There’s still many, many races to go. Today has been a really good race but doesn’t mean anything tomorrow. These guys will improve some details. The championship is so long, and many things will happen. My championship lead had some advantage riding in one race in MotoAmerica, and then in the corner of the race I crashed. So, I lost almost everything. But we are increasing it again, so that’s good. Let’s keep doing every race like this, keep going, working like this. We are doing a great job.”

Gerloff finished on the podium for the eighth time this season and for the seventh race in a row. It was also his third runner-up finish of the year as he searches for his first career Superbike win. Beaubier was visibly disappointed with third place and his ninth podium finish of the season.

MotoAmerica Rnd Laguna Seca Sat Superbike
Toni Elias on the podium with Toni Jr. on Saturday – 2019 MotoAmerica Round 6 – Laguna Seca

Herrin crashed after making contact with Beaubier, the Georgian battling for the lead at the time. Fourth place went to JD Beach, the Kentucky resident in the mix at the front until the closing laps. He finished 7.8 seconds behind Elias but was well clear of Jake Lewis, the Kentuckian racing to fifth all alone.

David Anthony was sixth, narrowly topping Cameron Petersen. Sam Verderico, Jeremy Coffey and Max Flinders rounded out the top 10 finishers. In addition to Herrin, Mathew Scholtz, Jayson Uribe and Kyle Wyman all crashed out of the race. Uribe and Wyman went down together in turn two on the opening lap with Wyman suffering a suspected broken wrist.

Superbikes Race 2

Garrett Gerloff fulfilled a life-long dream in the Championship of Monterey on Sunday, the 23-year-old Texan winning the first MotoAmerica Superbike race of his career in front of a record crowd at Laguna Seca.

In what was his 32nd career Superbike race in his sophomore season in the class, Gerloff was dominant. The two-time Supersport Champion was second off the start behind Toni Elias, made the pass early, and was never headed, pulling away to a 4.449 second win.

With Gerloff, who earned his second career Superbike pole position on Saturday, riding off into the sunset, the battle for second was just that. A battle. The protagonists were Toni Elias and Cameron Beaubier, and the pair exchanged body blows to the bitter end with Elias coming out on top by just .326 of a second after 23 laps of the 2.2-mile track.

MotoAmerica Rnd Laguna Seca Sun Superbike Gerloff
Garrett Gerloff celebrated the win – 2019 MotoAmerica Round 6 – Laguna Seca
Garrett Gerloff

“It feels so good, I was telling the TV earlier, I know it’s just a race win and these guys get wins all the time and I used to, but I haven’t for a while. There’s been a lot of emotions the past year and a half, getting used to the Superbike and everything. These guys haul ass everywhere. It’s tough, stiff competition out there. It’s been a long road. There’s been a lot of ups and downs. To finally get it and to do it here even more in front of the World Superbike guys and everything, it’s just something that I’ve wanted for so long, something that’s been on my bucket list forever. When I started racing, I was watching the MotoAmerica guys, AMA guys back in the day. That was one of the things that I wanted to accomplish in my life. To finally say that I got just one win, it just feels awesome. I’m ecstatic, for sure.”

MotoAmerica Rnd Laguna Seca Garrett Gerloff
Garrett Gerloff – 2019 MotoAmerica Round 6 – Laguna Seca

The second-place finish for Elias may not have been a win on the day, but it was as far as the championship goes as he now leads Beaubier by 39 points, 246-207. Gerloff, meanwhile, is third in the series standings with 181 points after his first career Superbike victory. Beaubier was third for the second day in a row after controlling most of practice and qualifying.

MotoAmerica Rnd Laguna Seca Sat Superbike
Garrett Gerloff leading Toni Elias – 2019 MotoAmerica Round 6 – Laguna Seca

Fourth place went Elias’ Suzuki teammate Josh Herrin, the Georgian in the mix for second place early in the race before fading back to the clutches of JD Beach, the Kentuckian beaten up from a morning crash in the first of two World Superbike races on Sunday. Herrin was able to beat Beach to the line by some two seconds.

Mathew Scholtz rebounded from a race crash yesterday to finish sixth today, the South African holding off Jake Gagne at the finish. Jake Lewis was eighth with Cameron Petersen and Jayson Uribe rounding out the top 10 finishers.

Source: MCNews.com.au

Toni Elias does the double at MotoAmerica Utah

2019 MotoAmerica

Round 5 – Championship of Utah

Images by Brian J. Nelson

Toni Elias claimed the round win at the MotoAmerica Championship of Utah, with Cameron Beaubier having to settle for second in Race 2 after a red flag saw the race restarted as a sprint. In Supersport Hayden Gillim and Bobby Fong shared the wins, with each taking to the top spot on the podium as well as claiming a runner up position.

Rocco Landers took the Race 1 win in the Liqui Moly Junior Cup, but in Race 2 it was Dallas Daniels on the top step, with his first win of the season. In the Stock 1000 class it was defending champ Andrew Lee who took the win, while in the Twins Cup – which also only ran a single race on Sunday – Alex Dumas, who recently moved up from the Junior Cup, took the win.

EBC Brakes Superbike Race 1 (Saturday)

Toni Elias lost a boatload of points when he crashed out of race two at Road America two weeks ago, but he almost made all of those back with a thrilling victory in Race 1 of the Championship of Utah at the Utah Motorsports Campus.

MotoAmerica Utah Rnd Sat Superbike
2019 MotoAmerica – Championship of Utah

In a race that featured as many as eight riders in the lead pack for nearly the duration, Elias emerged from the pack to win by 1.9 seconds after dropping as far back as seventh early in the race. But his Yoshimura Suzuki GSX-R1000 got better as the race wore on and he was where he needed to be when it counted, earning the 29th victory of his MotoAmerica Superbike career – a mark that moves him to fifth on the all-time win list.

Once he worked his way to the front, he was able to pull a slight gap over the rest fighting behind him. In the end, the battle for the final podium positions went to Mathew Scholtz and Garrett Gerloff.

Scholtz’s race was a lot like Elias’ in that he also was back in the pack early in the race but was able to move his way forward. Both Scholtz and Elias were also helped a bit by Gerloff’s pass on JD Beach, with Gerloff forcing Beach and himself wide which allowed Elias and Scholtz to pass. Scholtz also had a come-together with Josh Herrin on his way through the pack.

MotoAmerica Utah Rnd Superbike
2019 MotoAmerica – Championship of Utah

Gerloff was having issues with his bike midrace and it cost him. Still, he ended up on the podium after passing his teammate Cameron Beaubier late in the race. Defending three-time MotoAmerica Superbike Champion and pole-sitter Beaubier ended up fourth after leading the early laps.

Elias now leads the title chase by 21 points over Beaubier, 176-155. He came into the weekend just nine points ahead of Beaubier after his Road America race-two debacle.

EBC Brakes Superbike Race 1

  1. Toni Elias (Suzuki) 35:10.727
  2. Mathew Scholtz (Yamaha) +1.969
  3. Garrett Gerloff (Yamaha) +2.463
  4. Cameron Beaubier (Yamaha) +5.473
  5. Jake Lewis (Suzuki) +22.984

EBC Brakes Superbike Race 2 (Sunday)

Toni Elias knew he was beaten by Cameron Beaubier in the first half of the EBC Brakes Superbike race and he was just about to do the unheard of – settle for second place. But things changed when the red flag came out on the 13th lap, giving new life to the Spaniard who took full advantage to hold off Beaubier in a thrilling 10-lap sprint race to the finish.

MotoAmerica Utah Rnd Sat Superbike Toni Elias
Toni Elias claims the Superbike double at Utah

The win gave Elias a clean sweep of the two EBC Brakes Superbike races at UMC, the 2017 MotoAmerica Superbike Champion extending his championship points lead to 26 points on Beaubier, 201-175.

Elias ended up just .303 of a second ahead of Beaubier at the finish with Beaubier’s teammate Garrett Gerloff just as close in third – .502 of a second behind Elias after those three scrapped for the entire 10-lap restart.

Toni Elias

“Of course, it’s been a big help,” Elias said of the restart. “I don’t want to see that, but unfortunately it happened. When we saw the red flag, I start to be more comfortable like yesterday. Same thing I had to wait 12, 13 laps, 14 laps to start to be there. When I enter in my feeling, in my place, we could start to produce something every lap. I didn’t know if I was able to catch him or not because he was so strong. He did an amazing job from yesterday. The flag helped us. Then we played our cards. Luck fell on my side with increasing the gap in the championship. But it is long. Anything can happen. Thanks to my team.”

Cameron Beaubier

“I felt great as soon as the lights went out, I just put my head down and pushed there at the beginning. I had a two and a half second gap and I was pretty comfortable at that pace. I was really comfortable. My R1 was just hooking up everywhere. So that was pretty frustrating to see the red flag come out. I knew it was just going to be a dog fight until the end with these two guys, and I knew (Josh) Herrin was back there too. Like I said, it’s frustrating coming in second, but that was an amazing battle. Obviously, I wanted to win, but that was one I’ll definitely look back on. I’m just happy that we were in contention today and we had good pace. I think we had a little pace on everyone.  Today we were going in the right direction, and onto Laguna.”

