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Moto News Weekly | Dakar | MX | AFT | 2021 Calendars

Moto News Weekly Wrap
December 1, 2020

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Saudi Arabia readying to host Dakar 2021

The details of the 43rd edition of the Dakar to be held in Saudi Arabia this coming January, 2021, have been announced, with a route of 7,646 km starting and finishing in Jeddah. Including 4,767 km of special stages, the route is designed to allow the competitors to battle among themselves and to explore the Saudi deserts.

Dakar 2021 Preview

Despite the difficulties associated to the health crisis, a strong field of competitors have answered the call, with 321 vehicles on the entry list. In addition to the 108 motorbikes, 21 quads, 124 cars and SSVs and 42 trucks expected at the start, 26 vehicles have been entered for a regularity competition in the new “Dakar Classic” category, open to cars and trucks built prior to 2000.

After an introduction to the Saudi deserts, the 2021 Dakar competitors will receive an even more in-depth lesson in geography. The characteristics of the route as well as the new regulations introduced aim to reduce average speed, further improve safety conditions and highlight the sporting qualities of the competitors.

Dakar 2021 Preview

Specifically, the fight for the various titles at stake should put the top competitors, who are used to battling it out at the sharp end of the standings, in competition with each other. In the motorcycle category, Ricky Brabec and Honda put an end to a series of 18 consecutive victories for the Austrian firm KTM, which will return with an all-star line-up of riders to try to begin another Dakar winning streak.

While the Dakar participants will head into action on January 2nd with a short prologue (11 km) to determine the starting position of each competitor for the opening stage, they will have to go through several intermediate steps before then. A majority of the vehicles will be summoned to Marseille, December 1-3 to be loaded on to a cargo ship, direction Jeddah. The meeting on the shores of the Red Sea with the owners will take place on December 30th and 31st, while the technical and administrative checks will be conducted on January 1-2 in accordance with health protection regulations.

Dakar 2021 Preview

The longest special stage will take in 511 kilometres on the penultimate stage, while the longest overall stage will feature a total of 813 kilometres on day four. The shakedown, the curtain-raising prologue, the race-start on January 2 and the final finish will all take place in Jeddah. The twelve stages, scheduled from January 3 to 15, 2021, with a rest day in Ha’il, will make a trek counter-clockwise through the Saudi Arabian landscapes.

The race will feature one marathon stage following the rest day, where riders will be unable to receive mechanical assistance and will have to take extra care of their machines. Riders can look forward to a wide variety of complex stages, always a common feature at the Dakar.

Among the novelties to be included in the 2021 Dakar, will be the roadbook given out twenty minutes prior to the start in each of the stages. This differs from last year’s edition where the roadbooks were distributed in this manner on only half of the stages. An important change is the limitation of only six rear tyres for the entire rally, which will force riders to be far more cautious. There will be also a limit to the number of piston changes, as well as a ban on carrying out any mechanical repairs during the refuelling. Finally, the use of jackets with airbags will be mandatory for all motorcycle riders.

2021 Dakar Schedule

Stage Date Start > Finish Total Special
P Saturday, January 2, 2021 Jeddah > Jeddah 11 km 11 km
1 Sunday, January 3, 2021 Jeddah > Bisha 622 km 277 km
2 Monday, January 4, 2021 Bisha > Wadi Al Dawasir 685 km 457 km
3 Tuesday, January 5, 2021 Wadi Al Dawasir > Wadi Al Dawasir 630 km 403 km
4 Wednesday, January 6, 2021 Wadi Al Dawasir > Riyadh 813 km 337 km
5 Thursday, January 7, 2021 Riyadh > Buraydah 625 km 419 km
6 Friday, January 8, 2021 Buraydah > Ha’il 655 km 485 km
Rest Saturday, January 9, 2021 Ha’il (Rest Day)
7 Sunday, January 10, 2021 Ha’il > Sakaka 737 km 471 km
8 Monday, January 11, 2021 Sakaka > Neom 709 km 375 km
9 Tuesday, January 12, 2021 Neom > Neom 579 km 465 km
10 Wednesday, January 13, 2021 Neom > Al-Ula 583 km 342 km
11 Thursday, January 14, 2021 Al-Ula > Yanbu 557 km 511 km
12 Friday, January 15, 2021 Yanbu > Jeddah 452 km 225 km

2021 Dakar Motorcycle Entry List

Num. Rider Nat. Team
1 Brabec Ricky USA Honda Monster Energy Honda Team 2021
2 Quintanilla Pablo CHL Husqvarna Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing
3 Price Toby AUS KTM Red Bull KTM Factory Team
4 Cornejo Florimo Jose Ignacio CHL  Honda Monster Energy Honda Team 2021
5 Sunderland Sam GBR KTM Red Bull KTM Factory Team
6 Caimi FRAnco ARG  Yamaha Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team
7 Short Andrew USA  Yamaha Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team
9 Howes Skyler USA KTM  Bas Dakar KTM Racing Team
11 Svitko Stefan SVK  KTM Slovnaft Rally Team
12 De Soultrait Xavier  FRA Husqvarna Ht Rally Raid Husqvarna Racing
15 Santolino Lorenzo  ESP Sherco Tvs Sherco Tvs Rally Factory
17 Pedrero Garcia Juan  ESP KTM Fn Speed – Rieju Team
18 Branch Ross  BWA Yamaha Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team
19 Goncalves Dias  RUI Jorge PRT Sherco Tvs Sherco Tvs Rally Factory
20 Tomiczek Adam POL Husqvarna Orlen Team
21 Sanders Daniel AUS KTM KTM Factory Team
22 Giemza Maciej POL Husqvarna Orlen Team
23 Jakes Ivan SVK KTM Jakes Dakar Team
24 Bühler Sebastian DEU Hero Hero Motosports Team Rally
25 Spierings Paul NLD  Husqvarna Ht Rally Raid Husqvarna Racing
26 Engel Milan CZE KTM Moto Racing Group (Mrg)
27 Rodrigues Joaquim  PRT Hero Hero Motosports Team Rally
29 Gyenes Emanuel  ROU KTM Autonet Motorcycle Team
30 Gelazninkas Arunas  LTU KTM Zigmas Dakar Team
31 Michek Martin  CZE KTM Moto Racing Group (Mrg)
32 Schareina Tosha  ESP KTM Fn Speed – KTM Team
33 Koitha Veettil Harith Noah IND Sherco Sherco Tvs Rally Factory
34 Patrao Mario  PRT KTM Credit Agricola – Mario Patrao Motosport
35 Guillen Rivera Juan Pablo  MEX KTM Nomadas Adventure
36 Brabec Jan  CZE KTM Strojrent Racing
37 Pabiska David  CZE KTM Jantar Team
39 Melot Benjamin FRA KTM Benjamin Melot
41 Yakp Zaker  CHN KTM Wu Pu Da Hai Dao Dakar Rally Team
42 Van Beveren Adrien FRA Yamaha Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team
44 Sanz Laia  ESP Gas Gas Gas Gas Factory Team
45 Min Zhang  CHN KTM Wu Pu Da Hai Dao Dakar Rally Team
46 Marcic Simon  SVN Husqvarna Marcic
47 Benavides Kevin  ARG Honda Monster Energy Honda Team 2021
48 Doveze Mathieu  FRA KTM Nomade Racing Assistance
50 C. S. Santosh  IND Hero Hero Motosports Team Rally
51 Al-Lal Lahadil Rachid  ESP KTM Melilla Sport Capital
52 Walkner Matthias  AUT KTM Red Bull KTM Factory Team
53 Podmol Libor CZE  Husqvarna Podmol Dakar Team
54 Chapeliere Camille FRA KTM Team Baines Rally
55 Hongyi Zhao  CHN KTM Wu Pu Da Hai Dao Dakar Rally Team
56 Pacheco Giordano  COL KTM Calidoso Racing Team
58 Iglesias Sanchez Eduardo  ESP KTM Fn Speed – Team Monforte Rally
59 Interno Tiziano  ITA Beta Rally Pov
60 Darques Stéphane  FRA Yamaha M.O.R.Al
61 Dubois Norbert FRA KTM Aventure Moto 61
62 Houlihan Andrew Joseph AUS KTM Nomadas Adventure
63 Dabrowski Konrad  POL KTM Duust Rally Team
65 Picco FRAnco ITA Husqvarna Team FRAnco Picco
66 Bouchet Pascal  FRA KTM Team Baines Rally
67 Lhotsky Rudolf  CZE Husqvarna Jantar Team
68 Mccanney Jamie  GBR Yamaha Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team
69 Roelants Walter  BEL Husqvarna Ht Rally Raid Husqvarna Racing
70 Alghuneim Mishal  SAU KTM Mishal Alghuneim
71 Farhan Salman Mohamed Humood Farhan  BHR Husqvarna Ht Rally Raid Husqvarna Racing
72 Rauber Pascal  FRA KTM Team 2rm
73 Jaffar Mohammed  KWT KTM Duust Rally Team
74 Betriu Jaume ESP KTM Fn Speed – KTM Team
76 Krejci Roman  CZE KTM Bo!Beton Team
77 Benavides Luciano ARG Husqvarna Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing
78 Zacchetti Cesare ITA KTM Cesare Zacchetti
79 Baratin Amaury  FRA KTM Horizon Moto 95
80 Burgess Michael  AUS KTM Bas Dakar KTM Racing Team
81 Vlcak Erik  SVK Husqvarna Slovnaft Rally Team
82 Raorane Ashish IND KTM Ashish Raorane
83 Chavez David PER KTM Club Aventura Touareg
84 Hawker Neil  GBR Husqvarna Neil Hawker
85 Azinhais Alexandre  PRT KTM Club Aventura Touareg
86 Herbst Charlie FRA KTM Team Charlie Herbst
87 Mena Oriol  ESP Rieju Fn Speed – Rieju Team
88 Barreda Bort Joan  ESP Honda Monster Energy Honda Team 2021
89 Saghmeister Gabor  SRB KTM Saghmeister Team
90 Catanese FRAncesco  ITA Yamaha Tuttogru
92 Martinez Eric  FRA Husqvarna Eric Martinez
93 Lorenzo Piolini  ITA KTM Caravanserraglio Rally Racing Team
94 Susset Olivier  FRA Husqvarna Xtreme Garage
95 Flick Xavier FRA Husqvarna Xtrem Racing
96 Albero Puig Daniel  ESP  KTM Team Un Diabetico En El Dakar
97 Benko Martin  SVK KTM Norwit Racing
98 Garcia Sara ESP Yamaha Pont Grup Yamaha
99 Vega Puerta Javier  ESP Yamaha Pont Grup Yamaha
100 Rossat Audrey  FRA KTM Rossat Audrey
101 Knight David  GBR Husqvarna Ht Rally Raid Husqvarna Racing
102 Jugla Sara  FRA KTM Team Baines Rally
104 Altoaimi Fawaz  SAU Yamaha Fawaz Racing
105 Dominguez Fernando  ESP KTM Club Aventura Touareg
107 Stigliano Giovanni  ITA Yamaha Team Jbrally
108 Calmet Marc  ESP KTM Fn Speed – Rieju Team
110 Bartoszek Jacek POL KTM Duust Rally Team
111 Cherpin Pierre  FRA Husqvarna Pierre Cherpin
112 Campdera Juan  ESP KTM Juan Campdera
114 Carbonell Mendez Eladio  ESP KTM Pikaeras Team
115 Harmsen Olaf  NLD KTM Bas Dakar KTM Racing Team
116 Blandin Erick FRA KTM Team Baines Rally
117 Alexander James  BWA Yamaha The Kalahari Madala
118 Bispo Alexandre  ESP KTM Expresso Racing
120 Trejos Jhon COL KTM Jhon Trejos
121 Barthelemy Guillaume FRA KTM Team Rs Concept
123 Pedemonte Angelo ITA  KTM Pedemonte Angelo
125 Barlerin Frédéric  FRA KTM Rallye Fred
126 Llanos Diego Gamaliel  ESP KTM Diego Gamaliel Llanos
127 Jobard Willy  FRA Garnati Garnati Racing
133 Davide Cominardi ITA Honda Cominardi
142 Gerini Maurizio ITA Husqvarna Solarys Racing

