KYB testing the key takeaway for Webster in US trip

News 18 Feb 2020

KYB testing the key takeaway for Webster in US trip

Western Australian returns from brief visit to America.

Image: Foremost Media.

Penrite Honda Racing newcomer Kyle Webster has indicated that testing with KYB suspension was the key takeaway from his brief visit to America.

The MX2 title favourite linked up with the American arm of Penrite Honda Racing in the States, where he managed to ride twice in a week-long stay.

Despite the relatively minimal bike time, the 23-year-old believes he made headway in his suspension development, and is now awaiting the arrival of an updated KYB set-up to use locally in Australia.

“I think it was a good experience to be there and see how they do it,” Webster explained to “I’m really happy with my program here in Australia, so it’s hard to see where I could make it better.

“But, I ended up doing some suspension testing with KYB over there, so my bike’s handling really well and I’m looking forward to getting it back here – I think that will make it better.

“I’m not too crazy about suspension set-up, and those guys do it every day, so it was cool for me. I rode Pala and State Fair, so they were two completely different tracks – I found the bike worked really well at both them, and that’s what I’m looking for – I want my bike to be able to work well everywhere.”

Webster will race rounds two and three of the New Zealand Motocross Championship before Horsham’s opening round of the MX Nationals, scheduled for 4-5 April.


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