Herrin held on to finish fourth, dropping over nine seconds off the pace after an off-track excursion. He finished a second clear of JD Beach, who in turn was just a tick in front of his Kentucky neighbor Jake Lewis.

EBC Brakes Superbike Race 2

  1. Toni Elias (Suzuki) 15:12.714
  2. Cameron Beaubier (Yamaha) +0.303
  3. Garrett Gerloff (Yamaha) +0.502
  4. Josh Herrin (Suzuki) +9.582
  5. JD Beach (Yamaha) +10.515

EBC Brakes Superbike Standings

  1. Toni Elias 201
  2. Cameron Beaubier 175
  3. Garrett Gerloff 136
  4. Josh Herrin 119
  5. JD Beach 111
  6. Mathew Scholtz 100
  7. Jake Lewis 97
  8. David Anthony 66
  9. Cameron Petersen 65
  10. Kyle Wyman 55

Supersport Race 1 (Saturday)

Hayden Gillim came away with his fourth Supersport win of the year in Race 1 at the Utah Motorsports Campus on Saturday, the Kentuckian coming out on top of a race-long battle with his championship rival Bobby Fong.

MotoAmerica Utah Rnd Sat Superport
Supersport Start – 2019 MotoAmerica – Championship of Utah

Fong, on the M4 ECSTAR Suzuki, gave Gillim all he could for the 14 laps of the 2.2-mile East Course but came up .101 of a second short. Gillim now leads Fong by 12 points in the championship point standings, 122-110.

Third place went to the man who sits in third in the championship – Richie Escalante. Like Gillim, Escalante also had his hands full with an M4 ECSTAR Suzuki – with this one ridden by rookie Sean Dylan Kelly. Escalante beat the 17-year-old Kelly to the line by 0.628 of a second.

Supersport Race 1

  1. Hayden Gillim (Yamaha) 21:46.777
  2. Bobby Fong (Suzuki) +0.101
  3. Richie Escalante (Yamaha) +10.925
  4. Sean Dylan Kelly (Suzuki) +11.553
  5. PJ Jacobsen (Yamaha) +19.967

Supersport – Race 2 Sunday

Sunday’s race was a story of the hunter and the hunted. Bobby Fong got the jump on polesitter Hayden Gillim in the beginning of the 19-lap race, but Gillim managed to get past Fong in fairly short fashion. Fong stalked Gillim until the final turn on the final lap and drafted past him to snatch the victory by .003 of second.

MotoAmerica Utah Rnd Sat Supersport
Hayden Gillim – 2019 MotoAmerica – Championship of Utah

It was Fong’s third Supersport race win of the season. PJ Jacobsen finished third when Fong’s teammate Sean Dylan Kelly, who looked to have the final spot on the podium clinched, experienced a mechanical issue on the final lap.

Bobby Fong

“I knew for sure I did not want to lead. I knew he hasn’t seen my cards yet. I did not want to lead. I knew where he was a lot faster than me and I knew where I was strong. I knew for sure that I was going to show him a wheel and stuff, but I definitely didn’t want to lead. I could tell that his pace was dropping at the end of the race. We definitely had a little bit more pace, but I just wanted to stick to the game plan. I knew as soon as I passed him, he’s such a demon on the brakes. We have been figuring stuff out on the Suzuki to brake a little bit deeper out there. I knew for sure if I would have passed him, he would have countered and taken me on the inside on the hard brakes. The plan, it did definitely change but I was sizing it up at least going out of the corner onto the start/finish line. That’s kind of all she wrote. But I’m definitely thankful to put the Suzuki on top of the box. I didn’t know how the last lap was going to go. I kind of just winged it on the last lap. If there was nobody, I was going to take it. I knew for sure that if I could get a good drive, I could get him closer to the start/finish line. Thank God it paid off, but it’s going to be a long season.”

MotoAmerica Utah Rnd STK Bobby Fong BJN P
Bobby Fong and Hayden Gillim battle it out – 2019 MotoAmerica – Championship of Utah

Supersport Race 2

  1. Bobby Fong (Suzuki) 29:32.860
  2. Hayden Gillim (Yamaha) +0.003
  3. PJ Jacobsen (Yamaha) +10.264
  4. Bryce Prince (Yamaha) +10.809
  5. Sean Dylan Kelly (Suzuki) +12.319

Supersport Standings

  1. Hayden Gillim 142
  2. Bobby Fong 135
  3. Richie Escalante 107
  4. P.J. Jacobsen 103
  5. Sean Dylan Kelly 102
  6. Bryce Prince 78
  7. Joshua Hayes 72
  8. Nick McFadden 59
  9. Jason Aguilar 56
  10. Braeden Ortt 47

Liqui Moly Junior Cup Race 1 (Saturday)

Rocco Landers won his sixth race in seven starts in the Liqui Moly Junior Cup race on Saturday at UMC, the Oregonian fighting through from a poor start to beat Dallas Daniels by just .142 of a second.

MotoAmerica Utah Rnd Junior Cup Dallas Daniels BJN P
Dallas Daniels & Rocco Landers – 2019 MotoAmerica – Championship of Utah

For Daniels it was sixth podium of the year and his fifth runner-up finish to his rival Landers. The pair are now separated by 26 points, 155-129.

Kevin Olmedo earned his fourth podium of the season and his third in a row with a close third-place finish over Isaiah Burleson, his best-ever MotoAmerica finish.

Liqui Moly Junior Cup Race 1

  1. Rocco Landers (Kawasaki) 13:46.193
  2. Dallas Daniels (Kawasaki) +0.142
  3. Kevin Olmedo (Kawasaki) +8.382
  4. Isaiah Burleson (Kawasaki) +8.455
  5. Gauge Rees (Kawasaki) +17.022

Liqui Moly Junior Cup Race 2 (Sunday)

Sunday’s Liqui Moly Junior Cup race featured the same riders at the front who have been consistent protagonists throughout the season, but Dallas Daniels, who started from the pole, successfully held off Rocco Landers and notched his first win of the season.

Landers, who was Saturday’s winner and the victor in six of the seven races prior to Sunday, finished second after nearly beating Daniels to the finish line. Meanwhile, Kevin Olmedo matched his Saturday third-place finish with another third-place finish on Sunday.

Dallas Daniels

“The last section was definitely, I think, where I was the best. I was just kind of watching all race because I knew right from really the first sector, I was really losing time. He would get away from me just enough to where once we’d get to where I was good, I was just too far back to make something happen. So, I kind of dialed in where I was slow. Once I got in the lead, I didn’t really care what was going on. I just wanted to stay up there. I led the last four laps and when we got to the last lap, I knew he was right there because on the Jumbotron you could see him going into the left before the last two corners. So, I just tried to cut the best last two corners of the whole race. I was actually having some tire issues, kind of slipping a little bit. I was able to get the win and ‘finally’ is pretty much the way to put it. It feels really good.”

MotoAmerica Utah Rnd Junior Cup Dallas Daniels BJN P
Dallas Daniels – 2019 MotoAmerica – Championship of Utah

Liqui Moly Junior Cup Race 2

  1. Dallas Daniels (Kawasaki) 16:57.419
  2. Rocco Landers (Kawasaki) +0.044
  3. Kevin Olmedo (Kawasaki) +9.674
  4. Marc Edwards (Kawasaki) +17.495
  5. Benjamin Goody (Kawasaki) +17.787

Liqui Moly Junior Cup Standings

  1. Rocco Landers 175
  2. Dallas Daniels 154
  3. Kevin Olmedo 97
  4. Gauge Rees 72
  5. Dominic Doyle 71
  6. Damian Jigalov 63
  7. Samuel Lochoff 62
  8. Jackson Blackmon 54
  9. Isaiah Burleson 51
  10. Toby Khamsouk 39

Stock 1000 Race 1 (Sunday)

Defending Stock 1000 Champion Andrew Lee showed why he has the big number one as he bided his time after the start of Sunday’s race, passed polesitter Geoff May aboard his Ameris Bank Kawasaki and pulled a healthy gap at the front, which he was able to maintain all the way to the finish line.

MotoAmerica Utah Rnd STK Andrew Lee BJN P
Andrew Lee – 2019 MotoAmerica – Championship of Utah

May finished second and Stefano Mesa was third. The win vaulted Lee into the points lead, and Mesa is now two points adrift in second place.

Andrew Lee

“I kind of knew where (May) was a little bit stronger. He had my number on the last part of the track, so I knew if I was going to make a move that would stick, I had to do it in the first four corners. That first section, it’s a pretty hairy section. It’s pretty quick. After some qualifying issues I’m just happy that my team got us back together. The Franklin Armory/Graves Kawasaki was really handling really well in the race. So, I’m just happy to be back in that first spot. Hopefully, we can continue the momentum.”

