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Bajaj Neuron Trademarked

What Will It Be?

Indian motorcycle company Bajaj recently trademarked the Neuron name, which suggests the company is working on a new motorcycle. However, it’s unclear what kind of bike it will be. 

There are rumors it will be a sub-400cc model, but Bajaj already has plenty of motorcycles like that sold under the Avenger platform.

With that said, Bajaj could have a bike right a 350 to challenge both Royal Enfield and Honda’s new CB350. That would make sense for the Indian market.

Still, the Neuron name could mean something more. Several Indian publications, including India Car News, have speculated that the Neuron name could be a three-wheeler or a more technologically advanced model.


Personally, I think Neuron could be a good name for a bike that has some advanced connectivity features. The word neuron or neurons speaks to the fundamental units of the brain and the impressive connectivity between cells. This could be a fantastic way for Bajaj to roll out some cool connectivity features on a new bike. 

Of course, that is just speculation on my part, but the name would be perfect. It’s unclear at this time, but if I see more news around this topic I’ll update you, good reader.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

400cc Motorcycles from the Arctic to Antarctica in 99 Days

A Dominar Polar Odyssey

Would you ride a 400cc motorcycles a long, long way? Personally, I would. I love small-displacement bikes, but even I am not sure I would want to ride one from the Arctic Circle to the Antarctic Circle. That, however, is exactly what these guys did.

Deepak Kamath is a seasoned motorcycle adventurer and he managed to get his two adventuring buddies to go with him on this epic journey. The trio also managed to get a few sponsors for this wild ride. The guys rode 400cc Bajaj Dominars from Alaska to Usuaia, Argentina. From there, it was a boat ride to Antarctica. They had 99 days to make it happen, according to ADV Pulse.

The team did suffer a bad crash in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They were stuck there for three weeks. However, they still managed to complete the 51,000 km (31,960 miles) on time.

They had no chase vehicle and did maintenance and repairs themselves on the fly. When absolutely necessary, they found shops that would work on their bikes and get them back on the road as soon as possible. In the end, they made it, and you should watch the epic journey unfold below.

aprilia adv bike

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India the next motorcycle powerhouse

The $A31m cash sale of Norton Motorcycles to India’s TVS Motor Company marks India’s turning point towards becoming the next motorcycle powerhouse.

Click here to read more about the historic sale.

Respected market analysts GlobalData say the sale to India’s third-biggest motorcycle manufacturer with sales of more than 750,00 a year significantly marks TVS motorcycles’ entry into the global mid and high-capacity premium bikes.

GlobalData Senior Automotive Consultant Bakar Sadik Agwan says it will “strengthen the India-based brand’s position in international markets”.

“TVS, which has presence in over 60 markets globally, gets an opportunity to foray into high-powered and premium bike segments,” he says.

“The TVS-Norton deal now makes it quite evident that India two-wheeler makers are keen towards opportunities to scale globally and expand horizontally through tech-partnerships and acquiring manufacturing know-how of ‘classic’ motorcycles.”

In other words, the sale marks a turning point where India could become the next motorcycle powerhouse.

Indian powerhouse

tvs factory powerhouseTVS factory

The Indian motorcycle market is already the largest in the world with sales of a gob-smacking 21 million last year.

That eclipses China which has dropped from 27.5m in 2008 to 17m last year.

But most of the bikes sold in India and exported are low-capacity models with low profit margins per vehicle.

TVS, which is India’s second-biggest exporter of motorcycles behind Royal Enfield, now has the ability to enter the higher profit large-capacity premium market.

This is yet another example of how India is becoming the new motorcycle powerhouse.

Many of the world’s leading motorcycle brands are now firmly established in India with production and assembly factories, joint projects and large dealerships, including BMW, Ducati, Harley-Davidson and Triumph.

Norton had also begun forging links with the Indian company Kinetic Group to jointly produce and sell Norton motorcycles in India. That deal may not go through now.

Fellow British brand Triumph has been working for some years on a global partnership with Pune-based Bajaj Auto to build mid-capacity (200-750cc) motorcycles. Their partnership formally started in January.

In 2016, Indian auto manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra acquired historic British brand BSA, but the revival of the venerable marquee seems to have stalled after their revival of the Jawa name encountered initial production hitches.

Jawa Classic LegendsMahindra relaunches Jawa in 2018

Mahindra also owns France’s Peugeot Motorcycles.

It should be remembered that another iconic British brand, Royal Enfield, gradually became Indian and under Eicher ownership has become one of the most successful brands in the world with sales of more than 800,00 a year.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

5 Bikes That Make Daily Commute A Joyride

(Contributed post for our Indian readers)

Certain lifestyles demand transportation in and out of town daily, and a commuter bike is the best bet for that. The primary concern about these bikes is that they should be perfect for navigating the daily grind. Though for an enthusiastic, these usual bikes are not just for daily commutes, they fill the bucket by also being a weekend bike or touring bike.