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Aussie Max Whale talks American Flat Track 2020

AmericanFlatTrack.com has done a great feature on young Queenslander Max Whale, who has been over in America this year competing the American Flat Track championship in the Singles class, finishing the season in second-place overall, as well as capturing nine-points in the Production class in Springfield. Here’s a look at what they had to say about the Aussie talent:

By AmericanFlatTrack.com

When the 2020 Progressive American Flat Track season finally revved into action on a mid-July evening at Volusia Speedway Park, months of anticipation and prediction were replaced by actual results. That opener provided an initial – if not entirely accurate – insight into how a handful of closely tracked storylines might actually play out.

Max Whale
Max Whale – Image by Scott Hunter

The early returns suggested that the AFT Singles class’ ex-premier class invaders, Henry Wiles, Mikey Rush and Chad Cose, were indeed well positioned to upend a class more often thought of as a springboard for up and comers. And while all three were factors in ‘20, they failed to steamroll the competition as some had feared.

It also created some major worries that the much-hyped Dallas Daniels would take a step back after impressing so mightily in his abbreviated ‘19 rookie campaign (he most certainly did not). But the story of that opening evening was Max Whale, a perennial “star of the future,” who emphatically scrubbed away that “of the future” disclaimer with an all-day, out-and-out drubbing of his rivals en route to a maiden AFT victory.

Dallas Daniels & Max Whale
Dallas Daniels & Max Whale – Image by Scott Hunter

As the season took its final shape, Daniels grabbed back the spotlight. He rebounded from his opening night disaster to ultimately reign over the class in a commanding, eight-win title fight blowout.

However, the continued rise of Whale was arguably the category’s B plot. His ascension since first arriving on the scene has been truly meteoric. The 19-year-old Australian turned a 14th-ranked 2018 rookie campaign into a ninth-ranked, one-podium 2019 sophomore season. He made an even bigger leap in 2020, securing championship runner-up status on the strength of five podiums highlighted by the aforementioned victory.

Max Whale – Image by Scott Hunter
Max Whale

“This season was a dream come true. It went perfect, pretty much — I was consistent. Five podiums was my goal coming into the year, and I did it. I’m pumped on that. And to finish second in the championship was crazy. It was awesome. I am still lost for words… It’s hard to explain. Getting that first win on the opening night was incredible. It was honestly hard to believe. It took a couple days for it to sink in. The whole day was perfect. I think I qualified second, I won the Semi, and then won the Main. It was awesome. I just wish my parents were here to see it.”

That wish went deeper than simply wishing they could have shared in his breakthrough success. While the pandemic was (and very much remains) catastrophically disruptive for everyone, Whale was presented with even greater challenges than the average dirt track pro as a result.

Max Whale – Image Scott Hunter

The teenager was stripped of the support system he’d relied on his entire professional career when he was forced to live and travel and compete while effectively trapped on his own inside the United States with his father, Brett Whale, on the outside looking in from Australia.

Previously, the two had travelled the country together in a used RV and trailer that served as their living quarters and workshop. His absence robbed Max of both emotional support and very practical help.

Max Whale

“In past years, my dad was with me for the whole season. Leading in I knew it was going to be tough with him going back home due to COVID. And you know, I didn’t realize just how much he did – from prepping my bikes, driving and servicing the RV, cooking and cleaning – until he was gone. He went home in March and then DAYTONA got cancelled. I had to stay here by myself. It was a big reality check.”

Max Whale – Image by Scott Hunter

Thrown into the deep end, Whale, appropriately enough, swam rather than sunk. He was taken under the wing of the larger Pennsylvania-based AFT community and, with their help, he thrived.

Max Whale

“You know, I wouldn’t change it. It turned out good. When my dad first left, I was in Pennsylvania for a couple of months. And then for the whole year, PA was kind of my base. I had some awesome people who helped me out — Briar (Bauman) and Shayna (Texter) helped me out a crazy amount. Everyone at Don’s Kawasaki and so many others too. There were just so many awesome people I could turn to. If I needed anything, I could always message them and they helped me out straight away. I’m so lucky to have that and I cannot thank those guys enough.”

Henry Wiles and Max Whale
Henry Wiles and Max Whale – Image by Scott Hunter

It proved to be a relatively painless and seamless adaptation, considering the circumstances. But adapting has been the norm since Whale first turned pro. Dirt track racing is a considerably different beast in Australia compared with America, from types and sizes of tires to brake set-ups to track surfaces and layouts.

While three years of experience as an AFT Singles ace have Whale now feeling even more at home when racing in the States than he does when he returns to his Down Under roots, the 2017 Australian Junior Track Champion claims his meteoric year-on-year rise in Progressive AFT is more down to an improved mental game than any other factor.

Max Whale

“I feel like my improvement is mainly down to confidence. My bikes were better this year than they had been previously, but a lot of it was just confidence. After I got that win in Volusia, it really made me understand that I could do it. I found myself qualifying better every round — a lot better than I did last year. I just went in with a different mindset and it ended up paying off.”

Max Whale – Image by Scott Hunter

Whale is not ready to confirm his exact 2021 plans just yet with an announcement likely coming early next year. He did admit, however, that he will be back in the AFT Singles class for a fourth attempt at the title. After going from 14th to 9th to runner-up, only one final landing spot will be considered a continuation of that upward trajectory. Some might say the bad news on that front is that he’ll have to go through Dallas Daniels to do it, as the dominant champion is set to defend his crown in ‘21.

Whale doesn’t see it that way, preferring to view Daniels as the ultimate measuring stick rather than an impenetrable wall blocking his path, sharing “That’s good news for me. I want to win with everything in it. I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Max Whale on the podium after the opening race of the season alongside Chad Cose and Henry Wiles – Image Scott Hunter

2020 AFT Singles Overall Standings

Pos. Rider Overall Points
1 Dallas Daniels 283
2 Max Whale 215
3 Henry Wiles 208
4 Michael Rush 185
5 Trent Lowe 183
6 Morgen Mischler 178
7 Tanner Dean 160
8 Brandon Kitchen 154
9 Chad Cose 137
10 Michael Inderbitzin 124
11 Trevor Brunner 113
12 Shayna Texter 102
13 Cole Zabala 84
14 James Ott 79
15 Kevin Stollings 74
16 Andrew Luker 74
17 Cameron Smith 73
18 Aidan RoosEvans 61
19 Ryan Wells 58
20 Jacob Lehmann 56
21 Jesse Janisch 50
22 Dylan Bell 18
23 Wyatt Anderson 17
24 Tyler Raggio 14
25 Justin Jones 9
26 Blake Lomas 4

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AMX takes naming rights to the MXOpen at Wonthaggi

The MXOpen will take place this side of Christmas thanks to AMX, the Dandenong Motocross Club and other leading industry partners and local businesses. Entries are available online at www.ridernet.com.au.

$15,000 in Prizemoney headlines the one-day motocross spectacular. Penrite Honda, Empire Kawasaki, SP Motorsports Suzuki riders will compete against the best riders in Victoria in a winner takes all one round open. Yarrive Konsky has been working with the Dandenong Motocross Club to facilitate the AMX MXOpen.

Brett Metcalfe – Penrite Honda

On December 13th an all star line up of riders and teams will take to the track in an effort to win prizemoney, prizes and bragging rights going into Christmas. The Dandenong Motocross Clubs president understands the need for racing and wanted to see competition happen this side of the New Year.

Yarrive Konsky

“We are starving for racing; it’s been 8 months without competition in Victoria and riders, sponsors, teams and clubs are hungry for competition. I wanted to see racing happening this side of Christmas and I appreciate the Dandenong Motocross Clubs enthusiasm towards making this possible. We have members we want to support, an industry we need to support, and we love racing that is why we are behind this event. Our club is made up of passionate people and we are excited to see racing resume.”

The AMX MXOPEN is proudly sponsored by AMX, Wonthaggi Toyota, Honda, POD, SERCO, Yoshimura, FMF, Fly Racing, Answer, FCAM Bricklaying, Ausbuilt, Rhino, FIST, McLeods, Michelin, Matrix Concepts, THOR, Delcon Civil, M9, Alpinestars, M2R Helmets, Krooztune, 100%, Bridgestone, SKDA and Leongatha Honda.

Robert Mestrom – Motorcycling Victoria CEO

“We are getting behind this event. Yarrive, the DMCC and Motorcycling Victoria share the same passion for competition. We know that some of our members want to get back to racing and we have offered our full support to Yarrive and the DMCC.”