MotoAmerica Utah Rnd STK Andrew Lee BJN P
Andrew Lee – 2019 MotoAmerica – Championship of Utah

Stock 1000 Race 1

  1. Andrew Lee (Kawasaki) 21:50.278
  2. Geoff May (Kawasaki) +2.958
  3. Stefano Mesa (Kawasaki) +6.922
  4. Travis Wyman (BMW) +12.021
  5. Michael Gilbert (Kawasaki) +16.369

Stock 1000 Standings


Twins Cup Race 1 (Sunday)

The MotoAmerica Championship of Utah proved to be a pivotal round for Alex Dumas, who moved up to the Twins Cup class after winning the 2018 Liqui Moly Junior Cup Championship.

MotoAmerica Utah Rnd Twin Cup Alex Dumas BJN P
Alex Dumas leads the Twins Cup field – 2019 MotoAmerica – Championship of Utah

The Roadracing World Young Guns Suzuki rider not only earned both the provisional and final pole position, but he made the most of his number-one starting position, got a great start of the line, and pulled a gap, which he stretched out to more than 14 seconds by the time he crossed the finish line.

Michael Barnes finished second, which enabled him to take over the lead in the championship, and Cooper McDonald notched a breakthrough third-place finish aboard his Team AP MotoArts Yamaha in only his fourth professional motorcycle road race.

Alex Dumas

“The M4 guys put me on a nice bike. We’ve been improving the bike a lot since the last couple of weekends. I had a lot of fun at this race to just be in front. I’m excited for the next race and the rest of the season. I really want to thank everybody from M4 and Roadracing World. I’m really excited.”

Twins Cup Race 1

  1. Alex Dumas (Suzuki) 21:07.834
  2. Michael Barnes (Ducati) +14.331
  3. Cooper McDonald (Yamaha) +21.266
  4. Joseph Blasius (Suzuki) +21.983
  5. Draik Beauchamp (Yamaha) +27.123

Twins Cup Standings

  1. Michael Barnes 86
  2. Draik Beauchamp 75
  3. Curtis Murray 72
  4. Chris Parrish 69
  5. Alex Dumas 66
  6. Joseph Blasius 44
  7. Jeffrey Tigert 40
  8. Jason Madama 37
  9. Chris Bays 30
  10. Robert Fisher 25

Source: MCNews.com.au

Toni Elias & Josh Herrin share Road America victories

2019 MotoAmerica

Round 4 – Road America

Images by Brian J. Nelson

Toni Elias and Josh Herrin have shared the EBC Brakes Superbike race wins at Road America’s Round 4, with Elias heading to Round 5 in the championship lead. In Supersport Hayden Gillim and Bobby Fong shared the wins, while Rocco Landers dominated the Liqui Moly Junior Cup races.

Moto America Road America Sat Supersport Start BJN P
MotoAmerica head to Road America for Round 4 of the 2019 Championship

Stock 1000 saw Geoff May take the Race 1 win, while Stefano Mesa claimed Race 2 victory. The Twins Cup only held one race over the weekend, on Sunday, with Draik Beauchamp taking the win.

Superbikes Saturday

Yoshimura Suzuki’s Toni Elias won his third race of the season today in the Championship at Road America, the fourth round of the 10-round MotoAmerica EBC Brakes Superbike Championship held in changing conditions in Wisconsin.

Moto America Road America Sat Toni Elias BJN P
Toni Elias – Road America 2019

Elias came out on top of a battle that featured as many as seven riders at times and whittled down to four riders by the end of the race. At the finish line, Elias was .253 of a second ahead of his championship rival Cameron Beaubier to pull 29 points clear of the rider with six rounds and 12 races left in the title chase. Elias has 151 points to Beaubier’s 122.

Elias also earned his second pole position of the season earlier in the day during Superpole, doubling his amount of poles from a season ago. The win was the 28th Superbike victory of Elias’ career and it moved him into a tie with Ben Spies for fifth on the all-time list.

Moto America Road America Sat Toni Elias BJN P
Toni Elias – Road America 2019

Beaubier’s teammate Garrett Gerloff was a shadow third, just .787 of a second behind Elias. He was some two seconds clear of Elias’ teammate Josh Herrin, the Georgian in the mix until the final laps when he and Elias nearly clashed, and Herrin got the worst of it. Herrin was visibly upset after the race, gesturing at his teammate on the cool-down lap. Herrin ran wide on the final lap while trying to beat Gerloff and slipped to fourth.

Mathew Scholtz was fifth, some four seconds behind Herrin and racing alone as he had a 4.3-second lead on his South African countryman Cameron Petersen on the Omega Moto Yamaha YZF-R1.

Seventh place went to JD Beach, the rider in the mix at the front until his bike shut off with a few laps to go. Beach was able to get it going again, but then ran into clutch issues and slipped back to seventh.

Scheibe Racing BMW’s Jake Gagne was eighth with David Anthony ninth. Jake Lewis rounded out the top 10.

Moto America Road America Sat Toni Elias SBK Sat BJN P
Toni Elias on the Saturday Superbike podium – Road America 2019

EBC Brakes Superbike Race 1 Result (Saturday)

  1. Toni Elias (Suzuki) 27:17.351
  2. Cameron Beaubier (Yamaha) +0.253
  3. Garrett Gerloff (Yamaha) +0.787
  4. Josh Herrin (Suzuki) +2.805
  5. Mathew Scholtz (Yamaha) +6.890

Superbikes Sunday

Josh Herrin won Sunday’s EBC Brakes Superbike race in the Championship at Road America, but it was Cameron Beaubier who may have come away the biggest winner.

Moto America Road America Sat Toni Elias BJN P
EBC Brakes Superbikes Race 2 – Road America 2019

Herrin was solid throughout the 13-lap EBC Brakes Superbike race and it resulted in his second win of the year and the eighth of his AMA Superbike career, the Georgian holding off Beaubier by .506 of a second at the finish.

Herrin’s win moved him into a tie for 22nd with Tommy Hayden and Wes Cooley on the all-time AMA Superbike win list.

Josh Herrin

“I was comfortable sitting behind Toni (Elias). From just the glance I get at the monitors (JumboTron), it’s nicer to take a glance at the monitors than it is the pit board because it just shows you exactly where they are. I could see that we had a little gap on Cameron (Beaubier), I thought. I was just drafting Toni and then I’d kind of pull up alongside of him. One of the laps, I think he thought I was trying to race him down the back straight and maybe beat him on the brakes. I saw him shake his head and maybe getting frustrated. He just rolled off, like just go. That’s not what I wanted. I wanted to keep doing what you were doing and trying to break those guys because I know our bikes were running fast this year. But somehow it ended up working out in the end. I just knew that on the last lap I wanted to make a pass somewhere that for sure he wasn’t expecting it. I think where I did it was perfect and enough to kind of get him flustered. Then his whole plan kind of goes out the window. He was probably expecting me to go in on Canada Corner and come in a little hot and then cross back underneath him. So, it worked out perfect for me. It kind of felt like COTA all over again. I thought I was going to be able to break him after he made a mistake with three to go. I put my head down and did a couple 12.5s, but it wasn’t enough. I’m super happy with the result, obviously. But frustrated that it’s only my second podium of the year. Two wins are great, but we need more podiums. We’re far back in the points so the rest of the year we really got to put our head down. Now that I’m comfortable on the bike we just got to put our head down and hope for the best.”

Moto America Road America Sun Josh Herrin BJN P
Josh Herrin – Road America 2019

Beaubier had been in the lead trio for the majority of the race and was handed second place on a platter when Herrin’s teammate Toni Elias, the winner of Saturday’s race, crashed out of the battle in the final corner. Elias’ miscue not only gifted Beaubier second, it also put the battle back into championship battle as Beaubier gained 20 points on the championship leader and now trails Elias by just nine points, 151-142.

Cameron Beaubier

“Coming into this round I had a lot of confidence, to be honest, just given the record that we’ve had here the last few years, we’ve won quite a few races. I think I have six or seven Superbike wins here. I just love this place. I love this track. It suits my R1 really well. It suits my riding style really well. We’ve just kind of been a little off all weekend. Like I said, I really wanted to win this weekend, but coming out of here with two seconds and riding as hard as I could, like I said earlier I left it all out on the track. I did everything I could just to stay on Josh and Toni’s wheel in the race today. I can be happy with that. Unfortunately for Toni, he crashed but gave us a pretty good chunk in points because we were pretty far back going into the race this afternoon. So now I think it’s nine points, so it’s going to be a dog fight the rest of the season. Both these guys are riding incredible, along with JD (Beach) and Matty (Scholtz) and a couple other guys going into some of the rest of the tracks this year. So, it’s going to make for some really good, exciting racing and I’m looking forward to it.”

Beaubier’s teammate Garrett Gerloff finished third for the second day in a row, the Texan ending up 6.172 seconds behind Herrin. In turn, Gerloff was five seconds ahead of Attack Performance Estenson Racing Yamaha’s JD Beach.

