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2021 A4DE Update

The planning and preparation for the 2021 Australian Four Day Enduro (A4DE) is in full swing, with the Trail & Enduro Motorcycle Club of WA announcing Australian owned company Pilot Air Compressors as the Naming Rights Sponsor for the 2021 A4DE Championships, to be held at Harvey, Western Australia.

Due to COVID-19 and Government restrictions around events, the 2020 A4DE was cancelled, but Trail & Enduro Motorcycle Club of WA have hit the trail running ensuring the 2021 event will be bigger and better than ever.

The 2021 A4DE will be held May 19-22 and is expected to attract up to 250 riders from across Australia. The event was last held in Western Australia in 2013.

Trail & Enduro Motorcycle Club of WA 2021 A4DE event organiser, Collin Jennings said, “It’s great to have an Australian owned company in Pilot Air Compressors backing this major championship”.

“Riders can be assured that the 2021 event will be one you won’t want to miss,” he said.

Pilot Air Compressors Director and fellow motorbike enthusiast, Martin Wylie said: “We are proud to be supporting the Australian Enduro Championship”.

“Many of the competitors at the event are from a variety of backgrounds and industries that would have been exposed to the Pilot Air technology whether they are aware of the brand or not.

“We hope the association with the A4DE will help build the brand awareness throughout the motorbike community in Australia.”

Pilot Air first supported the 2013 A4DE when the event was last run in WA.

For the 2021 event they have increased their involvement now as the Naming Rights sponsor with their West Australian distributor Air & Power.

Baden Barker of Air and Power, has had a long association with the Trail & Enduro Motorcycle Club of WA and the WA A4DE, having competed in the last one.

“I am a motorbike enthusiast and have been riding enduro events for over 20 years,” he said.

“I’m thrilled to have our major supplier Pilot Air, supporting this event whilst it is being held in Western Australia. I look forward to competing in the 2021 event with my daughter Amber, so long as we are both injury free and the boss lets us.”

A4DE Committee Chairperson, Trudy Campain, said: “With the lack of enduro’s during the 2020 season we are looking forward to riders saving their dollars and making the journey to Harvey for the event”.

“We are planning for three different courses for the first three days. The emphasis will be on a great fun ride with excellent special tests which will ensure success for all riders and that our best are crowned as Australian Champions.”

ADE WA Milner

ADE WA Milner

Daniel Milner won the last A4DE that was staged in Western Australia
2013 A4DE – Final Standings – OUTRIGHT
1st Daniel Milner -01:56:55.123
2nd Chris Hollis – 01:58:07.770
3rd Matthew Phillips – 01:58:22.711
4th Josh Green – 02:01:38.231
5th Tom McCormack – 02:02:09.824
6th Peter Boyle – 02:02:28.438
7th Lachlan Stanford – 02:02:47.089
8th Stefan Merriman – 02:02:47.156
9th Ben Burrell – 02:03:11.180
10th Ben Grabham – 02:03:20.999

2020 AMA Pro Motocross

The current Pro Motocross schedule consists of 11 rounds spanning from June 13th through September 5th.

  1. June 13 WW Ranch, FL
  2. June 20 High Point, PA
  3. June 27 Southwick, MA
  4. July 4 RedBud, MI
  5. July 11 Thunder Valley, CO
  6. July 18 Spring Creek, MN
  7. July 25 Washougal, WA
  8. Aug. 15 Unadilla, NY
  9. Aug. 22 Budds Creek, MD
  10. Aug. 29 Ironman, IN
  11. Sept. 5 Pala, CA

AMA MX Rnd Starts JK MX Ironman

AMA MX Rnd Starts JK MX Ironman

AMA Pro Motocross – Image by Hoppenworld

However, additional changes are expected and will be announced shortly. The Series will most likely extend from June 20th through September 12th, but no later. In these trying times, full transparency in scheduling is called for, to allow riders, teams and fans to prepare. A revised schedule will be announced ASAP.

