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COVID covers protect motorcycle riders

As Victoria considers stage 4 lockdowns, perhaps they should implement these COVID-19 covers that protect riders from their contagious pillions!

Two types of covers have been officially approved for use on motorcycle taxis in the Phillipines.

However, the government has not approved makeshift covers for other riders as they say they could be dangerous.

But that hasn’t stopped some riders who have invented their own protectors.

Joan Melani Mateo shared this photo on Facebook of the steel and plastic shield made by her husband Noel Alapar.covid covers

The Philippines and some other Asian countries, have limited pillions to married couples and partners only and they have advised them to wear face masks, gloves and helmets.

To prove their re­la­tion­ship, hus­bands and wives are re­quired to present their mar­riage con­tract to authorities while com­mon-law cou­ples and live-in part­ners must have IDs showing they are liv­ing at the same address.

Meanwhile, one Uganda taxi driver who disobeyed the coronavirus curfew has committed suicide in a police station after his bike was impounded.

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Ducati puts smile on Mona Lisa’s face

No wonder Mona Lisa is smiling!

“Ducati Mona Lisa” is the name of the work of art created by the French artist Jisbar (born Jean-Baptiste Launay) which will be auctioned on Thursday 16 July 2020 to raise funds for the #RaceAgainstCOVID.

The charity was organised by the Borgo Panigale motorcycle manufacturer in support of the rehabilitation programs that the Polyclinic of S. Orsola in Bologna has developed for patients in post Covid-19 convalescence.

It follows the recent release of the very limited-edition Scrambler 1100 Sport PRO with €500 from the sale of each going to help the recovery of Bologna COVID-19 patients.

Scrambler Ducati Club Italia
Limited edition Scrambler

Ducati Mona Lisa

The painting is part of the “Mona Lisa” series, where Jisbar reinterprets Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous masterpiece in different ways through his imaginative and colourful style, which is consecrating him as one of the most interesting emerging youngsters on the pop-art scene world.

In “Ducati Mona Lisa” the female figure in the centre of the picture is surrounded by visual and graphic elements that recall the history of Ducati, its models in the range and some of its most famous riders. The French artist created this work with great enthusiasm and has now made it available for free to support the #RaceAgainstCOVID initiative organised by Ducati.Ducati Mona Lisa aids COVID recovery

“Ducati Mona Lisa”, an acrylic on canvas of 141 x 106cm, will be put up for auction by Cambi Aste on the morning of Thursday 16 July 2020, during auction #481 dedicated to modern and contemporary art, photography and comics, starting at 10am (Bologna time) until the end of the last batch. The auction will be streamed online and offers can be placed directly from the page of the site which can be accessed via a link obtained during the registration phase.

Registrations are already open on www.cambiaste.com. The site is available in Italian, English, French and Chinese, while the auctioneer’s live streaming will only be in Italian.

The proceeds from the sale of the work will be entirely donated to the Policlinico di S. Orsola in Bologna.

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How to apply for a Queensland entry pass

If you are planning a ride across the Queensland border you will now have to apply online for a new entry pass as the previous pass is no longer valid.

That means Queensland riders wanting to ride to another state and return as well as visitors from other states.

Note that the new Queensland Entry Declaration is only valid for seven days so you may have to reapply every time you cross the border!

However, it takes less than a minute to fill out the questionnaire and I received the confirmation email with attached pass within seconds of submitting my request.Border entry pass

The printed entry pass will allow residents and some non-residents to go back and forth across the border.

It needs to be displayed on your vehicle, otherwise riders can keep it in their jacket pocket and produce it at the border.

Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Gollschewski says you will also have to carry identification which shows your residential address.

You can get your Queensland Entry Declaration by clicking here.

Queensland Police say they are revising their border checkpoint processes to “enable a more seamless crossing for those travelling from states other than Victoria”.

Border entry

Queensland borders reopen from 10 July 2020 to visitors from all states and territories other than Victoria.

That means riders will still need to fill in the new entry pass.

Queensland can leave and return, but should avoid travelling to Victoria.

It also means riders from all other states and territories can enter Queensland so long as they have not been to Victoria in the past 14 days.

However, some border crossings, such as Numinbah Valley and the Lions Rd will remain closed with a concrete barrier.

They will likely remain that way so long as Queensland’s borders require monitoring by police.

Lions Rd borderLions Rd Qld/NSW border still closed

Failure to comply with Queensland’s quarantine directions and border entry restrictions can result in on-the-spot fines of $1334 for individuals and $6672 for corporations.

If you lie on your declaration or are entering Queensland unlawfully, you face a $4003 fine.

