Langen 250cc injected two-stroke twin for the road | 75 hp | 114 kg

Langen Motorcycles

Christofer Ratcliffe, ex Chief Design Engineer at CCM, broke away and decided to go his own way last year to try and fulfill a dream to make a modern influenced but somewhat nostalgic take on a two-stroke cafe-racer of his own design.

Langen at Blenheim Palace

Thus Langen Motorcycles was born, with the interesting new Langen two-stroke being the first evidence of Christofer’s endeavours. Making its public world debut at the Salon Privé́ vehicle Concours at Blenheim Palace late last month, the handmade 250cc V-Twin Two Stroke instantly met with huge interest and praise, with around a third of the bike’s planned limited production of 100 examples now already reserved in under three weeks since its launch. Despite the price of admission being $28,000 GBP, which converts to around $50,00 AUD, the allure of a modern light-weight two-stroke for the road has seen three-dozen customers already place deposits.


Production is scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2021 and once the initial allocation of 100 bikes are sold, Langen are considering a second run of 150 machines homologated for the world market.

The Langen two-stroke combines modern technology and the inherent power/performance advantages with an environmentally considerate V-Twin engine fed by a modern fuel injection system, ECU-controlled oil injection and electronic exhaust valves, yet also passing the all-important two-stroke ‘sniff test’.

Vins injected 250cc V-twin lightweight motor revs to 14,500 rpm and features a counter-rotating crank.

This advanced technology results in a healthy 75 hp with 45 Nm. of torque, courtesy of Langen’s tailored Vins injected 250cc V-twin lightweight motor which revs to 14,500 rpm and features a counter-rotating crank.

This engine is housed in a bespoke and painstakingly-built aluminium tube space frame with high-specification motorcycle parts, including Öhlins front forks, K-Tech twin shocks suspending the rear and Hel Performance brakes.

Öhlins front forks, K-Tech twin shocks and Hel Performance brakes

To help achieve the Langen’s light weight of just 114kg (including oil and water) the Two Stroke’s bodywork and fuel tank are produced in hand-laid carbon-fibre, complete with hand-finished gold leaf detailing, although a range of customisation options are also available, allowing clients to personalise everything from the bike’s paint work, the chassis finish, and even the fork type and wheels.

A 1990’s Grand Prix racer-style dual-exit exhaust system, complete with right-hand-side and under seat pipes, emits the pleasingly smoky sights and smells that bike enthusiasts relish with two-stroke motorcycles.


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