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Moto News Weekly for August 27, 2019

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What happened this week

  • 2019 MXGP of Sweden wrap-up
  • Van De Moosdijk & Guadagnini claim EMX titles
  • 2019 AMA Ironman National MX Wrap
  • Matej Zagar tops Croatian FIM Speedway Grand Prix qualifier
  • Brook & Hendrickson dominate Australian Senior Track Championships
  • American Flat Track set for Springfield triple-header
  • Hunter Lawrence injured in training
  • Tasmania to host 2019 Australian Trial Championship
  • Romain Febvre breaks femur at Swedish GP
  • 2019 Sultans of Slide Announced – NSW Flat Track Cup

2019 MXGP of Sweden wrap-up

With sunshine and a large Swedish crowd in attendance at the beautifully prepared Uddevalla circuit, another sensational weekend of motocross was played out at the MXGP of Sweden.

MXGP Sweden Rnd Uddevalla gajser uddevalla hondaproracing shotbybavo
2019 MXGP of Sweden – Round 16 Uddevalla

For the full report see:
Jorge Prado crowned 2019 MX2 Champion in Sweden (link)

Glenn Coldenhoff won his second GP of the season in MXGP, with Tim Gajser having to settle for second, while Pauls Jonass completed the top three overall.

Glenn Coldenhoff took the Race 1 win from Romain Febvre by over a minute, while Tim Gajser completed the podium. Race 2 would see Gajser come back for the win, this time over Coldenhoff, with Pauls Jonass completing the top three.

Glenn Coldenhoff

“It was a tough weekend but I’m very satisfied. Jeffrey was in front of me in the beginning of the first race, and it is really difficult and Febvre was close at the end and I got a little nervous, but I kept it on for the win. I’m very happy about my riding now”

MXGP Sweden Rnd Uddevalla Glenn Coldenhoff
Glenn Coldenhoof – 2019 MXGP of Sweden – Round 16 Uddevalla
Tim Gajser

“I am really happy. The first race I made a mistake and a lost two places. The second race I was pushing Romain and then I thought five minutes before the end I had to pass him, and I took the lead and with one lap to go I was leading the GP, but congratulations to Glenn, he deserved it.”

MXGP Sweden Rnd Uddevalla gajser uddevalla hondaproracing shotbybavo
Tim Gajser – 2019 MXGP of Sweden – Round 16 Uddevalla
Pauls Jonass

“You know its been a while since I was on the box and we worked hard to get here. The starts are the key, and they are better now, but we still need to improve them. It feels good to be up front and thanks to Rockstar Energy Husqvarna team and all my sponsors.”

MXGP Sweden Rnd Uddevalla Pauls Jonas PDA
Pauls Jonass – 2019 MXGP of Sweden – Round 16 Uddevalla

MXGP Round Overall – Top 10

Pos Rider Race 1 Race 2 Total
1 Coldenhoff, Glenn 25 22 47
2 Gajser, Tim 20 25 45
3 Jonass, Pauls 18 20 38
4 Seewer, Jeremy 14 16 30
5 Van Horebeek, Jeremy 16 14 30
6 Paulin, Gautier 15 13 28
7 Tonus, Arnaud 9 15 24
8 Strijbos, Kevin 12 12 24
9 Searle, Tommy 13 11 24
10 Febvre, Romain 22 0 22

MXGP Standings after Sweden – Top 10

Pos Rider Total
1 Gajser, Tim 709
2 Seewer, Jeremy 511
3 Paulin, G. 468
4 Coldenhoff, G. 446
5 Tonus, Arnaud 443
6 Jasikonis, A. 397
7 Jonass, Pauls 390
8 Febvre, Romain 384
9 Van Horebeek, J. 377
10 Cairoli, A. 358
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In the opening MX2 moto on Sunday fans surrounding the tight, hardpack Uddevalla track witnessed a special FIM World Championship celebration as Prado obtained the points necessary to confirm his second #1 plate in the MX2 class. Prado ranks as the eighth different Red Bull KTM Factory Racing MX2 World Champion since the creation of the category in 2004; KTM has now claimed the MX2 titles 11 times from 16 seasons.

MXGP Sweden Rnd Uddevalla Jorge Prado
Jorge Prado – 2019 MXGP of Sweden – Round 16 Uddevalla

With a lead of 145 points and just 100 left to win in the series Prado, who hails from Lugo in Spain, has been confirmed as only the third double-winning champion in the history of the MX2 division. The star has won 27 of the 32 motos contested so far this season, despite missing a round with injury and has scored 12 1-1 victories from 16 rounds.