2020 MXOpen Details

  • Sunday 13th December
  • Wonthaggi Motocross Track – Dandenong Motorcycle Club
  • 220 W Area Rd, Wonthaggi VIC 3995
  • Gates open 5:45am
  • Practice commences: 8:00am

MXOpen Classes

  • C-grade 450 4-stroke
  • SNR Womens
  • 125cc and 128 – 150cc 2 Stroke 13 – Under 16
  • 200 – 250cc 4 Stroke 13 – Under 16
  • Pro Lite 250cc 4-stroke (A and B classes scored separately)
  • 65cc 9-U12
  • 65cc – 7 -U11
  • 85 2stk & 150cc 4stk Std & BW – 11-U15
  • Pro Open 450cc 4-stroke (A and B classes scored separately)
  • DIV 2 50cc
  • Vets 30 + 35+ 40+ 45+
  • C-grade 250
  • 2-stroke pre 90, pre 2000 and open – (Classes scored separately)

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2020 Heaven M/C Club VMX Final – Memorial Weekend

The Heaven Motorcycle Club, NSW’s primary Vintage Motocross Club, held the only actual NSW VMX Race meeting for 2020 at the Lakes motocross track at Awaba over the November 21-22 Memorial Weekend recently. With COVID wreaking havoc with a schedule originally slated for a seven round season, numerous cancellations and attempts to reschedule eventually yielded a single round championship, wrapped up with two races per class.

Peter Martin took part in the vintage motocross event, racing in two classes and sent us his version of events, which we’re happy to share with you here:

Thank you Heaven, one round, two races per class and big fields

With Peter Martin

The Heaven VMX Committee worked hard to make it possible to have a single round Championship. Thank you Heaven, one round, two races per class and big fields saw everyone welcome the opportunity to go racing.

The Lakes meeting was the Heaven VMX Championship for 2020, not a series, just two races in each class to decide who would take home the coveted Trophies. I was entered in the Pre-1990 class (all capacities) on the 1989 Honda CR250RK and the Evolution class (all capacities) on the 1979 Honda CR250RZ, I was also invited to race in the President’s Cup Invitational, a 15 minute +1 Lap Moto (all ages and capacities of bike).

Peter Martin – 2020 Heaven VMX Final Memorial Weekend – Image by Matty Baker Images

With two four-lap class races and one moto length invitational each day I considered the racing physically doable, so Saturday I did two short practices on each bike and then headed out for the first Pre-1990 all in on the 1989 bike. A crowded and talented grid of 40 riders were keen to go racing. I when I glanced down the field there was #100 of Craig Anderson, five-times Australian Motocross Champion. Surely I am in the wrong place I thought, but it’s too late to pull out now.

I got a reasonable start to about mid field, then the talent started to work up their speed ahead and a few more got by me, then a few more. I settled down and started passing riders, while my position was helped by a few riders enthusiastically throwing themselves and their bikes over the top of berms and into tyre walls – it was carnage fuelled by wonderful enthusiasm.

I had two races to recover with just enough time to wipe my face, take a drink and get back up to the start line in time for the Evo all in race on the 1979 bike. I got a great start, running fourth into turn 2 and then slowed too early for the entry. Whoosh I dropped around five places, so it was head down and I started passing a few, working my way up through the field.

The Presidents Cup was to be the last race of the day and the decision was made to transfer the Presidents Cup to be the first and last race on Sunday. That would mean I had a 15 minute +1 Lap Moto and two 4 lap races back to back, then a long break to the last President’s Cup Moto at the end of the day.

Peter Martin – 2020 Heaven VMX Final Memorial Weekend – Image by Matty Baker Images

Saturday night was Heaven’s AGM and Jo Gillan provided a glorious roast chicken meal, then it was off to sleep early. All night my leg muscles played tag on who would cramp next, which meant frequently getting up to stretch or walk off cramps, then back to bed so a squadron of mozzies could continue their attempts to terrorise me and drag me out the door. After a restless night Sunday dawned. It was overcast and a little cooler (at first), I did two laps to warm up and got ready for the first President’s Cup Moto.

It was another packed grid of 40 riders. I got off the start-line well to be about fifth heading into turn two and… ended up 12th heading out of turn two. So once again I picked up the pace and started passing riders – I just kept chasing and moving forward. After seven or eight laps the checkered flag saw me reasonably well placed around 10th.

I got back to my pit and thought, I can not go straight out to the second Pre-1990 race. I had prepared a bag of ice in a wet towel and poured cold water over my head to bring my temperature down, there was a short delay and repeated announcements of the start of the Pre-1990, so I put my helmet, gloves and goggles back on. By the time I got to the line I had given the field half a lap start, I just put my head down and raced, pushed, rode as best I could passing those I could to the finish.

I had two races to recover before the final Evo race on the 1979 bike. Again a great start and again giving up too many positions in turn two. I remember nothing of this race, what else happened and the results are a mystery, I just survived.

It was a long wait for the final President’s Cup Moto and it was very hot, I packed up what I could and attempted to keep my body moving and my temperature down. After an eternity, the call came and I lined up for the final race of the day. Again a great start was followed by giving up too many positions leaving turn two. I rode, pushing where I had an advantage and surviving where I was too weak to push.

Peter Martin – 2020 Heaven VMX Final Memorial Weekend – Image by Matty Baker Images

There were a few riders inserting themselves into the scrub and tyre walls which made it possible to pick up more places. Basically it was survival of the most
determined. On the last lap Mark Tompkin attempted a pass, I looked at it and thought I can stop you and then thought, but I won’t. The same for the next corner, I got inside him and thought I can stop you but I had no fight left and just rode to finish the race.

Final results saw me 12th overall in the Pre-1990 category, ninth in the Evolution and 10th overall in the President’s Cup Invitational. My results are far from what I am capable of yet better than I expected. I am in the process of changing my whole motocross riding style for better results on the Supercross type tracks Heaven go to, so being around the top 10 overall in all three classes considering the competition is actually a pretty good result.

I take away so much from this meeting however. My starts are consistently good and I slow too much and brake too early into the first real turn. My riding ‘style’ is evolving, yet there is a long way to go before I am competitive. Compared to before, I have improved my speed on some parts of the track and I am slower on other parts. The real victory is that my body is not as beaten and damaged as it was before. It is not that I am not hurting, I am hurting much less and my body is not taking as long to recover. I am even starting to enjoy riding again. For these reasons I consider this a victory.

A big thanks to the Heaven committee and all the Heaven members who make VMX Racing so much fun. A big thank you to the volunteers who make it possible for us to ride. Thank you to David Middleton (Excel Tint) who helped to revise and set up the suspension which has provided a significant improvement in comfort. Thank you to all the wonderful, patient people who support my racing. Race Images from Matty Baker Images, thank you for the great photos.

We’ve reached out to Heaven M/C Club and will add full results shortly.

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Yamaha celebrate 2020 MX2 manufacturers title

Yamaha Motor Europe have celebrated the success of its 2020 racing strategy as the MX2 Manufacturer of the Year thanks to the YZ250F and the skill and determination of riders Jago Geerts, Ben Watson and Maxime Renaux, all three of whom visited the top step of the podium over the course of the season.

This achievement marks Yamaha’s third manufacturers crown since the class was reinvented as MX2 in 2004, with the first title coming in 2005 and the second following two years later in 2007.

Jago Geerts, Ben Watson and Maxime Renaux clinched the MX2 manufacturer’s win for Yamaha in 2020

Spearheaded by the Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2 team, which was reintroduced in 2020 after a five-year hiatus, and strengthened by the addition of the SM Action M.C. Migliori Yamaha Supported Team, Yamaha celebrated 18 race wins, 23 podium finishes and nine Grand Prix wins on its way to the 2020 MX2 Manufacturers title.

Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2’s Jago Geerts led 156 laps, won 14 races and celebrated 12 podium finishes, of which six were Grand Prix wins to claim MX2’s silver medal with 679-points.

Jago Geerts

Simultaneously, SM Action M.C. Migliori Yamaha’s Maxime Renaux ended the season 98-points further adrift in third position after taking his very first race and Grand Prix win in Faenza, Italy. Renaux also led 30-laps and mounted the podium on no fewer than five occasions.

Bolstering Yamaha’s achievements in 2020, Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2’s Ben Watson led 37-laps on his way to two race wins, which were followed by two Grand Prix victories. Watson claimed six podium finishes on his way to fifth overall in the final MX2 World Championship standings.

Ben Watson

While Renaux’s achievements had already confirmed the competitiveness of the ‘non-Factory’ YZ250F, the strength of the world-beating motorcycle was further affirmed by Hutten Metaal Yamaha Official EMX250’s Thibault Benistant, who took his YZ250F to the top of the EMX250 Championship in just his second season in the class.

Just three days after he was crowned champion, Benistant signed on to race the next three MX2 Grands Prix. Racing his EMX250 Championship winning YZ250F, the 18-year-old debutant impressed with two top-three race finishes and a top-five overall finish in his third-ever Grand Prix.

Thibault Benistant
Thibault Benistant

Proving the dominance of the YZ250F across the board, Yamaha also won its fifth WMX Manufacturer’s title thanks to the combined efforts of Nancy van de Ven and Larissa Papenmeier. Throughout the five rounds of the WMX World Championship, van de Ven won three races and mounted the podium four times to finish as the 2020 series runner-up. Papenmeier joined her counterpart on the podium and collected the bronze medal with two Grand Prix wins, one race win and four podium finishes.

Nancy Van De Ven
Nancy Van De Ven

Reinforcing Yamaha’s strategy to develop the next generation of MXGP champions from within their own ranks, Watson, Renaux and Benistant will all progress up the Yamaha Racing pyramid in 2021. Watson will join highly experienced 450cc riders Jeremy Seewer and Glenn Coldenhoff under the awning of the Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP team to contest his first season aboard a works Yamaha YZ450F. Renaux and Benistant will join Geerts inside the Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2 team, forming a potent line-up for Yamaha as it looks to defend the MX2 Manufacturers crown and challenge once again for the riders title in 2021.

