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Moto News Weekly Wrap

November 20, 2018

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

What Went Down Last Weekend?

  • 2018 ISDE – Chile
    • World Trophy Report
    • Women’s World Trophy Report
    • Junior World Trophy Report
  • 2018 Paris Supercross – Paris, France
  • Barcelona Supercross – Spain
  • Canadian Triple Crown Supercross – Hamilton
  • Vialle and Evans Set for 2019 World MX2 Champs
  • Nagl Returns to Sarholtz KTM
  • Herlings In for Hawkestone
  • Wade Young to Roof of Africa 2018
  • Musquin Injured
  • Peick Injured
  • Indian Ready for 2019
  • ISDE Head to Portugal in 2019
  • What Racing is Left for 2018?

2018 ISDE – Chile

In conditions similar to the A4DE at Cessnock earlier this year, Australia’s World Trophy Team and Women’s World Trophy Team have sliced their way through the hot and dusty conditions to take their respective class wins at the 2018 ISDE in Chile.

World Trophy Report

After five days of deep ruts, rocks and bulldust, Australia entered day six with a nine minute lead over their closest rivals so with Italy and the United States fastest at the final motocross race, Australia played it safe and crossed the finish line third overall which was more than enough to wrap up the FIM World Trophy Championship.

ISDE Day Australia
ISDE 2018 – Team Australia

Milner and Daniel Sanders went 1-2 at the Cessnock A4DE and this wasn’t far from being repeated ahead of the best riders in the world with Milner winning the coveted overall at the ninety-third edition of the FIM ISDE while Sanders was pipped by 8 seconds for second overall by America’s best at the event in Taylor Robert.

Daniel Milner

“This is a huge result for us. I had a sleepless night last night worrying about the final Motocross race, but it feels awesome that we won. We’ve been so strong as a team all week. Unfortunately, Lyndon Snodgrass dropped out on day two and we knew then how easily things could go wrong. But we never gave up fighting all week – the boys have ridden so, so good. To get this victory, along with the girls winning their class plus myself taking the individual win, is about as good as it gets for Australia and a result that is going to take a very long time to sink in.”

ISDE Day Australia Daniel MIlner
Daniel Milner
Taylor Robert

“It’s been an amazing week. I’m a little disappointed not to take the overall win but all-in-all I am happy with my riding. Days three and four were tough and I struggled a little there but I think everyone did. The tests were so technical, the dust was still a problem and the heat made everything a little worse. Day five went well, but I couldn’t catch Milner – hats off to him, he’s been riding really well out here in Chile. I’m really happy to take the win in my class and second for Team USA in the World Trophy competition is great too.”

Daniel Sanders

“It was a good week for me. I had a few small mistakes here and there during the week, but I am really happy with my speed. This was my first enduro race on the big FE 501 and I’m more than happy with the way it performed all week long. I really enjoyed racing the big bike in Chile. Conditions were tricky with the dust and the last lap of every day seemed like the most challenging one. With the heat coming through, your heart rate is also going up and you need to be strong physically to keep pushing.”

ISDE Day Australia Podium
ISDE 2018 – World Trophy team podium

With Lyndon Snodgrass forced out with a mechanical issue early in the event, Australia could not afford another rider to faulter so Josh Strang played his part perfectly with the Husqvarna pilot finishing fourth outright in the E2 class and tenth overall – a truly world class performance.

Josh Strang

“It was a long week of racing here in Chile and I am really happy we managed to get this win. The special tests were fairly good for me all week long. I was battling to remain up front every day. I was quite consistent during the week and managed to stay out of trouble. There were times when I felt that my speed could have been better, but overall, it’s more of an endurance event. More than anything else, the ISDE is a team event and for Team Australia it is perfect to come out on top both in the World Trophy and the Women’s World Trophy standings.”

ISDE Day Josh Strang
Josh Strang

The United States had to be content with the runner-up result for 2018 with Italy completing this year’s FIM World Trophy podium in third, while out-going champions France finish fourth, with Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Chile and Germany rounding out the top ten.

World Trophy Team Results ISDE 2018

  1. Australia – 13:40:08:56 : Josh Strang (Husqvarna); Daniel Milner (KTM); Daniel Sanders (Husqvarna); Lyndon Snodgrass (KTM)
  2. USA – 13:47:18:54 : Ryan Sipes (Husqvarna); Taylor Robert (KTM); Steward Baylor (KTM); Zach Bell (Husqvarna)
  3. Italy – 13:50:57:85 : Alex Salvini (Husqvarna); Davide Guarneri (Honda); Thomas Oldrati (Honda); Giacomo Redondi (Honda)
  4. France – 13:57:31:53 : Loïc Larrieu (Yamaha); Christophe Charlier (Beta); Christophe Nambotin (Gas Gas); Thomas Dubost (KTM)
  5. Spain – 14:01:18:37 : Victor Guerrero (Yamaha); Cristobal Guerrero (Yamaha); Jaume Betriu (KTM); Jonathan Barragan (Gas Gas)

Women’s World Trophy Report

The Australian Women’s World Trophy Team won their sixth consecutive world title by over nine minutes ahead of Team USA while Spain, France and Sweden rounded out the top five.

After five days of enduro racing in blinding dust and stifling heat, day six presented the ladies with a short and fast motocross circuit and it was 2018 GNCC champion Tayla Jones who clocked in the fastest time for Team Australia of 10:23.76, leaving not a shadow of a doubt as to her rightful place as first overall in the class.

ISDE Day Women Australia
ISDE 2018 – Australia’s winning Women’s Team of Tayla Jones, Jessica Gardiner and Mackenzie Tricker
Tayla Jones

“It was a good six days! We had a strong team, we got some good times at the start of the week which really helped overall, and towards the end we stayed consistent which helped reduce the overall stress from the event. I’m really happy to get a sixth consecutive title, which is a new record! I’m also really honoured to get the overall championship! I have won once it before but there is no doubt that the second time is 10 times better. I would like to give a big thank you to the whole Australian team, the supporters, helpers and volunteers – we couldn’t have done it without them. I would also like to thank the whole Women’s World Trophy Team, Mackenzie and Jess, they’re great teammates. I would also like to thank all my supporters and sponsors back home, and everyone who made this possible!”

Jessica Gardiner clocked in the second fastest time of 11:21.54, which has secured her place as fourth overall behind Livia Lancelot from Team France and Brandy Richards from Team USA.

Jessica Gardiner

“It’s day six and finally we’ve gone through a really solid, hard week. The whole Team Australia helped us get through and we’re really happy to become six-time World Champions! It’s not every day that Aussies are six-time World Champions, it takes a lot of consistency and hard work. I couldn’t be happier have ridden with Mackenzie and Tayla, they’re great teammates and they’ve made it a lot of fun all week!”