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Mitch Evans recovery update

On March 31st, Team HRC’s Mitch Evans had surgery on his right-shoulder back in Brisbane, Australia where the Honda rider is now recuperating. The initial prognosis from the doctors was good and the belief was that he would make a full and quick recovery. 

What’s the situation right now with the shoulder and how are you coping with it all?

“I’ve basically now just got to let the shoulder recover and let the cartilage glue back to the bone. I have these little exercises that the physio has given me, after seeing him in the studio yesterday for my one week check-up. He was really happy with my range of motion and I have double the range that anyone normally would one week after surgery so that’s a really positive sign. He gave me these exercises to do so I’ve been following that advice. I’m not in any pain so honestly, it doesn’t even feel like I’ve had surgery at all. I’ve also been keeping in contact with Team HRC’s physio Filippo and he’s really happy with the progress too so it’s all looking positive. I’m keeping it rested it, but doing these four different exercises four times a day and that’s the only time that I’m move it. They are pretty basic range of motion exercises and then nothing else.”

What about the rest of your body, are you able to train and keep fit still?

“I’m still able to cycle, but I’m not able to go running or anything like that. I’m allowed to do cycling and weights on any other part of my body just as long as am I’m not using my shoulder, so I started indoor cycling two days ago now and just slowly build back into it as I haven’t really done much since I dislocated shoulder. I just want to keep my base fitness and then once my shoulder starts feeling a lot better, I want to add some higher intensity workouts to try and replicate the bike time that I’m missing. At the moment its low intensity stuff, just to get the body moving again.”

Italian Motocross Rnd Mantova Mitchell Evans

Italian Motocross Rnd Mantova Mitchell Evans

Mitch Evans

In terms of the schedule, are you working on the shoulder schedule or are you looking at the MXGP schedule and trying to recover for that?

“For me, I’m just focusing on my shoulder and just by the timeline that my doctors and physio have laid out for me. I’m not really worrying about the MXGP calendar right now, as honestly, I don’t know when the next race is likely to be so it makes sense just to control what I can control. I hope though that by the time we do get back to racing, I’ll have spent time back on the bike already.”

Is there a plan to come back from Australia or is it still up in the air?

“I don’t think anyone really has an idea at the minute, so we’re just playing it day by day and seeing what the governments are saying. It’s going to come down to when we’re allowed out of the country, or even when I’m allowed back into other countries without any quarantine periods.”

You’re at home most of the time now, have you found anything else to pass the time

“We’ve been doing jigsaw puzzles recently at home, 1000-piece puzzles and they take a good amount of time. We’re onto our second one now so just trying to keep off the boredom that way. It’s like being a little kid again, playing board games at home and sitting around and not doing too much. It’s a difficult situation but I’m also looking at doing some studying at home, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m thinking of doing something like science and nutrition, something along those lines, which could help me with my career at the moment and also gets me ahead for after my racing career.”

Any last words for your fans out there?

“I think it is just important for everyone to follow their government’s guidelines during this difficult period. Obviously it’s easy for me to say this right now, but the FIM message of #RidersAtHome is an important one to follow because this time will come to an end, and then once it’s over, we can ride again without any problems. It’s important that people stay safe and just reduce unnecessary risk and personally, it’ll make the return to racing even sweeter when we get to do it.”

Italian Motocross Rnd Mantova Mitchell Evans

Italian Motocross Rnd Mantova Mitchell Evans

Mitch Evans on the podium in Italy earlier this year

2020 Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations

The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) and BSI Speedway have taken the decision to revise the schedule for the 2020 Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations series.

Under the revised schedule, both semi-finals – the 2020 Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations Semi-Final 1 and the 2020 Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations Semi-Final 2 – will now take place on consecutive days at Daugavpils, Latvia on September 25-26. The first semi-final moves from its original location of Landshut, Germany.