2020 MX2 Manufacturer Standings

Pos Manufacturer Total
1 Yamaha 810
2 KTM 786
3 Husqvarna 655
4 Kawasaki 561
5 Honda 411
6 GASGAS 343

2020 MX2 Standings

Pos Rider Nat. Bike Total
1 Vialle, Tom FRA KTM 759
2 Geerts, Jago BEL YAM 679
3 Renaux, Maxime FRA YAM 581
4 Beaton, Jed AUS HUS 564
5 Watson, Ben GBR YAM 551
6 Olsen, T. DEN HUS 540
7 Van De Moosdijk, R. NED KAW 466
8 Mewse, Conrad GBR KTM 365
9 Fernandez, R. ESP YAM 343
10 Rubini, S. FRA HON 279
11 Östlund, Alvin SWE HON 263
12 Gifting, Isak SWE GAS 248
13 Boisrame, M. FRA KAW 234
14 Malkiewicz, B. AUS HON 164
15 Vaessen, Bas NED KTM 163
16 Forato, A. ITA HUS 156
17 Lesiardo, M. ITA HON 143
18 Horgmo, Kevin NOR KTM 137
19 Haarup, Mikkel DEN KAW 118
20 Pancar, Jan SLO KTM 115
21 Gilbert, Josh GBR HUS 112
22 Renkens, N. BEL KTM 103
23 Crawford, N. AUS HON 91
24 Benistant, T. FRA YAM 90
25 Genot, Cyril BEL YAM 85
26 Hofer, Rene AUT KTM 73
27 Sikyna, R. SVK KTM 72
28 Sandner, M. AUT GAS 67
29 Guadagnini, M. ITA HUS 62
30 Laengenfelder, S. GER GAS 59
31 Polak, Petr CZE YAM 45
32 Sydow, Jeremy GER GAS 35
33 Roosiorg, H. EST KTM 33
34 Harrison, M. USA KAW 22
35 Todd, Wilson AUS KAW 21
36 Cenerelli, G. ITA HUS 21
37 Toriani, Enzo FRA HUS 21
38 Nermann, J. EST HUS 17
39 Dickinson, A. GBR KTM 15
40 Meier, Glen DEN YAM 13
41 Teresak, Jakub CZE KTM 13
42 Zonta, Filippo ITA KTM 6
43 Edelbacher, R. AUT HUS 5
44 Furbetta, J. ITA KTM 3
45 Spies, M. GER HUS 2
46 Haavisto, Jere FIN YAM 2

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Tom Pagès prepares for 2021 Enduropale du Touquet challenge

Tom Pagès will spend the next two months preparing for the world’s biggest beach race as the French freestyle motocross star takes on a daunting new endurance challenge at the Enduropale du Touquet event in January.

Pagès has gone from practising in his own back yard in France, to competing with the best riders in the world and progressing the sport through his series of never-been-done tricks. The 35-year-old has picked up numerous titles over the years with the multiple X-Games and Red Bull X-Fighters winner now eager to test himself further.

Tom Pagès

The Enduropale du Touquet covers over 13km of sand in northern France and is the inspiration for the famous Dakar Rally after wowing fans since the inaugural edition way back in 1975. The first event attracted 286 competitors with over 1,000 professional and amateur enduro riders are expected in 2021 to tackle waves, chicanes and velodrome-style turns with the final ranking established according to the most completed laps after three tough hours of racing.

Tom Pagès

“I have to catch up 15 years of experience on the most experienced riders. I need to get used to riding with a new type of neoprene gloves, which change my feelings on the throttle. Also a camel bag in my back because we need a lot of water throughout the race: hydration is key and, if you are thirsty, it’s already too late and you are in danger. Looking for new challenges is the key to longevity, even more in individual sports. I have learned from my mistakes in the past 14 years and I want to optimise my abilities to bring them into this new discipline. This new challenge also allows me to open my mind and to bring fresh air into my FMX career in which the mental workload is high. This short break in freestyle motocross already made me think of new tricks and new projects around FMX for the next two to three years. In the meantime, I focus on my next objectives: strengthen my physical preparation, be at the start of Enduropale 2021 and aim for the top of the board, even though I am aware of the difficulty. Winning is unimaginable but, maybe, not impossible!”

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Jonny Walker and KTM part ways after eight seasons

KTM have thanked enduro racer Jonny Walker for his achievements with the brand over the past eight seasons as his contract concludes with the Austrian manufacturer. KTM confirmed the departure of Jonny Walker from the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team by mutual agreement. Due to re-structuring within the team, linked to changes that have been made to the enduro program over the past few seasons, KTM has been unable to retain Jonny’s services for 2021.

Jonny Walker

Jonny began his hard enduro campaign aboard KTM machinery in 2010 following a successful career in trials. As a then 19-year-old, he worked his way up the enduro ranks before signing his first official agreement with KTM in 2011. Soon after Walker graduated into the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team, in 2012. Walker won the Erzbergrodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble title that year, which he went on to successfully defend in 2013.

Jonny Walker

In 2015 Jonny took his riding to the next level, cementing his place as one of extreme enduro’s best following winning riders at The Tough One, Red Bull Romaniacs, Red Bull Hare Scramble, Hell’s Gate and Red Bull 111 Megawatt. Despite a number of injuries, which resulted in time off a bike during the following few years, the likeable Brit went on to claim podium finishes in further extreme enduros and WESS Championship events.

Jonny Walker

KTM thanked Jonny for everything he has achieved together with KTM and the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team over the years, including his extreme enduro and FIM SuperEnduro World Championship successes, wishing him all the best for his future.

Fabio Farioli – Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team Manager

“Firstly, we’d like to say a big thank you to Jonny for everything he has achieved with KTM Factory Racing. We had some good times over the years and some incredible results – including wins at some of the toughest events on the hard enduro calendar as well as in the SuperEnduro World Championship. He has been an important part of our team and has been integral to our ongoing success. Despite our best efforts we were unable to negotiate a deal to keep Jonny on the team. We wish him all the very best for the future.”

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Arminas Jasikonis recovery update

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing rider Arminas Jasikonis is very much on the mend after the Lithuanian rider crashed at the Mantova round of the FIM Motocross World Championship and suffered a serious head injury. Jasikonis has been making small steps forward and looking at coming back to racing in 2021.

Antti Pyrhonen – Team Manager Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory MXGP team

“AJ is basically recovering really well. It was a very serious accident, and he was in a severe condition after the crash in Mantova. He had heavy impact to the head, and he was due to that two and a half days in a medical coma. When he woke up on Tuesday afternoon, he did a very good recovery, an unbelievable recovery actually. He could leave the hospital after a week and then he could travel back to Lithuanian and he didn’t need to go back to hospital or any recovery centre. He moved back home and was living with his girlfriend and doing some physical training and he can now drive his car.”

As for Arminas himself, as he resides in his home with his girlfriend, he can see improvements and is being as patient as possible in letting his body improve slowly as his brain starts to remember things as he comes back to full recovery.

Arminas Jasikonis

“There are days when it’s worse. There are days when it’s better, but not bad at all compared to the first days after an incident. I still feel shoulder pain, but I’ve been working on that and since two weeks ago, I started driving a car. Everything happens gradually, I’m on my way forward, but you can’t overdo it. There’s a lot of desire for me, but I can’t do it all at once because I don’t know how the brain will accept it. I started running, the balance is good. In Finland, the medical profession will look at how far I have moved forward. The plan is to come back, it really is, but I can’t promise it. I’d like to be back in half a year. I just slept and woke up. I’m almost unscathed, just a little bit of a shoulder pain at the moment, but I’m working on it now.”

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Arminas Jasikonis
Arminas Jasikonis

MA announce 2021 National Championships Calendar

Motorcycling Australia (MA) have released the 2021 National Championships Calendar of events across a variety of disciplines including Australian and International Championships.

Included in the 2021 National Calendar are all MA sanctioned disciplines including the Australian Superbike Championship, Australian Off-Road Championship, ProMX Championship, Australian Junior, Senior and Sidecar Speedway Championships, Australian Supercross Championships, Australian Junior Motocross Championships, Australian Four Day Enduro, Australian Junior and Senior Track Championships, Australian Trials and X-Trials Championships, Classic and Post Classic Dirt Track & Motocross Championships, Australian ATV MX Championships and much more.

The calendar also includes internationally recognised events such as the MotoGP, FIM Asia Road Racing Championship, Oceania Junior Cup, FIM Oceania Speedway and Sidecar Championships, Finke and Hattah Desert Races, as well as Australian Three Day Vintage Enduro (A3VE).

A number of National Championship promoters are still to finalise venues and dates and we will provide updates as soon as they become available. To view the MA 2021 National Calendar click here (current, November 20, 2020).

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2021 Racing schedule

2021 AMA SX calendar

Date Event Venue Location E/W
Jan 16 Houston 1 NRG Stadium Houston, TX East
Jan 19 Houston 2 NRG Stadium Houston, TX East
Jan 23 Houston 3 NRG Stadium Houston, TX East
Jan 30 Indianapolis 1 Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, IN East
Feb 2 Indianapolis 2 Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, IN East
Feb 6 Indianapolis 3 Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, IN East
Feb20 Glendale 1 State Farm Stadium Glendale, AZ West
Feb 23 Glendale 2 State Farm Stadium Glendale, AZ West
Feb 27 Glendale 3 State Farm Stadium Glendale, AZ West
Mar 6 Daytona* Daytona Int. Speedway Daytona Beach, FL East
Mar 13 Arlington 1 AT&T Stadium Arlington, TX West
Mar 16 Arlington 2 AT&T Stadium Arlington, TX West
Mar 20 Arlington 3 AT&T Stadium Arlington, TX West
Round 17 Salt Lake City Rice-Eccles Stadium Salt Lake City, UT TBD

2021 Provisional MXGP Calendar

Rnd Grand Prix Date
1 MXGP of Oman, Muscat Fri 2 Apr – Sat 3 Apr
2 MXGP of Italy, TBA Sat 24 Apr – Sun 25 Apr
3 MXGP of Portugal, Agueda Sat 8 May – Sun 9 May
4 MXGP of The Netherlands, Oss Sat 22 May – Sun 23 May
5 MXGP of Germany, Teutschenthal Sat 29 May – Sun 30 May
6 MXGP of Russia, Orlyonok Sat 12 Jun – Sun 13 Jun
7 MXGP of Latvia, Kegums Sat 19 Jun – Sun 20 Jun
8 MXGP of Jakarta (INA), Jakarta Sat 3 Jul – Sun 4 Jul
9 MXGP of Indonesia, Semarang Sat 10 Jul – Sun 11 Jul
10 MXGP of Czech Replublic, Loket Sat 24 Jul – Sun 25 Jul
11 MXGP of Belgium, Lommel Sat 31 Jul – Sun 1 Aug
12 MXGP of Sweden, Uddevalla Sat 7 Aug – Sun 8 Aug
13 MXGP of Finland, Iitti-KimiRing Sat 21 Aug – Sun 22 Aug
14 MXGP of Igora Drive (RUS), Igora Drive Sat 28 Aug – Sun 29 Aug
15 MXGP of Turkey, Afyonkarahisar Sat 11 Sep – Sun 12 Sep
16 MXGP of China, TBA Sat 18 Sep – Sun 19 Sep
17 MXGP of France, St Jean d’Angely Sat 9 Oct – Sun 10 Oct
18 MXGP of Spain, intu Xanadu-Arroyomolinos Sat 16 Oct – Sun 17 Oct
19 TBA  Sat 30 Oct – Sun 31 Oct
20 MXGP of Patagonia Argentina, Neuquen Sat 13 Nov – Sun 14 Nov

2021 Yamaha AORC presented by MXStore calendar

Round Location Date
Rounds 1 & 2 Nowra, NSW March 27-28
Rounds 3 & 4 TBA, VIC April 17-18
Rounds 5 & 6 Kyogle, NSW July 17-18
Rounds 7 & 8 TBA, QLD August 6-7
Rounds 9 & 10 Kingston SE, SA September 18-19
Rounds 11 & 12 Omeo, VIC October 16-17

