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2020 Yamaha TMAX 560 and TMAX Tech MAX

Since its launch in 2001 Yamaha’s TMAX has forged a reputation for convenience, practically and performance in the motorcycling world, while combining the best aspects of a motorcycle with the ease of use of a scooter, in a package capable of long-distance touring and packed with technology.

Yamaha TMAX TechMax
2020 Yamaha TMAX Tech MAX

In fact Yamaha has sold over 275,000 TMAX machines and the model now reaches its seventh generation for 2020, making it one of the most successful Yamaha models in history.

2020 sees the Yamaha TMAX updated alongside the announacement of a new TMAX Tech MAX edition which provides a higher specification option in Yamaha’s scooter range. Both boast the same improvements, however the Tech MAX scores a number of extras.

Yamaha TMAX
2020 Yamaha TMAX 560

In keeping with the TMAX theme, the 2020 TMAX models pay respect to the brand’s design and sporty MAX family DNA.  Drive is provided by a more powerful 560cc engine, and the new machines feature a more aggressive body design, revised suspension settings, optimised electronics and more.

2020 Yamaha TMAX features at a glance

  • More powerful larger-capacity 560cc engine, EU5 compliant
  • Enhanced ride quality, refined exhaust sound
  • Improved ground access for passenger
  • 2 level D-Mode, Smart Key Keyless ignition
  • Optimised suspension settings
  • Aggressive new body design
  • New LED taillight and LED front indicators
  • Aluminium twin-spar die-cast frame
  • Large illuminated storage space – 1 x full-face or 2 x open-face helmets
  • Monotone TFT instruments
  • Centre stand locking system
  • Aluminium footrests
  • Available in Icon Grey or Sword Grey
Yamaha TMAX
2020 Yamaha TMAX 560

2020 Yamaha TMAX Tech MAX extras

  • MyTMAX Connect for full connectivity
  • TFT screen
  • Cruise Control
  • Heated grips and seat
  • Adjustable rear suspension
  • Premium quality interior
  • Gold-coloured forks
  • Exclusive Tech Kamo colour option, or Sword Grey

New 2020 TMAX 560cc engine

For 2020 the TMAX gets a major boost in performance with the fitment of a more powerful larger-capacity 560cc, twin-cylinder engine that is equipped with new light-weight aluminium forged pistons and newly-designed con rods.

Yamaha TMAX
2020 sees the adoption of a larger capacity 560 power plant

The increase in capacity has been achieved by expanding the bore dimensions by 2 mm to 70 mm, providing a 6 per cent increase in capacity. Power is up by 3.5 per cent and torque up by 6 per cent. 

Featuring a 360-degree crank with a horizontally-opposed reciprocating piston balancer mechanism located between the two cylinders, the TMAX engine is also one of the lightest, smoothest and most compact in the maxi scooter class. This low-vibration design is used as a fully-stressed member of the frame in order to achieve a stiffer and sportier chassis – and its small physical size frees up more space for added storage capacity.

Yamaha TMAX
As a result power is boosted 3.5% with 6% more torque and the TMAX remains A2 compliant

This engine’s compact and flat layout also ensures a low centre of gravity that contributes significantly towards the TMAX’s light and agile handling character. Another key feature that contributes towards enhancing the overall ride quality is the new CVT belt that offers an increased transmission capacity.

The overall reduction ratio and automatic shifting characteristics have also been changed to give the equivalent of higher gearing at a given rpm, and this ensures a smoother and more relaxed feeling in the typical cruising speed range. The revised gearing also contributes towards the new model’s increased acceleration.

Yamaha TMAX
Gearing is also revised to better suit cruising

For 2020 the intake and exhaust systems have been further refined in order to hit the right note. With its 360-degree firing interval the TMAX is already renowned for its crisp timbre, and by using Yamaha’s signature Kanno Hyoka the sound from the new engine has been fine-tuned to achieve a more enjoyable tone.

The new EU5-compliant engine features a reshaped combustion chamber – while the intake and exhaust valve timing has been revised and larger 27-mm inlet valves fitted.

Yamaha TMAX
The TMAX is also EURO5 compliant with larger intake valves, new 12-hole injector, and exhasust

A new 12-hole injector is relocated to a position on the underside of the inlet tract and it now injects the fuel droplets directly onto the back of the intake valve for improved combustion efficiency. For reduced emissions the 2-into-1 up-swept exhaust system is equipped with front and rear catalytic converters that use both platinum and rhodium elements.

Other detail engine improvements for 2020 include a revised cooling system and larger capacity radiator with newly designed air ducts, as well as a new low-noise plastic resin chain tensioner. A new high-strength exhaust pipe material permits the use of 20 per cent thinner walls.

Improved 2020 TMAX chassis

The TMAX was one of the first scooters to adopt a motorcycle-type chassis design in which the engine and suspension functions were completely separated.