In what was another memorable weekend, Prado’s MX2 teammate Tom Vialle scored his very first Grand Prix victory with a 2-2 scorecard aboard his KTM 250 SX-F. The FIM Motocross World championship now heads to Turkey and China for the last two rounds of the season.

Tom Vialle

“It is a fantastic weekend I took two holeshots and I got the round win. For sure it is fantastic the first race I pushed and lost a lot of energy and in the second race I took the holeshot and finished second and I won the overall. I did not expect that but it is a great feeling”

MXGP Sweden Rnd Uddevalla Tom Vialle KTM SX F Uddevalla
Tom Vialle – 2019 MXGP of Sweden – Round 16 Uddevalla
Calvin Vlaanderen

“First race I didn’t’ feel really comfortable as I had a bad start but in the second race I rode well and the two guys in front made mistakes and I was able to get the race win. Thanks to the team and my family and girlfriend to support me.”

MXGP Sweden Rnd Uddevalla Vlaanderen bybavo
Calvin Vlaanderen – 2019 MXGP of Sweden – Round 16 Uddevalla
Jorge Prado

“I have no words to explain this. This year has been a great season, winning every single round I rode except this one (laugh). Thanks to everyone who is there everyday with me and supporting me. Two World titles, if you think of it, it is incredible. The second race was one of the best races of the year for me, I came from the back to fourth place and I couldn’t use the clutch because the level was bent.”

MXGP Sweden Rnd Uddevalla Jorge Prado KTM SX F World Champion
Jorge Prado – 2019 MXGP of Sweden – Round 16 Uddevalla

MX2 Round Overall

Pos Rider R1 R2 Total
1 Vialle, Tom 22 22 44
2 Vlaanderen, Calvin 18 25 43
3 Prado, Jorge 25 18 43
4 Sterry, Adam 16 20 36
5 Renaux, Maxime 15 16 31
6 Olsen, Thomas Kjer 13 15 28
7 Evans, Mitchell 10 14 24
8 Walsh, Dylan 11 12 23
9 Boisrame, Mathys 14 9 23
10 Sanayei, Darian 12 10 22

MX2 Standings following Sweden

Pos Rider Total
1 Prado, Jorge 737
2 Olsen, T. 592
3 Geerts, Jago 467
4 Vialle, Tom 460
5 Jacobi, Henry 442
6 Sterry, Adam 356
7 Renaux, Maxime 340
8 Vlaanderen, C. 324
9 Watson, Ben 282
10 Boisrame, M. 278
11 Evans, M. 252
12 Beaton, Jed 250
20 Walsh, Dylan 137
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Van De Moosdijk & Guadagnini claim EMX titles

Uddevalla was the field where the final rounds of the EMX250 and EMX125 championships were decided as both titles went down to the wire as a handful of riders fought for victory. Run over Saturday and Sunday the racing was very unpredictable with both champions taking their titles without winning the overall or a race on the weekend.

MXGP Sweden Rnd Uddevalla ËMX EMX Podium
Van De Moosdijk & Guadagnini claim the EMX titles in Sweden

In the EMX250 Championship it was Roan van de Moosdijk who took the championship with a solid third place overall in Sweden with 2-6 results. The overall winner in Sweden was Stephen Rubini with 3-2 and finishing second in the championship. Third overall in the championship was Alberto Forato who finished with 7-1 results for second overall for the weekend.

In the EMX125 it was Tom Guyon who won the final round with 2-1 results, but Mattia Guadagnini is the 2019 EMX125 Presented by FMF Racing Champion. Guadagnini didn’t take too many risks throughout the two races and finished third overall with 3-3 on the weekend and it was enough to win the championship with a tally of 305 points, 13 points more than second placed rider Guyon.


Mikkel Haarup won the opening race from Roan van de Moosdijk and Stephen Rubini in a rather uneventful affair for the race winner, but for Rubini it was a crash-fest as he had a bad start, then crashed a couple of times and lost points to Van De Moosdijk.

MXGP Sweden Rnd Uddevalla EMX Start
EMX250 Start

Haarup led the whole EMX250 Race 1 while Bastian Boegh Damm started second and had the chance to maintain his position until a motivated Van De Moosdijk passed him on lap 12. Riding in third was the Swedish Isak Gifting while the battle for the Championship was back in 4th position among Van De Moosdijk, Rubini and Forato.

At the end of Race 1 Van De Moosdijk led the championship points by 13 points on Rubini while Forato finished race 1 in 7th but still in contention for the championship.

In the second EMX250 it was Jeremy Sydow who led from Rene Hofer, Bastian Boegh Damm, Pontus Jonsson and Ruben Fernandez, but the title contenders were back with Forato sixth, Rubini ninth and Van De Moosdijk 12th.