FIM ISDE Vina del Mar Day Gardiner IMGDarioAgrati
Jessica Gardiner – Image by Dario Agrati

With a first time ISDE Women’s World Trophy title under her belt, Mackenzie Tricker was elated to be part of Team Australia’s dominance of ISDE 2018.

Mackenzie Tricker

“It was my first ISDE, and it started off pretty good in day one and two, but as the week went on, I felt like I went downhill. As we moved closer to day six, I just tried to salvage what I could and finish, but I felt pretty rough. I am absolutely stoked to have finished the event and have learnt a lot in the process. I was part of a great team and in the end, we were able to get the win!”

FIM ISDE Vina del Mar Day Mackenzie IMGDarioAgrati
Mackenzie Tricker – Image by Dario Agrati

Women’s World Trophy ISDE Results

  1. Australia – 10:26:54:17 : Tayla Jones (Husqvarna); Jessica Gardiner (Yamaha); Tricker Mackenzie (KTM)
  2. USA – 10:35:57:27 : Rebecca Sheets (KTM); Tarah Gieger (Honda); Brandy Richards (KTM)
  3. Spain – 10:47:48:11 : Mireia Badia (Husqvarna); Sandra Gomez (KTM); Gabriela Seisdedos (Gas Gas)
Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Junior World Trophy Report

The Italian team of Andrea Verona (TM), Matteo Cavallo (Beta) and Davide Soreca (TM) ended a ten-year winless streak to take out the 2018 FIM Junior World Trophy championship ahead of the USA, France, Chile, Australia and Sweden.

Andrea Verona

“It’s just an unbelievable feeling. We knew coming into Chile that we could fight for the win, but we never imagined the entire week would go as well as it has. Last year we were just fifteen seconds behind France at the finish, so to win this year is great. Every day we pushed hard and never settled for position and I think that showed by only losing one day. It’s been ten years since Italy last won this class so that’s special too.”

ISDE Day ImageSarahKinrade Fraser Higlett
Fraser Higlett – Image by Sarah Kinrade

Despite having to push his bike over the line at the final motocross test, Fraser Higlet was the best of the Australia’s Junior riders with a ninth in the E1 class and a more than credible 38th outright while Andrew Wilksch and Thomas Mason battled through the never-ending dust to finish 49th and 51st respectively out of the 82 finishers.

Junior Trophy Overall

  1. Italy 13:58:35.51
  2. USA 14:02:33.01
  3. France 14:17:21.98
  4. Chile 14:19:45.09
  5. Australia 14:35:58.82

Enduro 1

  1. Andrea Verona (TM) 4:37:32.45
  2. Davide Guarneri (Honda) 4:38:07.91
  3. Victor Guerrero (Yamaha) 4:39:04.06
  4. Ryan Sipes (Husqvarna) 4:40:00.41…9. Fraser Higlett (Husqvarna) 4:48:36.03

Enduro 2

  1. Taylor Robert (KTM) 4:31:47.96
  2. Steward Baylor (KTM) 4:37:01.50
  3. Thomas Oldrati (Honda) 4:37:58.89
  4. Josh Strang (Husqvarna) 4:38:18.86

Enduro 3

  1. Daniel Milner (KTM) 4:29:53.48
  2. Daniel Sanders (Husqvarna) 4:31:56.22
  3. Giacomo Redondi (Honda) 4:37:17.18 …15. Andrew Wilksch …16. Thomas Mason

Enduro Women

  1. Tayla Jones (Husqvarna) 5:08:48.18
  2. Brandy Richards (Husqvarna) 5:11:43.87
  3. Livia Lancelot (Honda) 5:13:24.78
  4. Jess Gardner…9. Mackenzie Tricker

2018 Paris Supercross – Paris, France

In his debut at the event and just a week after winning AUS-X Open in Sydney, reigning US Supercross champion Jason Anderson has been crowned King of Bercy in Paris last weekend while Dylan Ferrandis got a huge support from the fans to get a podium result between Anderson and Zach Osborne.

King of Paris Jason Anderson Zach Osborne
2018 Paris Supercross – Jason Anderson tops the podium

Jason Anderson dominated the French Supercross, just missing two wins in the six races ever the two nights of racing after French hero Dylan Ferrandis won the second race on Saturday night before teammate Zach Osborne won the first sprint race on Sunday.

Jason Anderson

“The race was tough with some close racing on both nights and I’m happy with the overall win. The motos were short and I had to work a bit harder to make things happen. My lap times were not that good in qualifying and the superpole, but I was very happy with my speed in the motos and that’s what matters the most. I showed some good racecraft this weekend and that’s positive. I’m heading back to the US now. I hope I can come back even stronger for A1.”

King of Paris Jason Anderson
2018 Paris Supercross – Jason Anderson

Just a month after winning the Marseille Supercross in his first race on a 450 since a long time, Dylan Ferrandis also confirmed his great shape as he got a podium result each night to finish runner up in the overall classification.

Third overall Zach Osborne also got great results for one if his first race in the 450 class, but unfortunately lost all his chances with a puncture in the main event on Sunday while fourth and fifth went to Honda teammates Vince Friese and Justin Brayton who also helped the US Team to win the Nations classification,a win the riders dedicated to Weston Peick who was injured on Saturday.

Zach Osborne

“It was my first race as an official 450 rider and I felt really good on my new bike. Overall, it’s been a really positive weekend for me and it was good to get third in the overall. In the last moto on Sunday I was running in second but had a flat tyre that dropped me behind. I have a very positive feeling so far in this off-season and I’m looking forward to the Geneva Supercross in two weeks time. I believe the track over in Geneva will suit my style more and I can battle for some good results there.”

King of Paris Zach Osborne
2018 Paris Supercross – Zach Osborne

 King of Paris Overall (SX1) – Combined Results (Sat & Sun)

  1. Jason Anderson 1-3-1-3-1-1 : 10
  2. Dylan Ferrandis 3-1-4-10-4-2 : 24
  3. Zach Osborne 6-2-2-1-2-12 : 25
  4. Vince Friese 4-5-6-2-5-4 : 26
  5. Justin Brayton 9-6-3-4-3-3 : 28
  6. Jordi Tixier 8-7-5-15-5-8-7 : 48
  7. Justin Hill 5-27-7-9-6-5 : 49
  8. Cedric Soubeyras 13-8-15-5-8-7 : 56
  9. Fabien Izoird 7-10-9-8-13-15 : 62
  10. Ben LaMay 11-15-12-6-11-11 : 66

Americans also dominate the SX2 category with the new Prince of Paris in Jace Own who won three races and was runner up in the three others (1/2/1 and 2/1/2) while AUS-X SX2 class winner Cameron McAdoo (4/1/3 and 3/2/5) took out second place ahead of Frenchmen Adrien Escoffier (2/4/2 and 5/3/3) and Thomas Do (6/3/6 and 6/4/1).

