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Win and podium at Aragon secures Billy van Eerde sixth in Rookies Cup

A win on Saturday backed up with a second place in Sunday’s Red Bull Rookies Cup finale promoted Australian youngster Billy van Eerde from ninth place in the series to sixth place in the final Red Bull Rookies Cup points standings for 2019.

Rookies Aragon R Billy Van Eerde Trophy
Billy Van Eerde – Aragon 2019

Billy scored no points in the four opening races of the calendar, but finished the season on a high note with four podium scores across the final five races.

Rookies Aragon R Billy Van Eerde Leads
Billy van Eerde #29 leading at Aragon

Billy Van Eerde

“That was a great way to end the year, I’m very happy. Perhaps I went a bit early at the end this time, didn’t quite work it the same way as yesterday. The group was a lot bigger today, more finishers, but being on the podium is really good,” he concluded.

Rookies Aragon R Billy Van Eerde Miller
Billy always has Jack Miller in his corner.

David Salvador won what was an incredible Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup finale in Motorland Aragón.

Rookies Aragon R David Salvador
David Salvador victorious in the final race of the season

The 15-year-old Spaniard put in a brilliant last lap move and flashed across the line just ahead of Marcos Uriarte and Billy van Eerde with 1.7 seconds covering the first 15 finishers.

Rookies Aragon R Van Eerde Salvador Uriarte
Red Bull Rookies Cup Aragon Race Two Results
David Salvador
Billy van Eerde +0.060s
Marcos Uriarte +0.016s

Pole sitter Uriarte was immediately penalised a place for exceeding track limits but still climbed onto the podium in third place behind 17-year-old Australian van Eerde.

Rookies Aragon R Pedro Acosta Mario Aji Marcos Uriarte Lorenzo Fellon
Pedro Acosta leads in this shot from Mario Aji, Marcos Uriararte and Lorenzo Fellon

Lorenzo Fellon was fourth, another great ride from the 15-year-old Frenchman who also has 4 fifths, 3 sixths and 2 sevenths from his first Cup season. He missed a podium in Jerez because of track limits but had a great year to finish fifth in the championship.

15-year-old Spaniard Pedro Acosta worked his way through from ninth and spent plenty of time at the front. He too headed the pack on the last lap and his seventh place finish was good enough to secure him second place in the 2019 Red Bull Rookies Cup.

Pedro Acosta

“I remembered from yesterday that leading onto the back straight is not the best plan so I thought that 4th or 5th would be perfect. I thought it would work but I touched with Noguchi, it happens, that’s racing but it wrecked my plan. Still I am happy with the way I rode and it’s been a great first season in Rookies Cup.”

Rookies Aragon R Pedro Acosta David Salvador
Pedro Acosta leads David Salvador

Cup winner Carlos Tatay did not race the final round as he instead joined the seniors in the Moto3 category at Aragon where the 16-year-old finished a highly creditable 12th. 

Rookies Aragon R Carlos Tatay
Red Bull Rookies Cup Champion Carlos Tatay
Red Bull Rookies Cup Aragon Race Two Results
  1. David Salvador
  2. Billy van Eerde +0.060s
  3. Marcos Uriarte +0.016s
  4. Lorenzo Fellon +0.147s
  5. Haruki Noguchi +0.202s
  6. Nario Aji +0.472s
  7. Pedro Acosta +0.524s
  8. Barry Baltus +0.588s
  9. Alex Escrig +0.739s
  10. Jason Dupasquier +1.039s
2019 Red Bull Rookies Cup Final Points Standings
  1. Carlos Tatay 194
  2. Pedro Acosta 162
  3. Haruki Noguchi 151
  4. David Salvador 120
  5. Lorenzo Fellon 116
  6. Billy van Eerde 110
  7. Yuki Kunii 109
  8. Jason Dupasquier 102
  9. Max Cook 83
  10. Marcos Uriarte 81
Rookies Aragon R Tatay Acosta Noguchi
2019 Red Bull Rookies Cup Final Points Standings
Carlos Tatay 194
Pedro Acosta 162
Haruki Noguchi 151

Source: MCNews.com.au