Garrett Gerloff

“Honestly, I’ve got to watch the race over again because I don’t know what happened, it was literally like I was there, felt good, dicing. We were all doing good times. Then just lost the draft. I can’t even remember where. I think it was three. I kind of ran a little bit wide in three and got just a few more bike lengths in-between me and Cameron and the draft was gone and that was it. Just shot off the back. It was kind of unexpected, I guess. It’s frustrating because I felt good. I felt like I had a good bike. Then for that to happen it just sucks. At least I was able to stay there. I figured something might happen on the last lap between these guys and it ended up being Toni’s own fault, I guess. Glad I was able to just keep it on two wheels and to get lucky today and be on the podium. Not ideal, but I’ll take it.”

Mathew Scholtz finished fifth for the second straight day, the South African ending up right on Beach’s tail.  Kyle Wyman matched his best finish of the season, the New Yorker finishing sixth – just .069 of a second ahead of Jake Gagne, who had Jake Lewis hot on his heels. Cameron Petersen and Sam Verderico rounded out the top 10 finishers.

Moto America Road America Sat Toni Elias BJN P
Toni Elias – Road America 2019
Toni Elias

“We had a great win on Saturday and then I had the crash today because I flinched in the final turn when Cameron (Beaubier) came in, I could not finish because the handlebar broke off. I congratulate Josh for his win. He has worked hard and is very deserving of this. I am sorry to my team for my mistake, but we will come back and fight again to build back our lead.”

EBC Brakes Superbike Race 2 Result (Sunday)

  1. Josh Herrin (Suzuki) 28:53.289
  2. Cameron Beaubier (Yamaha) +0.506
  3. Garrett Gerloff (Yamaha) +6.172
  4. JD Beach (Yamaha) +11.111
  5. Mathew Scholtz (Yamaha) +11.538
Moto America Road America Sun Herrin SBK Podium BJN P
Josh Herrin tops the Superbike podium on Sunday’s Race 2 and claims the Round win

EBC Brakes Superbike Standings

  1. Toni Elias 151
  2. Cameron Beaubier 142
  3. Garrett Gerloff 104
  4. JD Beach 100
  5. Josh Herrin 96
  6. Mathew Scholtz 80
  7. Jake Lewis 76
  8. Cameron Petersen 65
  9. David Anthony 59
  10. Wyman 48

Supersport Saturday

Moto America Road America Sat Hayden Gillim BJN P
Hayden Gillim – Road America 2019

Supersport polesitter Hayden Gillim grabbed his third victory of the season aboard his Rickdiculous Racing Yamaha, and in what has been a consistent theme in MotoAmerica’s middleweight class, the win did not come easily.

Gillim had to fight off a fierce challenge from Bobby Fong and Sean Dylan Kelly. Fong finished second while Kelly finished third, which was the rookie Supersport rider’s third podium result of his season.

Moto America Road America Sat Hayden Gillim BJN P
Hayden Gillim – Road America 2019

Supersport Race 1 Result (Saturday)

  1. Hayden Gillim (Yamaha) 26:05.871
  2. Bobby Fong (Suzuki) +0.646
  3. Sean Dylan Kelly (Suzuki) +0.687
  4. Richie Escalante (Yamaha) +7.115
  5. Bryce Prince (Yamaha) +13.693

Supersport – Sunday

In Supersport, Team Hammer’s M4 ECSTAR Suzuki squad had the measure of the field on Sunday, and its teammates Bobby Fong and Sean Dylan Kelly had a rousing battle for the win between themselves and also with Hayden Gillim.

Moto America Road America Sat Supersport Start BJN P
Supersport Start – Road America 2019

All three led the 11-lap event, and in the end, Fong maneuvered his bike onto the final straight in order to break Gillim’s draft, while Kelly drafted past Gillim. Fong took the checkers and Kelly barely squeaked past Gillim to take second and shuffle Gillim to third.

Bobby Fong

“I thought it was a real good race, I knew Hayden was going to be up there. He’s real strong. He has more confidence in his front end than anybody I’ve ever raced with, so I knew he was going to be up there. He’s a hard charger. I knew my teammate would be up there. I knew I wasn’t going to pull away. I was just trying to hit my marks and just tried to ride a smooth race. The last lap, I was trying to ride defensive and go inside. Fortunately, we got the win today and we got 25 points, but I’m looking forward to a lot more battles this year.”

Moto America Road America Sun Bobby Fong BJN P
Bobby Fong – Road America 2019

Supersport Race 1 Result (Sunday)

  1. Bobby Fong (Suzuki) 25:44.504
  2. Sean Dylan Kelly (Suzuki) +0.357
  3. Hayden Gillim (Yamaha) +0.379
  4. PJ Jacobsen (Yamaha) +6.856
  5. Brandon Paasch (Yamaha) +12.397

Supersport Standings

  1. Hayden Gillim 97
  2. Bobby Fong 90
  3. Richie Escalante 81
  4. Sean Dylan Kelly 78
  5. P.J. Jacobsen 76
  6. Bryce Prince 55
  7. Joshua Hayes 54
  8. Nick McFadden 45
  9. Jason Aguilar 43
  10. Braeden Ortt 34

Liqui Moly Junior Cup Saturday

In Liqui Moly Junior Cup, early-season over-dog Rocco Landers notched his fourth victory in five races over his rival Dallas Daniels, who has finished second in all four of the races that Landers has won.

Moto America Road America Sat Rocco Landers BJN P
Rocco Landers takes the win – Road America 2019

Landers, who started from the pole aboard his Kawasaki, got the holeshot, with Daniels close behind. The pair of Ninja warriors battled each other throughout the entire seven-lap sprint, and with Daniels was in the lead on the final lap. Landers made a perfect draft pass around Daniels on the run up the hill to the finish line to take the checkered flag in dramatic fashion.

Meanwhile, Kevin Olmedo was in a battle with Damian Jigalov, and Olmedo prevailed to round out the podium in third.

Liqui Moly Junior Cup Race 1 Results (Saturday)

  1. Rocco Landers (Kawasaki) 19:27.143
  2. Dallas Daniels (Kawasaki) +0.095
  3. Kevin Olmedo (Kawasaki) +5.380
  4. Damian Jigalov (Kawasaki) +5.386
  5. Dominique Doyle (Kawasaki) +5.528

Liqui Moly Junior Cup – Sunday

In Sunday’s Liqui Moly Junior Cup race, the odds-on favorite to win was Saturday’s victor Rocco Landers, and the Kawasaki rider lived up to the hype by drafting into the lead on the final stretch to the finish line.

Moto America Road America Sun Rocco Landers BJN P
Rocco Landers leading the Liqui Moly Junior Cup – Road America 2019

Dallas Daniels led throughout the majority of the seven-lap contest, but he fell victim to Landers’ draft maneuver for the second day in a row, and on Sunday Kevin Olmedo also snuck past Daniels, which resulted in Olmedo finishing second and Daniels taking third.

Rocco Landers

“Today, I did have a plan from about two laps till the end. Right after they passed me, I was just going to try to hang in there and see what was going to happen. Then, after I got past Dallas, I was just going to try to get as good of a run out of the last corner to get to him. It was a great race.”

Moto America Road America Sat Dallas Daniels BJN P
Dallas Daniels leads Rocco Landers – Road America 2019

Liqui Moly Junior Cup Race 2 Results (Sunday)

  1. Rocco Landers (Kawasaki) 19:07.887
  2. Kevin Olmedo (Kawasaki) +0.092
  3. Dallas Daniels (Kawasaki) +0.152
  4. Damian Jigalov (Kawasaki) +9.400
  5. Dominic Doyle (Kawasaki) +12.381

Liqui Moly Junior Cup Standings

  1. Rocco Landers 130
  2. Dallas Daniels 109
  3. Kevin Olmedo 65
  4. Dominic Doyle 56
  5. Damian Jigalov 56
  6. Gauge Rees 55
  7. Jackson Blackmon 53
  8. Samuel Lochoff 46
  9. Cameron Jones 34
  10. Teagg Hobbs 33

Stock 1000 – Saturday

Moto America Road America Sat Geoff May BJN P
Geoff May – Road America 2019

Saturday’s Stock 1000 race saw the return of former factory Superbike contender and World Superbike rider Geoff May to the top step of the podium. It had been 11 years since the Georgian had won an AMA-sanctioned road race, and he was understandably emotional in the winner’s circle.

May, who was aboard a Kawasaki sponsored by his “day-job” employer Ameris Bank, for whom he is a mortgage banker, held off Stefano Mesa to get the win. Third place went to Andrew Lee.

Moto America Road America Sat Geoff May BJN P
Geoff May – Road America 2019

Stock 1000 Race 1 Results (Saturday)

  1. Geoff May (Kawasaki) 18:23.735
  2. Stefano Mesa (Kawasaki) +0.015
  3. Andrew Lee (Kawasaki) +15.466
  4. Travis Wyman (BMW) +15.578
  5. Michael Gilbert (Kawasaki) +20.087

Superstock 1000 – Sunday

In MotoAmerica’s Stock 1000 class on Sunday Stefano Mesa moved up a spot from the second-place result that he got in Saturday’s race to grab the victory on Sunday.

