Sanders and Team Australia continue to lead the way | ISDE Day 2

For the second day of competition the five hundred plus competitors from twenty-six nations retraced the course from the previous day. However, with roughening conditions, it was a battle of attrition for many.

At the head of the FIM World Trophy team it is RecoveR8 Team Australia, fronted by a hard charging Daniel Sanders – Husqvarna, who led the way. With Sanders winning all-but-one of the day’s seven special tests, Australia extend their advantage to fifty seconds over closest rivals United States.

Luke Styke

“We made a few changes halfway through the day and it seemed like they were the right ones as I picked up some pace through the second half of the day. The trails and the tests themselves were getting brutal with two days on the same layout. Overall I’m happy with the day and plan to stay smart and consistent to keep doing my job for the Australian Team.”

Luke Styke – Image Dario Agrati

Once again proving the closest challenger to the Australians, the United States worked hard to see all four of their riders finish inside the top-fifteen overall on day two. While the gap between the leading two nations remains relatively close, the two nations have pulled notably clear of the competition in Portimao.

Italy remain in third, but are now over five minutes off the lead.

Davide Guarneri – Team Italy

“Australia and United States are incredibly fast. They are setting the pace for sure. We are looking forward to what tomorrow will bring and will try to close the gap. But at the moment we need them to make a mistake, which hasn’t happened yet!”

Great Britain end day two forty seconds behind Italy in fourth, but extend their advantage over fifth-placed Finland to one-minute and thirty seconds.

Spain complete the top-six thanks to the strong efforts of Josep Garcia – KTM. Currently second outright to Sanders and leading the Enduro 1 category he is enjoying his FIM ISDE return.

Josep Garcia – Spain

“It’s been a really good start to the FIM ISDE. I’ve finished second outright both days and have extended my lead in the Enduro 1 category. Daniel has proved very fast during these two days and is looking strong – for sure he’s the rider to beat. But tomorrow we arrive to a new set of special tests that I feel will work better for me on the smaller bike, so I will fight to close the gap to him.”

2019 ISDE Day Two World Trophy Classification
  1. Australia
  2. USA +50.43s
  3. Italy +5min10.41s
  4. GB +5min51.29s
  5. Finland +7min22.80s
  6. Spain +8min19.69s
  7. France +11min23.99s
  8. Germany +14min21.21s
  9. Sweden +15min45.90s
  10. Portugal +18min56.20s
ISDE Pits Day Australia ImageByDarioAgrati
Team Australia hard at work in Portugal – Image Dario Agrati

2019 ISDE Day Two Junior World Trophy

Matching their FIM World Trophy team-mates, RecoverR8 Team Australia extend their lead in the FIM Junior World Trophy classification with a winning result. Clearly enjoying the rough and sandy conditions, the Australians are now almost three-and-a-half minutes ahead of the United States in second.

Building speed and positions in this year’s FIM ISDE, defending champions Italy move up to third on day two. Spurred on by the performance of Andrea Verona – TM, they will look to bridge the two-minute gap to the United States on day three.

Andrea VERONA TM FIM ISDE ImageByDarioAgrati
Andrea Verona – Image Dario Agrati

Losing time on the leaders, France slip to fourth in classification and sit twenty-seven seconds behind Italy. Great Britain round out the top five, but will need to keep a watchful eye on Spain in sixth, who look to improve on favourable conditions for day three.

Fraser Higlett

“It’s great to see some of our Junior Team in the top ten and we have put a lot of time on the other teams. I ended up seventh outright yesterday which was honestly hard to believe for me, but I feel smooth and believe I can keep this up for the rest of the week”.

2019 ISDE Day Two Junior World Trophy Classification
  1. Australia
  2. USA +3min26.90s
  3. Italy +5min24.12s
  4. France +5min51.95s
  5. GB +9min11.99s
  6. Spain +10min23.38s
  7. Finland +16min36.44s
  8. Belgium +18min33.25s
  9. Portugal +27min55.50s
  10. Chile +38min14.41s

2019 ISDE Day Two Women’s World Trophy

Proving the team to beat on day two, United States surged to the top of the FIM Women’s World Trophy class. Truly finding their feet in the deep sandy ruts and holes, they now lead the proceedings by one-minute and eight seconds over Germany.

Jessica Gardner

“Day one and two are already in the books, we got all the nerves out of the way yesterday. The track was very rough with two days on the sane layout. I had a great opening test, in the fourth one I had a fall on the last turn and lost a little time. Overall I think I’m riding well and I’m looking forward to some new special tests tomorrow”.

Jessica Gardiner – Image Dario Agrati

After their winning ride on the opening day, Germany struggled to match the pace of the United States and defending champions RecoveR8 Team Australia. With the Australians racing to second on the day, they move within striking distance of overtaking Germany.

