New flagship factory GasGas TXT GP trials line-up

Factory Limited Edition 2020 GasGas TXT GP 300

Following the recent launch of the 2020 GasGas TXT Racing line-up after the acquisition of the Spanish brand by the KTM Group, GasGas has now released their flagship factory edition trials machines, the TXT GP range.

Australia will receive the top of the range GasGas TXT GP 300.

A limited number of the 550 top tier machines produced will be coming to Australia and are due to arrive by September of this year as the new Australian dealer network takes shape for the GasGas brand.

Using the experience and know-how earned from 15 successful FIM Trial World Championship campaigns, each GasGas TXT GP model is designed and built to deliver uncompromised performance when used on the most challenging terrain.

Australia will receive the top of the range GasGas TXT GP 300.

Providing riders with everything they need to perform at the very highest level, all TXT GP models feature parts used on the official GasGas Factory Racing machine of Jorge Casales.

In some markets the TXT GP models are available in four capacities, 125, 250, 280 and 300 but Australia will only receive the top of the range TXT GP 300.

2020 GasGas TXT GP

Fitted with premium suspension components, a carbon-fibre airbox, factory racing graphics and many other technical highlights, GasGas TXT GP models allow riders to excel no matter how difficult the competition.

All parts featured on TXT GP machines will be available for purchase from official GasGas Motorcycles dealers, for use on all TXT Racing models.


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