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Motorcycle sales up, but shares slump

Shares in Australia’s biggest motorcycle dealership conglomerate, MotorCycle Holdings, reports increase revenue and bike sales, yet shares have dropped 13.7% to a six-month low.

MotorCycle Holdings, which owns TeamMoto dealerships among others and Cassons accessories, released its six-month results showing new motorcycle sales were up 1% while the total Australian new bike/ATV/scooter market fell 6.1% last year.

The report says their used bike sales were up 6.2% compared with the same period in 2019 and overall sales of new and used were up 3.5%.


CEO David Ahmet says the company strategy is “growth through acquisitions and diversification”.

Last month, the company acquired rights to sell Indian motorcycles in six of its dealerships: Springwood in Brisbane, Nerang on the Gold Coast, Penrith and Auburn in western Sydney, and Keilor East and Dandenong in Melbourne.Indian Motorcycle Riders Group

It follows the announcement in January that Indian Motorcycle would close its factory owned dealerships in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth this year. A statement on a dealer to replace their Perth store is expected to be made “in the near future”.

MotorCycle Holdings also bought two dealerships in late 2019 which are claimed to be “outperforming expectations”.

The company now has 48 franchises operated from 31 dealerships and eight retail accessory locations in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and The Australian Capital Territory.

No interim dividend has been declared so the company can “take advantage of any acquisition opportunities that may arise”.

Shares slump

shares teammotoMotorcycle Holdings share price history

MotorCycle Holdings went public in 2016 at about $2.50 a share, reached a peak of $5.22 at the end of 2017 and hit a record low of around $1.25 in May last year.

The Indian announcement bumped the share price about 5c to $1.80.

However, it is now down to $1.50, despite a 31% increase in revenue to $178.2m.

Apart from the impact of bushfires and coronavirus, the problem seems to be that net profit after tax is now $4.8m for the half year compared with $5.2m for the 2019 comparative six months.

Ahmet says the overall new motorcycle market is beginning to stabilise.

However, January sales figures have actually dropped -10.2% on January 2019.

Source: MotorbikeWriter.com

Moto News Weekly | Cianciarulo tops Monster Energy Cup | Jett Lawrence stars

Moto News Weekly for October 15, 2019

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What happened this week

  • Cianciarulo & Lawrence star at 2019 Energy Monster Cup
  • Dean Wilson injured in Monster Energy Cup qualifying
  • Riders talk Australian Supercross Round 2 at Gillman Speedway
  • Middleton & McKinnon reign at 2019 Australian Trial Championships
  • Maxime Renaux claims 2019 French Beach Race opener victory
  • Nestaan-MX to run Husqvarna MX2 effort in 2020 with Jed Beaton

Cianciarulo & Lawrence star at 2019 Energy Monster Cup

The ninth annual Monster Energy Cup delivered the excitement promised by the biggest purse and most unique race format of any motorcycle race in the world. The event brought some new twists to Sam Boyd Stadium this year with the three Cup Class Main Events held on three different track variations, each requiring the racers one pass through a slower-route Joker Lane.

Monster Energy Cup Cianciarulo Tomac Multiple JK MEC
Adam Cianciarulo & Eli Tomac – Image by Hoppenworld

With a million dollars to any rider who could sweep the three Main Event format, it was Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Adam Cianciarulo who edged out his teammate, two-time and defending Cup Champion Eli Tomac, for the event win and $100,000, proving this 450cc class rookie has the speed and the mental nerve to take on the competitive 450cc Supercross Class racers. All this on the weekend Cianciarulo celebrated his 23rd birthday.

Monster Energy Cup Main Tomac JK MEC
2019 Monster Energy Cup – Image by Hoppenworld

From the first gate drop the excitement of 35,424 fans spiked as Adam Cianciarulo grabbed the holeshot in his class debut and looked fast enough to gap the two racers behind him, Jeremy Martin, and Malcom Stewart, who were both in their first appearances since big injuries in previous seasons.

Monster Energy Cup Cianciarulo JK MEC
Adam Cianciarulo – Image by Hoppenworld

Vince Friese, visiting three-time World Champion Tim Gajser, and defending Monster Energy Cup champion Eli Tomac, were right behind the top three. In the same stadium where a simple mistake cost him a Western Regional 250SX Class Supercross title just five months before, Cianciarulo made another small mistake; the Kawasaki rider washed out the front end in a corner and dropped back to fifth as Friese grabbed the lead.

Monster Energy Cup Friese Cianciarulo Multiple JK MEC
Vince Friese – Image by Hoppenworld

Tomac reached second place but then lost his bearings on which track section he was on and drastically mis-timed a triple jump. Tomac recovered and on lap six got into the lead. The top riders waited until the final lap to make their pass through the Joker Lane, a slow section comprised of three steep wall jumps separated by deep, white sand.

Tomac took the win, separating himself as the only rider in the running for the million dollars. His new teammate Cianciarulo crossed the checkered flag close behind in second. On the podium Tomac said about his mid-race mistake saying, “Our normal line right now is double double, [but] I went double triple. I totally brainfarted. That’s the track getting me right now. Gotta get my head straight here, ‘cos that was scary.”