Prince Of Paris (SX2) – Combined Results (Sat & Sun)

  1. Jace Owen 1-2-1-2-1-2 : 9
  2. Cameron McAdoo 4-1-3-3-2-5 : 18
  3. Adrien Escoffier 2-4-2-5-3-3 : 19
  4. Thomas Do 6-3-6-6-4-1 : 26
  5. Anthony Bourdon 3-5-8-1-13-6 : 36
  6. Brian Moreau 5-7-5-8-9-8 : 42
  7. Pierre Lozzi 13-8-4-4-8-7 : 44
  8. Lorenzo Camporese 7-6-7-9-6-14 : 49
  9. Julien Roussaly 9-17-11-7-5-4 : 53
  10. Calvin Fonvieille 12-9-9-10-7-9 : 56
Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Barcelona Supercross – Spain

In the Triple Crown-style format (three main events) at the Barcelona Supercross it was Josh Grant who won the first two and finished second in the third to take the overall by one point over Stewart, who went 2-2-1 while Charles LeFrancois finished third overall.

Josh Grant won the Barcelona SX
Josh Grant wins the Barcelona SX 2018

SX1 Overall

  1. Josh Grant
  2. Malcolm Stewart
  3. Charles Lefrancois
  4. Dominique Thury
  5. Joan Cros

Canadian Triple Crown Supercross – Hamilton

The final round of the supercross portion of the inaugural Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Championship wrapped up last Saturday night in Hamilton, Canada and it was Cole Thompson and Jess Pettis who wrapped up the SX1 and SX2 championships respectively.

Cole Thompson, who already claimed the $100,000 as the overall series winner, won the SX1 main event and the supercross title with Phil Nicoletti and Matt Goerke filling the podium while in the SX2 class Shawn Maffenbeier claimed the win over Tanner Ward and the new champion Jess Pettis.

Cole Thompson Canadian Triple Crown
Canadian Triple Crown Supercross 2018 – Cole Thompson

SX1 Overall

  1. Cole Thompson
  2. Phil Nicoletti
  3. Matt Goerke
  4. Daniel Herrlein
  5. Mike Alessi

SX1 Championship Standings (Final)

  1. Cole Thompson – 113
  2. Phil Nicoletti – 92
  3. Matt Goerke – 83
  4. Cody Vanbuskirk – 76
  5. Colton Facciotti – 74

SX2 Overall

  1. Shawn Maffenbeier
  2. Tanner Ward
  3. Jess Pettis
  4. Cade Clason
  5. Marco Cannella

SX2 Championship Standings (Final)

  1. Jess Pettis 115
  2. Shawn Maffenbeier – 107
  3. Logan Karnow – 99
  4. Marco Cannella – 86
  5. Tanner Ward – 86
Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Vialle and Evans Set for 2019 World MX2 Champs

The 2019 World MX2 Motocross Championships will have two new faces on the start grid in 2019 with second generation French rider Tom Vialle and Aussie talent Mitch Evans signing with separate teams last week.

Vialle, son of former GP winner and title contender Frederic, will join World Champion Jorge Prado on the factory KTM 250 SX-F after a moto victory, five top-three race finishes and three podiums in the 2018 EMX250 European Championship.

Tom Vialle

“I want to thank all the people who have helped make this opportunity with Red Bull KTM Factory Racing possible. It is a great to be joining the best team in the world for my first year in MX2! Being next to champions and race winners like Jeffrey Herlings, Tony Cairoli and Jorge Prado doesn’t bother me because I know it is a perfect chance to be learning from the fastest. I cannot wait to get started and to progress as much as I can.”

KTM Tom Vialle Joel Smets
Tom Vialle to 2019 World MX2 – With Joel Smets

Evans finished second to Dean Ferris in this years Australian MX Nationals before turning heads at the MXoN at Red Bud with 10-14 moto finishes for 8th outright in the Open class which has reportedly landed the Aussie with a ride with the same team that Hunter Lawrence rode for this year.

Nagl Returns to Sarholtz KTM

Max Nagl is back where it all started at the beginning of his long and successful career with a German star returning to the Sarholtz KTM racing team for the 2019 MXGP Championships and the ADAC MX Masters.

Max Nagl

“With Burkhard and Edith everything started. With this team I celebrated my first great successes. Everything started with the 85cc machine and then ended with the change to KTM factory in 2008. I am mega happy that it is now going back and we together with the help of KTM and our partners a great package, I am sure for the upcoming season! We want to fight a successful season together, look forward to the front and stack everything together. We want to go for the ADAC MX Masters title and get good results in the MXGP championship.”

Max Nagl
Max Nagl returns to the Sarholtz KTM team in 2019

Herlings In for Hawkstone

HIMX are delighted to announce that they have signed factory Red Bull KTM rider and 2018 MX1 World Champion Jeffrey Herlings for the Be Wiser – Bridgestone Hawkstone International on the 17th February 2019.

Jeffrey Herlings

“I’m super excited to come back to race at Hawkstone Park International on the 17th February. It’s a beautiful track and always a pleasure to come and race there. The fans are amazing every year when I raced there and hopefully we can fight again for the win in 2019 as we did in previous years. I want to give a big thank you to SMC for having me back and see you all in February!”

MXoN Herlings MX JK MXON
Jeffrey Herlings – Image by Jeff Kardas
Gary Ford – SMC

“Getting Jeffrey back to our event as World Champion is fantastic news. He’s always been a big supporter of Hawkstone and it is great he will be back in February. He always puts on a good show whenever he comes to Hawkstone Park and it is great news for the fans.

Also confirmed are Brits Tommy Searle and Max Anstie plus Rockstar Husqvarna riders Jed Beaton and Thomas Kjer Olsen.

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Wade Young to Roof of Africa 2018

It’s been a huge year for extreme enduro star Wade Young with victories at prestigious events including Red Bull Romaniacs, Megawatt and Sea To Sky. Young’s recent victory at the Wildwood Rock Extreme in Melbourne saw thousands of fans witness the South African decimate the competition.

Wade Young Franck Boulissett Derek Grundy Glenn Granger
Wade Young with Sherco Factory mechanic Franck Boulissett and Sherco Australia’s Derek Grundy and Glenn Granger

Young’s Wildwood Rock Extreme victory proved to be a stern lead-up to the 2018 Roof of Africa which will begin on December 5 in the Kingdom of Lesotho. With previous victories at the Roof of Africa, Young is determined to finish off his 2018 racing year with another hometown victory at what is widely regarded as the Mother of Hard Enduro.

