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Norton adds supercharged Superlight SS

Just days after Norton Motorcycles sought crowd funding of £1 million ($1.89m) to fulfil orders for the V4 and Atlas models, it has unveiled a new supercharged 127kW Superlight SS.

It’s a carbon model version of their Superlight model which is based on the upcoming 650cc twin-cylinder Atlas platform.

While it looks great, it is bound to be expensive, if ever produced at all!

Crowd fundingNorton adds supercharged Superlight SS

Given the call for funds to fulfil current orders, it seems strange to launch a new model.

It gets even stranger as their “expression of interest” page for the crowd funding now leads nowhere.

It simply says:

We can’t find that page. It looks like you’re trying to reach a page that was built by Mailchimp but is no longer active.Norton Superlight SS

The call for funds comes despite £4m in UK government funding last year and a £20m deal with Japan to deliver an extra 1000 motorcycles worth £5m to Japanese riders over the next five years.

Norton says the crowd-funding objective is to give global customers and bike enthusiasts a chance to become part of the heritage company, “profiting from its continued success”.

The offering page is also not yet live. Shares apparently start from £10 (about $A18.90).

Norton says details of the securities offering, company valuation and current year financials will be made available when it goes live on Crowdcube.

Meanwhile, you can review the most recent financials on Norton’s Companies House page.

Australian importer James Mutton of Brisbane Motorcycles told me he has no concerns about the financial viability of the company and is expecting delivery of Atlas and V4 models next year.

It would seem the company has an eye on the future with the launch of this new model.

But it is worrying that their expressions of interest page is now missing.

Meanwhile, Norton Global Sales & Marketing boss Kay Johnson told us they are on track with production.

“We are currently making Atlas chassis and other components ready for production/deliveries next month,” he told us last month.

“First customers have been advised and we look forward to deliveries shortly.”

Superlight SSNorton Superlight SS

Meanwhile, the gorgeous Superlight SS is just that — super light — with a carbonfibre wheels, swingarm, subframe, frame, and bodywork.

Norton says it weighs about 47% less than their aluminium-framed Superlight.

It comes with a Rotrex supercharger that helps the engine develop 38% more power at 127kW (170bhp) with torque the same at 74Nm.Norton Superlight SS

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com