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MV Agusta launches 5-day flash sale

Desperate times require desperate measures and MV Agusta Australia has just launched a “5-Day Flash Sale” with discounts up to $5000.

We don’t know how sales have been going for the brand as they no longer belong to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries which collates sales figures.

However, this move seems to indicate sales have been slow.

While sales slumped in April after the coronavirus lockdown began, they picked up in May and hit record highs in June.

However, dealers are now reporting a very slow July.

Flash sale

MV Agusta importers Urban Moto Imports has now launched a 5-Day Flash Sale starting at noon today (28 July 2020).

That means dealers must be opening on Sunday morning until noon!

They are offering a discount of up to $5000 across the Brutale range and up to $4000 across selected Dragster (MY18-19) models.

The offer includes limited-edition models such as the Brutale 800 Pirelli (pictured above), Brutale 800 America and Brutale 800 RR LH44 ($2000 off). Click here for all offers.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Aldi confirms annual motorcycle gear sale

Aldi Australia has confirmed its annual motorcycle gear sale will return, but has not yet named a date nor confirmed whether the pandemic will delay the sale.

The sale is usually held on one of the first Saturday’s in August, but was pushed back to the end of the month in 2019.

An Aldi Australia spokesperson says their motorcycle Special Buy theme “continues to return every year as a result of its popularity and following from motorcycle enthusiasts, who are after quality gear for great prices”.

“Like with all our products, we continue to improve our range by making necessary changes,” they say.

They would not confirm a date nor say whether the pandemic would cause a delay.

We will publish the sale date and list of products and prices as soon as it is available.

Sticky situation

Aldi helmets Ray SchrieverRay with the sticky helmet

It follows a recent claim by Sydney rider Ray Schriever that the silver paint on Aldi helmets he bought in 2015 had crazed and become sticky, despite limited use.

“The helmet was sticky all over. I took it to the sink and gave it a wash but the sticky mess just congealed or balled up,” he says.Aldi helmets Ray Schriever

The Aldi Australia spokesperson says:

Before 2016, a different type of paint was used on the motorcycle helmets and after listening to our customers feedback we learnt that the helmet would sometimes become sticky if stored in damp conditions for a long period of time. As a result we worked with our business partner to improve the paint and the new formula was introduced in 2016. The safety of the helmet has never been impacted, the sticky surface was an aesthetic fault only. It does not damage the shell, the EPS liner or the structure of the helmet. Our helmets come with a 12-month warranty.

We do not suggest this paint issue would also affect helmet integrity in the event of a crash.

However, we do note that most helmet manufacturers recommend you replace your helmet after five years of regular use, anyway.

In Ray’s case, the helmets had not had regular use.

Aldi claims all its rider gear meets proper safety standards.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Best 5 Motorcycles for Students

(Sponsored post for students in the North America)

Motorcycles are a fun and exciting way to commute, travel, and the adventurous nature of riding a bike fits young college students perfectly. Finding the appropriate motorcycle depends on the habits where you live and what you plan to do with it. When trying to find the best beginner motorcycle, it’s not the same if you want a bike for the open road, or if you plan to ride around the town mostly.

You could consider buying a used motorcycle to fit student budget, but there are also some excellent choices for new and affordable motorcycles for students.   Most young people love to travel, and the bike is an exciting way to go around.

Top 5 bikes for students

Other things to consider beside buying a motorcycle is the strength, insurance, additional equipment for safety, and travel. For safety reasons ‘don’t cut costs with features like ABS. You should think about getting a motorcycle license, insurance, and registration costs. Besides the bike itself, a motorcycle helmet is an essential part of the equipment.

Whit all that in mind, you will still have to think about the motorcycle, and here is our list of Top 5 bikes for students.

Honda Rebel 3002017 Honda CMX bobber women riders students

Lightweight bike ideal for beginners, Honda Rebel 300 has value price, and it comes with enough power packed in sporty aesthetics. The fuel-injected single-cylinder motor has midrange power and torque performance, and it is known for reliability. Beginners will appreciate the widened front wheel that creates an excellent opportunity for learning how to drive a motorcycle and gain valuable experience. Honda Rebel 300 is suitable for cruising and everyday commute and this model is very popular in Australia.