Monster Energy Cup Tomac Gajser Multiple JK MEC
Eli Tomac – Image by Hoppenworld

Main Event #2 of the Cup Class proved that anything can happen in racing. Jeremy Martin jumped out with the holeshot with Friese close behind. Tomac was buried closer to tenth place than to first, and his teammate Cianciarulo was outside even the top ten. Tomac went to work fast, at times passing a different rider in two consecutive corners. By lap three he was up to second place, with Friese in sight right ahead.

Monster Energy Cup Jeremy Martin Friese Starts JK MEC CoverB
Jeremy Martin – Image by Hoppenworld

But then Tomac lowsided while landing off the roller on the track’s high-speed sweeper. He jumped back onto the bike, but the crash put him into tenth place and over eight seconds from the leader. At the midpoint Malcom Stewart passed his teammate Friese to take the lead and bring home the win.

Monster Energy Cup Friese Tomac Multiple JK MEC
Vince Friese – Image by Hoppenworld

It marked Stewart’s first race in nine months after an injury ended his Supercross season. Stewart was a happy man on the podium, “We’ve got another race to go. Hopefully we’re on the top step, if not, man, we’re already making dreams come true. I’ve already marked things off my checklist. It was just to win a Main Event. I said, ‘Let’s go, now the goal is to win this overall’… …This is what Monster Energy Cup is all about. This is what they wanted, you guys want a… three race battle? Here you go! You got it!”

Monster Energy Cup StewartM JK MEC
Malcom Stewart – Image by Hoppenworld

With Stewart taking the win, Cianciarulo finishing second, and Tomac working his way up to third, those three riders would go into Main Event #3 tied in points for a winner-take-all Vegas finale.

With $100,000 on the line Adam Cianciarulo, in his 450SX Class debut, in the stadium that ruined his Western Regional 250SX Class season just five months before, grabbed the holeshot with Tim Gajser and Eli Tomac close in tow. A few turns in, Cianciarulo got off balance on the edge of the track and had to roll the Finish Line jump, putting all three riders into a single turn at the same time.

Monster Energy Cup Cianciarulo JK MEC
Adam Cianciarulo – Image by Hoppenworld

No positions were changed then, but when Tomac got around Gajser one turn later, the two Kawasaki riders, competing for the first time and tied in points, started a nine-lap battle for a six-figure payday. Tomac got around at one point on lap six of the ten lap Main Event, but Cianciarulo slipped back into the lead within a few feet.

Monster Energy Cup Gajser JK MEC
Tim Gajser – Image by Hoppenworld

Tomac turned up the pressure every lap and stayed right on Cianciarulo’s rear tire until lap nine, when he strategically took the Joker Lane in the hopes of turning a faster laptime and taking the lead when Cianciarulo was forced to take the Joker Lane on the final lap. On the final lap, the two riders took their respective lanes and in a nail-biter, Cianciarulo came out less than a bike length ahead. Tomac pressured for the remainder of the lap but Cianciarulo held strong and held on for the win and a $100,000 winner’s check.

Monster Energy Cup Podium Cianciarulo Kawasaki Tomac JK MEC
Adam Cianciarulo & Eli Tomac – Image by Hoppenworld
Adam Cianciarulo

“My first thought was, ‘What I life I get to live!’ That whole race I knew he was behind me. We had a gap and I knew it was going to come down to the Joker Lane and – just the opportunity to race with Eli. He’s accomplished so much and just to be out there on the track with him. I’m stoked to be out there. Honestly, I always looked up to Eli and so just to be out there racing with him is unreal. And to come out on top of my first race is, I just can’t ask for anything better… It’s a little bit of redemption but to be honest with you I look at Vegas now – after winning the outdoor motocross championship – I look at Vegas as something that helped me get there. I really don’t look back on that race and think, ‘Oh, man.’ I think it’s really helped me grow. And what a better way, to get a Monster Cup win in 450. I always love coming here, even that night, it sucked, obviously, but I love Vegas and I’m just so grateful, can’t say that enough.”

Monster Energy Cup Cianciarulo JK MEC
Adam Cianciarulo – Image by Hoppenworld

Tomac was disappointed but not down with his second-place finish.

Eli Tomac

“Going into the Joker, I thought I just couldn’t really make the pass anywhere stick, so I was like, ‘Let me get into this thing a lap early and see if I can make the speed up on the track.’ …basically [I] ended up in the same exact spot there, like you said eating a lot of roost. Great battle with Adam there. Coming out in the losing spot is going to get at me a little bit, but overall [it was a] really fun weekend, great weekend for the team, and man, that was a battle.”

Monster Energy Cup Tomac JK MEC
Eli Tomac – Image by Hoppenworld

Malcolm Stewart finished the Main Event #3, and in the overall standings, in third place. He was elated to be back competing up at the front.

Malcolm Stewart

“Just going out here and having fun and getting some gate drops just kinda sets a little barrier of where we’re going to be for the 2020 season. Just keep our heads down and keep moving forward… It’s been a long road for us. Nine months ago, we weren’t looking so hot, so the fact that I’m standing up here with a third overall means a lot to me. Like I said, getting up here, standing up here feels good and I just want to say congratulations to Adam, [for his] first win, that was awesome. For him to step into the 450SX Class and show us how it’s done that was pretty cool.”

Monster Energy Cup Stewart Podium JK MEC
Malcom Stewart – Image by Hoppenworld

Source: MCNews.com.au