Young’s dominating display at the Wildwood Rock Extreme earnt him a massive 10-minute margin from the nearest competitor, much to the delight of the enthusiastic crowd. Young was inundated with fans seeking selfies, autographs and the chance to talk immediately after the race.

Wade Young

“I was very happy to take the win at Wildwood,” explained Young. “I like racing this event. The crowd was amazing and even through this race is a different format to the usual extreme events I race, it’s quite intense. The track is relentless and quite tricky in places but I really enjoyed it. Sherco Australia provided me with a great bike and it was a nice victory.”

Wade Young Wildwood Rock Extreme
Wade Young on his way to Wildwood Rock Extreme victory

Young raced a 2019 model Sherco 300 SE-R Racing at Wildwood Rock Extreme, proving that the standard engine and suspension package is a winning formula.

Musquin Out – Hill and Peick In

Defending King of Paris, Marvin Musquin was forced to sit out last weekend’s Paris Supercross after picking up a knee injury. Below is a press release from the event organizers.

“While he was conducting a final testing session before his departure for France and the big meeting of the Arena Paris-La Defense this weekend, Marvin Musquin unfortunately suffered a knee injury that has forced to withdraw! The organizers made a last-minute replacement with Weston Peick and Justin Hill.

AMA MX Marvin Musquin Podium MX JK SpringCreek
Marvin Musquin injured – Image by Jeff Kardas

“It was an obviously disappointed Marvin who made the news to the organizers: the prospect of being able to challenge the World Champion, Jason Anderson, for once on the soil of his country, was a challenge that was particularly close to his heart. The exact severity of the injury is not yet known and Marvin needs to consult his trusted doctor before knowing how much it will impact his program beyond the Paris Supercross.

“The organizers are looking for pilots likely to replace Marvin, at short notice, their co-headlining which, with such a short time, was obviously a challenge. The official Suzuki team Joe Gibbs Racing, however, rose to the challenge and upset its program to allow both of its flagship drivers to participate. Weston Peick, King of Lille 2015 and Justin Hill, champion SX 250 2017, will jump on a plane in a few hours with luggage filled with factory parts they will ride on brand new RMZ 2019 made available by Suzuki France and the Amexio Team of Nicolas Aubin.”

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Peick Injured

Weston Peick is currently in a local hospital in France after a serious crash at the Paris Supercross where the stocky American collided with Dylan Ferrandis in the third SX1 main event and went down and was then landed on by Cedric Soubeyras.

Peick was immediately taken to the hospital and according to local sources has facial injuries that will more than likely need surgery.

Indian Ready for 2019

Indian announced its 2019 team with Jared Mees, who has won the last two AFT Twins Championships with Indian ready to do battle once again this time with brothers Briar and Bronson Bauman as his teammates while Brad Baker, who was paralysed in a practice crash at X Games last year, returns to the team as technical advisor and rider coach.

AFT Minnesota Mile Rnd Bryan Smith FA
Bryan Smith’s Indian FTR

AFT has announced new rules for the 2019 season that would benefit a production-based machine that can now be bored-and-stroked to 900cc instead of 750, and they can run larger throttle bodies. Indian is okay with the larger displacement, but not happy with the new throttle body rule.

Indian take serious issue with the third rule change – allowing production engines to increase from 38mm throttle bodies to 40mm. This rule excludes Indian Motorcycle Racing, because the Scout FTR750 is not a street legal production motorcycle. Not only does the rule singularly handicap Indian Motorcycle, it represents a significant impairment of our ability to compete on an equal level with every other team in the paddock, specifically on mile tracks.

AFT Williams Grove Half Mile Jared Mees ERV
Jared Mees

Indian said it has no issue with the new displacement rules, nor new fuel rules put in place for 2019. Although Indian doesn’t like the fuel-body change, it will still go racing with full commitment, “Despite these changes, we will attack 2019 with the same competitive focus and determination that resulted in back-to-back championships over the past two years.”

FIM ISDE heads to Portugal for 2019

With winning celebrations now complete at the 2018 FIM International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) in Chile, plans are already in place for the 2019 edition in Portugal.

After a ten-year absence, the FIM’s longest-sanctioned off-road motorcycle competition returns to Portugal for the first time since 2009.

FIM ISDE Vina del Mar Day IMGDario Agrati
2019’s edition of the ISDE will head to Portugal – Image by Dario Agrati

Situated in the south of the country, the beautiful Algarve city of Portimão and its World-renowned Autódromo Internacional do Algarve will host to the ninety-fourth running of FIM ISDE.

With its large, purpose-built facility, the international motor racing circuit will act as the paddock and centre hub of activity for the race while utilising the surrounding mountainsides, three unique routes will be laid out incorporating a wide range of terrain for riders to contest.

The opening two days will be predominantly sandy, while days three, four and five offer a contrasting character of forest and rocky terrain that will take riders into the country’s highest mountain range.

Daily routes are expected to be around three-hundred kilometres each in length, ensuring both riders and machines will be tested to their absolute limits, while also enjoying breath taking scenery.

With the official date yet to be confirmed, the ninety-fourth edition of the FIM ISDE is expected to be held between late October and early November.

FIM ISDE Vina del Mar Day IMGDario Agrati
ISDE 2018 – Image by Dario Agrati

What Racing is Left for 2018?

The Aussies kicked everyone’s arse at the ISDE last week so with that event done and dusted we now look to the SX Open in Auckland this coming weekend – see the list of the remaining events for 2018 below:

  • Australasia
    • New Zealand Supercross Championships
      • 24 – SX Open – Auckland
      • 1 – South Waikato
      • 15 – Southland
  • America
    • 2018 THOR Mini Olympics – Nov. 19-24 – Gainesville, FL
    • 2018 Day In The Dirt – Nov. 24-26 – Glen Helen, CA
  • Europe
    • Geneva Supercross – Nov. 30/Dec. 1 – Switzerland
Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Source: MCNews.com.au

Moto News | Enduro | EnduroCross | SX | World Vets

Moto News Weekly Wrap

November 6, 2018

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

What Went Down Last Weekend?

  • Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro – Victoria
  • AMA EnduroCross Series – Boise, ID
  • World Vet Championships – Glen Helen, CA
  • Canadian Triple Crown Supercross – Quebec
  • Cooper Wins Waikato Champs
  • Russia to Stage 2019 FIM Speedway of Nations Finals
  • Beaton, Ostlund and Jasikonis to Husqvarna for 2019
  • Bollinger to Husqvarna for GNCC
  • Wilson to SX-Open at Mt Smart
  • Anstie to KTM in 2019
  • Bopping to CDR Yamaha
  • RIP Dan Villopoto
  • Three New Riders for CycleTrader/Rock River Yamaha
  • Australian MX Nationals Dates Announced?
  • What Racing is Left for 2018?

Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro – Victoria

158 riders turned up to tackle the 2018 Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro but despite the best efforts of the local punters it was international sensation Wade Young who took just under three hours to win the event for the second year in a row.

Wade Young Sherco
Wade Young claimed the 2018 Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro win

Young won the event by completing six laps in 2 hours and 51 minutes while second placed rider Wade Ibrahim ended the day some ten minutes behind Young but almost eight minutes ahead of third placed Tim Coleman.

Extreme Challenge Top Ten

  1. Wade Young – 2:51:52.298
  2. Wade Ibrahim – 3:01:54.424
  3. Timothy Coleman – 3:08:29.045
  4. Hamish MacDonald – 3:16:10.434
  5. Mitch Harper – 3:23:26.636
  6. Ruben Chadwick – 3:26:09.563
  7. Robert Nowak – 2:53:50.645
  8. Chris Perry – 2:55:25.952
  9. Jake Whitaker – 2:58:32.980
  10. Anthony Solar – 3:01:32.306

AMA EnduroCross Series – Boise, ID

Colton Haaker has won his second AMA EnduroCross championship with a conservative second place finish at the Boise finale while Cody Webb did everything he could to hang onto his number one plate by taking the win in front of another large and enthusiastic crowd.

AMA EnduroCross Boise Colton Haaker TY A
Colton Haaker – Image by Tanner Yeager

Third place for the night went to Ty Tremaine, who also narrowly beat Kyle Redmond for third in the championship after both battled for most of the main event.

Ty Cullins blasted his Beta 300 two-stroke to the front at the start of the main event, just ahead of Haaker and Webb. The two championship combatants moved past Cullins, who had troubles and dropped back to ninth by the end of the first lap. Haaker led the first two laps and Webb jumped a huge log double to close right up to his back wheel and then made a pass for the lead on lap three.

AMA EnduroCross Boise Colton Haaker TY A
Colton Haaker – Image by Tanner Yeager

Webb kept jumping the large double to open a gap on Haaker, who was riding a conservative race to clinch the championship. Haaker made it through the No Joke Lane on lap nine of fifteen and the only drama remaining for Webb was to make it through the No Joke Lane himself without losing time. Webb did that on lap eleven and went on for his third win of the season.

The battle for third in the race and championship between Tremaine and Redmond was intense. Redmond came into the race with a single point lead over Tremaine so whichever rider finished in front of the other would take the spot. Tremaine quickly worked up from eighth position on lap one to lock into a battle with Redmond. They traded third a few times before Tremaine opened a gap in the closing laps. Redmond held on for fourth position in the race and championship.

AMA EnduroCross Boise Colton Haaker TY A
Colton Haaker – Image by Tanner Yeager
Colton Haaker

“This whole season it’s been Cody (Webb) and I going back-and-forth, back-and-forth and the championship really came down to a few key moments, like the halfway point in the season when we’re tied, and I knew what we had to do to win. For me, I think last weekend in Everett was the championship night. I knew if I could win there I could win the title. I never won in Everett before that, so I think I made it happen there. Tonight, I got a great start and rode clean and smooth and Cody passed me and got a bit of a gap. He was riding really solid tonight and taking some extra risks that I didn’t have to. I just wanted to bring it home here and I’m so happy we did. It’s amazing to come back and win the EnduroCross title again after losing it. It wasn’t easy coming back from not winning and gaining the confidence to get back up to the front.”

AMA EnduroCross Boise Haaker Podium
Colton Haaker – Image by Tanner Yeager
Cody Webb

“The season and my riding were good despite how little prep time I had coming in. I got the win at round one in Prescott and that was just really lucky. Even by Costa Mesa I only had a couple 12-minute motos in me before the race. I just fell apart in the main and couldn’t hold on. The rest of the year I focused on getting back to doing full motos in training. That had me riding better and by Denver, things got really aggressive and I couldn’t seem to keep up the intensity there. So, I started doing more bracket-style training, riding as hard as I could go. I felt like a steam engine this year. I started out sluggish and kept throwing more fuel to the fire and, by the end of the year, I was back to full-steam ahead. Losing the championship is a bummer but it’s nice to cap of the season with a big win here in Idaho like this. I was doing stuff on the track no one else was doing and it was fun to win the crowd over by jumping big stuff. Now, it’s off to get my arm pump under control and SuperEnduro prep.”

AMA EnduroCross Boise Cody Webb
Cody Webb
Ty Tremaine

“The season started off great with the Alta electric bike. They were putting in a lot of effort with me and the EnduroCross program and they, unfortunately, closed up shop. So, I’m really lucky Beta took a chance with me and I just tried to keep my head down and not let anything get to me so there really isn’t a reason I shouldn’t have performed on any bike. Going into the off-season I’m working really hard. I’m really happy about where we’re going from here.”

Ty Cullins

“I’ve been working super hard all year. My main goal was to get top fives and, about halfway through the season, I was in the lead for the Junior Championship and I focused on that as the goal for the year. It’s just been a great year. I finished top-five in half the races, I shared the holeshot tonight with Colton Haaker and I am just looking forward to getting the details for next year dialed in and come back better than ever.”

Boise EnduroCross Main Event

  1. Cody Webb
  2. Colton Haaker
  3. Ty Tremaine
  4. Kyle Redmond
  5. Ty Cullins
  6. Geoff Aaron
  7. Cory Graffunder
  8. Max Gerston
  9. Noah Kepple
  10. Cooper Abbott
AMA EnduroCross Boise Colton Haaker TY A
Colton Haaker – Image by Tanner Yeager

Super EnduroCross Rider Point Standings

  1. Colton Haaker – 150 points
  2. Cody Webb – 146 points
  3. Ty Tremaine – 100 points
  4. Kyle Redmond – 99 points
  5. Geoff Aaron – 90 points
  6. Ty Cullins – 89 points
  7. Noah Kepple – 83 points
  8. Cooper Abbott – 76 points
  9. Mason Ottersberg – 55 points
  10. Dustin McCarthy – 53 points
Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

World Vet Championships – Glen Helen, CA

The annual World Vet Motocross Championship was held at Glen Helen in California last weekend and you will recognise many a rider in the results below including ANZACS Daryl Hurley, Tony Cooksley and Barry Surwaski.

Hurley was the star performer with a win in the 40+ Pro class and hard fought 4th in the 30+ Pro class while Surwaski managed a 10th in the 40+ Pro class despite being on a YZ250F against a full field of 450s.