2021 Australian Pro MX calendar

Rnd Date Location
1 Apr-11 Wonthaggi, Victoria
2 May-02 Canberra, ACT
3 May-30 Gilman, South Australia
4 Jun-27 Maitland, NSW
5 Jul-25 Wodonga, Victoria
6 Aug-08 TBC, Queensland
7/8 August 14-15 Coolum, Queensland

2021 Speedway GP Calendar

Date Round Location
Apr-24 2021  FIM Speedway Grand Prix TBC
May-15 2021 PZM Warsaw  FIM Speedway Grand Prix of Poland PGE Narodowy
May-22 2021 German   FIM Speedway Grand Prix Bergring Arena
Jun-05 2021 Czech Republic  FIM Speedway Grand Prix Marketa Stadium
Jun-19 2021  FIM Speedway Grand Prix TBC
Jul-17 2021 Adrian Flux British  FIM Speedway Grand Prix Principality Stadium
Jul-31 2021 Betard Wroclaw FIM Speedway Grand Prix OF POLAND Olympic Stadium
Aug-14 2021 Swedish  FIM Speedway Grand Prix G&B Arena
Aug-28 2021 Russian FIM Speedway Grand Prix Anatoly Stepanov Stadium
Sep-11 2021 Danish FIM Speedway Grand Prix Sponsored by ECCO Vojens Speedway Center
Oct-02 2021 Torun  FIM Speedway Grand Prix of Poland Marian Rose MotoArena

2021 Australian Senior Speedway Solo calendar

Round Location Date
Round 1 Gillman Speedway, SA 3 January, 2021
Round 2 Olympic Park, VIC 5 January, 2021
Round 3 Diamond Park, Albury Wodonga, VIC 7 January, 2021
Round 4 Loxford Park, NSW 9 January, 2021
Round 5 Mick Doohan Raceway, QLD 13 January, 2021

2021 Australian Speedway events

Championship Location  Date
2021 Australian Under 21’s Speedway Championship Gillman Speedway, SA 16 January, 2021
2021 Australian Junior Speedway Sidecar Championship Pinjar Park, WA 3-4 April, 2021
2021 Australian Senior Speedway Sidecar Championship Pinjar Park, WA 3-4 April, 2021
2021 Speedway FIM Oceania Speedway Championship Gillman Speedway, SA 30 January, 2021
2021 Speedway FIM Oceania Speedway Sidecar Championship Gillman Speedway, SA 17 April, 2021

2021 Provisional Australian Supercross dates

  • 25 September – Further information TBA
  • 9 October – Further information TBA
  • 16 October – Further information TBA
  • 23 October – Further information TBA
  • 30 October – Further information TBA
  • 6 November – Further information TBA
  • 20 November – Further information TBA
  • 27 November – Further information TBA

2021 Australian Four Day Enduro (A4DE)
May 19-22 – Harvey, WA

2021 Enduro Australian Three Day Vintage Enduro (A3VE)
7-9 May – Blackwood, VIC

2021 Finke Desert Race
11-14 June – Northern Territory

2021 Hattah Desert Race
3-4 July – Hattah, Victoria

2021 Motocross Australian Classic Motocross Championship
9-11 July – Nowra, NSW

2021 Motocross Australian Post Classic Motocross
16-18 July – Nowra, NSW

2021 International Six Day Enduro (ISDE)
30 August – 4 September – Italy

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Source: MCNews.com.au

Moto News Weekly | AFT Peoria TT | AMA MX | MXGP | WMX | SGP

Moto News Weekly for August 20, 2019

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What happened this week

  • Briar Bauman wins 2019 Peoria TT
  • Dallas Daniels takes maiden AFT Singles win
  • Tomac & McElrath top Budds Creek National 2019
  • Tim Gajser clinches 2019 MXGP Championship title
  • Glenn Coldenhoff sweeps MXGP of Italy
  • Courtney Duncan takes double WMX win in Italy
  • Fredrik Lindgren tops Scandinavian FIM Speedway Grand
  • Courtney Duncan extends Kawasaki and Bike It DRT contract into 2020
  • Arminas Jasikonis extends Husqvarna contract
  • 2020 Yamaha Factory MXGP effort announced

Briar Bauman wins 2019 Peoria TT

Briar Bauman took another big step toward claiming the 2019 AFT Twins championship by winning Saturday’s 73rd Peoria TT in Peoria, Ill. The victory was Bauman’s fourth triumph of the ‘19 American Flat Track season.

AFT Peoria TT Rnd Twins Main Event FA
AFT Twins Main Event – 2019 Peoria TT

It also just so happened to be the first time any rider other than “the King of Peoria,” Henry Wiles had stood atop the premier-class podium here going all the way back to 2003.

Wiles, who had assembled a truly remarkable 14-race Peoria TT win streak coming into this year’s event, was forced to watch from the fences after undergoing surgery for an injury suffered less than two weeks ago at the Black Hills Half-Mile.

AFT Peoria TT Rnd Twins Main Event ERV
AFT Twins Main Event – 2019 Peoria TT

With Wiles out of the running, the race quickly took shape as a battle of brothers. Briar and younger brother Bronson Bauman appeared to be on a collision course in Turn 1 of the opening lap around the Peoria Motorcycle Club’s 5/8-mile TT track.

While they both made it through cleanly, that feeling of an imminent collision wouldn’t go away for the next 10 or so laps. The two went back and forth up front, ripping the lead away from one another multiple times before Briar finally muscled his way back into first in Turn 4 on lap nine.

AFT Peoria TT Rnd Twins Briar Bronson Bauman ERV
Briar Bauman & Bronson Bauman – AFT Twins Main Event – 2019 Peoria TT

Bronson again looked to counter, but Briar strung together a few perfect corners to stretch open a small gap. He’d go on to build that advantage up to just over a second before first encountering lapped traffic on lap 13 of 25.

That padding allowed him to be aggressive as he cut his way forward, eventually lapping all the way up to eighth position and backing down to a 2.967-second margin of victory at the checkered flag.

AFT Peoria TT Rnd Twins Roger Hayden ERV
Roger Hayden – AFT Twins Main Event – 2019 Peoria TT
Briar Bauman

“I was trying to just be as smooth as possible and not hit any of these holes and get too out of shape. It’s a bittersweet win… What could have happened between Henry and I? He owns this place, and I give a lot of respect to him. You don’t do something like that without being the greatest guy to ever race here. Hopefully next year we’re both healthy, and we can give the crowd a show.”

AFT Peoria TT Rnd Twins Briar Bauman ERV
Briar Bauman – AFT Twins Main Event – 2019 Peoria TT

Bronson Bauman cruised to second, taking the position with nearly five seconds in hand on third place. It was a different story for the final spot on the box, however. A titanic final lap showdown ultimately saw JD Beach storm past both Robert Pearson and defending champion Jared Mees in a desperate lunge to the stripe.

AFT Peoria TT Rnd Twins Briar Bronson Bauman ERV
Briar Bauman & Bronson Bauman – AFT Twins Main Event – 2019 Peoria TT

Beach had spent nearly the entire race looking for a way around Mees for third before Pearson closed in and displaced him to fifth with a lap-and-a-half remaining. Illinois-native Pearson also attempted to get the better of Mees in a final corner attempt at a home-state podium, but Beach was perfectly positioned to take advantage of their clash.

AFT Peoria TT Rnd Twins JD Beach ERV
JD Beach – AFT Twins Main Event – 2019 Peoria TT

Beach finished 0.049 seconds ahead of Pearson, who in turn bettered Mees by 0.034 seconds. It was a costly double demotion for Mees, who ran in third from the Main Event’s start until the final meters. As a result, he now trails Bauman by 38 points (243-205) with just five races in which to make up the deficit.

AFT Peoria TT Rnd Twins Victory Lane FA
AFT Twins Main Event Podium – 2019 Peoria TT

AFT Twins – 2019 Peoria TT Result

1 Briar Bauman Indian FTR750 0.000
2 Bronson Bauman Indian FTR750 2.967
3 JD Beach Yamaha MT-07 7.670
4 Robert Pearson Indian FTR750 7.720
5 Jared Mees Indian FTR750 7.754
6 Jarod Vanderkooi HD XG750R Rev X 8.678
7 Jake Johnson Yamaha MT-07 11.07
8 Jeffrey Carver Jr. Indian FTR750 17.878
9 Sammy Halbert HD XG750R Rev X +1 lap
10 Kolby Carlile Yamaha MT-07 +1 lap

AFT Twins Standings

1 Briar Bauman 243
2 Jared Mees 205
3 Bronson Bauman 183
4 Jeffrey Carver Jr. 155
5 Jarod Vanderkooi 146
6 Brandon Robinson 144
7 Henry Wiles 129
8 Jake Johnson 128
9 Robert Pearson 121
10 Sammy Halbert 115
11 JD Beach 104
12 Davis Fisher 101
13 Brandon Price 90
14 Bryan Smith 84
15 Larry Pegram 71
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Dallas Daniels takes maiden AFT Singles win

16-year-old phenomenon Dallas Daniels earned his maiden American Flat Track victory, obliterating a AFT Singles field stacked with TT superstars in Saturday’s 15-lap Main Event.

AFT Peoria TT Rnd Singles Dallas Daniels ERV
Dallas Daniels – AFT Singles Main Event – 2019 Peoria TT

Daniels got away in fifth but wasted no time in slashing his way through the decorated pack. He drove up the inside of three-time Peoria TT winner Jesse Janisch for third on lap 2, providing an early demonstration of just how serious the youngster’s challenge would be on this day.

Pre-race favorite Janisch responded the next time around, but Daniels immediately criss-crossed him and also overhauled offroad legend Ryan Sipes in one epic maneuver to take control of second. Daniels then proceeded to run down reigning class champion Dan Bromley and dive up the inside of him the next time into Turn 4 to take the lead on lap 4.

AFT Peoria TT Rnd Singles Main ERV
AFT Singles Main Event – 2019 Peoria TT

Daniels raced off into the distance from that point forward, ultimately sealing his first-career AFT win in the same season he also claimed his first-career MotoAmerica victory.

Dallas Daniels

“The track was pretty treacherous and slick today, so it was really tough. I was just trying to find certain lines, and I think I found a few before the rest of the guys did. My bike was just working so good — it was perfect. I love my team and everything they’ve done for me, and also all the people who have helped get me to this point even before this year. I’ve been dreaming of this my whole life, and to do it so soon… We’re just going to keep going.”

