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Ducati Superleggera V4 rolls off production line

The first Ducati Superleggera V4 has finally rolled off the Borgo Panigale production line after being delayed by the coronavirus pandemic.

The 167kW (224hp) Superleggera V4 was unveiled in February just before the pandemic shut down the factory and put the project on ice.

In May, CEO Claudio Domenicali tweeted that their fastest and lightest bike yet was about to hit the production line.

A month later the bike has rolled out of the factory doors.

There is no price tag yet announced.  But as they say, if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it. Probably more than $A150,000.

The bike will be coming to Australia in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Here is the official press release:Ducati Superleggera V4

This is the #001 of the 500 units scheduled in a limited and numbered series; the only motorcycle in the world approved for road use with a frame, swingarm and carbon fibre rims, is finally available. A masterpiece of mechanical engineering, technique and “made in Italy” design, which sets a new benchmark in terms of performance, style and attention to detail.

The exclusivity of the materials and technical solutions adopted on the Superleggera V4 are also reflected in the maximum number of motorcycles envisaged: 500 numbered units accompanied by a certificate of authenticity . The progressive numbering of the motorcycles (XXX/500), coinciding with the chassis number, is shown on the steering head, and on the ignition key.
The first of the lucky owners of this fantastic bike has been invited to Borgo Panigale for a delivery ceremony and, in the next few days, he will personally meet Claudio Domenicali, Ducati CEO, to receive his Superleggera V4 001/500.

The uniqueness of the Superleggera V4 project is underlined by the experiences that Ducati together with Ducati Corse have exclusively reserved for the owners of the motorcycle: the “Superbike Experience” – the possibility for all fans who purchase a Superleggera V4 to be able to try out the Panigale V4 R that takes part in the SBK World Championship on track at Mugello. Even more incredible and exclusive is the opportunity – limited to 30 owners of the Superleggera V4 – to purchase access to the “MotoGP Experience “, thus realizing the dream of every sports motorcycle enthusiast. For the first time it will be possible to ride the Desmosedici GP on the circuit, followed directly by Ducati Corse technicians. Both “Experiences” have been confirmed for 2021.Ducati Superleggera V4

The attention that completes the purchase experience of the Superleggera V4, also includes the possibility of personalizing the Superleggera V4 leathers with air bags from the “SuMisura Ducati” line, as well as completing the look with a carbon helmet, both dedicated to this motorbike, whose colours and graphics they replicate.

Each motorcycle is equipped with a Racing kit: complete exhaust for Akrapovič racing track use in titanium; open clutch cover in carbon fibre; swingarm cover in carbon fibre with titanium “slider”; headlamp and light replacement kit; license plate holder removal kit; side stand removal kit; mirror replacement aluminium caps from billet; Ducati Data Analyzer + GPS (DDA + GPS); racing fuel cap, brake lever protection, motorcycle cover; front and rear stand and battery charger.

The bike is delivered inside a wooden crate with specially made customization for the transport of this “made in Borgo Panigale” masterpiece.
Finally, all customers receive a sculptural reproduction of the Superleggera V4 in 1:10 scale, modelled in futuristic aerodynamic shapes. A real collector’s item personalized with your motorbike number.

Superleggera V4Ducati Superleggera V4

The Superleggera V4 is the only motorcycle in the world, approved for road use, with the entire load-bearing structure of the chassis (frame, subframe, swingarm and rims), made of composite material, obtaining, for these components only, a weight saving of 6.7 kg compared to those of the Panigale V4 MY20. To ensure the highest quality and safety standards, these components are 100% controlled by the most sophisticated techniques borrowed from the aerospace industry, such as thermography, ultrasound checks, and tomography.
The specific set-up of the chassis gives an unparalleled deceleration capacity, an extraordinary speed of descent when cornering and a marked tendency of the bike to close the trajectories when exiting corners.

Many components are made of carbon fibre , modelled in advanced aerodynamic shapes. These include the fairing, which reaches efficiency levels higher than those of today’s MotoGP bikes, which are limited in this by the current technical regulations. Thanks to the aerodynamic biplane appendages inspired by Ducati’s 2016 MotoGP bike, the most highly-performing in this field, it is able to guarantee a vertical load of 50 kg of “downforce” at 270 km/h, 20 kg more than that produced by the wings of the Panigale V4 MY20 and V4R. This downforce improves acceleration by counteracting the tendency to wheelie and increases braking stability.

The carbon fairings are embellished with a livery inspired by the Desmosedici GP19, with an alternation of lines and depths between the red colour of the GP19 and the visible carbon that highlight the shapes, the materials and the technical details. The red continues on the coloured sides of the OEM Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tyres, specifically developed in the construction for the Superleggera V4.

The most powerful and lightest Desmosedici Stradale R engine is hidden under the carbon skin. The 998 cc 90° V4 unit of the Superleggera V4 weighs 2.8 kg less than the 1,103 cc V4 and, thanks to the Akrapovič approved exhaust, produces 224 hp of power in road configuration(EU homologation value), which becomes 234 hp by mounting the titanium Akrapovič exhaust for track use, which is included in the Racing Kit supplied with the bike.

