Noise-cancelling Mplus earphones for riders

Indian earphone company SoundPeats will next month release the Motikom Mplus earphones, the world’s first active noise-cancelling Bluetooth intercom for riders.

There is no price yet, but if you sign up now for their email newsletter, you can get 40% off their launch price.

The Mplus headphones have an awkward-looking neckband which is the controller with wires connected to the earbuds.

It seems there is also a microphone attachment with Bluetooth intercom reception up to 150m.

Noise cancelling

Passive noise cancelling earphones simply seal in your ear and dampen some background noise. Active noise cancelling uses a reverse soundwave to neutralise background noise.

We have tried wearing Bose and Sony active noise-cancelling earphones before under our helmet and they just can’t cope with the wind noise on a motorcycle at highway speeds.

Wind noise can sometimes be over 100dB even under your helmet, which can lead to hearing loss and/or tinnitus.

Sena was the first to have a helmet with noise cancelling intercom although it is not yet available in Australia. We suspect this is because of difficulties gaining Euro approval since the French ban riders and drivers from wearing earphones while riding/driving.

Digilens and Sena develop cheaper HUD helmet
Sena Momentum INC noise-cancelling helmet

There are several other noise-cancelling helmets coming to market soon from start-ups and Nolan Helmets.

Mplus claims

Mplus noise-cancelling earphones
Mplus noise-cancelling earphones

SoundPeats claim the Mplus has five-level noise cancelling that uses their trademarked “HDNC technology” to cope with highway speed wind noise.

Like the noise-cancelling helmets, they also claim the reduction of background noise helps to enhance important emergency noises such as sirens, horns and screeching tyres.

SoundPeats have promised to send us a set when they are launched next month, so we look forward to trialling them.

Rider earphones

Mplus noise-cancelling earphones
Truengine 2 wireless earbuds

Meanwhile, SoundPeats also make non-noise-canceling earbuds suitable for riders such as Truengine 2, the first dual-driver hifi wireless earbuds.

They claim their TruEngine Crossover tech delivers “incredibly detailed stereo sound with powerful bass, clear treble, and balanced separation, creating a wider sound field for a totally immersive audio experience”.

We’ll see (or hear) as they are also sending these for review.

They will be available at a prelaunch price of just $US69 (about $A100).


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