AFT Peoria TT Rnd Singles Dallas Daniels FA
Dallas Daniels – AFT Singles Main Event – 2019 Peoria TT

Bromley held on for a solid second, which, when factored in with the sixth-place finish of Dalton Gauthier, sees the two riders sit equal atop the points chase (216-216) with just four races remaining to decide the 2019 AFT Singles crown.

Janisch was heading in the wrong direction midway through the Main, being passed by both James Rispoli and Jacob Lehmann. Despite sitting fifth with just a couple short laps remaining, Janisch dug deep. He fought his way back past ‘14 Peoria TT winner Lehmann, and then snuck past Rispoli – who was nursing a flat tire the last two laps – by a scant 0.003 seconds at the checkered to steal away the final spot on the podium.

AFT Peoria TT Rnd Singles Dallas Daniels FA
Dallas Daniels – AFT Singles Main Event – 2019 Peoria TT

Rispoli was forced to accept fourth, followed by Lehmann in fifth and Gauthier in sixth. Buffalo Chip TT winner Sipes finished a further spot back in seventh.

AFT Peoria TT Rnd Singles Max Whale Chad Cose ERV
Max Whale and Chad Cose – AFT Singles Main Event – 2019 Peoria TT

Aussie Max Whale came home in ninth, and currently holds the same position in the overall standings, with 100 championship points.

AFT Peoria TT Rnd Singles Victory Lane FA
Dallas Daniels on the podium – AFT Singles Main Event – 2019 Peoria TT

AFT Singles – 2019 Peoria TT Result

1 Dallas Daniels Yamaha YZ450F 0.000
2 Dan Bromley KTM 450 SX-F 2.124
3 Jesse Janisch Yamaha YZ450F 4.741
4 James Rispoli Honda CRF450R 4.745
5 Jacob Lehmann Honda CRF450R 4.893
6 Dalton Gauthier Husqvarna FC450 6.051
7 Ryan Sipes KTM 450 SX-F 6.636
8 Morgen Mischler Yamaha YZ450F 9.314
9 Max Whale Kawasaki KX450F 10.014
10 Mikey Rush Honda CRF450R 10.614

AFT Singles Standings

1 Dalton Gauthier 216
2 Dan Bromley 216
3 Mikey Rush 202
4 Jesse Janisch 174
5 Shayna Texter 153
6 Chad Cose 151
7 Ryan Wells 143
8 Morgen Mischler 125
9 Max Whale 100
10 Kevin Stollings 93
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Tomac & McElrath top Budds Creek National 2019

For the full report see:
Eli Tomac wins Budds Creek and takes third consecutive AMA MX Title (link)

The 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship made its annual visit to Southern Maryland for the 30th running of the Budds Creek National at the historic Budds Creek Motocross Park, with huge crowd filling the hillsides as they watched the racers face challenging conditions throughout the day.


It was all about Eli Tomac in the 450 Class, becoming just the fourth rider to clinch a third consecutive title. Tomac proved to be unstoppable en route to a dominant 1-1 performance for a class-leading fifth victory of the season.

AMA MX Tomac Roczen Osborne Musquin Multiple JK MX BuddsCreek
Eli Tomac – Budds Creek MX National 2019 – Image by Hoppenworld

The win marked the 22nd of his career and puts him in a tie with Ricky Johnson for fourth on the all-time 450 Class win list. Jason Anderson used an impressive second moto charge for second overall (4-2), while Marvin Musquin completed the podium in third (3-3).

AMA MX Podium Tomac Anderson Musquin JK MX BuddsCreek
Eli Tomac – Budds Creek MX National 2019 – Image by Hoppenworld
450 Class Overall Results (Moto Finish)
  1. Eli Tomac, Cortez, Colo., Kawasaki (1-1)
  2. Jason Anderson, Edgewood, N.M., Husqvarna (4-2)
  3. Marvin Musquin, France, KTM (3-3)
  4. Ken Roczen, Germany, Honda (2-7)
  5. Zach Osborne, Abingdon, Va., Husqvarna (5-4)
  6. Justin Barcia, Monroe, N.Y., Yamaha (6-5)
  7. Dean Wilson, Scotland, Husqvarna (8-6)
  8. Aaron Plessinger, Hamilton, Ohio, Yamaha (9-9)
  9. Benny Bloss, Oak Grove, Mo., KTM (7-11)
  10. Kyle Cunningham, Willow Park, Texas, Honda (11-8)
450 Class Championship Standings
  1. Eli Tomac, Cortez, Colo., Kawasaki – 476
  2. Marvin Musquin, France, KTM – 426
  3. Ken Roczen, Germany, Honda – 421
  4. Jason Anderson, Edgewood, N.M., Husqvarna – 376
  5. Zach Osborne, Abingdon, Va., Husqvarna – 365
  6. Cooper Webb, Newport, N.C., KTM – 324
  7. Justin Barcia, Monroe, N.Y., Yamaha – 283
  8. Fredrik Noren, Sweden, Suzuki – 218
  9. Justin Bogle, Cushing, Okla., KTM – 210
  10. Blake Baggett, Grand Terrace, Calif., KTM – 175
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In the 250 Class Shane McElrath was the surprise winner by sweeping both motos for the second overall victory of his career and first this season. Championship point leader Adam Cianciarulo’s 2-5 moto scores were good enough for second on the day, extending his lead to 30-points with just one round remaining.

AMA MX McElrath JK MX BuddsCreek
Shane McElrath – Budds Creek MX National 2019 – Image by Hoppenworld

Cianciarulo continues to lead Dylan Ferrandis in the standings, while Ferrandis suffered from poor starts and finished fourth (4-4), with Justin Cooper taking third overall with his 6-2 result.

AMA MX Trophy McElrathJK MX BuddsCreek
Shane McElrath – Budds Creek MX National 2019 – Image by Hoppenworld

Hunter Lawrence was just outside the top 10 overall for the weekend, after claiming a 10-12 result.

Hunter Lawrence (Instagram)

“All you keyboard warriors, I smoked @jettson49 in timed qualy and first moto despite getting caught up in first turn crash! So suck it, big bro still rules the castle, first race back and we went P2 and P4 in qualifying which was good! I was already faced with a tough day ahead after my time off so both motos being involved in the first turn crashes coming from pretty much last both motos wasn’t a great way to start my races, summary of today though, speed is good, working on fitness and strength I lost whilst being out for two and a bit weeks! Thanks to my boy @snyder_50 out here sweating his ring out, it was scorching today! And thank you team @fchonda and everyone else supporting us! We appreciate all of you!”

AMA MX Hunter Lawrence JK MX BuddsCreek
Hunter Lawrence – Budds Creek MX National 2019 – Image by Hoppenworld

Recently turned 16-years-old younger brother Jett raced to a 24-30 placing, for 26th overall.

Jett Lawrence (Instagram)

“Had my best qualifying so far with a ninth gate pick and was feeling good. First moto started off with not the best start and was able to come through to 15th and pulled off right before the finish line so I didn’t get any points with the amateur rule. Second moto started off with a pretty good start in 12th and made my way to fifth and was feeling good but then the heat started getting to me and was starting to feel a little light headed and not good round the 20 minute mark, 90% humidity and scorching heat was gnarly! Was really bummed about that cause I was in a really good spot and don’t worry @hunterlawrence this ain’t over bud.”

AMA MX Jett Lawrence Pits JK MX BuddsCreek
Jett Lawrence – Budds Creek MX National 2019 – Image by Hoppenworld

250 Class Overall Results (Moto Finish)

  1. Shane McElrath, Canton, N.C., KTM (1-1)
  2. Adam Cianciarulo, Port Orange, Fla., Kawasaki (2-5)
  3. Justin Cooper, Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y., Yamaha (6-2)
  4. Dylan Ferrandis, France, Yamaha (4-4)
  5. RJ Hampshire, Hudson, Fla., Honda (3-8)
  6. Cameron McAdoo, Sioux City, Iowa, KTM (8-9)
  7. Chase Sexton, La Moille, Ill., Honda (12-6)
  8. Ty Masterpool, Paradise, Texas, Yamaha (7-11)
  9. Alex Martin, Millville, Minn., Suzuki (18-3)
  10. Michael Mosiman, Sebastopol, Calif., Husqvarna (5-14)
    …12. Hunter Lawrence, Australia, Honda (10-13)
    …26. Jett Lawrence, Australia, Honda (24-30)

250 Class Championship Standings

  1. Adam Cianciarulo, Port Orange, Fla., Kawasaki – 479
  2. Dylan Ferrandis, France, Yamaha – 449
  3. Justin Cooper, Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y., Yamaha – 419
  4. RJ Hampshire, Hudson, Fla., Honda – 310
  5. Colt Nichols, Muskogee, Okla., Yamaha – 292
  6. Chase Sexton, La Moille, Ill., Honda – 278
  7. Alex Martin, Millville, Minn., Suzuki – 277
  8. Shane McElrath, Canton, N.C., KTM – 260
  9. Michael Mosiman, Sebastopol, Calif., Husqvarna – 258
  10. Hunter Lawrence, Australia, Honda – 252
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Tim Gajser clinches 2019 MXGP Championship title

Team HRC’s Tim Gajser has won his third world motocross championship of his career (two-times MXGP, one time MX2) after dominating this 2019 MXGP season. Clinching the title with three and a half rounds still remaining, Gajser has been almost unbeatable at stages of the year, including going on a record-breaking seven round win-streak, which is now the longest in Honda’s illustrious history of Grand Prix motocross.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Gajser bybavo
Tim Gajser – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola

Starting the season off with solid results in Argentina, Great Britain and the Netherlands, Gajser’s campaign sparked into life after winning an enthralling battle at the MXGP of Trentino. On the tight track nestled in the Alpine region, the Slovenian rider was almost flawless as he fought for almost the entirety of both motos with the early-season leader, eventually coming out victorious with one-one results and ensuring the massive Slovenian fan contingent went home happy.

After a tough round in Mantova, the Honda CRF450RW then went on a run that saw him win overalls in Portugal, France, Russia, Latvia, Germany, Indonesia and Asia (also Indonesia), taking 12 moto wins out of a possible 14 and turning a 40 point deficit into 173 point lead. He powered his way to multiple holeshots and led almost 70% of the laps during that period and fully cemented his place as the man to beat in this 2019 world motocross championship.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Gajser bybavo
Tim Gajser – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola

Returning to Europe, he then backed up his title claim by riding to a controlled second place at the Czech GP, extending the point’s gap to 177 with five rounds left to race. A week after Loket, he won his eighth GP in nine rounds but taking victory at the toughest race on the calendar in the deep sand of Lommel, Belgium. This meant he only needed 13 points from the first MXGP moto (or 12 less than his nearest rival), a target he was able to achieve with ease, sparking wild celebrations at the famous racing circuit of Imola, Italy.

