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Oxford 3X Oximiser – Lithium-Ion compatible battery maintenance system

Oxford release new Battery Optimiser

If your bike lies dormant in shed over the winter months, there’s a chance that your battery might have gone flat by the time you get around to kicking your bike in the guts again.

Enter the 3X Oximiser, Oxford’s most versatile and powerful multi-purpose battery maintenance product that will breathe new life into your old battery.

Oxford Oximiser 3X
Oxford Oximiser 3X

Offering three automated charging programs for differing battery sizes, the Oximiser is perfect for those who have multiple toys in the garage. Motorbikes, cars, scooters, jet-skis and ride-on lawn mowers will all benefit from this latest innovation from Oxford, as you’ll quickly discover this is the only battery optimiser you’ll ever need.

Accompanied with an integrated 8 stage battery management system, the Oximiser will analyse, charge and maintain your battery, keeping it in tip-top condition while it recharges safely and efficiently.

With up to 3.6 Amps of charging power for batteries up to 125Ah in capacity, this charging kit also comes with a range of accessories, including crocodile clips, a weatherproof permanent connector and a wall bracket.

Suitable for all 12V automotive batteries, including lithium-ion motorcycle batteries, Oxford’s 3X Oximiser uses fast and efficient charging in all modes to keep charge times short and reduce power consumption.

The Oximiser also has a ‘soft-start’ charging mode that is designed to deliver a slow build-up of charge for the safe recovery of deeply discharged batteries (as low as 8V).

Oxford Oximiser 3X
Oxford Oximiser 3X
Oxford Oximiser 3X RRP: $169.95
For more information on the range of Oxford products, head to www.ficeda.com.au

Source: MCNews.com.au