30+ Pro Class

  1. Josh Grant (Kaw)–1-1
  2. Jeff Loop (Yam)–3-2
  3. Tonni Andersen (KTM)–2-3
  4. Daryl Hurley (Suz)–4-4
  5. Kris Keefer (Yam)–6-5

40+ Pro Class

  1. Daryl Hurley (Sus) 2-1
  2. Kurt Nicoll (KTM) 3-2
  3. Kris Keefer (Yam) 1-4
  4. Steve Powell (Suz) 5-6
  5. Todd Gravitt (KYM) 7-5
  6. Matt Karlsen ((kaw) 6-7
  7. Matthieu Smith (Hon) 8-8
  8. Bill Fosnock (Hon) 9-9
  9. Craig Brown (Kaw) 11-10
  10. Barry Surawski (Yam) 13-11

50+ Pro Class

  1. Kurt Nicoll (KTM)–1-1
  2. Don Bisceglia (Hus)–2-2
  3. Ed Foedish (Yam)–3-3
  4. Darren Cahill (Yam)–5-4
  5. Jon Ortner (Yam)–6-5

25+ Expert Class

  1. Stephen Martin (Hon)–DNF-1
  2. Billy Lea (Yam)–1-DNS
  3. Vince Giancana (Suz)–2-DNS
  4. William Smith (Kaw)–3-DNS

30+ Expert Class

  1. Brody Jennings (Yam)–2-1
  2. Jesse Mobley (Suz)–4-2
  3. Lucas Frye (Hon)–3-DNS

35+ Expert Class

  1. Mirko Milani (KTM)–1-1
  2. Jeff Northrop (Hus)–3-2
  3. Kenny Bell (Suz)–DNF-3
  4. Imre Adamek (KTM)–2-DNS

40+ Expert Class

  1. Matthieu Smith (Hon)–1-1
  2. Shawn Bushnell (Hon)–2-2
  3. Laurence Wiltshire (KTM)–3-3
  4. Billy Van Vugt (Suz)–8-4
  5. Ralf Schmidt (TM)–7-5

45+ Expert Class

  1. Mike Reefman (Yam)–1-1
  2. Craig Davis (Hus)–3-2
  3. Fabio Occhiolini (Hon)–2-3
  4. Brian Storrie (Hus)–4-4
  5. Glenn Carmody (Kaw)–6-5

55+ Expert Class

  1. Kevin Foley (Suz)–1-1
  2. Robert Reisinger (Hus)–3-2
  3. Tommy Grandstroem (Hon)–2-3
  4. Michael Clement (Hus)–6-4
  5. Milt Reimer (Yam)–4-6

60+ Expert Class

  1. Pete De Graaf (KTM)–1-1
  2. Isao Ida (Hon)–2-2
  3. Eric McKenna (KTM)–4-3
  4. Mark Kaestner (Yam)–3-5
  5. Trey Jorski (KTM)–6-4
  6. Val Tamietti (Yam)–7-6
  7. Tony Cooksley (Yam)–5-9

65+ Expert Class

  1. Carl Garafy –1-1
  2. Bruce Sass (Yam)–2-2
  3. Dwight Catalano (Yam)–4-3
  4. Mic Rodgers (Hus)–3-DNS

70+ All Class

  1. Gary Chase (Yam)–1-2
  2. Jim O’neal (Yam)–3-3
  3. Bill Maxiam (Hon)–2-6
  4. Roque Colman (Hon)–5-4
  5. Steve Machado (Yam)–4-5

Woman Expert

  1. Steffi Laier (KTM)–1-1
  2. Vicki Golden (Suz)–2-2
  3. Nicole Pitell-Vaughan (Hon)–3-3
  4. Holly Break (Yam)–4-4

Canadian Triple Crown Supercross – Quebec

Round three of the Rockstar Triple Crown Championship took place in Quebec last weekend and the final featured a controversial finish between title contenders Cole Thompson and Colton Facciotti – the result of which is under investigation by the promoters and the governing body.

Facciotti held the lead over Thompson going into the final corner where Thompson ran into the side of Facciotti as they exited the corner before going over the finish line. Both riders crashed and Facciotti went off the side of the finish line jump, landed on his back and despite Facciotti going over the finish line first Thompson was credited with the win, with Facciotti taking second while Phil Nicoletti finished third.

Facciotti did not attend the podium celebration after the race and was kept in the hospital overnight with a lung and back injury.  Derek Schuster confirms Colton is out for the remainder of the season.

Jess Pettis got the win the 250 class ahead of Logan Karnow and Shawn Maffenbeier and with one round remaining takes an 11 point lead in the championship.

450 Overall

  1. Cole Thompson
  2. Colton Facciotti
  3. Phil Nicoletti
  4. Cody VanBuskirk
  5. Tyler Medaglia
  6. Daniel Herrlein
  7. Cheyenne Harmon
  8. Matt Goerke
  9. Keylan Meston
  10. Eric Jeffrey

450 Championship Standings

  1. Cole Thompson – 83
  2. Colton Facciotti – 74
  3. Phil Nicoletti – 65
  4. Matt Goerke – 58
  5. Tyler Medaglia – 58

250 Overall

  1. Jess Pettis
  2. Logan Karnow
  3. Shawn Maffenbeier
  4. Tanner Ward
  5. Marco Cannella

250 Championship Standings

  1. Jess Pettis 90
  2. Logan Karnow – 79
  3. Shawn Maffenbeier – 77
  4. Marco Cannella – 65
  5. Tanner Ward – 59
Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Cooper Wins Waikato Champs

Despite still feeling the effects of a chest infection that has reduced him to the couch for several weeks Honda rider Cody Cooper has once again won the annual Waikato Motocross Championships near Te Kuiti last weekend.

After arch rival Kayne Lamont was injured Cooper easily accounted for Cohen Chase and Reece Walker on a stock standard 2019 Honda CRF450R.

Cody Cooper

“I was feeling quite tired in the last race. I was feeling quite shaky as my body hasn’t recovered from the bug I had.”

Cooper Webb to KTM Factory Racing Kiska
Cooper Webb who joins KTM Factory Racing in 2019 won the Waikato Champs

The 35 year old Cooper will now look at getting his bike and body in shape for the up-coming New Zealand Motocross Championships.

Russia to Stage 2019 FIM Speedway of Nations Finals

World Championship speedway is bound for Russia next year as the reigning world champions host the Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations (SON) Finals in Togliatti on July 20 and 21.

Russian duo Artem Laguta and Emil Sayfutdinov stormed to victory at this year’s Finals in Wroclaw, breaking Great Britain’s hearts in an epic title decider to win the nation’s first ever speedway world title.