MXGP Sweden Rnd Uddevalla hi VAN DE MOOSDIJK GP PH
Roan van de Moosdijk

Forato moved into the lead after a couple of laps, and Rubini was up to fourth, with Van De Moosdijk sixth. The championship contenders were all working their way to the front and after four laps the top five was Forato, Hofer, Sydow, Rubini and Fernandez.

Hofer crashed in lap eight but managed to keep the third place while Van De Moosdijk moved into fifth place. Rubini passed Hofer for second place and after nine laps race leader Forato was followed by Rubini, Hofer, Fernandez and Van De Moosdijk. Forato won the second race from Rubini and Hofer, with Van De Moosdijk back in sixth position that for the Dutch were enough to endure the EMX250 Title.

MXGP Sweden Rnd Uddevalla hi VAN DE MOOSDIJK GP PH
Roan van de Moosdijk

Roan Van De Moosdijk won three rounds in 2019 and managed to hold the Red Plate for the first time this season in Lommel. He won the 2019 Edition of one of the most thrilling European Championships ever, the EMX250, 6 points ahead Stephan Rubini and 11 from Alberto Forato.

Roan Van De Moosdijk

It was a little stressful the last few days but I have had a good time the last couple of months and won a lot of races so I was confident going into this last round of the series. Of course I was a little nervous before the second race this morning, but I think that’s normal! My start was pretty good but in the second corner Haarup crashed and I had to stop and lost five or six places. Then I saw Rubini just one or two positions in front of me, so when he passed somebody I did the same. I controlled the race; I knew it was enough. In my mind I was thinking during the last few laps ‘just don’t crash, don’t make any mistake’ so I let one guy pass me back on the last lap to make sure nothing strange could happen to prevent me securing the title. I want to thank everyone around me – Kawasaki, my team, my sponsors, my family, my girlfriend. Now I will race the MX2 GPs in Turkey and China to prepare for next year as I didn’t race any overseas GPs yet. It will also be a good preparation if the Dutch federation finally select me for the MX of Nations; of course both overseas races are hard-pack and Assen is sand but I showed already what I can do in the sand.”

MXGP Sweden Rnd Uddevalla hi VAN DE MOOSDIJK GP PH
Roan van de Moosdijk
Stephen Rubini

“Of course I am a little disappointed about the championship. I wanted to bring a second title for Honda, but I gave everything and I am happy with second overall. Looking forward to seeing you all next year in MX2.”

MXGP Sweden Rnd Uddevalla Stephen Rubini
Stephen Rubini
Alberto Forato

“I had a good start to the season with four wins and then I had little issues. Today I enjoyed a lot riding. I’m third overall in the championship and I’m happy with it even if I was hoping to be Champion”

EMX250 Overall Top Ten

# Rider R1 R2 Tot.
1 Rubini, Stephen 20 22 42
2 Forato, Alberto 14 25 39
3 Van De Moosdijk, Roan 22 15 37
4 Hofer, Rene 12 20 32
5 Gifting, Isak 16 16 32
6 Haarup, Mikkel 25 7 32
7 Fernandez, Ruben 13 18 31
8 Boegh Damm, Bastian 18 13 31
9 Sydow, Jeremy 10 14 24
10 Benistant, Thibault 15 9 24

EMX250 Standings

Pos Rider Nat. Bike Total
1 Van De Moosdijk, R. NED KAW 325
2 Rubini, S. FRA HON 319
3 Forato, A. ITA HUS 314
4 Hofer, Rene AUT KTM 227
5 Benistant, T. FRA YAM 161
6 Sydow, Jeremy GER HUS 155
7 Tropepe, G. ITA YAM 133
8 Gilbert, Josh GBR HON 127
9 Fernandez, R. ESP YAM 113
10 Elzinga, Rick NED YAM 104
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Simon Laengenfelder opened the account for the EMX125, with a victory in the opening race, the German rider displayed good control, leading the race on lap one until the finish.

MXGP Sweden Rnd Uddevalla EMX Tom Guyon
Tom Guyon

Mattia Guadagnini had a good start with the goal to keep his second position until the very end of the race, but the #27 of Team VRT’s and championship rival Tom Guyon was closing in putting pressure on Guadagnini. The Italian didn’t push too hard considering his 20 points lead and Guyon made it to pass him on lap four.

Going into the last couple of laps Laengenfelder led 12 seconds on Guyon with Guadagnini, Gwerder and Talviku round out the top five.

When the gate dropped at the second race of the EMX125 class it was Tom Guyon who controlled the race from lap one and took a comfortable victory ahead of Laengenfelder and Guadagnini.

