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Riders help relay COVID-19 tests

Bloodbikes Australia is playing an integral part in transporting COVID-19 tests from suburban testing centres to medical laboratories.

Founder Peter Davis says they recently extended their free service offers from delivering blood to other medical products including breast milk.

However, they are currently being primarily deployed to take COVID-19 tests to medical laboratories.

“Our first runs of COVID samples started with our Sydney volunteer, Richard Alder, for St Vincents,” Peter says.

“It involved delivering consumables, label bags etc, picking up samples from the temporary testing stations and getting it to St Vincent’s Sydney laboratory for analysis.”

Bloodbikes Australia has become an integral part of transporting COVID-19 tests from testing centres to medical laboratories.
Richard picks up a sample

Tests ramped up

Two Bloodbikes Australia Brisbane volunteers have now stepped into the breach for Mater Pathology as thousands of residents of southern Brisbane and Logan City have queued up for hours to be tested following a new outbreak.

“Given the increased testing and the temporary, drive-through testing stations, the Mater Pathology couriers just couldn’t cover all the runs,” Peter says.

“Rather than delay analysis and results they called on Bloodbikes Australia, which is exactly our charter to fill in when all else fails.”

Peter has run samples from Metro Medical Centre Springfield Lakes and fellow volunteer Nick Carrigan has taken samples from a temporary testing centre in Cleveland.

Bloodbkes Australia tests
Nick picks up a sample

Both are delivering the tests to the Mater Laboratory at Mater Hill in South Brisbane.

“It was so great to feel like you’re helping in the COVID fight rather than being an observer,” says Nick.

Peter says the Canberra Bloodbikes Australia Volunteers may soon be doing test runs for the Canberra Hospital.

He called on people in medical services to contact him about providing services.

He says volunteers can contact the Bloodbikes Australia Facebook as demand for their services ramps up with the second wave of coronavirus infections.

Volunteers can also email Peter Davis on [email protected]

Peter recently rode to NSW and the ACT recently to visit volunteers before borders started closing down.

He says they now have 87 volunteers Australia wide on the NSW Central Coast, Sydney, Canberra. Western NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

Bloodbikes background

Bloodbikes started in Manchester, UK in 2011 and Peter launched Bloodbikes Australia in September 2019.

Volunteers make deliveries when all other methods have been exhausted and time is critical.

“It was started because there were circumstances when a motorcycles can be a lot faster than a car in making urgent deliveries of blood to where it is required,” Peter says.

Blood he has delivered has been used in surgery as well as transfusions for cancer patients.

Peter delivers blood supplies to the Mater Hospital
Peter delivers blood supplies to the Mater Hospital

“Bloodbikes Australia is entirely voluntary. We volunteer our time, fuel and motorcycles,” Peter says.

“We are not an emergency service and abide by all the road rules and speed limits. We are not police or ambulance ‘wannabes’.

“We are just motorcycle enthusiasts who want to make our passion for riding available to do some good in the community.”

As an essential medical service, urgent deliveries would also be exempt from any travel restrictions during the current pandemic.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Blood Bikes Australia to the rescue

The Blood Bikes volunteer rider movement delivering blood to hospitals has spread to Australia and the co-ordinator is now calling for more volunteers.

Brisbane rider Peter Davis says he first heard of the service from a friend involved in Blood Bikes Scotland.

“I thought we should have that service in Australia,” says Peter who has started a service in Brisbane is now looking for back-up riders and volunteers in other states to start their own branch of the service.

It all began in 2011 with Blood Bikes Manchester in the UK.

“It was started because there were circumstances when a motorcycles can be a lot faster than a car in making urgent deliveries of blood to where it is required,” Peter says.

He found a similar service in Perth called AusServ, but efforts to contact them failed and the group’s charity registration was voluntarily revoked.

Blood Bikes Australia

Blood Bikes Australia Peter Davis
Peter and his “blood” bike

“So I decided to start a Blood Bikes Australia service in Brisbane,” says Peter who contacted the Mater Hospital pathology section.

“They immediately saw the need and advantage.”

Peter is now the central co-ordinator of Blood Bikes Australia. He has fitted a weatherproof box to his Honda cruiser and organised a hi-vis vest with an embroidered logo based on the British service.

“We have now made our first whole-blood delivery from Mater Pathology at South Brisbane to Mater Private Hospital, Redland. Whole blood,” he says.

“It took just over an hour from call to delivery.”

Blood Peter davis
Peter makes his first delivery

Mater Pathology delivers blood to Mater Springfield, Canossa Private Hospital Oxley, Mater Private Hospital Redlands, and Mater Pathology Chermside, all from Mater Pathology South Brisbane.

“We are only just starting and are still in the learning phase,” Peter says.

“So it’s just me but I already have a guy interested in Sydney, so I have started communication and inquiries about Sydney pathology requirements.

“I also need one Brisbane volunteer to take my place while I’m away from 18 October to 12 November.”

Mission statementBlood Bikes Australia Peter Davis

Peter has prepared a mission statement and some guidelines, including the note that while the service provided is urgent, riders must ride within the road rules and their bikes are not official emergency vehicles.

“As time goes by I am sure we will get more volunteers and more health care facilities on board,” Peter says.

“My plan for Blood Bikes Australia is to dovetail in with normal scheduling procedures the healthcare facilities have.

“Blood Bikes volunteers will become another option to call on when appropriate.”

Peter has established a Blood Bikes Australia Facebook page to communicate with volunteers.

Volunteers are not paid for their time, fuel, motorbike or embroidered vest.

“They will be required to form a relationship with one or more health institutions and communicate to those institutions their availability,” he says.

“It’s all about providing a service to the community.

“It does not need any infrastructure as the service of delivering blood is already offered. Blood Bikes just offers another alternative when required.”

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com