Anyone who has travelled from Victoria and enters Queensland from today (3 July), including Queenslanders, will have to quarantine at their own expense for 14 days.

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Victorian riders closed off from states

South Australia and Queensland are opening their borders to all Australians except Victorian riders, tourists and visitors due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The former is still deciding on NSW and the ACT, but is expected to announce a decision later this week. However, its border with Victoria remains closed.

Meanwhile, Queensland has announced borders will reopen from 10 July 2020 to visitors from all states and territories other than Victoria.

That means riders in Queensland can leave and return, but should avoid travelling to Victoria.

It also means riders from all other states and territories can enter Queensland so long as they have not been to Victoria in the past 14 days.

If you lie, the penalty is a $4000 fine.

Anyone who has travelled from Victoria and enters Queensland from this Friday (3 July), including Queenslanders, will have to quarantine at their own expense for 14 days.

Victorian lockdown

For Victorian riders, it could be a long road trip!

Meanwhile, they can still ride into NSW and the ACT, unless they are in the 10 postcodes undergoing a second lockdown from tomorrow night: 3012, 3021, 3032, 3038, 3042, 3046, 3047, 3055, 3060, 3064.

Riders in those postcodes can only leave their homes for work, to provide care, to get exercise or to buy groceries.

The border decisions and postcode lockdowns come in the wake of Victoria detecting 139 new cases in the past two days including a further 64 on Tuesday.

We have contacted several departments and Queensland Police to find out if the concrete barriers at border crossings such as the Lions Rd (pictured) and on the Numinbah Rd will be removed on 10 July.

Queensland Police Service said they are “working through arrangements to facilitate upcoming changes to border restrictions in Queensland”.

“Police will implement revised processes at border checkpoints to enable a more seamless crossing for those travelling from states other than Victoria.

“More details regarding the upcoming changes to border restrictions and police processing will be made available in due course.”

Meanwhile, for Queenslanders and interstate visitors to access the state, they must obtain an entry pass.

It only takes seconds to obtain the pass. Print it out and follow the instructions.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Ducati Scrambler aids virus recovery

Ducati has built a limited-edition Scrambler 1100 Sport PRO with 500 Euros from the sale of each going to help the recovery of Bologna COVID-19 patients.

The problem is, the bike is only available to sell to the 80 members of the exclusive Scuderia Club Italia.

Ducati debut Scrambler 1100 ProsDucati Scrambler 1100 PRO models in January

The sports-cultural association was founded in 1989 by vintage/racing car drivers, connoisseurs and motoring enthusiasts who design and develop original versions of cars and motorcycles.

They worked with the Ducati Design Centre to develop the limited edition Scrambler in a similar partnership that also produced 36 Monster 900 Club Italia bikes in 1995. The bikes are now highlight sought after collectors’ items.

The Scrambler Scrambler Ducati Club Italia model features unique graphics, a red leather seat by Poltrona Frau with embroidered Club Italia logo and a metallic blue tank with bright red side panels, topped off by the Giugiaro-designed Ducati logo.Scrambler Ducati Club Italia aids COVID recovery

The frame has the same metallic blue finish as the tank, while the rear subframe comes in natural aluminium with an aluminium numbered plaque.

The front and rear fenders are in aluminium with a tricolour finish and the wheels have black spokes.Scrambler Ducati Club Italia aids COVID recovery

Of course, it has Termignoni titanium silencers and there is plenty of billet aluminium in the tank cap, LED indicator bodies, brake and clutch levers, brake and clutch fluid reservoir covers, frame plugs and footpegs.

Funds to COVID recovery

Ducati will donate 500 euros from each bike sold to the #raceagainstCovid, the Ducati charity to help the S. Orsola Hospital in Bologna for the recovery of Covid-19 patients.

Bike deliveries will begin in September. Each customer will also receive a personalised bike cover, a certificate of authenticity and a hand-crafted Bell helmet that matches the colour of the bike and features dedicated graphics.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

MV Agusta offers COVID face mask

MV Agusta has launched a special branded rider’s face mask that seems to cash in on the COVID pandemic panic.

It’s called the “MV COVID mask” and features the hashtag #staysafe on the front, yet they also advise it is not a surgical mask nor a medical device.

Many riders wear masks to keep their face warm and to filter air pollution.

MV say their washable “MV COVID mask” features a titanium nasal septum adjustment plate to “guarantee the (mask) from both breakage and oxidation by coming into contact with chemical agents and water”. We’re not sure what that means, but it does suggest it filters germs.


This €45 (about $A75) MV Agusta mask is made in Italy from neoprene which is used in diving wetsuits.