Guyon and Laengenfelder pulling away out front while Guadagnini kept his comfortable third place that could ensure his Championship title. Kay de Wolf put pressure on Guadagnini as the Italian made a small mistake. Tom Guyon won race 2 and the overall victory in Uddevalla while Mattia Guadagnini has been crowned 2019 EMX125 champion.

MXGP Sweden Rnd Uddevalla EMX Podium
EMX125 Podium – MXGP of Sweden
Mattia Guadagnini

“I am super happy, I can’t believe it. It is amazing, I don’t know what to say. I want to thank all the people who helped me. It was an amazing season, almost perfect. I had very good races and I just had to control the second race and have fun. I want to thank the team and my family and everyone who helped me.”

MXGP Sweden Rnd Uddevalla EMX Mattia Guadagnini
Mattia Guadagnini
Tom Guyon

“I am happy about my weekend, because I finished first, but I am a bit disappointed about my season as I could won the title but I finished second. But still, I am really happy about this season.

Simon Laengenfelder

“You could see I got better and better until the end. This was a good season for me in EMX125 and I am happy I now got some wins and I want to thank all my team and sponsors.”

EMX125 Overall Top Ten

# Rider R1 R2 Tot.
1 Guyon, Tom 22 25 47
2 Laengenfelder, Simon 25 22 47
3 Guadagnini, Mattia 20 20 40
4 de Wolf, Kay 15 18 33
5 Talviku, Jorgen-Matthias 16 16 32
6 Vettik, Meico 13 14 27
7 Everts, Liam 11 15 26
8 Nilsson, Samuel 10 10 20
9 Gwerder, Mike 18 0 18
10 Oliver, Oriol 14 0 14

EMX125 Standings

Pos. Rider Nat Bike Tot.
1 Guadagnini, M. ITA HUS 305
2 Guyon, Tom FRA KTM 292
3 Laengenfelder, S. GER KTM 222
4 Talviku, J. EST HUS 197
5 Gwerder, Mike SUI KTM 192
6 de Wolf, Kay NED HUS 188
7 Oliver, Oriol ESP KTM 170
8 Everts, Liam BEL KTM 149
9 Farres, G. ESP KTM 112
10 Bonacorsi, A. ITA KTM 95

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2019 AMA Ironman National MX Wrap

A highly competitive and captivating 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship came to a thrilling conclusion just outside the racing mecca of Indianapolis, where the Ironman Raceway provided the setting for a showdown to capture the Gary Jones Cup in the 250 Class. Picture-perfect weather conditions and an energetic crowd created a stellar atmosphere for the fifth anniversary at Ironman, and the racing lived up to expectations.

AMA MX Rnd Starts JK MX Ironman
2019 Ironman National – 2019 AMA Pro Motocross –
Round 12

For the full report see:
Cianciarulo claims 250 title at 2019 Ironman National (link)


Adam Cianciarulo and Dylan Ferrandis entered the Ironman National separated by 30 points. The two most successful riders in the 250 Class were both on their game, with the Frenchman doing exactly what he needed to do by posting an impressive 1-1 outing. However, Cianciarulo responded to capture his first professional title and end his time in the class in the most memorable way possible.

AMA MX Cianciarulo Mosiman Multiple JK MX BuddsCreek
Adam Cianciarulo & Michael Mosiman – 2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Ironman National
Dylan Ferrandis

“I knew [winning today] wasn’t going to be enough to win the championship today. AC [Cianciarulo] rode great all season, and he deserved [the title]. He was too hard to beat. This was the best season of my career. We showed good things this year. We won races and we showed that next season everyone can look at me to possibly win the championship.”

AMA MX Rnd Ferrandis JK MX Ironman
Dylan Ferrandis – 2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Ironman National
Adam Cianciarulo

“It’s been a journey, for sure. Like I’ve said, when I was a kid I knew I’d be here [winning championships], but then things got taken from me and I didn’t know if I could anymore. I would have rather gone through what I went through to get to this point, because it made me a better human. I’ve learned so much about myself and I’ve had to grow. The [adversity] has catapulted me into doing something I didn’t think I could do, which is win this outdoor title. I’ll hold onto this forever. No one can ever take this from me.”