Moto America Road America Sun Andrew Lee STK BJN P
Andrew Lee – Road America 2019

Andrew Lee finished second and Kawasaki rider Corey Alexander was third. Ironically, neither Mesa nor Alexander have been regulars in the MotoAmerica series, and both of them finished on the AMA Supersport podium at Road America seven years ago when Mesa won.

Stefano Mesa

“The bike and I worked very well this weekend, so we’re happy with the progress,” Mesa said. “Hopefully, we can keep going this season, since we’re leading the championship now.”

Moto America Road America Sun Stefano Mesa BJN P
Stefano Mesa – Road America 2019

Stock 1000 Race 2 Result (Sunday)

  1. Stefano Mesa (Kawasaki) 18:29.506
  2. Andrew Lee (Kawasaki) +0.174
  3. Corey Alexander (Kawasaki) +12.573
  4. Miles Thornton (Suzuki) +33.482
  5. Aaron Risinger (BMW) +33.492

Stock 1000 Standings

  1. Stefano Mesa 81
  2. Andrew Lee 74
  3. Michael Gilbert 56
  4. Travis Wyman 42
  5. Rhett Norman 34
  6. Corey Alexander 26
  7. Geoff May 25
  8. Miles Thornton 22
  9. Bradley Ward 21
  10. Garrick Schneiderman 21

Twins Cup

At a track that favors top speed and horsepower, the expectation in MotoAmerica’s Twins Cup class was that Michael Barnes and his Quarterley Racing Ducati Monster 797 would dominate Sunday’s race. As it turned out, Barnes was at a disadvantage against the smaller-displacement bikes due to their ability to draft past the Ducati.

Draik Beauchamp got a great jump at the start and kept himself in the lead pack throughout the eight-lap sprint. He was challenged by both Barnes and Alex Dumas. Beauchamp took the lead and kept it to record his first career Twins Cup victory, while Dumas’ second-place finish was his first career Twins Cup podium, while Barnes finished third.

Draik Beauchamp

“I started off on the second row in sixth. My main goal was just to get up there and be part of the fight and have something for the guys out front. I got up there and I actually had more pace than I thought. I was like, okay, let’s get up there early and just keep them behind me at that point. I ran that strategy. Kept them behind me. I was like, let’s run this all the way home. So I did and we got the job done. I want to thank my team, my sponsors, everybody, my dad for busting his butt out here. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season and hopefully sitting back in this seat again.

Moto America Road America Sun Draik Beauchamp Twins BJN P
Draik Beauchamp – Road America 2019

Twins Cup Race Result (Sunday)

  1. Draik Beauchamp (Yamaha) 20:19.647
  2. Alex Dumas (Suzuki) +0.319
  3. Michael Barnes (Ducati) +0.372
  4. Kris Turner (Suzuki) +0.459
  5. Darren James (Yamaha)  +4.620

Twins Cup Standings

  1. Chris Parrish 69
  2. Michael Barnes 66
  3. Draik Beauchamp 64
  4. Curtis Murray 63
  5. Alex Dumas 41
  6. Joseph Blasius 31
  7. Jason Madama 30
  8. Jeffrey Tigert 30
  9. Robert Fisher 25
  10. Chris Bays 25

Source: MCNews.com.au

MotoAmerica | Beaubier and JD Beach share the VIR wins

2019 MotoAmerica
Round Three – VIR

Superbike Race One

Virginia International Raceway has long been a frustrating venue on the MotoAmerica schedule for Cameron Beaubier. In the first eight races at VIR, Beaubier had rather amazingly only won one of them. On Sunday that all changed with win number two, a dominant victory over Toni Elias, his rival who beat him twice here a season ago. This one, however, belonged to Beaubier, the three-time MotoAmerica Superbike Champion beating Yoshimura Suzuki’s Elias by 3.5 seconds on his Monster Energy/Yamalube/Yamaha Factory Racing YZF-R1.

MotoAmerica Rnd VIR Superbike Cameron Beaubier Sat ImageBrianJNelson
Cameron Beaubier (Yamaha)

Both Beaubier and Elias had difficult Superpole sessions on the first two-day MotoAmerica event of the season. Beaubier crashed so early in the session that his lap that put him second on the grid actually came on race tyres – not very confidence-inspiring for those going slower than him on qualifying tyres. Elias, meanwhile, had bike troubles and was ultimately stranded on the track for the majority of the time. He started the race from the third row after qualifying eighth. Pole position went to Beaubier’s teammate Garrett Gerloff, the Texan’s second of the season.

Beaubier didn’t start the race in the lead, but he was in second place when race leader Mathew Scholtz crashed out on the second lap. From there it was all Beaubier, the defending champion inching away to ultimately win by 3.5 seconds for this second win of the season.

Cameron Beaubier (Yamaha)

“Just started off today feeling pretty good,” Beaubier said after the 34th Superbike win of his career. “I felt pretty comfortable on the R1 out there. We were able to get up to pace pretty quick. I feel like I’ve kind of struggled getting that pace here in the past. This one just feels really, really good. I know how fast these guys are at this track and this year. It felt really good to be able to win with a little bit of a margin. I’m sure tomorrow is going to be tougher. Both these guys are going to go back and it’s going to be a dog-fight tomorrow. Just in the past we’ve always been fast here. I feel like the R1 works pretty good here. I think I have one win to my name at this track in the past five years or something like that. That’s frustrating for a track that we know that we’re pretty strong at. This one felt really good. Got a couple things I might try in the morning depending on wet or dry. It’s going to be tough but looking forward to racing.”

MotoAmerica Rnd VIR Superbike Cameron Beaubier Sat ImageBrianJNelson
Cameron Beaubier (Yamaha)

Elias rebounded from his difficult day with second place, despite starting from the third row.

Gerloff was hot on Elias’ heels when he ran off in turn one, losing out on a chance to get second place.

Fourth place went to Attack Performance Estenson Racing Yamaha’s JD Beach, some four seconds behind Gerloff and 13.2 seconds ahead of M4 ECSTAR Suzuki’s Jake Lewis.

Lewis, in turn, was way ahead of Scheibe Racing BMW’s Jake Gagne, who had his hands full to the finish with FLY Racing/ADR Motorsports’ David Anthony. Omega Moto’s Cameron Petersen battled muscle-cramping to finish eighth with KWR Ducati’s Kyle Wyman and Thrashed Bike Racing’s Max Flinders rounding out the top 10.

Superbike Race One Video Highlights

EBC Brakes Superbike Race One

  1. Cameron Beaubier (Yamaha)
  2. Toni Elias (Suzuki)
  3. Garrett Gerloff (Yamaha)
  4. JD Beach (Yamaha)
  5. Jake Lewis (Suzuki)
  6. Jake Gagne (BMW)
  7. David Anthony (Kawasaki)
  8. Cameron Petersen (Yamaha)
  9. Kyle Wyman (Ducati)
  10. Max Flinders (Yamaha)

Superbike Race Two

Sunday was all about JD Beach at VIRginia International Raceway as the two-time MotoAmerica Supersport Champion put a smile on everybody’s face when he earned his first career AMA Superbike victory with a 3.7-second win in the Championship of Virginia.

A week after winning his first career AMA Grand National Flat Track at the Super TT in Arizona, Beach went out and did it again, winning a race he’d been dreaming about since he was 16 years old.

Beach’s day was made even more emotional for three reasons: Today marked the anniversary of his good friend Ethan Gillim’s passing 12 years ago; Beach became the first rider to win a Superbike National and a Flat Track National in the same season since his good friend and hero Nicky Hayden accomplished the feat in 2002; and his best friend and housemate Hayden Gillim also won the Supersport race earlier in the day.

Beach was impressive in a race that started in iffy conditions but ended in bright sunshine and on a dry racetrack. Once he got past early leader Kyle Wyman, who had fitted rain tires to his KWR Ducati in the hopes that the track wouldn’t dry, and his old Supersport rival Garrett Gerloff, Beach put his head down and opened a four-second gap. He maintained that lead to the finish, besting Gerloff by 3.759 seconds and riding a wave of emotion that will last him until Road America in four weeks.

JD Beach

“It just feels like the stars just aligned this whole week,” Beach said. “For me to get my first win last week, and to get this win today with Hayden (Gillim) winning the 600 class, it’s just amazing. These guys are so fast. I looked up to Toni (Elias). He’s won the Moto2 World Championship, and Garrett (Gerloff) has kicked my ass so many times. Even with how this track was today, I was having flashbacks because he (Gerloff) lapped me when we had rain tires here. So, to beat him here, it’s just amazing. I just got to thank my team, the whole Attack Estenson Racing team. They believed in me. They gave me a shot on this bike when nobody else would. It feels good to get the win, but it feels good to reward them too. We’ve still got a lot of races to go. These guys aren’t going to let up. We’re going to keep fighting. We’ve got two dirt track races and then I’m going to Road America, so it will be fun.”

Beach compared the flat track win last week to the Superbike win this week.