After his back-to-back titles in 2015 (MX2) and 2016 (MXGP), the #243 now joins a very select list of riders who have won three world championships on-board a Honda, with Andre Malherbe (1980, 1981, 1984), David Thorpe (1985, 1986, 1989), Georges Jobe (1987, 1991, 1992) and Eric Geboers (1987, 1988, 1990) the only other men to have achieved this feat.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Gajser bybavo
Tim Gajser – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola

He moved to joint-second in the all-time Honda wins list with 24 (after Lommel), sitting level with Stefan Everts (24) and Malherbe who has 27, and with four rounds still remaining (including Imola) there is still a possibility he can move to the top of the list, were he to win-out the rest of the season.

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Glenn Coldenhoff sweeps MXGP of Italy

For the full round report see:
Tim Gajser clinches 2019 MXGP title for Honda at Imola (link)

Tim Gajser may have celebrated the MXGP title win, but KTM’s Glenn Coldenhoff was celebrating his own GP win, having taken both race wins for a perfect 50-points, ahead of Jeremy Seewer and third placed Tim Gajser. Gautier Paulin narrowly missed the podium, on 38-points, the same as Gajser, but better placings ensured Gajser took the final step.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Glenn Coldenhoff
Glenn Coldenhoff – Image by Ray Archer

Gajser now holds the lead and title, however Jeremy Seewer sits second on 481-points, with Gautier Paulin on 440 and Arnaud Tonus on 419.

Glenn Coldenhoff

“I won a race and the overall in 2015, but now going 1-1 here it is amazing and I wish to thank my team. We had a tough time and a lot of negatives, but now I’m happy and my boss too. I won my first GP with him and also my third today. It means a lot. I never got 1-1 in the MXGP class and I want to thank everyone for helping me out.”

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Glenn Coldenhoff
Glenn Coldenhoff – Image by Ray Archer
Jeremy Seewer

“I had two amazing races, I was consistend and I tried to make zero mistakes. The heat was brutal but we go one step higher every time. I want to thank the team, my fans and my girlfriend.”

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Jeremy Seewer
Jeremy Seewer – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola
Tim Gajser

“It was crazy. I am super happy, and I couldn’t wish for a better season or a team around me. I didn’t sleep a lot last night but today is a big day and I tried to take this race the same as all the others. I was fast in the first race even if I didn’t have the best start but I got to second and tried to win the race, but I was quite nervous and I couldn’t. Second race was better. I’m really happy to finish on the podium and to get the 2019 MXGP Title. Also, I want to thank my family and my girlfriend, and all the fans who follow me.”

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola HRC Gajser Imola bybavo F
Tim Gajser and the HRC team celebrate the MXGP title win – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola

MXGP Round Overall

# Rider R1 R2 Total
1 Coldenhoff, Glenn NED KTM 25 25 50
2 Seewer, Jeremy SUI YAM 22 20 42
3 Gajser, Tim SLO HON 16 22 38
4 Paulin, Gautier FRA YAM 20 18 38
5 Jonass, Pauls LAT HUS 15 16 31
6 Searle, Tommy GBR KAW 13 14 27
7 Febvre, Romain FRA YAM 11 15 26
8 Lupino, Alessandro ITA KAW 12 12 24
9 Tonus, Arnaud SUI YAM 18 5 23
10 Tixier, Jordi FRA KTM 9 13 22

MXGP Standings (Top 20)

# Rider Total
1 Gajser, Tim 664
2 Seewer, Jeremy 481
3 Paulin, G. 440
4 Tonus, Arnaud 419
5 Coldenhoff, G. 399
6 Jasikonis, A. 377
7 Febvre, Romain 362
8 Cairoli, A. 358
9 Jonass, Pauls 352
10 Van Horebeek, J. 347
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Jorge Prado’s domination of the MX2 category continued in Italy, with the KTM rider taking both race wins for 50-points, extending his championship lead to 130-points over Thomas Kjer Olsen. Olsen was runner up for the MX2 class going 2-2, with Maxime Renaux claiming the final podium position. Jago Geerts took fourth for the round, and currently sits third in the standings, 117-points behind Olsen.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Jorge Prado
Jorge Prado – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola
Jorge Prado

“It was an amazing day and yesterday it was very good. We are having a fantastic 2019 season. I’m very happy to get the win and next weekend will hopefully be a good one. I’m very happy to get two races wins and I am really excited. In the first race I got a good start, the first lap I was behind Darian and tried to pass and I made it. I just wanted to be safe out of this race and hopefully we can do the same in the second race.”

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Jorge Prado
Jorge Prado – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola
Thomas Kjer Olsen

“It was an amazing comeback because Lommel was tough for me. We made some small changes to the bike and I want to thank the team for getting me comfortable. I showed I was back and could push the whole weekend. I want to thank all the people who always support me.”

MXGP Rnd Belgium Pirelli MX Olsen action
Thomas Kjer Olsen – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola
Maxime Renaux

“It is really special getting a podium finish. These last couple of years were though and I hope I’ll keep improving.”

MX2 Round Overall

# Rider R1 R2 Total
1 Prado, Jorge 25 25 50
2 Olsen, Thomas Kjer 22 22 44
3 Renaux, Maxime 20 18 38
4 Geerts, Jago 18 16 34
5 Vlaanderen, Calvin 13 20 33
6 Larranaga Olano, Iker 14 14 28
7 Hofer, Rene 15 10 25
8 Jacobi, Henry 8 15 23
9 Boisrame, Mathys 16 6 22
10 Östlund, Alvin 9 12 21

MX2 Standings

# Rider Points
1 Prado, Jorge 694
2 Olsen, T. 564
3 Geerts, Jago 447
4 Jacobi, Henry 422
5 Vialle, Tom 416
6 Sterry, Adam 320
7 Renaux, Maxime 309
8 Watson, Ben 282
9 Vlaanderen, C. 281
10 Boisrame, M. 255

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Courtney Duncan takes double WMX win in Italy

There’s no stopping Kiwi motocross sensation Courtney Duncan as she hones in on her first Women’s Motocross World Championship (WMX) title, after notching up her third double set of wins at the MXGP of Italy this weekend.

The Otago-born, Bike It Dixon Racing Team Kawasaki rider has extended her overall lead out to a huge 23-points, with only one round left to run early next month, claiming a 1-1 result. Second overall was Larissa Papenmeier with 2-2 scores and third Nancy Van De Ven with 3-4 scores.

Courtney Duncan – 2019 MXGP of Italy

Duncan didn’t have it easy, as she fought tooth and nail for her two victories at the epic ‘Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari’ Italian circuit in Imola. After qualifying first – making her debut on the hard-pack slick track – she elbowed her way into the lead early in the hot race, where temperatures soared up over 30degC.

A small fall saw Duncan drop behind Nancy Van De Ven, before she caught and passed the Dutch woman mid-race, leaving her to eventually finish third behind German rider Larissa Papenmeier, who was second. Duncan showed her world-class pedigree, recovering to win by 8.2secs, while not putting undue pressure on herself.

She went out and hit repeat on the second race, notching up her seventh race win and third overall round victory in 2019, leaving her rivals to pick up the podium spots. Papenmeier was again runner-up and Belgium’s Amandine Verstappen was third.

Courtney Duncan – 2019 MXGP of Italy
Courtney Duncan

“It was really difficult for me. The track changed a lot from qualifying to the first moto. It took a while to adapt to the conditions. I wasn’t willing to do anything more than I had to do to protect my championship lead. It’s a good weekend if you can extend your lead in the championship and get two wins. It didn’t come easy for me though. I found the track difficult. It was hard pack and slick, but they put a lot of water down, so I had to be careful not to make too many mistakes because it could catch me out. I didn’t get into that nice rhythm until about halfway through the races. It feels even better when you win like that. I’m in a good position heading into the final round in Turkey in three weeks’ time. The Kawasaki KX250 was super good. I’m really gelling with the bike – like I’ve said all season, its set up really nicely for me. Its good to put the green on top for sure!”

Courtney Duncan – 2019 MXGP of Italy

Duncan will remain in Europe to train with the experienced British Kawasaki squad Bike It DRT, who she has been racing for this season.

WMX – Overall Top Ten

  1. Courtney Duncan (NZL, KAW), 50 points
  2. Larissa Papenmeier (GER, YAM), 44
  3. Nancy Van De Ven (NED, YAM), 38
  4. Amandine Verstappen (BEL, YAM), 35
  5. Sara Andersen (DEN, KTM), 34
  6. Lynn Valk (NED, YAM), 30
  7. Shana van der Vlist (NED, KTM), 29
  8. Emelie Dahl (SWE, YAM), 23
  9. Sandra Karlsson (SWE, KAW), 23
  10. Britt Van Der Werff (NED, HUS), 20

WMX – Championship Top Ten

  1. Courtney Duncan (NZL, KAW), 189 points
  2. Larissa Papenmeier (GER, YAM), 166
  3. Nancy Van De Ven (NED, YAM), 163
  4. Amandine Verstappen (BEL, YAM), 135
  5. Shana van der Vlist (NED, KTM), 122
  6. Lynn Valk (NED, YAM), 120
  7. Sara Andersen (DEN, KTM), 109
  8. Anne Borchers (GER, SUZ), 82
  9. Line Dam (DEN, HON), 81
  10. Nicky van Wordragen (NED, YAM), 65
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Fredrik Lindgren tops Scandinavian FIM Speedway Grand

Swedish hero Fredrik Lindgren admits the energy generated by his home fans helped him defy a horror crash to top the Scandinavian FIM Speedway Grand Prix podium in Malilla on Saturday. Lindgren triumphed in the final ahead of new World Championship leader Leon Madsen, Maciej Janowski and Artem Laguta, with Fast Freddie claiming his first SGP success on home shale since his Gothenburg victory in 2012.

Scandinavian FIM Speedway Grand Prix
Fredrik Lindgren topped the 2019 Scandinavian FIM Speedway Grand

It was a moment to savour for Lindgren as the yellow and blue flags flew high at the G&B Arena. Despite sustaining a suspected right knee injury in heat six, Lindgren picked up the pace as the meeting progressed and admits the excitement in the stands only inspired him on the bike.

Fredrik Lindgren

“It’s always great to win, but it’s always extra nice to win in front of your home crowd. I could see the atmosphere building because I think the fans saw my form was picking up going into the semi. I think they had big hopes for the final, as I did, and I think everyone just went crazy as I crossed the line. I was focused all night, especially with the crowd – it helps me and gives me a lot of good energy. I know for a fact they wanted me to win, but I don’t feel any extra pressure. I just went out and performed for them. I enjoy it.”

