Roof Unveil Carbon Modular Helmet

French motorcycle helmet company Roof has unveiled a limited-edition Boxxer Carbon Cage modular helmet with leather interior, an additional iridium silver visor and a helmet bag that doubles as a backpack.

It features a beautifully exposed carbon-fibre shell in a “cage design”, hence the name.

The helmet will cost €679 (about $US800) and is limited to only 1000 units worldwide, so get in quick!

It’s not the first carbon modular helmet. That honour goes to Italian manufacturer AGV whose Sportmodular weighs in at just 1295g, compared with the Roof Boxxer Carbon Cage at 1500g.

Roof actually recently introduced the RO200 Carbon helmet which is the lightest full-face helmet in the world at just 1090g, beating the previous lightest helmet, the Nolan-made X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon at 1249g.

However, it should be noted that the 1090g weight figure is for their small shell size to fit XS to M sized heads, while their ML to XXL helmets weigh 1150g which is still lighter than the X-Lite.

Roof Modular Carbon

So, perhaps they are again quoting the weight for the small shell size for the Cage.

It has some interesting features, including a removable, washable and adjustable “Silent Lining” which we imagine reduces wind noise.

That would be most welcome as modular helmets are often noisier than full-face helmets because of the chin bar joint which is near your ears.

Further reducing noise are a chin curtain and patented “silicon lip seal system”.



That could mean the visor easily fogs up, so they have incorporated an “active and passive defogging system”. Not sure what that is, but it sounds like it could be useful.
Ventilation should also be good with “Venturi-effect” air vents. An example of Venturi effect is pinching the end of a hose to make the water spurt out faster and further. The smaller aperture increases the speed of the liquid or gas (in this car fresh air) passing through it.

They also say the cheek pads are suitable for use with glasses and ready for an intercom set.

It comes with a “Micrometric” chinstrap buckle for quick fastening and release.

Roof helmets have been around since 1993 and have ECE22.05 certification.


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