Togliatti circuit Russian speedway Mega Lada Togliatti
Togliatti Circuit – Russia

The country has been a huge force in the ice speedway world, with Togliatti’s Anatoly Stepanov Stadium a regular venue for world-class events, including the 2019 FIM Team Ice Speedway World Championship on February 16 and 17.

BSI Speedway managing director Torben Olsen is excited by the prospect of bringing the sport’s biggest names to Togliatti.

Torben Olsen

“It has long been our wish to bring the FIM Speedway World Championships presented by Monster Energy to Russia. Following their Monster Energy SON win last summer and the country’s hugely successful staging of the FIFA World Cup, there really couldn’t be a better time to be taking this event to Togliatti. “

The 353-metre Togliatti circuit is home to Russian speedway and ice speedway teams Mega-Lada Togliatti. The stadium also serves as a technical sports school for children, a sports bar, a hotel and the only specialised youth speedway track in Russia.

Alexei Stepanov – President of the Mega-Lada Club

“Thanks to many years of fruitful work, developing and popularising motorcycle sports in Russia, and the special support of the Samara regional government and the governor, Mr. Dmitry Azarov, this summer Togliatti’s Anatoly Stepanov Stadium will host the final rounds of the prestigious team event, the Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations. I am sure that the national teams shall enjoy the racing, and fans and friends coming from all over the world shall like staying in Togliatti. We will do our best to write Togliatti’s name in the glorious history of world speedway.”

The competing countries in the 2019 Monster Energy SON will be revealed in due course.

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Beaton, Ostlund and Jasikonis to Husqvarna for 2019

Just a week after confirming that the 2017 MX2 World Motocross Champion Pauls Jonass will compete in the MXGP class on Husqvarna machinery, the iconic brand has backed that up with the signing of Jed Beaton, Arminas Jasikonis and Alvin Ostlund for the 2019 World Motocross Championships.

Australian star Beaton will join Thomas Kjer-Olsen with the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing MX2 team for the 2019 and 2020 FIM Motocross World Championship seasons under the guidance of former FIM 500cc Motocross World Champion Jacky Martens.

Jed Beaton

“It’s a great honour for me to join the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna MX2 team. Growing up in Australia, it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to be able to race the Motocross World Championship. As a member of the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna MX2 team I believe I am in the best possible position to fight for the ultimate goal of becoming world champion. The team never cease to impress me with their professionalism and I am really looking forward to starting the new chapter of my career with them.”

Jed Beaton Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing MX Team
Jed Beaton to Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing MX2 Team in 2019

Jasikonis will race for the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing MXGP team throughout the 2019 season and the 21-year-old racer from Lithuania will partner Jonass in a highly promising two-rider team that will compete in the MXGP class.

Arminas Jasikonis

“I’m really looking forward to entering the 2019 series with the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna MXGP team. I’ve been closely following their work and to finally be a member of this great team feels like a dream has come true. I admire their professionalism and I am willing to work harder than ever so I can give my best in each and every GP. This will be my third full season in the MXGP category and I am really motivated to make it the best one so far. Coming from a shoulder injury, I’ve worked really hard to be physically stronger and I’m now looking forward to start riding my new FC 450 machine. It’s a great bike and I believe I am capable of doing great things aboard this machine.”

Arminas Jasikonis Antti Pyrhonen Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing
Arminas Jasikonis & Antti Pyrhonen

Swedish rider Alvin Ostlund will race the 2019 MX2 championship for the Revo Husqvarna which will also become a Factory supported satellite team for 2019.

Alvin Ostlund

“It is finally official now, I can say I have signed for Revo Husqvarna for 2019! It is a very good bike and I am looking forward to the season ahead next year. Hopefully we can have a good winter now and then this will mean a good start to the season. I am doing both the British and the MXGP series next year, this is a lot more riding then I have ever done before as I have only ever done one series. I have been with Yamaha for the past 8 years and so this is a big change for me, the Husqvarna FC 250 is totally different with the engine and suspension but as soon as I got on the bike I enjoyed riding it. It feels good, I can’t wait!

Bollinger Replaces Strang at Husqvarna for GNCC

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing have announced that Trevor Bollinger will join the squad for the 2019 Amsoil Grand National Cross Country Series as the teammate to Thad Duvall, who finished second in this year’s series.

Trevor Bollinger

“I am excited to be riding for the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing team. It’s a real honour to be working with such a professional group. I look forward to doing great things together.”

Timmy Weigand – Team Manager

“Trevor will be a great addition to our team, he has had a successful career already and we are happy to have him out there racing the GNCC series.”

At Rockstar Energy Husqvarna, Bollinger takes the place of veteran (and 2010 GNCC Champion) Josh Strang, who took sixth overall in this year’s GNCC points.

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Wilson to SX-Open at Mt Smart

The Monster Energy S-X Open Auckland is shaping up to be a grand slam of the world’s best superstars this year, with Dean Wilson confirmed for the November 24 blockbuster inside Mt Smart Stadium.

Dean Wilson

“I’m super excited to be coming to New Zealand and competing in the first ever S-X Open Auckland. It’s perfect timing for me to come down and really put in a good performance; with the high caliber names that are competing this year, if I can beat them, then I’m back on the international radar, which is what I’m aiming for. I’m sure the Kiwi fans are going to be excited you know, their first real big supercross with some fast guys and world champions, it’s just going to be a really exciting event so hopefully, they’re loud and ready for some good racing.

Dean Wilson
Dean Wilson

“I’ve never been to New Zealand before but it does look like a beautiful country, it’s very green, nice rolling hills, it is a bit like Scotland. I really am looking forward to it. I’m going to see as much as I can, but obviously, I need to get back to the States and get training. I’m just lucky enough to get to go check it out. It’s going to be super cool and I’m looking forward to it

“I grew up watching Ben Townley when I was younger and you know he was always a guy that battled Villopoto and looked like he was trying half as hard, it was really funny to watch. A very talented guy and yeah, he’s a legend.”

Dean Wilson will ride a DPH Motorsport team prepared, Husqvarna FC450
Dean Wilson will ride a DPH Motorsport team prepared, Husqvarna FC450

Wilson will ride a DPH Motorsport team prepared, Husqvarna FC450 at this year’s Monster Energy S-X Open Auckland.

During last year’s event, the 26-year-old took top honours during the Saturday night AUS-X Open final in Australia last year, backing that up with a strong second place on Sunday.

Anstie to KTM in 2019

Max Anstie has agreed to a one-year deal with Standing Construct KTM to join 2018 MXoN winner Glenn Coldenhoff (moving over from Red Bull KTM) and Ivo Monticelli on the team.

Max Anstie

“I’m really looking forward to 2019, the Standing Construct KTM team are a great crew, we have great material and a solid programme. We will be ready to perform in 2019! I’m very grateful to KTM and Tim for making this happen and giving me this opportunity.”