The 2020 Monster Energy FIM Speedway of Nations Final is now scheduled to take place at Belle Vue, Manchester on the new dates of October 24-25.

These decisions were made after careful consideration and consultation between the FIM, BSI Speedway and local organisers as the health and safety of everyone involved in the events remains our priority.

Speedway of Nations Semi-Final 1:

Friday, September 25, 18:00 CET start (19:00 local time)

Speedway of Nations Semi-Final 2:

Saturday September 26, 16:30 CET start (17:30 local time)

Speedway of Nations Final:

Saturday, October 24, 16:30 CET start (15:30 UK time)

Sunday October 25, 16:30 CET start (15:30 UK time)

Speedway of Nations Team Australia

Speedway of Nations Team Australia

Team Australia at the 2019 Speedway of Nations

Red Bull Erzbergrodeo cancelled due to COVID-19

Round three of the 2020 WESS Enduro World Championship, Red Bull Erzbergrodeo in Austria, is now cancelled due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Following extensive discussions, WESS Promotion GmbH were informed by event organisers Erzbergrodeo GmbH that the 26th edition of Red Bull Erzbergrodeo, scheduled for June 11-14, will sadly not take place during 2020.

Alfredo Gomez

Alfredo Gomez

No Erzberg in 2020

Regarded as one of the world’s premier off-road motorcycle competitions, Red Bull Erzbergrodeo annually attracts 1,800 riders from 40 nations.

In total, up to 6,000 people including competitors and their families, staff and media populate the Iron Giant during the four days of racing.

Concluding with the iconic Red Bull Erzbergrodeo hard enduro, the event also hosts more than 35,000 spectators throughout the near-weeklong festival of Enduro in Eisenerz, Austria.

The cancellation follows a recent decision made by the Austrian government. While they intend to ease certain restrictions regarding their COVID-19 lockdown measures, no mass-gathering events will be permitted until July at the earliest.

Event organisers had hoped that Red Bull Erzbergrodeo, one of Austria’s most prestigious events, would run in 2020, but it is not possible to do so on a rescheduled date.

This information follows the postponement of Extreme XL Lagares to October 2-4 and the cancellation of Trefle Lozerien AMV on May 21-23 due to COVID-19.

WESS Rnd Extreme XL Lagares Taddy Blazusiak FM

WESS Rnd Extreme XL Lagares Taddy Blazusiak FM

Extreme XL Lagares has been postponed to October

WESS Promotion GmbH are in daily contact with all WESS Enduro World Championship event organisers and are monitoring the situation regards any further possible disruption to the current schedule.

Winfried Kerschhaggl – WESS Enduro World Championship Series Manager

“Red Bull Erzbergrodeo is a highlight of the WESS Enduro World Championship, so this news will come as a disappointment to many. An event known the world over, it built and defined many of world’s top Enduro riders, while also providing an incredible challenge for thousands of amateur competitors. But these are unprecedented times we are currently in. Maintaining the health and safety of not only all those planning to attend, but of those who live in Eisenerz and its surrounding area is paramount. We thank Erzbergrodeo GmbH for their tireless efforts in trying to make this year’s race happen and look forward with great anticipation to what Red Bull Erzbergrodeo will bring in 2021.”

Karl Katoch – Erzbergrodeo GmbH

“Sadly, not even the great Iron Giant herself could yield the coronavirus pandemic. Confirming the cancellation of this year’s Red Bull Erzbergrodeo has been an incredibly difficult and emotional decision to make, but also the right one to take at this time. We’re living through a global pandemic and it’s not only international Enduro racing that is affected. While the current restrictions to mass gathering events ultimately prevented us from running, the health and safety of everyone is the most important thing and so racing must take second place. Since 1995 we have witnessed incredible heroics from the best riders in the world to many, many hobby riders testing themselves on the world’s toughest Enduro. We are already motivated for the second half of this year that will allow us to plan for 2021 and will create something very special indeed and for sure more historic moments in Enduro. Until then stay safe.”

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