With upright ergons, excellent fuel efficiency, high mileage and stunning visual appeal, daily commute bikes are something worth getting out of bed for. Here is the list of some of the best bikes for your daily commute at a price that won’t break your bank accounts:

Hero Super SplendorJoyride

(Image Source: Hero Motocorp)

Here Super Splendor is known for its durability, reliability, and fuel efficiency. It gives a mileage of 65 to 81 km/litre and has a 125cc engine, which retails for INR 61,186. Along with this, it has i3c technology and IBS system for added security. The wide and firm seats reflect the stature of the rider. Available in several guises, the Hero Super Splendor has got a bike model for everyone’s taste. Splendor’s lightweight, easy control and the prudent engine makes it a persuasive suggestion for a rider looking for a durable, fuel-efficient, no-nonsense motorcycle.

Bajaj Discover 125Joyride

(Image Source:  Bajaj Auto)

Bajaj Discover 125 is powered by 124.5cc and a single-cylinder engine which produces 11 bhp of maximum power and 11 Nm of peak torque. This comfortable bike is available in 4 colors – red, blue, black and black with grey. You might have noticed the huge traffic that abides on roads during office hours which sometimes leads to unlikely mishaps. Because of the same reason this bike has lately been updated with Combined Braking System (CBS), which makes it one of the best choices for your daily commute to work.

Honda Dream YugaJoyride

(Image Source:  Honda Two Wheelers)

Like the other bikes of the ‘Dream Series’, the styling of Honda Dream Yoga is conventional and very basic in its styling. Currently, it is available in two variants – with and without CBS (Combined Braking System). The engine is 109.19cc air-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder HET engine that is tuned to produce 8.31bhp of power and 9.09 Nm of torque. In terms of color options, Honda Dream Yuga is available in five colors – Vibrant Blue, All Black, Sports Red, Majestic Grey, and Sports Black.

TVS Star City PlusJoyride

(Image Source:  TVS Star City)

TVS Star City Plus is made out to be a bit sleeker and smoother than the other TVS bikes. It has an enhanced wing mirrors and low-profile rolling resistance tyres for better commuting. It is an everyday motorcycle that focuses on high-end performance and fuel efficiency with a revised ‘Eco thrust’ 110 cc DLI engine. The powerful motor produces 8.3 BHP and has a crest torque of 8.7 Nm. So, if you want a stress-free ride that caters to your needs of daily commute, then this can be the right pick for you.

Bajaj CT100Joyride

(Image Source:  Bajaj Auto)

Bajaj CT100 has an extra-long seat that keeps things comfortable for both the rider and pillion. Concerning power, the Bajaj CT100 uses a 102-cc single-cylinder and a 4-stroke engine which is modified to deliver 7.6 bhp of power and 8.24 Nm of highest torque. This commuter bike is available in three vibrant colors, black with silver and red decals, black with silver and blue decals and a vivacious red.

Planning to Bring Your Daily Commute Home? Don’t Forget to Buy Bike Insurance

One common mistake done by people who are planning to buy a new bike is that they miss out on one crucial aspect – bike insurance. While you look at the significant factors like fuel efficiency, engine power, mileage, it is equally important to buy bike insurance policy to get coverage against losses that you might have to incur in case of an unlikely event. Be at the safe side and buy bike insurance from a prominent insurer like TATA AIG. They offer several add-ons like third party property damage cover to increase the third-party liability coverage, along with the other essential insurance coverage.

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KTM plans to make electric motorbikes in India

KTM has been in no hurry to get into electric motorbikes with only the Freeride E (pictured above) in production since 2015.

However, that could soon change with the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer combining with Indian vehicle manufacturer Bajaj Auto to develop a common 48-volt platform for electric two-wheelers.

They won’t be big road motorcycles, but scooters and mopeds with power from just 3kW to 10kW with production to begin in Pune by 2022.

In 2015, KTM decided to shelve plans to go into production with their Speed-E electric concept scooter.

Now that could be brought back with this new Baja venture.

KTM E-SPEED electric scooter
KTM E-SPEED electric scooter

Electric motorbikes?

It is not the first joint project with Bajaj as they already produce several KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles for the world market.

KTM Industries AG holds almost 52% of KTM AG and Bajaj has the remaining holding.

KTM global product marketing manager Diego Arioli said they would not get into electric motorbikes until they had a “decent range”.

electric scooter
KTM E-SPEED electric scooter

Diego says if they had kicked off their EV program with big electric motorbikes, customers would expect more range.

“We don’t want to stretch the technology now but as soon as it is right for what they need we will be ready for the market,” he said.

“It also has to fit into our ‘Ready to Race’ motto.”

KTM Freeride SM
KTM Freeride

The Freeride is not imported to Australia and has had limited success in Europe.

There are two versions of the Freeride E, the SX racer and the road-legal XC aimed at commuters and learners.

Prices are €10,995 for the SX (about $14,100) and €11,295 for the XC (about $14,500).

The Freeride E weighs only 104kg and features both brakes on the handlebars like a bicycle as there is no clutch lever.

The company hopes those controls will be familiar to cyclists who it hopes to win over for commuting.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com