AMA MX Rnd Cianciarulo JK MX Ironman
Adam Cianciarulo – 2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Ironman National

250 Round Overall

# Rider R1-R2
1 Dylan Ferrandis 1 – 1
2 Justin Cooper 3 – 2
3 Adam Cianciarulo 2 – 4
4 Chase Sexton 4 – 3
5 Michael Mosiman 5 – 5
6 Alex Martin 6 – 8
7 R.J. Hampshire 9 – 6
8 Shane McElrath 8 – 9
9 Garrett Marchbanks 11 – 7
10 Cameron McAdoo 7 – 13
11  Ty Masterpool 10 – 12
12 Brandon Hartranft 15 – 11
13  Jett Lawrence 12 – 14

250 Standings

# Rider Points
1 Adam Cianciarulo 519
2 Dylan Ferrandis 499
3 Justin Cooper 461
4 R.J. Hampshire 337
5 Chase Sexton 316
6 Alex Martin 305
7 Colt Nichols 292
8 Michael Mosiman 290
9 Shane McElrath 285
10 Hunter Lawrence 252
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In the 450 Class, the “Big 3” of Eli Tomac, Ken Roczen, and Marvin Musquin put on a show for the fans. All three riders showed why they’re amongst the best in the world, but it was the newly crowned champion aboard the Kawasaki who emerged triumphant, as Tomac capped off his historic three-peat with a sixth victory.

AMA MX Rnd Tomac JK MX Ironman
Eli Tomac – 2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Ironman National

It provided a fitting end to a season to remember for Kawasaki, which became the first manufacturer to sweep both class championships since 2011.

Eli Tomac

“Even though the title was clinched it was still a fun day. We came in here with the plan to do the same thing. The mindset was to attack,” said Tomac. “The first lap [in Moto 2] was chaos with Marv [Musquin’s crash] and then Kenny [Roczen] got by. He’s just so good in the early laps. I was able to stay on him and then got by. What a day and what a year.”

AMA MX Rnd Tomac JK MX Ironman
Eli Tomac – 2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Ironman National

450 Round Overall

# Rider R1-R2
1 Eli Tomac 3 – 1
2 Ken Roczen 2 – 3
3 Zach Osborne 5 – 2
4 Joey Savatgy 4 – 6
5 Justin Barcia 7 – 4
6 Jason Anderson 6 – 5
7 Dean Wilson 9 – 7
8 Benny Bloss 8 – 8
9 Marvin Musquin 1 – 40
10 Fredrik Noren 10 – 10

450 Standings

# Rider Points
1 Eli Tomac 521
2 Ken Roczen 463
3 Marvin Musquin 451
4 Jason Anderson 407
5 Zach Osborne 403
6 Cooper Webb 324
7 Justin Barcia 315
8 Fredrik Noren 240
9 Justin Bogle 222
10 Blake Baggett 175

Brook & Hendrickson dominate
Australian Senior Track Championships

Jarred Brook and Briony Hendrickson have proved why they’re two of the best track riders in the country with dominate performances at the 2019 Mildura Solar Australian Senior Track Championships.

Mildura Solar Australian Senior Track Championships
2019 Mildura Solar Australian Senior Track Championships – Image courtesy of Mildura Motorsport

With all eyes on Koorlong’s Jambaroo Park, Brook was too strong in the men’s events, defending his Pro 450cc and MX open crowns, while also adding the Pro Open trophy to his bulging trophy cabinet. In the women’s Pro Open competition, Hendrickson retained her title with a typically impressive display.

Marg Tegart from the Northwest Victoria Motorcycling club said the event was a huge success with over 1000 spectators cheering on the action at the two-day event.

Marg Tegar

“It was a really successful weekend for the club in our first attempt at holding the Australian Senior Track Championships. Everything ran like clockwork, and it was great to see the sidecar category return after a few years of being absent from the Championships.”

Pro Open Championship

  1. Jarred Brook (QLD)
  2. Ty Lynch (SA)
  3. Connor Ryan (NSW)

Pro Open Women Championship:

  1. Briony Hendrickson (QLD)
  2. Tayla Street (VIC)
  3. Brooke Goulding (QLD)

Pro 450cc Championship:

  1. Jarred Brook (QLD)
  2. Rowan Tegart (VIC)
  3. Connor Ryan (NSW)

MX Open Championship:

  1. Jarred Brook (QLD)
  2. Rowan Tegart (VIC)
  3. Daniel Wicks (NSW)

Pro 250cc Championship

  1. Bradley Burns (VIC)
  2. Ty Lynch (SA)
  3. Harrison Ryan (NSW)

Under 19’s Championship

  1. Harrison Ryan (NSW)
  2. Wade O’Keefe (NSW)
  3. Jake Farnsworth (NSW)

Sidecars Championship

  1. Brodie Gebhart / Rodney Gebhart (VIC)
  2. Kai Frame / Michael Vecchi (NSW)
  3. Justin Foot / Melissa Foot (VIC)

Matej Zagar tops Croatian FIM Speedway Grand Prix qualifier

Slovenian star Matej Zagar booked his place in SGP 2020 and admitted his GP Challenge victory in Gorican is “bigger than winning a GP.” Zagar topped the podium at the FIM Speedway Grand Prix qualification round in Croatia on Saturday and joins runner-up Niels-Kristian Iversen and third-placed Max Fricke in securing a World Championship place for next year.

