Positive Test For Rea At Misano

We got a lot done in the afternoon today. I was in my bed until lunchtime yesterday because I have had such a bad flu, but his morning I felt a little better. So the morning curveballs with the weather each day kind of helped me, in a way. We worked on a different balance of the bike and weight distribution, and also with some tyres from Pirelli. We had different front fork settings but the biggest thing we did was change my position on the bike. Late in the afternoon I had a very positive feeling from that. This test was the perfect opportunity to do that kind of thing because these big items we cannot really test during race weekends. It was a very positive test and I feel good about it.

Jonathan Rea successfully completed two days of testing at Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli on the 29th and 30t
Source: Jonathan Rea On Facebook

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