Max Whale is the Sultan of Slide

Kempsey Oil Track Decides Sultans of Slide Champions

Max Whale has secured the overall Championship win in the MX450 class for the inaugural Indian Motorcycles Sultans of Slide, despite a hard-charging Michael Kirkness taking the round win on the Macleay oil track over the weekend.

Sultans Of Slide MX Series Podium Whale Kirkness Brook
Max Whale – 72 pts
Michael Kirkness – 69 pts
Jarred Brook – 60 pts

Racers once again faced well over 50 laps of racing and the Sultans of Slide threw yet another new surface at riders, who adapted quickly, using the very same 19″ wheel and tyre combination in all three rounds.

Sultans Of Slide Kirkness leads MX
Michael Kirkness leads at Macleay

Heading into the third and final round in the MX450 class, Max Whale held a six-point lead over Michael Kirkness, a rider ultimately determined to take it down to the wire.

With a near perfect weekend, Kirkness took five from seven race wins (2-1-1-1-1-1-2), forcing the pressure onto the younger rider.

Sultans Of Slide Kirkness Brookes
Michael Kirkness and Jarred Brook

Needing to finish third or better overall, Whale took a consistent run of podiums to take second and the $5000 winner’s cheque, courtesy of Indian Motorcycles.

On the unique and grippy surface, Tom Edwards broke through for his first race win of the series, while the ever-fast Jarred Brook (5-2-2-3-5-2-5) once more secured third for the round and the series.

Sultans Of Slide Tom Edwards MX
Tom Edwards

Daniel Yarnold on the 1999 YZ250, secured the MX250 class series win with a consistent run (4-3-4-2-3-2-3) for third behind Michael Booth (1-1-3-1-1-1-1) and Jarred Loveday on the Kempsey circuit.

Sultans Of Slide Yarnold MX
Daniel Yarnold – 1999 YZ250

For Loveday (3-2-3-3-2-3-2), his second place for the round also secured second for the series. Fourth on the day was James Sawdy (5-4-5-4-4-4-4) rounding out the outright series podium.

Sultans Of Slide Edwards and Whale Multi Open
Multi Open – Tom Ewards and Max Whale

For the first time, the Multi Open class saw big twins, triples and in-line fours line up on the Macleay oil, where Tom Edwards (1-3-1-1-2-2-11) was able to use the 122 horsepower of the FTR 1200 S to take three race wins ahead of eventual round and series winner Max Whale (2-1-2-12-1-1-1).

Sultans Of Slide Tom Edwards Leading Dad Paul
Tom Edwards on the Indian FTR 1200

A flat tyre for Edwards early on in the final 15-lap race saw the road-race ace on the sidelines, and just four points from Whale, who also suffered a technical issue in the fourth race of the day.

Sultans Of Slide Multi Open
Sultans of Slide – Multi Open

Daniel Yarnold rounded out the podium for third, however it was Jamie Portelli, with a consistent run in all three rounds who secured third overall for the series.

Sultans Of Slide Clubman
Clubman – Sultans of Slide

In a class that has provided non-stop action with multiple race and round winners, the Clubman once again put on a show. Daniel Gill (1-1-5-1-1-1-2), Jason Griffin (6-2-2-2-2-2-3), Chris Jarvis (3-4-4-4-4-3-1) and Casey Heatley (2-5-3-3-3-4-5) battled it out for the top four placings. It was Jason Griffin, though, who took the overall series win ahead of Chris Jarvis and Aaron Statham.

Sultans Of Slide Clubman Series Podium Jason Griffin Jarvis Statham
Clubman Open
Jason Griffin – 69 pts
Christopher Jarvis – 62 pts
Aaron Statham – 57 pts

Despite Jayden Holder, Beau Bailey and Riley Nauta taking the top three places on the day, it was Sam Drane with a fourth in the 65cc class who secured the overall series win ahead of rivals Viv Muddle and Billy Clark in the largest field of 65s in the series to date.

Sultans Of Slide Viv Muddle leading the crew
The 65 kids!

Holder and Bailey traded wins throughout the day but a crash in the final race ultimately decided the final placings.