Yamaha TMAX TechMax
Yamaha pride the TMAX on offering motorcycle-like chassis performance in the scooter category

The new TMAX is equipped with 41-mm upside down front forks with a black finish while the TMAX TechMax sports a gold colouring on the forks. 

Yamaha TMAX
The standard TMAX 560 features black 41mm forks, while the Tech MAX receives gold forks

The rear end consists of a link-type Monocross rear suspension system that, comparable to some of the advanced systems fitted to Yamaha’s large capacity motorcycles.

With the lightweight aluminium twin-spar die-cast frame, this configuration gives excellent levels of chassis rigidity for precise and agile motorcycle-type handling performance.

Yamaha TMAX TechMax
The tail has been slimmed down offering better pillion comfort and easier mounting – The Tech MAX also features a heated seat

Passenger comfort and convenience is a top priority too, and for 2020 Yamaha’s designers have made a number of significant improvements to this area. The newly designed tail section is slimmer, giving improved ergonomics for the passenger and making it easier when getting on and off the TMAX.

The redesigned rear section and new body panels also give better access to the footrests, to ensure that the pillion experiences a more relaxed and enjoyable ride.

Revised TMAX electronics for 2020

Yamaha D-MODE electronic control technology allows the TMAX rider to instantly adjust engine-running modes to optimise control and performance in different situations. This two-level system operates in association with the YCC-T (Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle) and gives the rider the option to switch to an easier and gentler power delivery for town riding.

Yamaha TMAX TechMax
The TMAX boasts a number of optimisations to the electronics, with D-Modes and TCS

The Traction Control System (TCS) has also been fine-tuned for an improved feeling when it engages. The Yamaha’s ‘Smart Key’ keyless system allows TMAX riders to start the engine, unlock the seat and other compartments, and also lock or release the main stand as long as they’re carrying the Smart Key.

New LED front indicators are also fully integrated into the restyled panels, complemented by an all-new rear that features a new ‘T’ shaped LED rear light. New side covers join the new slimmer rear end.

Yamaha TMAX TechMax
New LED indicators are found on the front

Monotone TFT instruments feature a speedometer on the left side with a tachometer on the right, and the central display includes an odometer, two tripmeters, current fuel consumption and outside temperature. TCS and D-MODE indicator lights are also featured.

Yamaha TMAX
A new T-shaped rear LED light is also featured alongside an updated exhaust

2020 TMAX styling & features

Virtually every main body panel except the fairing and under cowl have undergone subtle yet significant changes for 2020, while maintaining TMAX DNA.

Yamaha TMAX TechMax
2020 Yamaha TMAX Tech MAX

The signature ‘boomerang’ side cover has been a key element of every TMAX produced, and for 2020 its design is further refined – the new front panels complement the reshaped boomerang and the sharper and slimmer side covers.

Yamaha TMAX TechMax
2020 Yamaha TMAX Tech MAX

The TMAX is also equipped with a large illuminated underseat storage space that can accommodate one full-face or two open-face helmets. The lockable and weatherproof compartment is also ideal for carrying a briefcase or other personal items.

For added safety and security the TMAX is equipped with a centre stand locking system. This prevents the centre stand being flipped up without the Smart Key, helping to deter thieves and also helps the parked vehicle to remain stable even if accidentally pushed forward.

Yamaha TMAX
Underseat storage includes a light and fill fit a single full face helmet or two jet helmets

2020 TMAX Tech MAX – All the extras

For those riders after even more exclusivity Yamaha have produced the fully-equipped TMAX Tech MAX.

Yamaha TMAX TechMax
2020 Yamaha TMAX Tech MAX

The TMAX Tech Max sports MyTMAX Connect. This mobile app gives every TMAX Tech MAX rider full access to a GPS tracking system. MyTMAX Connect also features a geo-fence facility and trip report function, as well as a speed alert, flasher function and low battery alert.

Yamaha TMAX TechMax
2020 Yamaha TMAX Tech MAX

The TMAX Tech MAX is also equipped with an electrically-adjustable screen and Cruise Control is featured as standard alongside heated grips and a heated seat to make each trip a little more comfortable and relaxing.

Rear suspension is also adjustable, enabling riders to set their machine up to suit different loads and riding conditions – and a high-quality interior reinforces the premium look and feel of this top of the range model. Front forks also feature a special gold finish.

Yamaha TMAX TechMax
The 2020 Yamaha TMAX Tech MAX features gold forks and an adjustable shock

The TMAX Tech MAX is available in an all-new Tech Kamo finish as well as Sword Grey. Tech Kamo is exclusive to this premium model, and further underlines its status as the ultimate sport scooter.

Yamaha TMAX TechMax
2020 Yamaha TMAX Tech MAX

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