MX Nationals major announcement on Friday

MX Nationals

A somewhat ominous alert went out to the media today that a ‘2020 MX Nationals Major Announcement’ will be made via an on-line press conference on Friday at 1000.

In a recent interview we conducted with MX Nationals promoter Kevin Williams, he indicated the following;

“At the end of the day these are commercial decisions, we can’t sit here doing nothing for the next few months waiting. We need to have some firm direction by the end of next month (that is now) to make an educated call on whether we go ahead or not.

“By the end of June, if they are not giving us guidelines that by August-September we can run with viable crowds then we would not be able to get going. To stage one of these events, preparing the track and venue, there is no change out of 30k for a club to stage a round, let alone our costs. .. We need to be able to get 1500 or 2000 through gate to make that even start to look viable.

“In our previous forecast we went longer than most did, with our August prediction for round one, but if by the middle of June they are not starting to indicate that crowd numbers will be opened up around that time then we might have to make a call…  If they said that from the middle of August they were looking to allow crowds, then we would reshuffle the dates again and look towards getting on the starting gates, but if much longer than that, then we would potentially have no MX Nationals this year.

“I won’t be in a position to go more than nine months without an income. We should have to start a new path, what that could be I have no idea. While I am stepping away from life as a promoter in 2021, I am still in discussions with AME about being involved in their Supercross plans.  And am also talking to clients about various consultancy work. Not the best time to find yourself unemployed I guess, but we are all in this together and will get through to the other side eventually…” believes that the uncertainty around the championship due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, and the extra financial pressures and risks that has put on Williams Event Management, will lead to WEM stepping away from their role as a promoter a year earlier than planned.

So where will that leave the 2020 MX Store MX Nationals?

We believe that it is highly like that in this instance Motorcycling Australia will step in to fill the void and ensure that the season does go ahead.

The latest update to the calendar is included below, but one would imagine that will have some more fine tuning in the weeks ahead. We will bring you the official slant on things tomorrow morning after discussing the matters further with Motorcycling Australia management.

2020 MX Store MX Nationals Calendar

R1 Conondale QLD Aug 9th
R2 Maitland NSW Aug 15th /16th
R3 Newry Vic Sept 6th
R4 Horsham Vic Sept 12th/13th
R5 Gympie QLD Oct 4th
R6 Coolum QLD Oct 10th/11th


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