Laverda Corse 1000 3C endurance racer

Laverda Corse 1000 3C

With Phil Aynsley

With Laverda’s new 1000 3C triple entering production in 1972, the company began development of an endurance racing version to take over from their successful 750 twin. After racing during the 1974 season revealed a tendency for a high speed weave to upset the bike (not to mention the riders), designer Luciano Zen introduced the distinctive ‘Space Frame’ chassis.

Laverda Corse 1000 3C endurance racer

A very large fairing was also fitted to provide superior weather protection during 24 hour races. The fuel tank was enlarged to 24 litres. A major change was the alternator being moved forward, providing increased ground clearance.

Laverda Corse 1000 3C endurance racer

Riders for the 1975 season included some well known names – Augusto Brettoni (with 13 Laverda mounted victories), Roberto Gallina (GP racer and later 500GP team owner), Marco Lucchinelli (who began his career with the team) and Georges Fougeray. The team’s best results were a 5th at Barcelona and a 10th at Spa.

Luciano Zen introduced the distinctive “Space Frame” chassis

Of the five bikes constructed only three are known to still exist, this one being a part of the Laverda Corse collection, with power ouput quoted as 95 hp at 7,800 rpm, with a wet weight of 210kg, while top speed was 240 km/h.


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