PI WSSP race shortened to 16 laps | Mandatory pit stop

2020 WorldSBK – Phillip Island

Race Direction at Phillip Island have announced that the Sunday afternoon World Supersport race has been shortened to 16 laps, with a compulsory pit-stop for all riders to change their rear tyre, no later than lap 10. In the event of a wet race the race duration will also be 16 laps, with no mandatory pit stop if using racing wets, however the maximum number of laps on a dry tyre still needs to be observed.

WSBK Rnd Phillip Island GeeBee Krummenacher

WSBK Rnd Phillip Island GeeBee Krummenacher

World Supersport at Phillip Island

The announcement mirrors a similar situation in 2019, where a mandatory pit stop was also added to the World Supersport race due to Phillip Island’s highly abrasive surface.

The World Superbike class is uneffected, and will race as normal.

Here’s the full release from Race Direction:

The World Supersport Race (Yamaha Finance Australia Round) will have a compulsory pit stop. The race distance will be 16 laps for a ‘dry’ race.

– No more than 10 race laps are allowed for any rear dry tyre.

– The Riders must enter pit lane to change tyre no later than the end of lap 10.

– The race tyre that is fitted on the grid and will start the race MUST have a tyre sticker fitted.

The second tyre does NOT require a tyre sticker.

A race started as ‘wet’ the race distance will be 16 laps. No mandatory pit stop is required, provided the conditions below are met:

– A wet rear tyre is used for the complete race

– In the case of starting the race with a wet rear tyre, the team may decide to change to a dry rear tyre but must respect the maximum limit of 10 racing laps for that tyre.

Any rider doing more than 10 laps with a rear dry tyre will be black flagged (sighting, warm up and slow down laps are not counted).

In the case of a restarted race, the maximum number of laps to be covered will be 10.

The Superbike Races will remain at their originally published race distance.

– The RACE DIRECTION, Phillip Island 27/02/2020

Thursday 27th February 2020
*Thursday session not open to public*
Time Class Program
13:10 Oceania Junior Cup FP1
13:30 Australian Supersport  FP1
14:05 Australian Superbike  FP1
14:40 Australian Supersport 300  FP1
15:15 Oceania Junior Cup  FP2
Friday 28th February 2020
Time Event Program
8:25 Oceania Junior Cup Qualifying
8:45 ASBK Supersport FP2
9:05 Australian Superbike FP2
9:30 ASBK SS300 FP2
9:50 FIM Medical Inspection
10:00 FIM Track Inspection
10:30 WorldSBK FP1
11:30 WorldSSP FP1
12:25 Pit Walk 1
13:00 Australian Superbike Q1
13:25 Australian Superbike Q2
13:50 Oceania Junior Cup R1 | 6 Laps
14:15 ASBK Supersport Qualifying
15:00 WorldSBK FP2
16:00 WorldSSP FP2
16:55 ASBK SS300 Qualifying
17:15 Parade Laps
Saturday 29th February 2020
Time Class Program
8:25 ASBK Oceania Junior Cup R2 | 6 Laps 
8:50 ASBK Supersport R1 |10 Laps 
9:30 FIM Medical Inspection
9:40 FIM Track Inspection
10:00 WorldSBK FP3
10:35 WorldSSP FP3
11:05 Australian Superbike R1 | 12 Laps
11:40 ASBK SS300 R1 | 8 Laps 
12:15 WorldSBK Superpole
12:55 WorldSSP Superpole
13:40 Pit Walk 2 & Safety Car Laps
15:00 WorldSBK R1 | 22 Laps 
16:15 Australian Superbike R2 | 12 Laps
16:50 ASBK SS300 R2 | 8 Laps
17:15 ASBK Supersport R2 | 10 Laps
17:50 Hyundai N Experience (Test Drive)
Sunday 1st March 2020
Time Class Program
8:20 Oceania Junior Cup R3 | 6 Laps
8:50 FIM Medical Inspection
9:00 FIM Track Inspection
09:30 WorldSBK Warm Up
09:55 WorldSSP Warm Up
10:30 Australian Superbike R3 | 12 Laps
11:05 Pit Walk 3 & Safety Car Laps
12:00 WorldSBK SP Race | 10 Laps
13:15 WorldSSP RACE |16 Laps
15:00 WorldSBK R2 | 22 Laps
16:15 ASBK SS300 R3 | 8 Laps 
16:45 ASBK Supersport R3 |10 Laps
17:20 Hyundai N Experience (Test Drive)

Source: MCNews.com.au

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