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2020 Husqvarna 701 Enduro LR Announced in North America

Husqvarna Motorcycles North America, Inc. has announced that the Husqvarna 701 Enduro LR will be coming to the US. The 701 Enduro LR is identical to the 701 Enduro, but features an extended 6.6-gallon fuel tank aimed at off-road riders looking to tackle greater mileage. MSRP in the United States is set at $12,499.

2020 Husqvarna 701 Enduro LR Announced In North America

From Press Release:

Husqvarna Motorcycles North America, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the 2020 701 Enduro LR, the new long range enduro machine for riders wanting to travel further. Offering additional touring capabilities, thanks to its increased fuel capacity of 6.6 gallons, the 701 Enduro LR features the same advanced electronics as the highly popular 701 Enduro.

Bred from Husqvarna Motorcycles’ 701 Enduro, the brand new 701 Enduro LR provides astounding power-to-weight performance, a Ride-by-Wire throttle system and carefully engineered ergonomics. With its fully integrated 6.6-gallon fuel tanks, it is the perfect machine for extended, adrenaline-filled on-road or offroad adventures, allowing incredible range between fuel stops.

2020 Husqvarna 701 Enduro LR Announced In North America

The renowned, torquey, single-cylinder 692.7 cc engine offers a perfectly linear power delivery in all riding conditions. Fitted with cornering ABS, lean angle sensitive Traction Control, switchable Ride Modes and Easy Shift as standard, the 701 Enduro LR is capable of serious adventure riding and long-distance touring.

Extremely well-balanced and delivering impressive agility and handling, the 701 Enduro LR comes fitted with fully-adjustable 48 mm WP XPLOR upside-down forks and a WP XPLOR rear shock, offering 250 mm of wheel travel and excellent all-terrain capabilities.

The 701 Enduro LR comes with its own unique new graphics. Strikingly individual, it features progressive colors that guarantee they stand out in style.

2020 Husqvarna 701 Enduro LR

Technical Highlights:

  • Lightweight, integrated fuel tanks – additional 3.2-gallon capacity
  • Switchable Ride Modes – change power characteristics while riding
  • Bosch cornering ABS – lean angle specific braking technology
  • Easy Shift function – seamless up- and down shifting for a smoother ride
  • Lean-angle sensitive Motorcycle Traction Control – perfect rear wheel traction
  • Chromium-molybdenum steel trellis frame – amazing agility and stability
  • Aluminum swingarm – extremely low weight for maximum traction and stability
  • Polyamide rear subframe with integrated fuel tank – high-tech, single-piece construction

Ensuring all 701 Enduro LR riders are fully prepared for their next adventure, the Functional Clothing Offroad 2020 collection offers high-quality items that guarantee protection, all-around functionality and comfort. Husqvarna Motorcycles also offers an extensive lineup of Accessories – high-quality items that add additional protection, durability and style to all 701 Enduro LR machines.

The 2020 701 Enduro LR will be available at authorized Husqvarna Motorcycles Dealers beginning fall of 2020. For all details on pricing and availability please refer to the Husqvarna Motorcycles website: www.husqvarna-motorcycles.com/en-us.

2020 Husqvarna 701 Enduro LR

2020 Husqvarna 701 Enduro LR Photo Gallery:

Source: RiderMagazine.com

2020 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 | Road Test Review

2020 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701
Unique Scandinavian style and a mission-specific solo seat are trademarks of the Vitpilen 701. Just add a twisty road. Photos by Mark Tuttle.

Some bikes prize form over function, and that’s OK. I mean, come on, the star-spangled chopper ridden by Peter Fonda in “Easy Rider” was pretty far from perfectly functional — it looked cool and that was that. It’s no chopper, but Husqvarna’s Vitpilen 701 lies at a similar place on the form/function spectrum, and if you’re a fan of Scandinavian style it’s quite appealing to the eye.

Not to say it isn’t fun to ride, as long as those rides are primarily on tight, technical, twisty roads, where the Vitpilen’s taut chassis and suspension and feisty, liquid-cooled 693cc single are allowed to shine. With 73 peak horsepower and almost 51 lb-ft of torque per the Jett Tuning dyno, the 365-pound Vitpilen 701 is highly entertaining and an ideal mount for a weekend warrior looking to own his or her local run of twisties, unencumbered by a passenger (there are no rear footpegs) and without straying too far from a gas station (though if you can tame your throttle hand the 3.2-gallon tank is good for about 160 miles).

2020 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701
Scooting down a steep set of tight turns, I appreciated the Vitpilen’s strong Brembo brakes. Handling is sharp and scalpel-like…which unfortunately also describes its comfort level.