FIM Speedway Grand Prix qualification Croatia
Croatian FIM Speedway Grand Prix Qualifier top three

Ljubljana-born Zagar beat Iversen in a run-off for first spot after they tied on 11 points. But the result still ensures both current SGP riders have guaranteed their place in the 2020 series, regardless of where they finish this term.

Fricke then joined them on the podium by winning a run-off with Slovak star Martin Vaculik for third after they finished level on 10. Vaculik is currently fourth in the World Championship and could still qualify for SGP 2020 by finishing inside this year’s top eight.

But victory on this night belonged to Zagar, who celebrated with the army of Slovenian fans who made the trek across the border to Croatia. This is his second GP Challenge win following his 2014 triumph in Lonigo, Italy. It’s also the second time he has booked his SGP spot in Gorican, having finished second in the 2012 GP Challenge there.

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Zagar is currently 12th in the World Championship on 37 points, while Iversen is 11th on 41. After an indifferent start to SGP 2019, he’s elated to have secured his place in the series for next year.

Matej Zagar

“These meetings are always tough – we’ve seen it before. I have managed to win two now in my career. I think this is bigger than winning a GP. If you win a GP, that doesn’t give you a qualifying place for next year. It just gives you victory in one meeting. Winning this is big for me. Like always, this is one of the toughest, most intense meetings of the year on all levels. You need to keep yourself together if you want to qualify; there is no room for mistakes. I’ve lost count how many times I have qualified through the Challenge, but it’s good. I am happy about it. It gives you less stress as you try to sort things out in the series for the last four GPs this year. It has been a tough year for me. I have struggled quite heavily on some occasions, but the last couple of weeks have been better. I feel better on the bike and I feel I have more speed. That’s starting to be reflected in my results.”

Fricke will make his full-time SGP debut in 2020, having served as this season’s second reserve, racing all but one of the opening six rounds to claim 13th spot in the standings on 36 points. The Aussie international says taking third spot in Croatia will see him fulfil a childhood dream.

Max Fricke

“I’m super excited. It has always been a goal to be in the Grand Prix series as a full-time rider. When I was a kid and I first started watching speedway, it was the GPs. So it’s pretty awesome to see myself in it for next year. Hopefully I can get some stuff together during the off-season and put together a strong outfit for next year.”

Croatia SGP Challenge Scores

  1. Matej Zagar 11+3
  2. Niels-Kristian Iversen 11+2
  3. Max Fricke 10+3
  4. Martin Vaculik 10+2
  5. Anders Thomsen 9
  6. Pontus Aspgren 9
  7. Jurica Pavlic 9
  8. Aleksandr Loktaev 9
  9. Kenneth Bjerre 8
  10. Martin Smolinski 7
  11. Craig Cook 6
  12. Peter Ljung 6
  13. Robert Lambert 5
  14. Mikkel Michelsen 5
  15. David Bellego 3
  16. Chris Harris 2
  17. Matic Ivacic DNR
  18. Norbert Magosi DNR

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American Flat Track set for Springfield triple-header

American Flat Track is set to unleash a dirt track racing extravaganza on the hallowed grounds of the Illinois State Fairgrounds in the form of a Springfield AFT tripleheader this upcoming Labor Day weekend in Springfield, Ill.

Friday night will see the running of the Springfield Short Track starring the AFT Singles before the AFT Twins and AFT Production Twins take center stage on the “World’s Fastest Mile” with Saturday’s Springfield Mile I and Sunday’s Springfield Mile II.

AFT Peoria TT Rnd Twins Jared Mees ERV
Jared Mees – Image by Scott Hunter

AFT Twins title leader Briar Bauman comes into Springfield with freight train-like momentum and eyeing two opportunities to claim his first-career Mile victory. Doing so would not only cement both a career and season Grand Slam, it would also place that much more pressure on multi-time defending champion Jared Mees, who currently trails Bauman by 38 points with just five races remaining in which to make up that ground.

Mees was victorious at the two Miles run thus far in ‘19. He’ll likely need that trend to continue if he hopes to complete the championship threepeat with four of the final five remaining races on the calendar taking place on high-speed Miles. Considering that two of the four Miles are packed into one high-profile weekend, this year’s visit to Springfield has massive championship implications.

