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Frog leaps to save your motorcycle helmet

If you are frustrated with finding somewhere to safely rest your helmet the “Y” shaped Spanish Frog portable helmet support could be the answer.

Inventor Luis de Arquer says the 70 x 80mm Frog comes in two models that you either carry in your pocket or stick to the top of your helmet with a 3M adhesive strip.

They come in multiple colours, some with motorcycle manufacturer logos, and cost €20 (about $A35) each or half price if you support their Kickstarter campaign.

They claim it will ship to early supporters in January and others in February.Frog helmet support

How the Frog works

The Frog supports the helmet in an upside down position without scratching the surface.

As Luis says, you can then put your gloves, phone, glasses and keys inside your helmet for handy storage.

We wonder whether the Aussie police would be upset by sticking it to your helmet as they have fined riders for sticking action cameras to their helmet before, cleaning it makes the helmet non-compliant.

If that’s a concern to you, try the portable pocket device.Frog helmet support

The miniature tripod device won a A’Design Award for its usefulness and ease of use.

It is based on the Euclid Tripod Axiom which means only three points are required to define a flat plane.

Luis says it is stable enough to secure your helmet, but we wonder whether it would withstand a rickety cafe table or someone bumping into your bike with the helmet on the seat or tank.Frog helmet support

If it does work, it would be a handy little device as it can be difficult finding somewhere safe and convenient to hang your helmet on a motorcycle.

By the way, if you are wondering why a Y-shaped item with three legs is named the Frog, it is apparently named after the Brazilan Brachycephalus tridactylus frog which is the only frog in the world with only three legs.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

X2 motorcycle phone mount has power

This universal X2 phone mount comes with power attachment at just $36, including postage.

Many motorcycle and scooter riders now use their phone rather than a GPS to navigate, but most phone mounts won’t power your phone or electronic device.

However, the X2 will keep you powered up all day long.

It will fit just about any phone size and grips with four sprung claw-style holders plus the extra security of a rubber holders top and bottom. The back also has non-slip pads.X2 phone mount

We have tried the unit with iPhone plus sizes and the smaller XS over some bumpy country roads without the phones shaking loose.

It comes with two mounting options to fit just about any motorcycle or scooter. One is a U-clamp to go around the handlebar or wing mirror stem, the other is a bolt-down mount.

The holder has ball-link points to rotate the unit 360 degrees allowing you to position it so it is easy to see, but does not obscure your bike’s instruments.

There are many other similar phone holders on the market, but this is the first we have seen that is also powered.

It comes with 1.3m of cable to attach to your ignition or directly to the battery.X2 phone mount

The built-in USB charging port will allow you to keep your phone or other electronic device charged while you are riding.

This is important as navigation and Bluetooth connection can drain a phone quite quickly.

However, we warn riders not to use the phone screen while riding to check your Facebook status our any other distracting function.

The X2 phone mount comes standard with the clamp mount and bolt mount, two spare claws, anti-slip pads and rubber holders.X2 phone mount

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com