Jenny’s Gear
Helmet: Vemar Zephir
Jacket: Fly Racing Butane
Pants: MotoGirl
Boots: Sidi Performer Lei

My main beef with the bike is its seat, which is tall, hard and angular. With toes on the ground, the edges cut painfully into my thighs and once underway its sticky material locked me into place, making it hard to shift around when doing my best Valentino Rossi impression in the canyons. Coupled with the reach to the wide clip-ons, the Vitpilen is decidedly sporty — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It was made, after all, to “rip it,” as they say here in SoCal. And when ripping it, you’ll forget about how hard the seat is.

Rolling on tubeless spoked 17-inch wheels for a supermoto look, shod with sticky Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S21 tires, and with adjustable WP Apex suspension with 5.3 inches of travel front and rear, the Vitpilen feels stable and planted despite its extremely light weight. Its engine is tuned for ripping as well, rewarding a heavy hand (there goes the 160-mile range…) and protesting with fits and jerks if you’re too lenient. Don’t worry about diving in too hot, the 4-piston front and single-piston rear brakes, both Brembo and fitted with switchable Bosch 9M+ ABS, are strong and offer good feedback.

Arrive at the top, drop the kickstand and admire the way the light plays off the gorgeous blue paint; bask in your status as King (or Queen) of the Mountain. Are there better all-around bikes? Sure, but the Vitpilen 701 knows what it is and makes no apologies for it. 

2020 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701
2020 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701.

Keep scrolling for more photos.

2020 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701
Liquid-cooled, high-strung single sips or slurps high-octane, depending on how successful you are at taming your throttle hand.
2020 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701
LED headlight incorporates a halo DRL. Clip-ons and mirrors are wide for a rear view of more than elbows.
2020 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701
Like its darker Svartpilen sibling, the Vitpilen’s LCD is small, awkwardly placed and somewhat hard to read at a glance.

Source: RiderMagazine.com

2019 Husqvarna Svartpilen 701 | Road Test Review

2019 Husqvarna Svartpilen
With a taller, wider handlebar than its sportier Vitpilen siblings and reasonably placed footpegs, the Svartpilen puts the rider in position to comfortably tackle both traffic and twisties alike. Photos by Kevin Wing.

Different is good. What would our world be like if the only ice cream flavors were chocolate and vanilla? A life without Denali Mint Moose Tracks or Cherry Garcia would be rather bland indeed. And that’s why bikes like Husqvarna’s Svartpilen 701 excite me: it’s a refreshing antidote to the homogeny we can often detect creeping into our lives.

Husqvarna, founded in Sweden in 1689 as a manufacturer of guns and, since 1903, motorcycles, is probably best known for its off-road models, but after its motorcycle division’s acquisition by KTM in 2013 it decided to make a return to the street bike market — with a decidedly Scandinavian flair. Its current lineup of four street models includes the café racer-styled Vitpilen 401 and 701, the Svartpilen 401  scrambler and the Svartpilen 701.

Powered by the 693cc liquid-cooled single used in KTM’s 690 Duke and 690 Enduro, the Svartpilen 701 might be best described as a Swedish street tracker, complete with vestigial number plate on the right side, and its 18-inch front, 17-inch rear cast wheels are shod with the same Pirelli MT60 RS tires as those found on other street-oriented but off-road-flavored bikes like Ducati’s Scrambler lineup.

The harder you look at it, the more oddities — or art, per the eye of the beholder — you see. The engine is clutched within a tubular steel trellis frame — nothing outlandish there, but everything from there up (and back) is rendered in a futuristic blend of straight lines and curves, a departure from the origami angles of its KTM cousins.

2019 Husqvarna Svartpilen
Love it or hate it, you’ve gotta admit the Svartpilen 701 looks like nothing else on the road. Bonus: it’s a hoot to ride too!

Greg’s Gear
Helmet: Nolan N86
Jacket: Fly Racing Airraid
Pants: Fly Racing Terra Trek
Boots: Fly Racing Milepost II

The hard, nearly 33-inch-high seat makes ample use of the straight lines, including on its edges: uncomfortable at stops but surprisingly livable with feet on pegs and hands on the wide, slightly swept-back handlebar, at least for an hour or so at a time. No matter, you can’t even pretend that this is a touring bike, and at its intended purpose — carving up city traffic and twisty, technical roads — it succeeds in spades.

