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Can you pass this bike perception test?

A world-first online motorcycle-specific hazard perception test has identified a scenario where a SMIDSY crash was the rider’s fault.

The Western Australian Department of Transport (DoT) adopted the computer video tests developed by Austroads last year as part of the assessment process for obtaining a motorcycle licence. In that time, almost 2000 riders have completed the test.

It shows three scenarios:Hazard perception test

  • Riding down a suburban street at night with a vehicle coming from a side street on the left;Hazard perception test
  • Approaching gravel on a country road; andHazard perception test
  • Making a right turn at traffic lights.

The participant is supposed to hit a button at an appropriate time to: slow down as you approach the vehicle coming from the side street; slow down before hitting the gravel; and turn right after all vehicles, including a motorcycle, have cleared the intersection.

Rider perception

While riders may think all SMIDSY (Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You) crashes are the other motorist’s fault, the first scenario identifies that the rider is at fault.

The driver could easily come out of the side street as they could not see the rider who is masked by a car that is turning into that street.

The rider should have slowed when the masking vehicle put on its left turn indicator.

It’s a typical SMIDSY situation where the rider should have anticipated that the driver couldn’t see them.

The last scenario is also a possible SMIDSY where the rider could turn after an approaching car turns in front of them only to run into an approaching rider that was hidden.Hazard perception test


WA has also adopted four online tests for car drivers, but only one includes motorcycles as potential hazards.

It is a shame the motorcycle SMIDSY scenarios are not included in the driver tests.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com