“They’re both amazing,” he said. “The desire to win last weekend was like a childhood goal. It’s kind of like when you’re a kid you’re like, I want to be a firefighter or whatever. For me when I was a kid that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a dirt tracker. I wanted to win races, and I still do. To win this Superbike race is something I’ve looked forward to my whole adult life, since I was 16. So, they both feel amazing, but this has a little bit of a sweeter feel to it. To do it on the day that I did it and for the last person to do it (Nicky Hayden), it’s amazing.”

MotoAmerica Rnd VIR Superbike JD Beach Sun ImageBrianJNelson
JD Beach

Gerloff was emotional in defeat and also fought back tears during the victory celebration as he was disappointed in the fact that this was one he thought he could have won.

Third place went to Toni Elias, the Yoshimura Suzuki rider holding back three others to the finish to earn the final podium spot.  It was also good for his championship aspirations as his closest rival Cameron Beaubier, who won Saturday’s EBC Brakes Superbike race at VIR, crashed his Monster Energy/Yamalube/Yamaha Factory Racing YZF-R1 and didn’t score any points.

Westby Racing’s Mathew Scholtz was fourth, the South African nipping at Elias’ heels in the closing laps but coming up just short at the finish. Right behind those two came M4 ECSTAR Suzuki’s Jake Lewis, the Kentuckian barely holding off Omega Moto’s Cameron Petersen. Petersen ran as high as fourth in what was essentially a four-rider battle for the final podium spot.

Yoshimura Suzuki’s Josh Herrin finished a disappointing weekend with a seventh place to go with his non-finish on Saturday. Thrashed Bike Racing’s Max Flinders, FLY Racing’s David Anthony and Wyman rounded out the top 10 with those three gambling on different variations of rain/slick tires.

As mentioned earlier, Beaubier crashed out of the battle for third and he now trails Elias by 24 points, 126-102. Beach is third in the series point standings with 78 points, six points clear of Gerloff. Lewis rounds out the top five with 62 points.

EBC Brakes Superbike Race Two

  1. JD Beach (Yamaha)
  2. Garrett Gerloff (Yamaha)
  3. Toni Elias (Suzuki)
  4. Mathew Scholtz (Yamaha)
  5. Jake Lewis (Suzuki)
  6. Cameron Petersen (Yamaha)
  7. Josh Herrin (Suzuki)
  8. Max Flinders (Yamaha)
  9. David Anthony (Kawasaki)
  10. Kyle Wyman (Ducati)

Superbike Race Two Video Highlights

MotoAmerica Superbike Championship Points

  1. Toni Elias 126
  2. Cameron Beaubier 102
  3. JD Beach 78
  4. Garrett Gerloff 72
  5. Jake Lewis 62
  6. Josh Herrin 58
  7. Mathew Scholz 58
  8. David Anthony 52
  9. Cameron Petersen 48
  10. Kyle Wyman 38

Image by Brian J Nelson

Source: MCNews.com.au

Elias & Herrin join Rins with Suzuki wins at COTA

2019 MotoAmerica Superbikes

Round 2 – Circuit of the Americas

You couldn’t have written a better script for Suzuki in the combined MotoGP/MotoAmerica weekend at the Circuit of the Americas. At the biggest motorcycle racing event in America, the Yoshimura Suzuki Factory Racing team came away both MotoAmerica Superbike race wins and Superpole.

MotoAmerica Rnd COTA elias herrin
Toni Elias and Josh Herrin duke it out at COTA MotoAmerica

Icing on the cake came in the form of Team SUZUKI ECSTAR also winning the MotoGP race, with Alex Rins and his GSX-RR giving Suzuki a clean sweep of all races it participated in this weekend.

Toni Elias got the Texas party started by winning MotoAmerica Superpole aboard his Yoshimura Suzuki GSX-R1000. He then followed up with a thrilling victory in Superbike Race One on Saturday, with a last-lap, last-turn pass on rival Cameron Beaubier, bringing the crowd to their feet.

MotoAmerica Rnd COTA elias herrin
Elias and Herrin shared the COTA wins

Then in Sunday’s Superbike Race Two, it was Yoshimura Suzuki finishing 1-2, with newest team member Josh Herrin breaking through to score his first win of the season. Elias was second.

MotoAmerica COTA Race 1

Elias won a scintillating battle with Cameron Beaubier to win his sixth out of seven starts in Texas. After 15 laps of the 3.426-mile Circuit of The Americas, Elias beat Beaubier by just .089 of a second after a battle that went to the final two corners. And Beaubier’s teammate, Garrett Gerloff, was just .248 of a second behind in third place – despite starting the race from the back of the grid.

MotoAmerica Rnd COTA Toni Elias beat Cameron Beaubier BJN
Toni Elias – Image by Brian J. Nelson

Josh Herrin, who led at times early in the race, ended up fourth, 1.9 seconds behind his teammate Elias. JD Beach rode to fifth, some four seconds clear of fellow Kentuckian Jake Lewis.

Mathew Scholtz ran off the track once, crashed and remounted to finish seventh, barely besting David Anthony and Cameron Petersen with the trio separated by just .454 of a second. Kyle Wyman rounded out the top 10 finishers.

MotoAmerica Rnd COTA toni elias
Toni Elias claims the win from Beaubier & Gerloff

EBC Brakes Superbike Race 1

  1. Toni Elias (Suzuki)
  2. Cameron Beaubier (Yamaha) +0.089
  3. Garrett Gerloff (Yamaha) +0.248
  4. Josh Herrin (Suzuki) +1.913
  5. JD Beach (Yamaha) +15.560
  6. Jake Lewis (Suzuki) +19.165
  7. Mathew Scholtz (Yamaha) +35.247
  8. David Anthony (Kawasaki) +35.344
  9. Cameron Petersen (Yamaha) +35.798
  10. Kyle Wyman (Ducati) +48.056

MotoAmerica COTA Race 2

Yoshimura Suzuki won its second straight race at Circuit of The Americas on Sunday, but it wasn’t the one ridden by yesterday’s winner Toni Elias. This time it was Josh Herrin on the top step of the podium after winning the seventh AMA Superbike race of his career in the MotoAmerica Championship of Texas.

MotoAmerica Rnd COTA Josh Herrin BJN
Josh Herrin – Image by Brian J. Nelson

Herrin battled for 13 of the 15 laps with his teammate Elias, with Cameron Beaubier always within striking distance. In the final two laps, Herrin was able to put his head down and he crossed the line .958 of a second ahead of Elias with Beaubier 1.6 seconds behind in third.

Fourth place went to Beaubier’s teammate Garrett Gerloff, the Texan coming on strong at the end of the race to finish 3.2 seconds behind Herrin. Gerloff, in turn, was well clear of fifth-placed Jake Lewis.

Cameron Petersen finished sixth, some three seconds ahead of Kyle Wyman. David Anthony, Travis Wyman and  Max Flinders rounded out the top 10 finishers.

MotoAmerica Rnd COTA toni elias
Toni Elias now leads the standings

Elias now has a 13-point lead over Beaubier, 90-77, with Herrin moving past Scholtz and into third with 49 points to Scholtz’s 45. Beach and Lewis are tied for fifth with 40 points each.

Josh Herrin

“Just mentally, I feel like I was a lot more prepared today. We spent a lot of time at the track last night. We ran a different tire today, but it’s two totally different weather conditions today, so I don’t think that really had much to do with it for us. Just made the right choice, I guess. It’s just been, like Toni said, every day I think I get more comfortable on the bike. Each time I can race it and actually put in those hard laps I learn a lot. We have a lot of data to look at and I can learn what I’m doing wrong, what I’m improving on. Like I said on the podium, it’s been such a crazy off-season. I had super highs coming into it and then, once the season started, I was bumming pretty hard because I just wasn’t riding like myself. I think I was just getting so excited at the beginning of the races that I was kind of blowing it for myself, riding like a rookie a little bit. I just had to kind of reset my brain and just relax a little bit. It feels so good to be able to get a win for Suzuki. Two wins this weekend. They won a MotoGP race, so it’s a big day for them. Thank you to everybody at Suzuki and Yoshimura for believing in me.”

MotoAmerica Rnd COTA herrin rins elias
Herrin, Rins and Elias celebrate
Toni Elias

“I just was trying to do my race, my pace. There is still something I am missing, because it’s me. Riders we have to choose the tires, the things. Mistake a little bit before the race. I choose the same tire as yesterday, when yesterday I wasn’t happy. I choose it again because I was thinking today with more temperature was better but is the same tire. Last year in Barber I had some bad feeling, too. So, I think today it’s been a good advice to cancel the tire for the future. I’m not going to use it anymore, for sure. But anyway, I was there. I was doing my pace. The team is working so good. We don’t change anything on the bike, just the track condition was much better than yesterday. But I didn’t expect at the end to have this little issue with the shifter. After that, I lost everything, and I couldn’t fight. It’s okay. These things happen in race. A little bit pissed off because I could fight a little bit more. Maybe we could have a big battle with Josh. But anyway, I’m happy for him. 1-2 for Suzuki is so, so good. He deserves this more than anyone. So, very happy for him, for the team, too. After all, I’m happy to take this second place. Let’s continue like this. This is going to be long. Let’s see.”