Ducati Superleggera V4The racing connotation of the engine is emphasized by the use of a dry clutch and by the timing of the Desmodromic system made manually by a specialist who, after checking, confirms the positive result by affixing his signature on the metal plate that embellishes the carbon cover of the rear cylinder bank.

Only on the Superleggera V4, by loading the engine calibration for the racing exhaust, is it possible to enable the display of the “RaceGP” dashboard. Intended for circuit use only, it derives from that of the Desmosedici GP20 dashboard designed on the indications of Andrea Dovizioso.

Thanks to the extensive use of carbon fibre, components made of titanium, magnesium and others from aluminium billet, the Superleggera V4 shows a dry weight of 159 kg on the scale (16 kg less than the Panigale V4), for a power/weight ratio of 1.41 hp/kg. A record value for a homologated sports bike. In track configuration, by mounting the Racing kit supplied with the bike, the power rises to 234 hp and the weight drops to 152.2 kg, with a power/weight ratio of 1.54 hp/kg.

The electronic controls have also been evolved in a purely racing perspective. By default, the operating parameters of these are associated with three reprogrammed Riding Modes with specific names (Race A, Race B and Sport). In addition, for the first time five Riding Modes can be added, customizable with your favourite settings. The rider can monitor lap times through the evolution of the Lap Timer, which now allows you to store the coordinates of the finish line and the split times of five favourite circuits, so as to recall them every time you go out on the track without having to repeat the data logging procedure. By default the system proposes the coordinates of the finish line and intermediates of Laguna Seca, Mugello, Jerez, Sepang and Losail.
Added to this is a latest-generation electronic package that includes EVO 2 strategies for DTC and DQS up/down.

Öhlins lightened suspensions with pressurized fork and lightened billet foot and shock absorber with titanium spring and GP-derived valves are part of the equipment, which improve the absorption of road roughness in the initial compression phase.Ducati Superleggera V4

The braking system is the best of Brembo production with an MCS radial pump equipped with a remote control for adjusting the distance of the lever and Stylema® R calipers, an exclusive of the Superleggera V4 that allows greater consistency of front brake travel in long runs on the track.

All this translates into a level of performance of absolute importance. Alessandro Valia, official Ducati tester, with Racing Kit and slick tyres, lapped the Mugello circuit in 1m52.45s , less than two seconds away from the time of the Panigale V4R SBK winner with Michele Pirro in CIV 2019.

An example of maximum attention to detail is the aluminium radiator cap machined from billet and the dedicated ignition key with aluminium insert on which the motorcycle number is indicated.

The Superleggera V4 is an extreme machine, devised and designed to achieve maximum performance on the circuit, but at the same time guaranteeing the reliability and ease of use requirements typical of a sports motorcycle homologated for road use. With this motorcycle Ducati pushes the limit even further. The technical competence and knowledge developed and continuously evolved in MotoGP is made available to fans of technique and performance on two wheels.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Ducati Superleggera V4, 159kg and 224hp

(Contributed post)

The Borgo Panigale riders are constantly improving and breaking records, as demonstrated by the new Ducati Superleggera V4 says Carcody.

At Ducati they have shown their latest creation, an elite superbike, equipped with the latest materials and technology, and available only to a few lucky pockets.

This beast has been designed with the sole purpose of being the fastest and most exclusive on the circuit, as well as being the queen of power and lightness. Lighter than the Superleggera V2.

It is obviously powered by a 90º V4 engine, the Desmosedici Stradale R , and has the aesthetics and DNA of the Panigale V4, but reducing its weight to a minimum and increasing the power to a maximum.Ducati Superleggera V4

To reduce weight they have used noble materials such as carbon fibre to make the chassis, subframe, single-arm swingarm, rims, fairing and tailpipe.

And they have also used titanium in the spring of the Ã-hlins monoshock, in the exhaust system and hardware, to further slim down this V4.

The rest of the components have been optimised to be as light as possible, such as the Ã-ohlins fork heads or the Brembo Stylema R brake calipers, exclusive to this V4.

The Ducati Superleggera V4 is the standard bike with the best power-to-weight ratio

The second part has been to optimize the V4 engine at 90º Desmosedici Stradale R -4T, LC, 16V, Desmo, IE-, lightening it and extracting more power, to reach the figure of 224CV (164kW), a whole record.Ducati Superleggera V4

But there’s more, because if the racing kit is installed, 234hp is achieved and the weight is reduced even further, from 159 kg to 152.2kg, achieving a record power-to-weight ratio of 1.54hp/kg.

To top it all off, the fairing also features the obligatory spoilers/winglets, which produce more negative thrust than the MotoGP Desmosedici itself. These 270km/h biplane wings generate 50kg of ground pressure, 20kg more than the Panigale V4 MY20 and V4 R wings, which keeps the bike more stable at high speed.