Fully adjustable WP suspension, though it boasts 5.9 inches of travel front and rear, is stiff and sporty, even at its softest settings. The throttle-by-wire EFI, pushing high-octane fuel through one big 50mm throttle body, prefers a heavy hand and higher rpm; a couple of times I felt some herky-jerkiness rolling back on out of a corner if I let the engine speed drop too far. There’s a slipper clutch if you like to keep your left hand active, plus an up/down quickshifter if you don’t, and traction control and ABS can be disabled if you so choose, although it’s all or nothing; you can’t disable/enable them separately. 

The 4-valve single spins out an entertaining 72.4 horsepower at 8,200 rpm and almost 51 lb-ft of torque at 6,800, making the lithe 368-pound Svartpilen 701 gobs of fun and very easy to toss around, even for someone my size. Speaking of which, you may be looking at these road test photos and wondering if I ate the wrong mushroom in Wonderland, gaining several inches and more than several pounds. Not to worry, that’s Senior Editor Drevenstedt riding as my body double, since I was finishing up a European tour when the photo shoot occurred.

2019 Husqvarna Svartpilen
Wrapped in a steel trellis frame, the 693cc liquid-cooled single spools up quickly and the key to the engine’s smoothness is dual counterbalancers.

The Svartpilen and I got to know each other on the twisty roads of the Santa Monica Mountains, where I became smitten with its ruthless efficiency and seemingly effortless handling — as long as we were keeping the speeds below about 75 mph. Not a touring bike.

And as its looks might suggest, the Black Arrow (in Swedish, svart = black, pilen = arrow) isn’t without its quirks. For starters, fit-and-finish is a bit hit-or-miss…for example, both the Brembo front brake lever and Magura hydraulic clutch lever are adjustable, but the neighboring switchgear feels cheap and plasticky. The LED headlight and taillight are svelte and modern, but the single round LCD instrument is poorly lit with small numbers that are hard to read at a glance, and the buttons to change/reset the display are difficult to use. I also found the fuel gauge to be a bit pessimistic, with the range to empty requiring about a mile of riding after the bike was shut off/restarted before displaying again.

2019 Husqvarna Svartpilen
LCD instrument contains plenty of useful info, but is difficult to read and sticks out like a designer’s afterthought.

As personality traits go, these are quirks, however, not fatal flaws, and they disappeared pretty quickly when I was barreling up the canyon with a grin plastered across my silly face. For something so lightweight, the Svartpilen conveys a reassuring stability even as it’s flung left-to-right-to-left, the 72-ish horses being enough to keep an experienced rider entertained without feeling shortchanged by things like speed limits. A big 320mm front brake disc with 4-piston radial Brembo caliper and 240mm rear with a single-piston Brembo are more than up to the task if you do feel things getting out of hand.

After the fun is done, parked at the beach with the sun slipping under the pier and into the Pacific, I could sit and admire its rear three-quarter profile until darkness sent me home. Yes, different is good, and in a vanilla world it’s nice to get a bowl of Sea Salt Caramel now and then.

2019 Husqvarna Svartpilen
Admiring the sunset over the Pacific after a day of canyon carving on the Svartpilen 701.

2019 Husqvarna Svartpilen 701 Specs

Base Price: $11,999
Warranty: 2 yrs., 24,000 miles
Website: husqvarna-motorcycles.com


Type: Liquid-cooled single
Displacement: 693cc
Bore x Stroke: 105.0 x 80.0mm
Compression Ratio: 12.8:1
Valve Train: SOHC, 4 valves
Valve Insp. Interval: 6,200 miles
Fuel Delivery: EFI w/ 50mm throttle body
Lubrication System: Wet sump, 1.8-qt. cap.
Transmission: 6-speed, hydraulically-actuated wet slipper clutch
Final Drive: X-ring chain


Ignition: Electronic
Charging Output: 300 watts max.
Battery: 12V 8.6AH


Frame: Chromium-molybdenum tubular steel, aluminum swingarm
Wheelbase: 56.5 in.
Rake/Trail: 25 degrees/4.7 in.
Seat Height: 32.9 in.
Suspension, Front: 43mm USD fork, fully adj., 5.9-in. travel
Rear: Single link-type shock, fully adj., 5.9-in. travel
Brakes, Front: Single 320mm floating disc w/ radial 4-piston caliper & ABS
Rear: Single 240mm disc w/ 1-piston floating caliper & ABS
Wheels, Front: Cast, 3.00 x 18 in.
Rear: Cast, 5.00 x 17 in.
Tires, Front: 100/80-R18
Rear: 160/60-R17
Wet Weight: 368 lbs.
Load Capacity: 403 lbs.
GVWR: 771 lbs.