MotoAmerica Rnd COTA elias herrin
Toni Elias
Cameron Beaubier

“I gave 110 percent that race just to hang onto those guys. They were riding so good. The pace was a second and a half faster than it was yesterday. I don’t know where the hell they found that. I was just hanging on for dear life. All in all, I’m really happy that I was even able to keep pace with the Yosh boys this weekend. This is always a pretty tough track for us. It just gives me confidence going into the rest of the year. Hats off to both these guys. I’m excited for a really tough year and battling it up with these guys.”

MotoAmerica Rnd COTA elias herrin
Josh Herrin takes a well earnt win in Race 2

EBC Brakes Superbike Race 2

  1. Josh Herrin (Suzuki)
  2. Toni Elias (Suzuki)
  3. Cameron Beaubier (Yamaha)
  4. Garrett Gerloff (Yamaha)
  5. Jake Lewis (Suzuki)
  6. Cameron Petersen (Yamaha)
  7. Kyle Wyman (Ducati)
  8. David Anthony (Kawasaki)
  9. Travis Wyman (BMW)
  10. Max Flinders (Yamaha)

EBC Superbike Championship Standings

  1. Toni Elias 90
  2. Cameron Beaubier 77
  3. Josh Herrin 49
  4. Mathew Scholtz 45
  5. JD Beach 40
  6. Jake Lewis 40
  7. Garrett Gerloff 36
  8. David Anthony 36
  9. Cameron Petersen 30
  10. Kyle Wyman 25

Riders head back east to Virginia International Raceway for round three of the MotoAmerica Superbike Championship in Alton, Virginia, on May 4-5th.

Source: MCNews.com.au

Beaubier & Elias share MotoAmerica 2019 opener wins

MotoAmerica 2019

Fong & Gillim share Supersport wins

Landers dominates Junior Cup – Barnes does the Twins Cup double

Andrew Lee tops Superstock 1000 opener

Images by Paul Carruthers/MotoAmerica

EBC Brakes Superbike – Saturday

Toni Elias didn’t know what it was like to lose the series opener and Cameron Beaubier didn’t know what it was like to win one. Now they both know. Beaubier beat Elias by 2.732 seconds today at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, the Californian ending Elias’ perfect streak of winning every season opener since the Spaniard came to the MotoAmerica Series in 2016.

MotoAmerica Rnd Atlanta Sat Beaubier
Cameron Beaubier – 2019 MotoAmerica Round 1 – Atlanta

Beaubier was happy to start the season so well, given that it’s not the norm. The first EBC Brakes Superbike race was everything we thought it would be with six riders fighting at the front until two of the front runners crashed out.

Pole sitter Garrett Gerloff crashed on the third lap while battling for the lead and Josh Herrin followed suit on the 11th lap while also battling at the front.

That left four to battle with JD Beach and Mathew Scholtz in the fight at the front with Beaubier and Elias. The battle for victory would come down to Beaubier vs. Elias with Elias running off track in the final corner with four laps to go, handing the win to his rival. The miscue dropped Elias to fourth, but he battled back to finish second, passing Beach right at the finish line.

MotoAmerica Rnd Atlanta Sun Toni Elias
Toni Elias – 2019 MotoAmerica Round 1 – Atlanta

Elias thought the Yoshimura Suzuki teammates would have been better off not racing each other and slowing each other down. Beach may have been beaten at the line by Elias, but it was still his first-ever Superbike podium in his MotoAmerica Superbike debut.

Scholtz ended up fourth, some four seconds behind Beach with David Anthony fifth on his Kawasaki ZX-10R. Kyle Wyman, Jake Lewis, Jake Gagne, Cameron Petersen and Geoff May rounded out the top 10.

 EBC Brakes Superbike – Saturday

  1. Cameron Beaubier (Yamaha)
  2. Toni Elias (Suzuki) +2.732
  3. JD Beach (Yamaha) +2.733
  4. Mathew Scholtz (Yamaha) +6.906
  5. David Anthony (Kawasaki) +31.018

 EBC Brakes Superbike – Sunday

Toni Elias won his first race of the 2019 Series on Sunday, the Spaniard besting Mathew Scholtz by 1.839 seconds under sunny skies in the Suzuki Championship at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta.

MotoAmerica Rnd Atlanta Sun Toni Elias
Toni Elias – 2019 MotoAmerica Round 1 – Atlanta

The win, combined with his second place from Saturday, gives Elias the early lead in the EBC Brakes Superbike Championship with 45 points – four more than Saturday’s race winner Cameron Beaubier, who was third today.

As was the case yesterday, the Superbike race began with six riders running together at the front with those three – Elias, Scholtz and Beaubier – joined by Beaubier’s teammate Garrett Gerloff, JD Beach and Josh Herrin.

MotoAmerica Rnd Atlanta Sat Beaubier
Cameron Beaubier – 2019 MotoAmerica Round 1 – Atlanta

Gerloff was the first to have issues, the Texan slowed by a front fender flapping in the wind. Despite repeated attempts at kicking the bodywork off his bike, Gerloff eventually had to pull over to remove the fender. He would continue onward and eventually finish ninth.

Herrin, meanwhile, lacked the pace to stay with the top four with the race coming down to just three in the final laps as the trio pulled slightly clear of Beach. Then both Beaubier and Scholtz were bauked badly by a back marker with two laps to go, costing them any shot at Elias and also allowing Beach to move to the tail of the battling duo. Scholtz ended up getting the edge on Beaubier to take second with Beach finishing just .3 of a second off the back of the defending MotoAmerica Superbike Champion.

Apparently, the birth of his son just a few weeks ago hasn’t slowed Elias who leaves the opening round with the points lead for the fourth straight season.

Toni Elias

“This winter the team worked so good. But, honestly, I was thinking to be more comfortable in these first rounds. Last year to be more competitive we took a good direction. I was thinking this would change a little bit… but then we arrive here and seems different… all the time the bike is moving a lot around. We were going to do some changes for this morning, but we couldn’t try anything. For everybody it was the same. Same tire. Harder than yesterday. I was not thinking yesterday to do that slow pace. I think it’s the race. A little bit frustrated. I couldn’t do what I wanted. In the mid part of the race I start to lose a lot of grip, maybe less than JD and Mathew. But Cameron was so strong. I missed something there. Anyway, for today I was going to use the same tire as Dunlop wanted, and it was really good. The tire has been super consistent all the race, but we still have to improve in some areas. Anyway, yesterday 20 points. Could be zero. Now 25 (points), so perfect Sunday.”

MotoAmerica Rnd Atlanta Sun Toni Elias
Toni Elias – 2019 MotoAmerica Round 1 – Atlanta

Scholtz was much happier on Sunday, the South African putting his Yamaha second after fighting with Elias for most of the race. Based on his past results in the season opener, Beaubier was also pleased with how things went over the course of the weekend and he leaves with a solid point score of 41 after a win and third-place finish.

Herrin ended up fifth in his second race on the Yoshimura Suzuki, the Georgian having crashed out of Saturday’s race. Jake Lewis was sixth, well behind Herrin and ahead of David Anthony, the team owner rider having a solid weekend with sixth- and seventh-place finishes.

Geoff May finished eighth with Gerloff and Cameron Petersen rounding out the top 10. Kyle Wyman and Jake Gagne both failed to finish. Wyman crashed the KWR Ducati and Gagne had mechanical issues with the Scheibe Racing BMW.

EBC Brakes Superbike – Sunday

  1. Toni Elias (Suzuki)
  2. Mathew Scholtz (Yamaha) +1.839
  3. Cameron Beaubier (Yamaha) +2.096
  4. JD Beach (Yamaha) +2.393
  5. Josh Herrin (Yamaha) +17.180

EBC Brakes Superbike

  1. TBA…

Supersport – Saturday

Saturday’s Supersport riders put on quite a show for the fans at Road Atlanta in race one, with polesitter Bobby Fong, who competes for the M4 ECSTAR Suzuki team, having a battle royale with last year’s class championship runner-up Hayden Gillim.

MotoAmerica Rnd Atlanta Sat Hayden Gillim
Hayden Gillim – 2019 MotoAmerica Round 1 – Atlanta

At the start, Fong got the holeshot and Gillim streaked forward from the second row and into second place right on Fong’s tail. The two riders passed and re-passed each other, touched fairings on several occasions, and even used a little bit of “body English” on each other to try to gain an advantage.

As the race wound down, Fong had a couple of missed shifts, which enabled Gillim to pull a little bit of a gap. At the checkers, Gillim won by a little more than four-and-a-half seconds over Fong. Sixteen-year-old Sean Dylan Kelly, Fong’s M4 ECSTAR Suzuki teammate, finished third in his MotoAmerica debut.

For Gillim and Fong, apparently all’s fair in love and motorcycle road racing because the two were all smiles after the race.

Supersport – Saturday

  1. Hayden Gillim (Yamaha)
  2. Bobby Fong (Suzuki) +4.624
  3. Sean Dylan Kelly (Suzuki) +12.194
  4. Richie Escalante (Yamaha) +12.780
  5. Bryce Prince (Yamaha) +13.116

Supersport – Sunday

In Supersport, Saturday’s second-place finisher Bobby Fong came back strong on Sunday and notched the race win aboard his M4 ECSTAR Suzuki.