Suzuki SV650

SV650 combines old-school with modern design. Suzuki builds in 645cc V-twin engine with low emissions and fuel-efficiency. The frame is lightweight, and easy to handle even on more demanding terrain. Suzuki SV650 is bike from the low-price range category, and offer great value for what it gives you.

KTM 390 DukeKTM 390 Duke riding in the wet rain students

The single-cylinder engine in KTM 390 Duke has excellent performance and reliability. The motor provides low to medium torque, which makes him an excellent choice for beginners. The high and curved seat provides stability and superior control. Although it is affordable, it has features from pricier bikes. KTM used sporty geometric design, and the bike has an entire steel frame.

Yamaha XT250

For offroad lovers, Yamaha made XT 250, a bike with a dual-sport motorcycle, equally efficient both on the streets and off-road. The first generation was released back in 1980, and it was featured in Rambo movie. The XT250 stands out with dual-sport purpose and distinctive style. Students get carried away when riding a bike. A little guilty pleasure is fine, and if you ‘haven’t be able to finish academic obligations due to your cruising around the country. You might need essay service help with writing or correcting your works if you suddenly fell into a trap called open road motorcycle virus.

 Kawasaki Ninja 400Kawasaki Ninja 400 to cost more

Kawasaki Ninja 400 has a robust sports motor, and with only 172 kg, it is crazy easy to ride and handle. The bike has a sports design predominantly, and it’s been around for ages. The model 400 has a new engine, and the design has sports written all over it. Another great thing about Ninja 400 is the price.


For our top student motorcycles, we tried to satisfy all use cases from off-road, through sports bike to the open road and city dwellers. Bikes for beginners have a lower price, some features that can help you learn how to drive and with low to medium torque ‘it’s clear these are the best choices for safety. Another great thing about these bikes is the price range and affordability. Beginners will be satisfied with the performance, and when they learn all the tips&tricks and how to handle a powerful machine beneath you, you can think about the next step. Until then, choose the right bike for your college days and enjoy the ride.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Delayed Aldi motorcycle gear sale coming

The annual Aldi motorcycle gear sale, normally held in the first couple of Saturdays of August, has been delayed this year until 31 August 2019.

Riders who want to snap up one of the many Aldi motorcycle bargains is advised to line up early for the store opening at 8.30am or they risk missing out.

However, we find that after the sale has passed and the gear has been removed from the shelves, riders can still buy some of the gear that has not been sold out.

You simply need to ask the manager if they have any left as it may be stored away. I once bought an $59.99 Aldi Bluetooth unit on behalf of a friend some months after the sale.

aldi motorcycle gear sale
Bluetooth Kit – $59.99

2019 Aldi motorcycle sale

The catalogue of motorcycle gear on sale this year will be available tomorrow by clicking here.

But we have a sneak preview of what’s literally in store!

As usual, the range of Aldi motorcycle goods for sale will include jackets, pants, balaclavas, thermals, bike covers and gloves.

Plus, there’s our perennial favourite – $9.99 Aldi motorcycle socks!

New this year are three types of $19.99 locks and chains to secure your bike and/or luggage.

aldi motorcycle sale theft stolen locks
Locks – $19.99

There is also a range of $39.99 tail and tank bags.

Riders urged to support dealers

However, riders have been urged by the Australian Motorcycle Dealers Association to support their local motorcycle dealer who {“deserves rider loyalty in tough times“.

They point out that motorcycle retailers offer a lot more product choice and all-year round availability.

However, they do not dispute the standard of gear sold at Aldi which has, in the past, been selected with the help of Neuroscience Research Australia’s Dr Liz de Rome.

Liz, a rider since 1969, also helped develop MotoCAP, motorcycle clothing ratings system. So far, MotoCAP has not tested any Aldi products.

Supporters of the Aldi sale say it promotes the wearing of good quality gear because it makes it affordable to more riders. 

In our coverage of the annual Aldi sale, as well as MotoCAP’s testing of products, we find readers claim Aldi products are good quality and value.

We have also tested Aldi gear and find it is up to par, including that cheap Bluetooth unit that is still working just fine after three years.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com