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Panniersky keeps your six-pack cold

The Panniersky cooler bag — an esky for your panniers — will keep your food and/or drinks cold until the end of the day’s ride, says Andy White of Andy Strapz.

He’s been making adventure rider luggage and accessories since 1995, so he should know. 

Andy says he developed the prototype on a few trips over the end of last summer and the Andy Strapz crew then “tidied it up” to what is now the $68 Panniersky.

PannierskyAndy Strapz Panniersky

The finished product was then tested by “Scrawny Strapz” who did an Ironbutt run from the lowest point in Australia at Lake Eyre to the highest in Charlotte’s Pass.

“His goal was to keep food fresh,” Andy says. “Crisp apples, cheese that didn’t resemble paste and a couple of coldies to celebrate reaching the goal.”

Although it looks like there were ice-cold G&Ts at the end of the day!

Andy Strapz Panniersky

“It’s a bit hard to rate a cooler like this,” Andy says.

“Doing quasi-scientific measurements of ambient temperature and comparing temperature changes of the contents and a control … spare me!

“On a recent bench test we found that fridge-cold beers were drinkably cool after four hours. Add ice and it’s all day.

“Keep it out of the sun and away from exhausts, of course.

“It helps to tuck it between camping gear for extra insulation if possible. That’s why we included an inner dry bag. It was such an important addition to the concept.”Andy Strapz Panniersky

The Panniersky is a five-litre bag double-insulated with high-density foam (75PE for those who know that sort of stuff) and efficient Dacron insulation wadding, encased in a zippered, 1000 denier nylon bag.

It is made to fit inside soft saddle bags or hard panniers, or can be strapped on top of the rest of your gear.

Most importantly, it will hold a six pack of cans or bottles.Andy Strapz Panniersky

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Touratech launch Zega Evo panniers

German motorcycle accessory company Touratech has released high-end aluminium Zega Evo panniers in black or silver with a new mounting system.

Touratech says the mount is more robust than its predecessor system and can be attached and taken off easily thanks to the rounder design of the fasteners.

Simply slide the hooks on to the rack and push the tension lever down until it clicks into place. To remove, pull on the tension lever and lift the pannier from the rack.

Yet they say they are secure and won’t fall off on the roughest track.

Zega Evo sizes

The waterproof Zego Evo come in 31-litre, 38L and 45L capacities and cost $1150.01 each in black and $1069.59 in silver.

Weight is 5.9kg for 31L, 6.4kg for 38L, 6.9L for 45L.

To better organise your luggage, there are fastening hooks on the inside of the lid. The outside of the lid also has high-strength attachment eyes.

Zega Evo comes with a webbing carry handle integrated into the lid recess.

Touratech has been making the Zega family of aluminium panniers for more than 25 years.

Like its predecessors, the new Evo is made of high-strength 1.5-millimetre-thick aluminium.

The new lid catches retain the popular hinge function that allows the lid to be opened from both sides or removed completely.

The lid and base of the pannier are manufactured using a modern deep-drawing process, which eliminates the need for unattractive welding seams.Touratech Zega Evo


The outer shell and base are attached by high-quality, waterproof rivets and the pannier is sealed with silocone.

The lid has a tongue and groove profile with an integrated silicone seal, which guarantees a watertight seal.

The newly developed ventilation system relieves the pressure in or on the pannier if there’s a change in altitude.

This means you can open a pannier at high altitude even though you closed it thousands of metres down in a valley.

Zega Evo has accessory fixing pins to attach the special Evo accessory holders without drilling holes in the case.

Touratech has mounting units to suit most adventure and touring motorcycles.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com