Sultans Of Slide cc Series Podium Sam Drane Muddle Clark
Sam Drane – 68 pts
Viv Muddle – 55 pts
Billy Clark – 54 pts

John Kennedy has won the 85cc two-stroke/150cc four-stroke class ahead of Jock Hulland and James Wood, despite Kristian O’Donnell, Thoren Openshaw and Aston Davis earning the top three places at Macleay.

Sultans Of Slide cc cc Series Podium Kennedy Hulland Wood
John Kennedy – 63 pts
Jock Hulland – 53 pts
James Wood – 52 pts

O’Donnell putting on a dominant display on his home track, taking all-bar one win.

Sultans Of Slide cc cc Grid
85cc two-stroke – 150 four-stroke

Junior Lites racer Tom Drane secured the overall win in the class, after racing to fourth on the day behind locals Mackenzie Booth, Tyler O’Donnell and Tyler Billing. Alex Wallace and Daniel Kennedy’s consistent runs throughout all three rounds secured them second and third respectively as they adapted to the different surfaces. 

Sultans Of Slide Junior Lites Series Podium Tom Drane Wallace Kennedy
Junior Lites
Tom Drane – 68 pts
Alex Wallace – 55 pts
Daniel Kennedy – 54 pts

2019 Sultans of Slide Championship Results


  1. Max Whale – 72 pts
  2. Michael Kirkness – 69 pts
  3. Jarred Brook – 60 pts


  1. Daniel Yarnold – 70 pts
  2. Jarred Loveday – 59 pts
  3. James Sawdy – 58 pts
Sultans Of Slide MX Series Podium Daniel Yarnold Loveday Sawdy
Daniel Yarnold – 70 pts
Jarred Loveday – 59 pts
James Sawdy – 58 pts

Clubman Open

  1. Jason Griffin – 69 pts
  2. Christopher Jarvis – 62 pts
  3. Aaron Statham – 57 pts

Multi Open

  1. Max Whale – 75 pts
  2. Tom Edwards – 66 pts
  3. Jamie Portelli – 45 pts

Junior Lites

  1. Tom Drane – 68 pts
  2. Alex Wallace – 55 pts
  3. Daniel Kennedy – 54 pts


  1. John Kennedy – 63 pts
  2. Jock Hulland – 53 pts
  3. James Wood – 52 pts


  1. Sam Drane – 68 pts
  2. Viv Muddle – 55 pts
  3. Billy Clark – 54 pts

Motorcycling NSW CEO, Dave Cooke

“What a whirlwind the last three weeks have been! The Sultans of Slide was a concept designed to introduce and try some ideas so that we can try to create more interest in a discipline of our sport that is held close to hearts of many people. Dirt track has honed the skills of so many successful racers on the international stage, and we’re determined to make sure we do everything we can to ensure the future of the sport. Judging from the initial feedback, it was clearly a success, with a lot of ideas being well received by entrants, parents and spectators alike. Congratulations to our winners, and also to all those who entered. Without the riders supporting the series and providing us with feedback we wouldn’t achieve anything, so thank you. To the three clubs, volunteers and the MNSW staff, thank you for all your efforts in making this series come to life. I’d also like to thank Indian Motorcycles, MSCMoto, Dunlop, Unifilter, Scott, Motorex, RJays and MXStore for going out on a limb to support an unknown series and to give back directly to the entrants. If nothing else, the Sultans of Slide has prompted some conversations, although I really do think that we’ve just seen a snapshot of the future. It’s now up to us to build it.”

Sultans of Slide Class Structure
  • 65cc (8 to under 11)
  • 85cc 2t & 150cc 4t (10 to under 14)
  • Junior Lites up to 150cc 2t & 250cc 4t (13 to under 16)

SENIORS – riders to choose one class only, unless riding in Open Multi, which may be entered in addition to any other class.

  • Clubman (MX Frame Up to 450cc 4T)
  • MX 250 (2 or 4 stroke up to 250cc)
  • MX 450  (4T 450cc or 2T 350cc)
  • Open Multi (Multi cylinder any capacity)


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