MotoAmerica Rnd Atlanta Sat Hayden Gillim Bobby Fang
Hayden Gillim – 2019 MotoAmerica Round 1 – Atlanta

Second-place finisher PJ Jacobsen kept Fong honest throughout the majority of the 18-lap race to record his first MotoAmerica podium result in his second race aboard his Celtic HSBK Racing Yamaha.

Yamaha rider Richie Escalante finished third and dedicated the race to his grandfather after getting the sad news earlier in the day that he had passed away.

Bobby Fong

“I’m definitely excited. It’s good to be on top of the box for sure. After yesterday’s misfortune, it’s good to be back up here. PJ rode a great race. I was just trying to do consistent laps out there. I knew I could stay in the 28s for the whole race, and that’s the goal. Late last night, I couldn’t even sleep because all I was thinking about was strategizing how am I going to out-brake Hayden Gillim? Unfortunately, he wasn’t there.  I saw PJ and I didn’t expect to see PJ there for sure. I knew he was going to be in the group, but I didn’t know that when I hit the false neutral during the race, and I actually hit another false neutral in the last turn, that he was going to be right there. I thought for sure Hayden was just going to slam me right off the track. But it was good battling with PJ. Our bike definitely jumped off the corners compared with theirs. We definitely used our advantages today.”

MotoAmerica Rnd Atlanta Sat Hayden Gillim
Hayden Gillim – 2019 MotoAmerica Round 1 – Atlanta

Supersport – Sunday

  1. Bobby Fong (Suzuki)
  2. PJ Jacobsen (Yamaha) +2.373
  3. Richie Escalante (Yamaha) +15.658
  4. Jason Aguilar (Yamaha) +16.598
  5. Bryce Prince (Yamaha) +19.686

Supersport Standings

  1. Bobby Fong 45
  2. Hayden Gillim 31
  3. P.J. Jacobsen 30
  4. Richie Escalante 29
  5. Sean Dylan Kelly 26
  6. Jason Aguilar 22
  7. Bryce Prince 22
  8. Xavier Zayat 17
  9. Nick McFadden 11
  10. Lucas Silva 11

Liqui Moly Junior Cup – Saturday

In Liqui Moly Junior Cup, MotoAmerica’s class with the youngest riders, 14-year-old Rocco Landers took the field to school with a start-to-finish victory in his very first MotoAmerica race.

MotoAmerica Rnd Atlanta Sun Rocco Landers
Rocco Landers – 2019 MotoAmerica Round 1 – Atlanta

The polesitter, who competes aboard a Landers Racing Kawasaki, got a great jump off the line and pressed his advantage all the way to the checkers to win by more than 16 seconds over Dallas Daniels. South African Sam Lochoff, who was also making his MotoAmerica debut, finished third aboard his Westby Racing Yamaha.

Liqui Moly Junior Cup – Saturday

  1. Rocco Landers (Kawasaki)
  2. Dallas Daniels (Kawasaki) +16.226
  3. Samuel Lochoff (Yamaha) +17.852
  4. Teagg Hobbs (Kawasaki) +18.144
  5. Dominic Doyle (Kawasaki) +18.245

Liqui Moly Junior Cup – Sunday

Rocco Landers did the double and took the round win on Sunday. Almost a carbon copy of Saturday, he got a great jump off the line from the pole position, led the 11-lap race from start to finish, and pulled a gap of nearly five seconds.

MotoAmerica Rnd Atlanta Sat Rocco Landers
Rocco Landers – 2019 MotoAmerica Round 1 – Atlanta

Dallas Daniels, the second-place finisher from Saturday’s race, once again finished second on Sunday. Altus Motorsports rider Kevin Olmedo finished third to complete the podium.

Rocco Landers

“It felt faster, honestly. I could see the times and stuff, but (we) were flying. I could see on the first lap he got by me and I was like, this is going to be a battle. I enjoyed it a lot.”

MotoAmerica Rnd Atlanta Sat Rocco Landers
Rocco Landers – 2019 MotoAmerica Round 1 – Atlanta

Liqui Moly Junior Cup – Sunday

  1. Rocco Landers (Kawasaki)
  2. Dallas Daniels (Kawasaki) +4.924
  3. Dominic Doyle (Kawasaki) +21.548
  4. Gauge Rees (Kawasaki) +30.647
  5. Damian Jigalov (Kawasaki) +30.753
MotoAmerica Rnd Atlanta Sun Rocco Landers
Rocco Landers – 2019 MotoAmerica Round 1 – Atlanta

Liqui Moly Junior Cup Standings

  1. Rocco Landers 50
  2. Dallas Daniels 40
  3. Dominic Doyle 27
  4. Gauge Rees 21
  5. Damian Jigalov 20
  6. Samuel Lochoff 16
  7. Jackson Blackmon 15
  8. Toby Khamsouk 15
  9. Teagg Hobbs 13
  10. Kevin Olmedo 10

Twins Cup – Saturday

The MotoAmerica Twins Cup class has had a major influx of entrants this season, and there is a large disparity in the age of the competitors: from 16 all the way to 50. In Saturday’s race one, those riders at the upper end of the age range showed their prowess, and the oldest of the group won the race.

MotoAmerica Rnd Atlanta Sat Michael Barnes
Michael Barnes – 2019 MotoAmerica Round 1 – Atlanta

Fifty-year-old Michael Barnes, whose motorcycle road racing career has spanned three decades, won the race aboard his Quarterley Racing Ducati. He bested Curtis Murray, who finished second, and 42-year-old defending class champion Chris Parrish.

Twins Cup – Saturday

  1. Michael Barnes (Ducati)
  2. Curtis Murray (Suzuki) +4.641
  3. Chris Parrish (Suzuki) +4.709
  4. Jeffrey Tigert (Suzuki) +9.458
  5. Alex Dumas (Suzuki) +18.292

Twins Cup – Sunday

The same podium finishers in Saturday’s Twins Cup race were again on the podium in Sunday’s race, and Quarterley Racing Ducati rider Michael Barnes was the race winner for the second day in a row.

MotoAmerica Rnd Atlanta Sun Michael Barnes
Michael Barnes – 2019 MotoAmerica Round 1 – Atlanta

Barnes once again showed that experience (age) is the secret to success as he had the measure of his competitors. Defending class champ Chris Parrish improved on his Saturday third-place result by finishing second on Sunday aboard his Ghetto Customs Suzuki, and RBoM Racing’s Curtis Murray rounded out the podium in third.

Michael Barnes

“I got a horrible start, popped a wheelie off the start and just got eaten up in turn one. It was just everybody was coming around me and I was just dodging everybody from every angle. The Ducati really does run off the corner, but I was looking at the mile an hour and those little Suzuki’s seemed to be okay mile-an-hour-wise. So I wouldn’t say I had that much of an advantage in horsepower when it just seems to come off the corner a little bit better. Maybe I’m picking up the throttle earlier, I don’t know. Regardless, the Moto Corse Performance Quarterly Racing Ducati is really good. Like I said on the podium, I think you might see more Ducati’s on the grid after this first round. I just couldn’t be more pleased with coming back and doing a double.”

MotoAmerica Rnd Atlanta Sat Twins Cup Michael Barnes L
Michael Barnes – 2019 MotoAmerica Round 1 – Atlanta

Twins Cup – Sunday

  1. Michael Barnes (Ducati)
  2. Chris Parrish (Suzuki) +2.860
  3. Curtis Murray (Suzuki) +7.557
  4. Draik Beauchamp (Yamaha) +21.663
  5. Alex Dumas (Suzuki) +22.251

Twins Cup Standings

  1. Michael Barnes 50
  2. Chris Parrish 36
  3. Curtis Murray 36
  4. Draik Beauchamp 23
  5. Alex Dumas 21
  6. Jeffrey Tigert 21
  7. Jason Madama 20
  8. Joseph Blasius 15
  9. Chris Bays 14
  10. Hofman 10

Stock 1000 – Sunday

Last year’s Stock 1000 champion Andrew Lee got his 2019 season off to a flying start with a win in Sunday’s race. The Northern Californian is defending his title, stalking second-place finisher Michael Gilbert, who led the majority of the race until Lee made his decisive move and took the checkers. Stefano Mesa came in third, making it a Kawasaki podium sweep.

Andrew Lee

“I knew coming into this year with the number-one plate that I was going to have a big target on my back, especially with these two guys next to me. They’re both riding phenomenally.”

MotoAmerica Rnd Atlanta Sun Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee – 2019 MotoAmerica Round 1 – Atlanta

Stock 1000 – Sunday

  1. Andrew Lee (Kawasaki)
  2. Michael Gilbert (Kawasaki) +0.130
  3. Stefano Mesa (Kawasaki) +5.014
  4. Travis Wyman (BMW) +6.593
  5. Chad Lewin (Yamaha) +24.333

Stock 1000 Standings

  1. TBA…

Source: MCNews.com.au