We have also seen the material used in other rider face masks and neck warmers as it protects against the cold and is strong enough to protect you from bugs and road detritus.

Aldi sale promises safety and women’s gear claimsFace mask

But there is no guarantee this will protect you from coronavirus nor stop the spread to others if you are infected.

The MV logo is made from Italian calfskin and is sewn by hand.

The MV COVID mask is equipped with a water-repellent and cleansed TNT filter and N02 valves that can be dismantled to be washed and disinfected.

The mask is sewn with a 5-needle machine specially calibrated only and exclusively for this process.

Mask warning

R-PUR anti-pollution and anti-pollen motorcyclist face maskR-PUR anti-pollution and anti-pollen motorcyclist face mask

This comes as doctors have issued a warning to riders about wearing surgical masks under full-face helmets.

They say proper surgical masks use a material to filter out particles before they enter the lungs and could provide too little oxygen and potentially causing the rider to faint.

The warning says riding can cause adrenalin to pump around the body, raising the heart rate and need for oxygen.

MV app

MV Ride appMV Ride app

The Italian company’s also just released their free MV Ride app for iPhone only.

It allows the rider to access saved maps and routes via the TFT dash and share with other MV riders.

To start, it is only available on models with the new 5.5-inch TFT screen: Brutale 1000 Serie Oro, a Brutale 1000 RR, a Superveloce 800 Serie Oro, or a Superveloce 800.

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Triumph Motorcycles to slash more jobs

Triumph Motorcycle will slash 400 jobs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and their plan to move more production from Hinckley to Thailand.

The British company announced in February that it would cut 240 of its 2500-strong global workforce with 50 of the 1000 employed at Hinckley to go as it moved production offshore to target rapidly growing Asian markets.

Jobs slashed

Now the global job cuts have been increased to 400 with 240 to go in the UK after a pandemic sales slump over the past three months.

In Australia, Triumph sales were only down 6.5% in the first quarter, but Triumph says some countries have recorded up to a 65% loss in sales.

Chief Executive Nick Bloor said the crisis has caused “significant damage” to the global motorcycle market and it was a “challenging time” for the company.

“These are not easy decisions to make, especially when individuals’ livelihoods are affected,”he says.

“However, regrettably the scale of impact of Covid-19 necessitates us to restructure now in order to protect the long term health and success of the Triumph brand and business.”

Global manufacture

Thailand Triumph factory trialsThailand Triumph factory

In 2002, Triumph opened its first factory in Thailand where it now has three facilities making about 80% of last year’s total of 60,131 bikes.

There are also factories in Brazil and India supplying for the local markets.

In January, Triumph announced an agreement with Baja to build a range of 200-750cc motorcycles in India.

Proposed Triumph 250Proposed Triumph 250

Sales downturn

“Sales in the larger 500cc plus motorcycle segment, in key markets such as France, Italy, Germany, the USA and the UK have fallen by between 40 and 65 per cent over the past three months during what would normally be the peak season for sales,” the company said in a statement.

“Although Triumph sales have outperformed this significant decline to some degree, the market is forecast to remain considerably down on pre-Covid 19 levels as a direct result of the economic conditions created by it.”

Triumph’s factory in Hinckley, Leicestershire, mainly makes engine components. It will become a research and development centre, but continue to build their new Triumph Factory Custom (TFC) motorcycles.

Production will be wound down from about 6500 a year to about 4500.

Triumph Thruxton and Rocket 3 TFC ace diamondTriumph Thruxton and Rocket 3 TFC

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Inactive riders urged to ride again!

Inactive motorcyclists who haven’t ridden for some time are being urged to ride again, especially for commuting, as the pandemic travel restrictions begin to ease across the country.

This comes as the national cycling lobby is calling for $300 million to be spent on bike lanes.

Inactive riders

Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries motorcycle manager Rhys Griffiths points out that there are about 2.1 million licensed riders in Australia and about 870,000 registered motorcycles and scooters.

That means there are about 1.2 million inactive riders with a licence, he says.

“COVID-19 has changed the way we go about our lives.  Motorcycles and scooters present a clever solution to the challenges the pandemic presents,” he says. 

“A motorbike might well be the best way to maintain social distance without creating congestion. Riders can avoid the contagion risks presented by public transport, while cutting commute times by lane filtering through increased traffic. 

“So the message is, get them out of the shed, get them serviced and get riding. If you haven’t got a bike, your local dealer is open for business.” 

Rhys says the plea to inactive riders will be a theme of their fourth Ride to Work Week in September 2020. Bike lanes lane filtering ride to work tax congestion

He says they will generate awareness through the website and social media.

