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Riders warned to stay away from bushfires

Riders have been asked to stay away from bushfires in Queensland this weekend for their own sake and the lives of Fire and Emergency Services workers.

The Maranoa and Warrego and the Darling Downs and Granite Belt districts are facing extreme fire danger.

Severe fire danger warnings are also in place for the Central Highlands and Coalfields District, Wide Bay and Burnett, and the south-east coast.

By all means, riders should head out into the country to spend their much-needed dollar in drought-stricken areas.

However, they should also be alert to the bushfire conditions.

Fire and Emergency Services have specifically asked all motorists to stay away from Lamington National Park Road, Illinbah and Upper Coomera Road in the Gold Coast hinterland.

They say motorists “rubbernecking” are putting their workers’ lives at risk as well as the lives and properties of the public.

You can get live details on Queensland bushfires by clicking here.

Dangers of bushfires

Bushfires can spread rapidly and even outrun a vulnerable rider, no matter how fast you are riding!

Riders are also in danger from smoke inhalation, low visibility and eye irritation.Bushfires Harley Softail

Rural fire services also point out that fires have been sparked by motorcycles in the past.

They say about 40% of all bushfires are accidentally started by humans dropping cigarette butts, campfires, discarding bottles, sparks from machinery and motorcycles.

Most riders who accidentally spark these blazes are off-road and adventure bikes riding in the bush and on forestry tracks.Bushfires BMW R 1200 GS

However, there is also the possibility of fires being started by road bikes if the rider pulls over to the side of the road where they may be long, dry grass.

The bike’s engine, exhaust, or catalytic convertor can be hot enough to set dry grass alight.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com