Great Britain remain in fourth with Jane Daniels – Husqvarna delivering the team’s best result of fourth. Spain hold fifth, while Sweden complete the top six.

2019 ISDE Day Two Women’s World Trophy Classification
  1. USA
  2. Germany +1min08.65s
  3. Australia +1min14.37s
  4. GB +6min25.72s
  5. Spain +9min11.99s

Enduro 1

In the Enduro 1 class, Garcia continued his winning ways of day one. Establishing himself as the rider to beat, the Spaniard won all seven special tests, extending his advantage to a commanding two minutes and twenty-five seconds.

Josep GARCIA KTM FIM ISDE ImageByDarioAgrati
Josep Garcia – Image Dario Agrati

While Garcia remains comfortable out front, the battle for a place inside the top-four is tight. Australian Luke Styke – Yamaha in second holds a four-second lead over the United States’ Ryan Sipes – KTM, who in turn is just eight seconds clear of Andrea Verona in fourth.

2019 ISDE Day Two Enduro 1 Individual Classification Overall
  1. Garcia KTM Spain
  2. Styke Yamaha Australia
  3. Sipes KTM USA
  4. Verona TM Italy
  5. Snodgrass KTM Australia
  6. Remes Yamaha Finland
  7. Espinasse  Sherco France
  8. Cavallo Sherco Italy
  9. Wootton Husqvarna GBR
  10. Kytonen Husqvarna Finland

Enduro 2

United States teammates Taylor Robert – KTM and Kailub Russell – KTM lead the way in Enduro 2, with Robert topping the final three special tests to lead Russell by twenty-one seconds.

ISDE Taylor Robert
Taylor Robert

Behind them, Guarneri gained ground, moving past Australian Fraser Higlett – Husqvarna for third. United States’ Ben Kelley – KTM rounds out the top-five.

2019 ISDE Day Two Enduro 2 Individual Classification Overall
  1. Robert KTM USA
  2. Russell KTM USA
  3. Guarneri Honda Italy
  4. Higlett Husqvarna Australia
  5. Kelley KTM USA
  6. Green Yamaha Australia
  7. Baylor KTM USA
  8. Driscoll Yamaha Australia
  9. Magain KTM Belgium
  10. Phillips KTM Australia

Enduro 3

As the leading rider in this year’s FIM ISDE, Daniel Sanders also heads the Enduro 3 category.

Now over four minutes clear of Great Britain’s Danny McCanney – TM in second, Sanders has got plenty of breathing room as they face a new course for day three.

Daniel Sanders leads the way overall and has won all but one of the special tests – Image Dario Agrati

Growing in confidence and speed, McCanney jumped to second position, pushing the United States’ Steward Baylor – KTM back to third.

Italy’s Rudi Moroni – KTM is now fourth, with Great Britain’s Alex Snow – Gas Gas slipping to fifth.

Daniel MCCANNEY TM FIM ISDE ImageByDarioAgrati
Daniel McCanney – Image Dario Agrati
2019 ISDE Day Two Enduro 3 Individual Classification Overall
  1. Sanders Husqvarna Australia
  2. McCanney TM GBR
  3. Baylor KTM USA
  4. Moroni KTM Italy
  5. Snow GasGas GBR
  6. Heidecke KTM DEU
  7. Pavoni Beta Italy
  8. Geslin Beta France
  9. Abgrall Beta France
  10. Etchells Sherco GBR


In the Enduro Women’s class the battle for victory was played out between United States Brandy Richards – KTM and Germany’s Maria Franke – KTM. Richards bettered her rival by seven seconds to extend her overall lead over Franke to twenty-two seconds.

Behind the leading duo, Australian Tayla Jones – Husqvarna is third, with Jane Daniels twenty-nine seconds behind in fourth, while Jones’ team-mate Jessica Gardiner – Yamaha completed the top six.

Tayla Jones – Image Dario Agrati
2019 ISDE Day Two Women’s Individual Classification Overall
  1. Richards KTM USA
  2. Franke KTM DEU
  3. Jones Husqvarna Australia
  4. Daniels Husqvarna GBR
  5. Gardiner Yamaha Australia
  6. Sheets KTM USA
  7. Badia Husqvanra Spain
  8. Turner KTM Canada
  9. Borchers Husqvarna DEU
  10. Gieger Honda USA

The FIM ISDE continues on day three with competitors facing a new course and set of special stages on the Monchique Challenge route with a total distance of two-hundred and sixty-six kilometres to be covered. The FIM Vintage Trophy also gets underway with an initial acceleration test.

* Compiled using provisional results which remain subject to final approval of the Race Direction.


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