Lindgren was forced to do it the hard way after being involved in an ugly three-rider spill in heat six, when Patryk Dudek ran out of room as he challenged Mikkel Michelsen for the lead.

Scandinavian FIM Speedway Grand Prix
2019 Scandinavian FIM Speedway Grand

Dudek bounced off the back-straight fence with his bike falling across the path of Lindgren and Max Fricke. Both men jumped the stricken machine motocross-style, barely missing Dudek and careered into the air fence.

Miraculously, all three riders walked away from the crash, but Lindgren is set to be assessed with concerns over his right knee. Lindgren is now fifth in the World Championship on 63 points – 12 behind leader Madsen, but just six adrift of Bartosz Zmarzlik in second.

Runner-up Madsen received a pain-killing injection in his ankle ahead of the meeting and admits it made all the difference as he racked up 14 points to go six points clear at the World Championship summit. The European champion, also defied shoulder and back problems to produce an extraordinary performance.

Scandinavian FIM Speedway Grand Prix
Fredrik Lindgren topped the 2019 Scandinavian FIM Speedway Grand

Third-placed Janowski edged up to seventh in the standings with his 15-point haul. While he was somewhat disappointed not to top the box on his Swedish home track, he was content with a third straight double-figure return.

Next up is the German SGP in Teterow on August 31.

SGP World Championship Standings

  1. Leon Madsen 75
  2. Bartosz Zmarzlik 69
  3. Emil Sayfutdinov 68
  4. Martin Vaculik 68
  5. Fredrik Lindgren 63
  6. Patryk Dudek 61
  7. Maciej Janowski 51
  8. Artem Laguta 50
  9. Janusz Kolodziej 48
  10. Jason Doyle 42
  11. Niels-Kristian Iversen 41
  12. Matej Zagar 37
  13. Max Fricke 36
  14. Antonio Lindback 30
  15. Tai Woffinden 27
  16. Robert Lambert 24
  17. Bartosz Smektala 10
  18. Mikkel Michelsen 9
  19. Oliver Berntzon 7
  20. Vaclav Milik 4
  21. Maksym Drabik 4
  22. Matic Ivacic 2
  23. Jacob Thorssell 2.

2019 Scandinavian SGP Scores

  1. Fredrik Lindgren 16
  2. Leon Madsen 14
  3. Maciej Janowski 15
  4. Artem Laguta 16
  5. Mikkel Michelsen 9
  6. Martin Vaculik 9
  7. Bartosz Zmarzlik 8
  8. Matej Zagar 7
  9. Jason Doyle 7
  10. Niels-Kristian Iversen 7
  11. Emil Sayfutdinov 7
  12. Patryk Dudek 6
  13. Tai Woffinden 6
  14. Max Fricke 5
  15. Janusz Kolodziej 4
  16. Jacob Thorssell 2
  17. Kim Nilsson DNR
  18. Victor Palovaara DNR
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Duncan extends Kawasaki and Bike It DRT contract into 2020

Immediately after celebrating her third consecutive double-moto GP success at Imola Courtney Duncan extended her contract with Kawasaki Motors Europe and the Bike It DRT squad into the 2020 season.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola DRT GP PH
Courtney Duncan extends her partnership with Bike It DRT into 2020 – 2019 MXGP of Italy

The 2019 season has been excellent so far for both Courtney and DRT manager Steve Dixon, who collected the podium honours at each of the last three rounds of the FIM World WMX Women’s Motocross Championship and have led the series since the Portuguese GP in May.

Victorious in every moto bar one at the opening round of the series, the twenty-three-year-old New Zealander quickly adapted to her new bike and team and is now close to her first-ever world title as she leads the series by twenty-three points headed for the final round in Turkey on September 7/8. Successfully racing the new 2020 KX250 to victory in the last two rounds, Courtney was so happy with her new environment that she has already extended her contract for the future.

New Zealander Courtney Duncan has been blazing ahead in the WMX – 2019 MXGP of Italy
Courtney Duncan

“I’m very thankful and excited to announce that I have extended my contract with Kawasaki and DRT through 2020. I really feel at home with the team and feel the KX250 suits me perfectly. This is just the start and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can continue to achieve together in the future.”

Steve Guttridge (Kawasaki Europe Racing Manager)

“Courtney’s arrival this season at Kawasaki and within the DRT set-up was an instant success. She has gelled with both the KX250 and the team and we can see positive proof in her winning performances on the track so far this season. She is a pleasure to work with both on and off the track, so we are very happy that she has committed herself to continue to race with Kawasaki in the future.”

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Arminas Jasikonis extends Husqvarna contract

Husqvarna Motorcycles have announced that Arminas Jasikonis has signed a one-year extension to his current contract with Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing. This new agreement will see the Lithuanian continue to compete in the MXGP category through to the end of the 2020 season.

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Arminas Jasikonis Action
Arminas Jasikonis

21-year-old Jasikonis signed to the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna team at the end of 2018. Marking his third full year of competition in the premier MXGP class in 2019, the Husqvarna FC 450 mounted rider claimed a number of top-five race results including a third-place finish in the first moto at the GP of Lombardia.

Despite a number of small crashes hampering his progress, Arminas sits sixth overall in the FIM MXGP World Championship classification with four rounds left to race. Jasikonis will once again compete alongside Pauls Jonass in 2020, under the expert guidance of team manager Antti Pyrhönen.

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Arminas Jasikonis
Arminas Jasikonis
Arminas Jasikonis

“It means so much to me to be given the opportunity to ride for such a great team. It feels great to know that the team believes in me and what I can achieve. Admittedly, 2019 has not been the best year for me, a few mistakes have affected my results, but I’m happy with my progress on the bike and I’m keen to deliver the results I know I’m capable of. For 2020, remaining with the same team takes a lot of pressure off – we already have a very good set-up for the races and a good atmosphere within the team. I’m really looking forward to continuing to improve and hopefully securing some top results.”

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing ARMINAS JASIKONIS
Arminas Jasikonis
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2020 Yamaha Factory MXGP effort announced

Following the announcement of Yamaha Motor Europe’s reformed Racing Strategy that will see the Monster Energy Wilvo Yamaha MXGP and Monster Energy Kemea Yamaha MX2 take on Factory status in 2020, it is with great pleasure that Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. can confirm that next seasons rider rostrum will consist of Jeremy Seewer, Gautier Paulin, Arnaud Tonus, Jago Geerts and Ben Watson.

Monster Energy Wilvo Yamaha MXGP and Monster Energy Kemea Yamaha MX
2020 Monster Energy Wilvo Yamaha MXGP and Monster Energy Kemea Yamaha MX2 rider line-ups announced

Currently making up the top-four in the 2019 MXGP World Championship with four rounds remaining, Seewer, Paulin and Tonus have put in some outstanding performances this season where between them they have accumulated 14 podium finishes in as many rounds.

Seewer has enjoyed a second full season with Yamaha inside the premier class, where he has taken his YZ450FM to four podium finishes and is currently second position in the Championship Standings with a 37-points advantage over Paulin.

Jeremy Seewer – Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP

“It feels really good to stay with Yamaha for another season, especially after what happened to me at the end of 2017, I really feel like Yamaha helped me out of that situation and gave me an opportunity to grow into the MXGP class, and also to grow with a Factory team again. I really enjoyed my time with the Rinaldi team where I had a really good relationship with everyone there and we’ve had a good season. Going into 2020, I am happy to remain on the Factory team even though the team will be different. It will be a new chapter and I look forward to building on it.”

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Jeremy Seewer
Jeremy Seewer

Paulin is currently third and has also accumulated four podium successes onboard his YZ450F, while teammate Tonus is 6-points further adrift in fourth position and has crested the podium on six occasions this season.

Gautier Paulin – Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP

“Already this season, Yamaha and I have made some really big goals and have put together a big testing plan that we feel will get me back to the top. We have worked hard to have a good feeling on the motorcycle, which I have, and I am now third position in the championship. There have been many races where my Yamaha has been up front, and I have a lot of confidence in the brand and in my team. It feels really good to continue with Yamaha. One year moves quickly, and it is always a positive feeling to sign another year where we can improve the plan by making it stronger. Yamaha have put in a huge amount of effort to restructure the strategy for 2020, and I am very excited to move in this direction with them, and I am excited for what is yet to come.”

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Gautier Paulin
Gautier Paulin
Arnaud Tonus – Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP

“It feels amazing to stay with Yamaha. We have been through a lot together, many highs, many lows. Yamaha supported me at my lowest, and this year we were rewarded with many good times and a lot of success too. I am so happy to continue with the team for another season. It feels like home to me. I feel it’s very important to have the Yamaha Family behind me, and with extra support in 2020 as a Factory team. This will mean we have access to even better material, and extra technical support which will help us evolve the bike further. I am super excited for the 2020 season!”

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Tonus
Arnaud Tonus

All three riders will make up the Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP team where they will line up on YZ450FM machinery determined to challenge the MXGP crown in 2020.

Strengthening Yamaha’s 2020 Strategy, the Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2 team has retained its strong contingent of MX2 riders for yet another season, Jago Geerts and Ben Watson.

Widely recognized as one of the most promising young talents in the world, Geerts is one of only three race winners this season. The 19-year-old is in his second full MX2 season and has managed to celebrate five podium finishes this year. He is currently 3-points from securing a place inside the top-three in the 2019 MX2 World Championship with four rounds remaining.

MXGP Rnd Czech Loket Jago Geerts
Jago Geerts

Fresh off a maiden podium in 2019, Watson has proven he still has what it takes to challenge the crown despite facing some adversity this season. The 22-year-old is currently seventh in the championship standings after suffering from a broken hand that required surgical repair.

Both riders are looking forward to the 2020 season where they aim to challenge a place on the top step of the podium on Yamaha’s cutting edge YZ250FM.

Jago Geerts – Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2

“I am happy to sign with Yamaha for another season. I really look forward to 2020 where we will receive extra support from Yamaha as the Factory MX2 team, which will mean we will receive special material and added technical support. This will make a big difference in the development of the bike. I can’t wait to ride the Factory bike, and I look forward to seeing what we can achieve next season.”

MXGP Rnd Czech Loket Jago Geerts
Jago Geerts
Ben Watson – Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2

“It’s great to sign a new contract with Yamaha for next season, and that they still believe in me. I have always dreamed of being a factory rider, and next year I will have the opportunity. I am already looking forward to 2020 where I hope to achieve what I know I am capable of achieving. Perhaps the most exciting thing about the new deal is that we will have Factory support and I look forward to developing the YZ250FM and taking the bike to the next level. I am really grateful for this opportunity, and I hope to make the most of it.”

Ben Watson
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Source: MCNews.com.au