New Combo Pen from TouchUpDirect

Can’t decide if that nasty scratch would be best covered by TouchUpDirect’s Pen, or maybe the Brush? Relaxate! Now you can get both in one applicator.


TouchUpDirect Press Release:

Van Nuys, CA (May 5, 2019) – Following two full years of research and R&D, TouchUpDirect is proud to announce the new “Combo” touch up paint applicator – the newest innovation in touch up paint. A combination of the two most common applicator types – the “Pen” and the “Brush”. They can be used individually, or in combination, depending on the nature of an individual repair. The Pen is ideal for the smallest areas, like rock chips and paint scratches, whereas the Brush is better for larger scratches and scrapes. By combining both into one – the user can choose the most appropriate applicator to repair their vehicle for the best results. Sometimes, it may not be entirely obvious which is the better until the repair is actually being made! The Combo provides that flexibility – perfect for “today’s” repair as well as tomorrow’s needs.

While the Combo is a new applicator product, what hasn’t changed is TouchUpDirect’s industry-leading paint quality, customer service and dedication to helping customers get their repair done right the first time. TouchUpDirect is dedicated to innovating in the world of touch up paint. We mix our touch up paint from scratch for the absolute best match possible, using OEM specifications.

About TouchUpDirect
Based in Southern California, TouchUpDirect is a manufacturer of quality touch up paint products for cars trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and more. All colors are custom-mixed for an exact OEM Factory match using the finest factory-specification paint possible. We provide the widest variety of applicators available – Pen, Brush, Aerosol Spray Cans, Professional sizes (Pints, Quarts, etc.) and of course, the new Combo. TouchUpDirect stocks all of the painting tools and accessories needed for customers to repair their vehicle to the best of their ability. With over 40 years of experience in the paint business, we are dedicated to innovation, and ensuring our customers enjoy excellent results while saving money by doing it themselves.

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