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Anderson Stands struggling with demand

After reopening in 2018, famous Australian motorcycle stand business Anderson Stands has been struggling to keep up with the strong demand from customers.

New owner Michael Jeffery has replied to several of our readers who have expressed concern that they cannot contact the company and feared they had gone out of business again.

“We are still in business and the business of Anderson Stands is growing from its new start up quicker than I have been able to keep up with,” says Michael, a passionate Sydney-based motorcycle racer.

The mechanical engineer, fitter, machinist, welder and fabricator bought Anderson Stands more than a year ago after founder Chris Anderson decided to wind up the business.

Michael says he wanted to keep alive the iconic Australian brand and its quality product line.

“These are a quality made stands and a staple in the Australian marketplace,” he told us.

Anderson Stands struggling

Struggling to keep up

However, it has been hard work and the company is struggling to keep up with the flood of orders.

“The unfortunate result of this is we have not yet been able to get ahead in our manufacturing and the stands are selling quicker than we can produce them,” Michael says.

“The fallout from this is we have been unable to engage with every customer enquiry as we look to find the balance between the manufacturing and our customer service.

“Please let people know that we are working day and night to get ahead and re-establish Anderson Stands back into the motorcycle market place.

“I had intended to re-establish Anderson Stands initially with a low profile so that I could get some products into productions.

“The unfortunate result has been our low profile has only generated more interest towards Anderson Stands and everyone is chasing to have one.”

Anderson StandsAnderson Stands struggling

Bright red powder-coated Anderson Stands have been used by road riders, professional racers and race teams for more than 30 years.

They have an enviable reputation for quality and performance.Anderson Stands struggling

The original stands claim several firsts: adjustable width and interchangeable attachments; Big Wheel design; height adjustment; Castor stands (dubbed the Spacesavers); and a front Under Fork stand.

“They are Australian made with Australian steel and Australian quality and manufactured right here in Sydney,” Michael told us last year when the company relaunched.Anderson Stands struggling

“Chris designed, fabricated and manufactured these stands to be functional and lifelong, with no compromises and we will continue to manufacture Anderson Stands true to these values.

“We are not going to compete against the Chinese market, we do not build Flat-Pack stands.”

All their stands are fully seam-welded and powered-coated.

Click here to see their product list and prices.

And please be patient!

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Dynamoto motorcycle stand is amazing

The two-part Dynamoto motorcycle stand is an amazing invention designed, engineered and built in Australia to make your bike easy to clean, maintain and move around your garage.

This invention is the genius of Brisbane mechanical engineer Stuart Black and designer Stephen McGuiness. I interviewed them three years ago when they were looking for crowd-funding to get started.

They now have a thriving business with export sales to countries such as the USA and Taiwan.

Dynamoto front and rear stands cost $785, or you can just buy the rear for $540.Dynamoto Motorcycle Stand

However, the real beauty of this invention is that, with both stands, you can push the bike sideways. That makes it so easy to store your bike if you have limited garage space.

Ducati-Panigale-V4-Dynamoto Motorcycle Stand

It’s all thanks to the use of Australian-designed and manufactured omni-directional Rotacaster wheels.

It may sound like a lot of money, but the versatile, elegant, quality product also shows off your bike. So you can spend hours in the garage with a beer just admiring it.

Dynamoto testDynamoto Motorcycle Stand

I’ve been testing the Dynamoto stand with my Triumph Street Scrambler and it simply makes my life so much easier.

I can ride into the garage, put it on the stand, turn it around and it’s ready to ride straight back out.

No need to back into or out of the garage and no multi-point turns to manoeuvre is in tight spaces.

[embedded content]

In fact, it’s so secure yet light to move, your kids could even move the bike for you. Plus, there is no fear of anyone bumping your pride and joy and knocking it off the stand.

If your floor is slanted, you will need to chock the wheels s it doesn’t roll.

I’ve used paddock stands before, but none has ever been as versatile as the Dynamoto.

While it’s on the rear stand, you can maintain the chain and clean the back wheel.

Front stand ‘genius’

But here’s the genius; you can also clean the front wheel, then simply pull it forward a couple of inches to clean were the forks were in the way.

What other stand will allow you to do that without the fear of your bike toppling off the stand?

This is safe and secure because the handle relocates to the side to act as a brake. That stops the rear stand from tipping up and dropping the bike.

So why would you need to also buy the front stand? Well, you may not if you don’t need to move the bike sideways, but Stephen says they have had few buyers so far opt for the rear stand only.

Dynamoto Motorcycle Stand
Front stand

“We have had a great response from people who have purchased the stands, with many being repeat customers,” he says.

Dynamoto stands will fit most bikes wth pick-up bobbins on the rear.Dynamoto Motorcycle Stand

They are currently working on a solution for cruisers and a rear-wheel stand for bikes without pick-up bobbins.

Dynamoto stands are manufactured in Brisbane using high-quality steel precision tube, CNC laser cutting, CNC bending and robot welding.

“We decided to manufacture in Australia because we have direct access to and close relationships with our suppliers and we can be assured of the quality,” Stuart says. 

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com