Red Line Announces Chain Lube with ShockProof

Some new chain lube by Red Line.

Begin press release:

Red Line Synthetic Oil, a leader in the performance lubricant industry, today announced the newest addition to the company’s line of advanced powersports products, Chain Lube with ShockProof®. The aerosol chain lube will be available for order beginning June 17, 2020 at Tucker and

Reapplying chain lubricant at regular intervals is necessary to extend the life of your drive chain and keep your bike performing at its best. Red Line’s new Chain Lube with ShockProof utilizes the latest innovation in chain lubricant technology. Combining unsurpassed anti-wear and corrosion protection for extended chain and sprocket life, along with an outer protective coating that will not attract dirt, sand or grit, Red Line’s Chain Lube with ShockProof is suitable for even the most extreme conditions riders find themselves in this summer. Additionally, the product provides reduced friction for better power transfer and is easy to clean.

Red Line’s Chain Lube with ShockProof is compatible with all ‘O,’ ‘X,’ ‘Z’ ring and roller chains for street, off-road, and racing use. With minimal fling-off when used as directed, riders can rest assured that their bikes are protected and will continue to look great after each ride.

“At Red Line, we’ve spent more than 40 years creating products that riders and racers count on to provide extremely high levels of performance and protection,” said Kit Szwarcburg, Marketing Director of Red Line Synthetic Oil. “We used our expertise to provide our customers with a superior chain lube that is easy-to-use and provides maximum performance on the street, trails or on the track.”

Red Line Synthetic Oil has engineered premium additives and lubricants for dirt bikes and motor racing applications since its founding in 1979. In 2007, the brand debuted its updated powersports line to support riders by providing them with the best oils and additives available on the market. Unrivaled in performance and protection, Red Line’s powersports products include engine oilgear oilRL-600 brake fluid and SuperCool with WaterWetter, a convenient, pre-mixed coolant that provides improved heat transfer and reduced operating temperatures, while reducing corrosion, electrolysis and rust.

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