And there is no lack of the electronics package with IMU, DTC EVO and DQS EVO up&Down, or the reprogrammed Riding Modes (Race A, Race B and Sport), plus 5 extra Riding Modes -new- that can be customized. There is also a GPS Lap Timer that allows you to record the finish line coordinates and intermediate times for five favourite tracks. Default settings include finish line/intermediate time details.

Only 500 units will be produced, at a rate of 5 units per day, and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and the usual numbered plate, which will match the chassis number.

They will start to be delivered in June. What is the price? The price is around $US100,000.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Ducati launches Project 1708 (Superleggera)

Ducati launches Project 1708 which is code for the V4 Superleggera on Thursday (6 February 2020).

It is expected to be one of the world’s most powerful street-legal super bikes with 167kW (224hp) at 15,250 revs.

Throw on the optional Akrapovic full racing exhaust system and power is boosted to 174kW (234bhp), even beating the supercharged Kawasaki H2 at 171kW (230hp).

That compares with the Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory at 162kW (217hp) and new Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade with 160kW (212hp).

CEO Claudio Domenicali gushed about the project in this invitation:

All the bikes we produce are a declaration of our desire for perfection. But nothing is comparable with the Project 1708 is a true statement of intent, it is thew monument in which we draw a line between trying and doing. Iy is out most pioneering creature.

Super lightDucati V4 Superleggera super power

As we can see from the top image plus this leaked photo (above), it will feature a lot of lightweight carbon-fibre bike.

So the bike will weigh just 152kg which is 20kg less than the V4R, hence the term superleggera (super light).

The Superleggera’s Desmosedici Stradale R V4 engine is a big jump up from the “standard” V4 with (155kW/208hp, 124Nm) and V4S/R (top of page) with 159kW (214hp).

However, it is expected to have a super cost as well at $US100,000 (about $A145,000).

Superleggera will be produced in a limited edition of 500. We expect they will only be available here on order.

It will also feature MotoGP livery, exotic components (top-shelf Brembo brakes and Ohlins suspension) with all-LED lighting.

Ducati is expected to start production in April 2020 with deliveries the following month.

Like the V4R, it will have bi-place wings plus extra winglets to increase downforce at 270km/h from 30kg to 50kg.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Ducati 1299 Superleggera

Ducati Panigale 1299 Superleggera

With Phil Aynsley

The ultimate model in a long, long line of Ducati V-twin superbikes – the 1299 Panigale Superleggera.

Ducati Panigale Superleggera PA Superleggera
With a price tag over $100,000 the 1299 Panigale Superleggera is not your regular motorcycle

The 1299 Superleggera (Superlight) was first shown at the EICMA show in late 2016 and deliveries began in mid 2017. The two major changes from the previous 1199 model were the increase in capacity to 1285cc and the use of carbon fibre in place of magnesium.

Ducati Panigale Superleggera PA Superleggera
The 1299 Superleggera features heavy use of carbon-fibre in place of magnesium

Ducati Panigale Superleggera PA Superleggera

In fact it was the first production bike to have a carbon fibre frame, swing arm and wheels. The larger capacity was surprisingly (given the 1199 already had the most radically over-square bore/stroke of any street legal twin cylinder motorcycle at 112 x 60.8mm) achieved by enlarging the bore to 116mm.

Ducati Panigale Superleggera PA Superleggera
Engine capacity was further increased on the 1299 Superleggera

Ducati Panigale Superleggera PA Superleggera

Additional engine improvements included a higher compression ratio (13:1), larger (titanium) valves and new pistons, heads and camshafts. New, more advanced electronics were also fitted.

Ducati Panigale Superleggera PA Superleggera
Bodywork was also matte finish

Ducati Panigale Superleggera PA Superleggera

Other interesting touches are the signed plaque (by the mechanic who timed the Desmodromic camshafts), on the rear cam chain cover and the use of matte finish paint for the bodywork.

Ducati Panigale Superleggera PA Superleggera
A race kit was also provided including titanium Akrapovic exhausts as fitted here

Ducati Panigale Superleggera PA Superleggera

The bike was supplied with a “race” kit which included the titanium Akrapovic exhaust system (as seen here), as well as the parts required to clean up the removal of the number plate hanger, side stand, mirrors etc. Also a paddock stand, bike cover and racing screen were all included.

Ducati Panigale Superleggera PA Superleggera
Ducati Panigale 1299 Superleggera

Ducati Panigale Superleggera PA Superleggera

The dry weight of 156kg was 10kg less than the standard Panigale, with the wet weights being 178kg and 191kg respectively. Power was up to 215hp at 11,000rpm compared to the standard bike’s 205hp at 10,500rpm.

Ducati Panigale Superleggera PA Superleggera
Ducati Panigale 1299 Superleggera

Ducati Panigale Superleggera PA Superleggera

This bike is one of the 31 (of the 500 built) that was exported to Australia, originally carrying an RRP of $109,990.

Ducati Panigale Superleggera PA Superleggera
Ducati Panigale 1299 Superleggera

Ducati Panigale Superleggera PA Superleggera

Ducati Panigale Superleggera PA Superleggera
Ducati Panigale 1299 Superleggera

Source: MCNews.com.au