AFT Peoria TT Rnd Twins Briar Bronson Bauman FA
Briar and Bronson Bauman – Image by Scott Hunter

The list of potential spoilers is long and decorated, right at the top of that list are Bryan Smith and Jeffrey Carver Jr. .

The savvy Smith has established himself as one of the greatest Mile competitors the sport has ever known, and his next Springfield Mile win will be his tenth in the iconic race. Home-state favorite Carver, meanwhile, aced all his competitors to score a hugely popular win at the venue last season.

AFT Twins Standings

1 Briar Bauman 243
2 Jared Mees 205
3 Bronson Bauman 183
4 Jeffrey Carver Jr. 155
5 Jarod Vanderkooi 146
6 Brandon Robinson 144
7 Henry Wiles 129
8 Jake Johnson 128
9 Robert Pearson 121
10 Sammy Halbert 115
11 JD Beach 104
12 Davis Fisher 101
13 Brandon Price 90
14 Bryan Smith 84
15 Larry Pegram 71
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AFT Singles

The AFT Singles title fight couldn’t be any closer with Dalton Gauthier and Dan Bromley equal at 216 points apiece. Both riders have put themselves in their respective positions by running up front consistently, no matter the style of track, but Friday’s Short Track showdown will truly be a matchup of strength versus strength.

AFT Bufallo Chip TT Singles Dalton Gauthier ERV
Dalton Gauthier – Image by Scott Hunter

Gauthier has taken four short track wins during his career, including two of the three contested this season, while Bromley reigned supreme at the Springfield Short Track in both 2017 and 2018.

In the AFT Production Twins championship outlook, Cory Texter maintains a comfortable 27-point advantage. That said, he no longer has a stranglehold on the class in the way he enjoyed earlier this season.

After opening the year by stringing together three straight weekends in which he was the top qualifier, lap leader, and Main Event winner, Texter has seen three different riders — Chad Cose, Ryan Varnes and Dalton Gauthier – split the three available wins since.

AFT Peoria TT Rnd Singles Don Bromley ERV
Dan Bromley

Texter could be primed to return to his winning ways, however, considering he’s shown to be strong enough at the Springfield Mile to podium there even in the premier class.

Not surprisingly, AFT’s Springfield tripleheader will serve as an unofficial celebration of the sport supported by a number of highly anticipated related activities. The on-track action in Springfield will actually kick off on Thursday, August 29, with AMA Amateur Short Track, Vintage National, and Astro Bultaco Invitational racing.

AFT Twins New York Short Track Singles Shayna Texter FA
Shayna Texter – Image by Scott Hunter

During Saturday’s Springfield Mile I, ‘97 and ‘99 Springfield Mile winner Kevin Atherton will serve as Grand Marshal. That same honor will go to legendary Harley (and Springfield event) t-shirt designer Ron “RK” Stratman during Sunday’s Springfield Mile II.

Rookies of ’79 – American Flat Track’s Official Charity – will play a big role during the weekend as well. The Class of ‘79 will host an afterparty following Saturday’s Mile in the Orr Building, while the proceeds of the “Gus Miller Ride the Mile” charity parade lap will go to the Class of ‘79 on Sunday.

Tickets for the Springfield ST, Springfield Mile I and Springfield II are on sale now at www.springfieldmile.org. All tickets purchased for the postponed May 26 Springfield Mile I will be honored for Saturday’s event.

AFT Singles Standings

1 Dalton Gauthier 216
2 Dan Bromley 216
3 Mikey Rush 202
4 Jesse Janisch 174
5 Shayna Texter 153
6 Chad Cose 151
7 Ryan Wells 143
8 Morgen Mischler 125
9 Max Whale 100
10 Kevin Stollings 93
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Hunter Lawrence injured in training

In a devastating blow for the 20-year-old Australian motocross star just as he was shining brightly after recently returning from injuries sustained earlier in the year, Hunter Lawrence has announced an injury during training.

The full extent of his injuries is currently unknown, but safe to say has put the brakes on the end of his current season. Here’s what he had to say on social media:

AMAMX Rnd RedBud Lawrence JK MX RedBud
Hunter Lawrence – RedBud National 2019 – AMA Motocross
Hunter Lawrence (Instagram)

“When it rains it pours… been a very rough past month, two days ago whilst training long story short, my foot hit the ground and twisted the wrong way, to say I’m gutted is an understatement, bit of a rock bottom moment for the year. I don’t doubt I will be back. Nothing but another little bump in our road to success, plan now is simple, rehabilitation and get back to 100%. Thank you to all of my supporters, sponsors and team, appreciate you guys so much. Not how we wanted to end the year, but hey.. sh#t happens I will be back.”

