One More Detail Emerges About The New Lightning Strike

Lightning Motorcycles has been teasing us with multiple renderings and press releases about its new model, the Strike, without actually telling us anything. We’re annoyed by it just as much as you are, but now Lightning has sent us this photo that actually reveals slightly more information.

For the uninitiated, shown here is the new Strike’s motor, which Lightning says is based on the architecture of its flagship LS-218 superbike. We weren’t given details about the motor other than the fact it will be liquid-cooled (the three hoses leading into it are a telltale giveaway). For electrics, as it is with internal combustion engines, heat is the enemy of performance. Liquid-cooling has proven to be an effective means to combat that challenge. Lightning even says, “As far as we’re aware, the LS-218 is currently the only electric motorcycle in the world with the technology and ability to run flat-out at qualifying racing speed, pull in for a pit stop to fast charge and continue racing – all without ever overheating. Strike shares these exclusive performance characteristics while being fundamentally designed to be the ultimate street bike.”

Lightning’s tagline being “Engineered for the track. Designed for the street,” it doesn’t come as a surprise to also see an Ohlins shock in the photo, which will no doubt be included in the Carbon Edition of the bike, and (we assume) will be an option for the standard version. It’s also probably not much of a stretch to assume the Swedish suspension firm will provide suspenders up front, too.

As always, we’ll post more details about the Strike as we get them.

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