Penrite Honda’s Blose rises for SX2 victory at WIN Stadium

News 9 Nov 2019

Penrite Honda’s Blose rises for SX2 victory at WIN Stadium

Osby and Oldenburg lock out the top three in Wollongong’s AUS Supercross.

Image: Foremost Media.

American Chris Blose (Penrite Honda Racing) claimed victory in the SX2 category at Wollongong’s third round of the 2019 Australian Supercross Championship, while Josh Osby (Raceline KTM Thor) now leads the standings.

In main event one, defending champion Jay Wilson (Yamalube Yamaha Racing) broke through for victory, leading the seven-lap encounter from start to finish.

He edged out American Bradley Taft (Empire Kawasaki), who held down second for the entirety of the race, while compatriot Blose locked out the top three. Former points leader Aaron Tanti (Serco Yamaha) was fourth followed by Mitchell Oldenburg (Penrite Honda Racing).

Josh Osby (Raceline KTM Thor) was sixth after holding down a top three position early on, while top the 10 was rounded out by Kyle Webster (Penrite Pirelli CRF Honda Racing), Rhys Budd (Penrite Pirelli CRF Honda Racing), Ricky Latimer (Yamaha) and Tomas Ravenhorst (KTM).

Blose grabbed the early lead in main event two before storming to victory, edging out teammate Oldenburg for the top spot. Osby was third followed by Wilson and Tanti. The top 10 was completed by Dylan Wills (Davey Motorsport KTM), Ravenhorst, Taft, Latimer and Budd.

A pile-up at the start of main event three claimed Tanti and Wilson, both remounting as youthful duo Connor Tierney (Yamaha) and Regan Duffy (Raceline KTM Thor) capitalised. In the end, Tierney claimed an incredible maiden victory ahead of Osby and Duffy, while Blose and Wills rounded out the top five.

Webster was sixth, followed by Oldenburg, Stapleton, Tanti and Kaleb Barham (Husqvarna), while Wilson finished in 19th. Blose claimed the overall win ahead of Osby and teammate Oldenburg, while it’s Osby who leads the champion by one point over Blose. The next stop on the Australian Supercross Championship is scheduled for 16 November at Auckland in New Zealand.

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