Pit Beirer – “the motocross guy”

“Yeah I mean, OK, I’m still fighting the fact they call me the motocross guy. Still in the morning they think I want to put knobbly tyres on or something like that! I’m not the only one in the paddocks, I think an ex-racer can be a good manager. I don’t think ever ex-racer can be a good manager, that I’ll also say. I mean, I think the background like running my own team with my own people, running a carnet past customs – I think most riders in this paddock don’t even know what a carnet is – but I had to do it. I had to prepare overseas trips, pack the bike in the crates and go, I had to pay my mechanics, cook for them, organise a place to sleep, all these things helped me a lot as that’s exactly what we are doing now. We are just many more people!

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