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37th Osaka Motorcycle Show 2021 Canceled

COVID-19 Strikes Again

Not that long ago, I reported on the fact that the Tokyo motorcycle show was canceled, but now it seems that the motorcycle show in Osaka has also been canceled.

The Japan Motorcycle Promotion and Safety Association made an announcement recently that it would cancel the 37th Osaka Motorcycle Show 2021. This show was to be held at INTEX Osaka in March 2021 and would have likely gathered quite the crowd. It is for this reason that the show was canceled. It still doesn’t make sense to have the motorcycle show with COVID-19 still being the threat that it is.

According to the Japanese publication Young Machine, “was it was difficult to ensure the health and safety of visitors, exhibitors, and people involved in the operation and construction of the exhibition under the circumstances where the end could not be foreseen.” (translation provided by Google Chrome).

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The event is expected to return in 2022. The same is said to be true of the Tokyo motorcycle show. This, however, all depends on what happens with the COVID-19 pandemic. If the pandemic continues well into 2021, then there’s a chance future large motorcycles shows could be canceled, too.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Japan’s Version Of Motorcycle Speedway Racing: Auto Race

Stands are flooded with onlookers peering over an asphalt circuit, the crowd full of bidders anxiously filling out their betting cards. There’s music, and as it grows faster, gates in the center of the track lift to reveal eight motorcycles rolling into formation. This is Japanese Auto Race.

Source: MotorCyclistOnline.com