Redox PruestelGP launch 2019 Moto3™ bikes

Jakub Kornfeil: “It’s my third year in this team and it shows me that they still believe in me and that they like my riding style, my mentality and behaviour. I am honestly happy to continue with this Team. I think we can achieve great results again. We are definitely ready to attack and I am happy to have my crew with me this year, although there has been a change of one mechanic that I would have liked to keep. We will fight strong again. Many fast riders moved out of the Moto3 championship, which could make it easier for us. I feel ready for the season and our target is really high and I hope we constantly make it to the top 5 or even top 3. That’s our goal but we need to make a strong first part of the season, because if you are within the front from the beginning it surely is much easier. I happy to stay with this team because I know the team structure, the feeling, I know the people and the owners well and that’s an important factor for a rider which I know from the past when I was changing teams many times. I am looking forward to continuing with this great team and the people around. I would like to thank everyone for supporting us, may it be materially or financially, I love the Redox PrüstelGP family and I am really looking forward to the 1st of February to unveil our new bikes.”

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