Max Anstie
Tim Mathys – Team Manager

“I am very happy to have signed Max to ride for our team in 2019, already in our MX2 period we were seriously interested in Max and also earlier this season we showed interest in him. With the support of KTM we managed to find an agreement and I think that we have a strong team heading into the 2019 MXGP season.”

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Bopping to CDR Yamaha

Lawson Bopping will compete on the CDR Yamaha YZ450F at the AUS-X Open in Sydney and the SX Open event in New Zealand after injuries to Dean Ferris and Nathan Crawford have left a seat vacant for the two biggest events of the year.

Bopping, who raced for the team in 2012 and 2013, took a couple of years away from racing due to health concerns but returned for this years’ Australian Supercross Championship and has been placing well in the premier SX1 division where he currently sits in eighth place with just the Sydney round remaining.

Craig Dack – Team Manager

“With the last two events of the year the highest profile on our racing calendar, I felt it was important that we were well represented by having two bikes on the track. We have a commitment to our sponsors to provide them with quality riders, good coverage at events and solid results and we believe Lawson can fill that role for us at these two events. Lawson will slot in easily for us as he knows everyone on the team, has worked with us in the past and is very comfortable on the Yamaha YZ450F. We have no expectations on him other them compete like he has every other weekend and represent our team, brand and sponsors well and I’m sure he will do a great job.  It’s a shame that injures to Dean Ferris and Nathan Crawford have occurred, but racing is a tough game sometimes. The good news is both are recovering well and will be back to 100% in the near future.”

mx nationals coolum round mx cdr dacka ImageScottYa
CDR Yamaha’s Craig Dack

For Bopping, it’s an unexpected return to the big rigs of professional racing. At the end of the 2015 season, Bopping took some time off racing to allow his health to recover after running himself into the ground.

Although he stopped racing, he never lost his love for riding a dirt bike and now with his health back under control, Bopping opted to join back into the racing fray for the 2018 Australian Supercross Championship and has enjoyed life in the fast lane once again.

Lawson Bopping

“I was pretty ran down by the end of the 2015 season and it felt like I just never had any energy so I had to make the call to step away from racing and get my body right. I wouldn’t say I’m 100% fit, but I feel pretty healthy at the moment and I’m loving being back at the races and doing supercross. It’s pretty exciting to get the call from Craig to do these final two rounds. It’s never good to get the gig because of rider injures so I feel for both Dean and Nathan in their situations. It’s going to be fun racing for CDR Yamaha again and I look forward to hanging out with the guys and racing their amazing bikes for the next couple of weekends and hopefully I can do a good job of keeping the CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team flag flying high.”

Current CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team racer, Dylan Long, sits fifth in the points and looking to improve at the final round in Sydney.

The AUS-X Open roars to life at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney on November 9 and 10, while the SX Open in Auckland will tear up Mt Smart Stadium on November 27.

McAdoo Set for AUS-X

20-year-old American Cameron Mcadoo has signed on to replace Bradley Taft as Penrite Honda Racing’s sole SX2 rider for this weekend’s AUS-X and for young star can’t wait to race in Australia alongside fellow Iowa rider Justin Brayton.

Cameron Mcadoo

“I have been riding and training with Justin at Club MX for the past two seasons. He is an inspiration and offers great advice and support. He always talks about Australia and I truly appreciate the opportunity Penrite Honda has given me to come out and compete. I was happy with several MX finishes and I hope to carry that momentum into Sydney. The bike here is competitive and I have watched the success they have had with many riders in the SX2 class over the last few seasons.”

Team director Yarrive Konsky considered all options for the teams SX2 replacement, but felt this was the best outcome.

Yarrive Konsky – Team Director

“We looked at riders in our RED RIDER program but they are aligned with different sponsors and we didn’t feel it was justified to disrupt that. All other top 10 riders are aligned with other brands so we wanted someone who was on a Honda and could fit straight into our program,” said Konsky.

RIP Dan Villopoto

Not long after helping his son Ryan compete in the Red Bull Straight Rhythm event and right in the middle of preparing for AUS-X in Australia, Dan Villopoto passed away late last week from a massive heart attack.

Ryan Villopoto will be looking to get further up the field
Ryan Villopoto paid tribute to his father, Dan

“This world we live in is a giving place but at the same time it can be cruel,” Ryan said from his @RyanVillopoto Instagram account. “I spent the last six weeks with my dad day in and day out working and training for the upcoming races overseas. For the first time in a long time it was real again, like when I was young. Love you Dad! You will be sorely missed by all.”

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Three New Riders for CycleTrader/Rock River Yamaha

CycleTrader/Rock River Yamaha has signed Matt Bisceglia to contest the 2019 supercross season in the 450 class while in the 250 Class Brandon Hartranft and Jacob Hayes have signed to compete in both the AMA Supercross and the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championships.

What Racing is Left for 2018?

The countdown is on for the 93rd FIM International Six Day Enduro (ISDE), as Australia’s World Trophy, Junior Trophy and Women’s Trophy Teams head off to Vina del Mar, Chile this weekend and all of our teams have the ability to take the win while we also look to Sydney for AUS-X with Chad Reed touted as the favourite to win the event once again.

The Red Bull Knock Out Beach Race is on this weekend too and the big news is that MXoN winner Glenn Coldenhoff will go for victory against the World SS Enduro riders Billy Bolt, Josep Garcia, Taddy Blazusiak, Nathan Watson and Jonny Walker while Weston Beach race winner Todd Kellett is also on hand to have a crack at taking the win – see the list of the remaining events for 2018 below:

  • Australasia
    • Australian Supercross Championships – Nov. 11 – AUS-X Open – Sydney
    • New Zealand Supercross Championships
      • Nov. 24 – SX Open – Auckland
      • Dec. 1 – South Waikato
      • Dec. 15 – Southland
  • America
    • 2018 AMA World Off-Road Championships (WORCS) – Nov. 9-11 – Primm, NV
    • 2018 THOR Mini Olympics – Nov. 19-24 – Gainesville, FL
    • 2018 Day In The Dirt – Nov. 24-26 – Glen Helen, CA
    • Canadian Triple Crown Supercross – Nov. 17 – Hamilton
  • Europe
    • Stuttgart Supercross – Nov. 9-10 – Germany
    • 2018 Paris Supercross – Nov. 17-18 – Paris, France
    • World Enduro Super Series (WESS) – Nov. 10 – Red Bull Knock Out Beach Race – The Netherlands
    • ISDE – Nov. 12-17 – Chile
    • Geneva Supercross – Nov. 30/Dec. 1 – Switzerland
Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax