Langen Motorcycles 2-Stroke

What’s more opprressed than the 2-stroke? Show your solidarity by riding out on this one from boutique British bike outlet Langen Motorcycles. You’re only supposed to ride it on closed courses, of course, but… It’s powered by a 90-degree Vins two-stroke twin, with twin counter-rotating crankshafts. Read all about it at Langen Motorcycles.


Vins is an Italian company founded by ex-Ferrari people that builds Duecinquanta (sounds exotic but means “250”) racebikes. In an intereview here, CEO Vincenzo Mattia, explains “the particularity of our engine. “

Our Vins engine is capable, in standard configuration, of delivering 75 hp at 11,500 rpm. It looks like a brutal engine, difficult to use, but thanks to the electronic control and the management of the exhaust valves, we manage to manage the engine’s delivery arc within very high torque values ​​at the bottom without excessively compensating the delivery. 

What, there’s a street version? Vins further states: “Thanks to the management of the patented lubrication, the Duecinquanta Strada has passed the UK homologation test at full power, without the need to install any type of catalyst. The Vins Duecinquanta is therefore an ambitious motorcycle capable of concentrating innovation and tradition for a super light and performing road sports car, also optimized for oil consumption by bypassing the pollution system.”

I wonder if Indian is working on one? We’re not getting any younger.

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