AMA MX SpringCreek Hunter Lawrence
2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Round Eight – Spring Creek – Hunter Lawrence

Tasmania to host 2019 Australian Trial Championship

Get set Tasmania, the 2019 Huon Aquaculture Australian Trial Championship is heading to the Apple Isle on the second weekend of October (12th and 13th), which will be a cracking two days of competition. All up, eighteen different championship classes will do battle at the spectacular Mt Joy property, thirty minutes’ drive from Launceston.

Tasmania Huon Aquaculture Australian Trial Championship
Tasmania to host 2019 Australian Trial Championship

The event will feature the newly established classes for: Trial 1, Trial 2, Trial 3 and Trial 4 replacing the Solo class, along with a class for Masters 35+ for Senior riders and a new Junior Women’s class. Trial 1, Trial 2 and Sidecar will do two laps with a total of 15 sections each day, all other classes will do three laps on the 15 sections. Meanwhile, the Mini Trial will do three laps on five special sections laid out.

On the opening day of competition on the Saturday, sections will open at 9:30am, while on Sunday it will be 9am sharp.

Senior Classes:

  • Trial 1
  • Trial 2
  • Trial 3
  • Trial 4
  • Sidecar
  • Classic
  • Twin – Shock
  • Youth 13 to Under 19
  • Masters 35+
  • Veteran 40 to 55
  • Veteran 55+
  • Women

Junior Classes:

  • Junior 7 to under 11 (Up to 85cc / 1.5kW)
  • 9 to under 13 (Up to 125cc / 10kW)
  • Junior Open 12 to under 16 (Up to 125cc / 10kW)
  • Junior Women 7 to under 11 (Up to 125cc / 10kW)
  • Junior Women 9 to under 13 (Up to 125cc / 10kW)
  • Junior Women 12 to under 16 (Up to 125cc / 10kW)

Entries are now open and close Friday, 27th of September. Late entries will be accepted up until 9PM Friday, 4th of October. All entries are to be done through Ridernet (link). Supplementary Regulations are available for download www.ma.org.au (link)

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Romain Febvre breaks femur at Swedish GP

Following a heavy fall in the final race at the 16th round of the FIM Motocross World Championship in Uddevalla, Sweden, Romain Febvre has suffered a broken left femur.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Romain Febvre
Romain Febvre

After finishing second position in the opening race, Febvre was chasing the Grand Prix victory in Race 2. The former World Champion took the holeshot onboard his YZ450FM and led the first 13-laps before high-siding over a single-jump after changing his line to pass a rider that was one lap down. He landed heavily on his left thigh and was immediately taken to the trackside Medical Centre for observation.

The doctors and paramedic’s onsite confirmed that his left Femur was broken and transferred him to Trollhättan hospital where he underwent an operation Monday 26th August, to have a rod surgically inserted into the bone for stability.

MXGP Sweden Rnd Uddevalla Romain Febvre
Romain Febvre

Febvre will recover from the operation under the watchful eye of his surgeon at the Trollhättan hospital in Sweden until he is fit enough to travel back to his residence in Belgium. Sadly, the injury will rule the ‘461’ out of the final two MXGP rounds as well as the Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations where he was hoping to take Team France to a sixth consecutive victory.

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2019 Sultans of Slide Announced – NSW Flat Track Cup

MNSW has announced that the 2019 NSW Flat Track Cup ‘Sultans Of Slide’ will see riders racing in one class, using one bike, over seven races, varying from four to 15 laps, on two different track layouts, on both oil and loose dirt, under sunshine and lights, at three different venues across NSW. Plus they’ll be running 19” wheels and Flat Track style tyres on everything from the junior lites and up, just like they use in the USA. And there’s in excess of $10,000 in the prize kitty.

With fresh, new ideas, that will hopefully revitalize the sport for those already in it, and attract a whole new generation of riders to come and join in, the NSW Flat Track Cup is looking to draw a crowd

For those who love the old Dirt Track format, don’t worry, nobody is taking it away. The new setup is all about trying something new, which can be added to the sport as an additional style of event for clubs to run, not as a replacement for good old-fashioned Dirt Track. Ultimately, the riders will decide what they want. MNSW will continue to seek out new products to offer the motorcycle racing community, to try new things, create new ideas to grow the sport.

2019 NSW Flat Track Cup Calendar

  • Round 1 – November 23, Wagga Wagga
  • Round 2 – November 30, Appin
  • Round 3 – December 7, Macleay
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Source: MCNews.com.au