Fuel Capacity: 3.2 gals., last 0.7 gal. warning light on
MPG: 91 AKI min. (low/avg/high) 53.6/58.4/63.2
Estimated Range: 187 miles
Indicated RPM at 60 MPH: 4,000

Source: RiderMagazine.com

Massive discounts on Husqvarna 701 and 401

Husqvarna Australia is about to offer some massive discounts on the 401 and 701 Svartpilen and Vitpilen motorcycles.

And by “massive” we mean a massive $3000 to $7000, depending on the model!

The official announcement has not yet been made, but we have seen the ride-away prices announced to the dealers recently.

Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 - controversial upgrade massive
Vitpilen 401

Husqvarna massive discounts

Model Old price (+ORC) New on-road price (New Zealand)
Svartpilen 701 $A15,995 $A10,495 $NZ11,500
Vitpilen 701 $A16,995 $A9995 $NZ10,999
Svartpilen 401 $A10,495 $A7495 $NZ8495
Vitpilen 401 $A10,495 $A7495 $NZ8495


Riders who have recently bought one for the full price may be able to get a rebate.

While companies are not legally bound to rebate the difference as it a a case of “buyer beware”, offering a rebate would show good faith with their customers.

However, the only time we can recall a motoring company issuing a full refund after heavily discounting a big-ticket item was in 2004 when Holden slashed the price of its off-road Adventra wagon by $4000.

We have rarely seen such a massive discount in the motorcycle industry. And by comparison, this is much higher than the Holden discount.

Yet we would expect the distributor to be understanding about rebates and retaining customer loyalty.

They may offer cash, or free accessories or service to make up the difference. It could come down to your negotiating skills.

The motorcycles

We love the four models with their quirky looks and names.

Vitpilen means white arrow and is the road bike while Svartpilen means black arrow and is a scrambler semi-off-roader.

They are all fun and agile motorcycles with quality components.

For example, the 701 comes with a lot of standard “goodies” such as Bi-Directional Quick Shifter, Brembo Brakes with braided lines, LED lighting and WP Suspension.

Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 massive

However, we always said they would be a hard sell at the prices they were asking, especially for single-cylinder motorcycles.

Click on the following model names to read our full road tests: Vitpilen 701 and Vitpilen 401.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Husqvarna adds Svartpilen 701 flat tracker

Husqvarna Motorcycles has unveiled the production Svartpilen 701 flat tracker as well as the Vitpilen 701 Aero retro sports bike concept and the EE 5 electric minicycle at EICMA in Milan.

Husqvarna Motorcycles has unveiled the production Svartpilen 701 flat tracker as well as the Vitpilen 701 Aero retro sports bike and the EE 5
Vitpilen 701 Aero retro concept

Svartpilen 701

Husky calls the Svartpilen 701 a “street explorer”, but it is inspired by flat-trackers which are all the rage, especially since Indian Motorcycle unveiled its FTR 1200 recently.

Svartpilen means “black arrow” in Swedish and, like the Vitpilen (white arrow), it is powered by a lightweight 692.7cc, liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with 56kW (75hp) of power  and 72Nm of torque.

Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 svarptilen
Husqvarna Vitpilen 701

There is no word yet on when it will arrive in Australia but the Vitpilen 701 sells for $17,500 (+ORC) which is a tall order for a single-cylinder bike in this market.

The lightweight trellis frame is made with high-grade chromium molybdenum steel, the suspension is fully-adjustable WP and brakes are Brembo brakes with Bosch’s latest switchable ABS.

It has ride-by-wire throttle, slipper clutch and Up/down quickshifter and a big range of dedicated Husqvarna accessories.

Husqvarna Motorcycles has unveiled the production Svartpilen 701 flat tracker as well as the Vitpilen 701 Aero retro sports bike and the EE 5
Svartpilen 701

Vitpilen 701 Aero ConceptHusqvarna Motorcycles has unveiled the production Svartpilen 701 flat tracker as well as the Vitpilen 701 Aero retro sports bike and the EE 5

Husky describes this as “a modern faired sport bike with an innovative design approach that pays its respect to the past”.

Again it is powered by the 692.7cc single.

EE 5Husqvarna Motorcycles has unveiled the production Svartpilen 701 flat tracker as well as the Vitpilen 701 Aero retro sports bike and the EE 5

Europe is literally buzzing with small electric motorcycles, so Husky has jumped on the bandwagon with the EE 5 mini trail bike.

They say it has the latest in high-quality componentry, a 5kW motor, six ride modes, 907Wh lithium-ion battery, quick charging, and WP suspension.

It will be available at Husqvarna Motorcycles dealers in mid-2019, but we doubt we will see it here.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com