Suzuki Katana Red in virtual launch

Virtual launches look like becoming the new norm during the pandemic with Suzuki launching its cherry red Katana online instead of at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show which was cancelled.

The Suzuki Katana was launched last year in silver and black colours which are historically accurate if a little staid and boring.

2019 Suzuki Katana depositsSuzuki Katana

This cherry red version with matching wheels and gold handlebars instead of black looks much more exciting.

Virtual launch

It certainly matches the exhilarating yet easy-to-ride performance of the reborn Katana.

We reckon the Katana is great bike, but a little overpriced at $18,990 ride away.

Suzuki Katana is a rider’s delight onlineMBW on the Suzuki Katana launch … a great bike that divided riders over its styling

There is no word yet from Suzuki Australia about when the cherry red version will arrive and whether it has a price premium.

If they keep the same price or maybe reduce the price the carry red katana may give it a sales boost.

Suzuki twin

Suzuki Katana Red in virtual launchPatent drawing

Meanwhile, Suzuki Motorcycles has filed a patent for a cleaner Euro5-compliant 250cc parallel-twin engine.

The new motor is expected to be fitted to their GSX-250R and V-Strom 250.

It features a single-overhead camshaft and new exhaust with two header pipes that join before the catalytic converter.


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