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CAKE And FIM ‘Scoot’ For Sustainable Track Management

Behind each racer is a team – and every team is dedicated to running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

In an environment where every second is valuable, marshals and technicians have taken to scooters to increase time efficiency – especially if things should go bottoms-up on the track.

And the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) has found an answer to their goals of increasing sustainability on the track by giving track scooters an electric makeover. 

FIM has just partnered up with Swedish electric motorcycle maker, CAKE, to create the CAKE Ösa utility scooter.

CAKE and FIM join forces to create OSA - a scooter that will contribute to racetrack sustainability

Labeled as ‘the swiss-army knife on wheels,’ The scooter sports a unibar that allows riders to use a clamp-on system for bags, purses, and more to create over 1,000 different possible configurations.

And with three ride modes and two brake modes, it’s easy to see how this little two-wheeled munchkin will become FIM’s main mode of transportation around the track.

FIM and CAKE create the CAKE Ösa utility scooter. front view.

a pile of bike parts after the motorcycle has been stolen and salvaged for money

A report from RideApart states that both companies also have goals of eventually transferring that efficiency to the race machines themselves. 

For now, though, care for the climate starts with small steps – and with the CAKE Ösa utility scooter on call, contributions to a smaller carbon footprint have become that much more reachable.

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Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Anthony West quits over doping scandal

Gold Coast racer Anthony West, 37, has parked his motorcycle racing career over a seven-year doping dispute with the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme).

Ant West, who has raced in seven world championship series since 1998, announced his decision in a Facebook post over night:

Fuck FIM I’m done with this sport!!!! You will never see me on another motorcycle again in my life. You win FIM you dogs. Your really low shit people who should have nothing to do with the sport. FIM have pushed to make me lose my ride with Kawasaki here Brazil. FIM have destroyed my life many times and have put me into depression to point I wish I was dead. I’m done playing there bullshit political games. Fuck you FIM. Sorry to all my fans who have supported me all the way since 1999 when 1st went to world championship. I love you all!!!!

It follows a video post two days ago saying: “Last laps like this is why FIM don’t want me racing. Not meant to beat factory teams on a private bike.”

Doping scandal

The doping scandal started in 2012 when he was racing World Moto2 championship with the Qatar-based QMMF Racing Team.

Ant claims he skipped breakfast and had a “workout drink” which caused him to prove positive in a drug test later the same day at the Le Mans round.

The FIM claims they had changed the rules to add the drink, but Ant says it wasn’t on the doping list and is even used by Australian football players.Ant West

Several months later he was banned.

A legal wrangle followed, he was dope tested two more times, his team was disqualified over an engine technicality, he had a 2018 Asian championship win revoked and he lost his racing licence.

Ant claims this was FIM bullying because he challenged the original ban.

He switched to the Brazilian SBK Championship in 2019 to escape FIM rules, but now seems to have dropped out of that series. 

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Source: MotorbikeWriter.com