The FCAI message to inactive riders follows recent surveys which suggest commuters will avoid public transport.

The fear is that this will send Australia from lockdown to gridlock.

The FCAI says motorcycle and scooter riders have two advantages:

  • They can mitigate infection risks by maintaining social distance; and
  • As commuter traffic volumes potentially increase beyond pre-pandemic levels, riders can nimbly negotiate traffic and park conveniently, cutting commute times.

Rhys also reminded riders to strictly observe all social distancing and contagion control requirements, and to regularly disinfect helmets, gloves and any high-touch surfaces on vehicle controls.

He also advises riders to consult their DIY guide to ensuring your motorcycle is ready for the road.

Cyclist lobby calls for bike lanesCyclists in bike lanes ride to work day lane filtering bus lanes reward

Meanwhile, the cyclist lobby is putting pressure on the federal government to spend $300m to build more bike lanes as post-pandemic traffic is expected to explode.

The national cycling safety charity Amy Gillett Foundation has commissioned a national poll which shows “massive support” for safe separate cycling infrastructure.

They claim a “doubling in cycling participation during the coronavirus lockdowns, as Australians turn to bikes for effective social distancing, for transport, enjoyment, and exercise”.

The Foundation is calling for $300m to be allocated from the $3.8billion infrastructure commitment made in late November 2019 by the Federal Government to build bike lanes.

They say the investment could be made immediately as part of the $500m Local Roads and Community Infrastructure announcement last week (22 May 2020).

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First weekend of eased travel restrictions

This is the first weekend that all states and territories have eased travel restrictions and we expect a lot of bikes out on the roads throughout Australia and the UK.

As we noted in our above meme a few weeks ago: “When the lockdown ends … You won’t see me for dust.”

The travel restrictions vary throughout the country. Click here for the latest details.

For example, in Queensland riders who were restricted to a 50km radius can now travel in a 150km radius (500km if you live in the outback), extending to 250km from June 12.

Coincidentally this weekend I pick a Harley-Davidson Road King for test which should be more than suitable for travelling 150km radius! 

150km radius from western Brisbane150km radius from Brisbane

Like many other riders, I am also planning a multi-day ride from June 12 when Queensland’s rules (and many other states) will allow tourist accommodation.

I will also be able to travel in a 250km radius and ride with a group of up to 20.

It looks like there will be seven of us and we plan to stay within the 250km radius which takes us southwest to the Granite Belt, west into the Darling Downs and north as far as Maryborough, an area that includes a host of great roads.

Unfortunately, the beckoning roads of northern NSW will have to wait until July 12.

TravelQueensland’s three-stage plan

We will also continue practising social distancing and safe hygiene.

That means:

  • Limiting stops along the way;
  • Carrying spare disposable gloves for refuelling, etc;
  • Paying by credit card, not cash;
  • Frequent hand washing and carrying my own sanitiser; and
  • Carrying a thermometer for a daily temperature check.

Official health sites

These are the official rules for your state or territory:

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Electric LiveWire aids pandemic recovery

Harley-Davidson has donated a customised electric LiveWire motorcycle autographed by the Davidson family to be auctioned to raise funds for the United Way Worldwide COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund.

The special edition LiveWire also has custom paint and carbonfibre accessories including screen, tail and tank trim.

It is being auctioned online at bonhams.com with auction fees waived. The auction ends on Tuesday 26 May 2020 at 4pm (EST).

The custom LiveWire is #500 of 500 “First Strike” edition LiveWires.

These are specially numbered versions created to celebrate the first 500 units produced of Harley-Davidson’s first production electric motorcycle.

“The Harley-Davidson design team created the custom paint and graphics on this motorcycle to accentuate the natural forms of the LiveWire,” Bekefy says.

“It’s a stunning motorcycle that is truly one of a kind.”

While the auction is available for participants from around the world, the motorcycle can only be registered and retained in the US.

The winning bidder and their guest will take part in an exclusive delivery experience and “behind-the-scenes” Harley-Davidson tour.

This private, hosted experience will include a tour of the Willie G. Davidson Product Development Centre and an archival tour of the Harley-Davidson Museum.

Harley-Davidson museum in MilwaukeeHarley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee

United Way to recovery

United Way’s mission is to aid those on the frontlines and those who are affected by this crisis around the world.

Harley spokesman Jon Bekefy says the company is a “longtime partner of the United Way”.

“(We are) inspired by their continued resilience in this crisis,” he says.

“Harley-Davidson is honoured to play a small part in the relief effort to inspire our community around the world about the open road ahead.”

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com