Jorge Viegas talks the FIM response to coronavirus

Jorge Viegas talks coronavirus

President of an International Sports Federation

With events being cancelled almost daily due to the spread of coronavirus, more questions have arisen over what to expect for the coming year, with Jorge Viegas – President of an International Sports Federation, sharing an inside viewpoint of what’s going on, and how the FIM is managing the situation.

A 63-year-old economist and President of the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) since 2018, Jorge Viegas also mentioned doping concerns in an exclusive interview conducted by Jean-Claude Schertenleib, in Qatar last weekend, in tacking some of the hard subjects facing the sport…

MotoGP Rnd Qatar Albert Arenas

MotoGP Rnd Qatar Albert Arenas

Albert Arenas lead the Moto3 field in Qatar, with the MotoGP class unable to race due to travel restrictions

But the President of the International Motorcycling Federation remains optimistic despite facing the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis FIM.

Jorge Viegas Interview

The coronavirus, we imagine it is worse for a President of an International Sports Federation?

Jorge Viegas: “I hope yes, but I refuse to dramatise. I am not a virologist; it is not for me to say what can, what will happen in the future. I chair a sports federation, which also manages other motorcycling activities, such as tourism, mobility. Our goal is to be able to follow all our activities.”

With the promoters of the various disciplines, you are actors. But in this case, you are mainly spectators of political decisions?

Jorge Viegas: “Yes. We will always follow the directions of governments and the World Health Organisation. We recognise that the spread of the disease must be stopped. Unfortunately, a state of general panic now exists. And the worst danger is this: collective hysteria.”

MotoGP Rnd Qatar Fri Moto Bezzecchi

MotoGP Rnd Qatar Fri Moto Bezzecchi

Government restrictions will have on ongoing effect on what is run –

For the past week, each day has brought back new events. However, there are only 52 weekends in a year. Can we imagine that some championships will end at Christmas?

Jorge Viegas: “Yes, If necessary. Imagine that several events have yet to be cancelled and that we have to resume racing much later, well, we will go as far as it takes to keep championships worthy of the name. If it is necessary, we will go until January 2021. For us, it is not taboo.”

Economically, there is going to be collateral damage. All these cancellations / postponements, the season that could be extended, all this has costs?

Jorge Viegas: “Of course, and if we get out of our little motorcycle world for a moment, we have to worry about the global consequences. Factories are shut down, schools closed, all economic activity slows down. There will be consequences, but they are still difficult to quantify.”

MotoGP is the showcase for FIM sporting activities. But there are other disciplines, such as superbike, motocross, trial, enduro, etc. If so, do you follow the priorities by saying: “We first ensure a maximum of MotoGP races and after that we will see for the rest?”

Jorge Viegas: “Not at all. Things are not in conflict between our different championships, which represent the great diversity of our sport.”

MotoGP QatarTest Day Marc Marquez Cover

MotoGP QatarTest Day Marc Marquez Cover

MotoGP Qatar Test

In terms of media coverage, cross-interest and economically – does this multiplicity not become a handicap?

Jorge Viegas: “In all human activities, hierarchies are created in the public, this is the case with us. The great success of F1? Simple, in the world, it represents the top of motorsport. While there are also rallies, tourism, endurance. With us, it’s a bit the same with MotoGP, although the popularity of the motocross world championship is increasing, which is very pleasing.”

But the general public could be lost, shouldn’t we restrict the offering?

Jorge Viegas: “On the contrary, and we are currently working on a new discipline, the e-bike, reserved for electric bikes. There were first races last year, an internal commission has been created and a first FIM Cup is planned, with events in Europe and Asia; I just learned that the United States was also very interested. So no, there are not too many disciplines, there is a motorcycle sport for everyone, in all its forms. An ice race is nothing like a circuit race, but come see one, you will be overcome!”

MotoE Jerez Test March Josh Hook

MotoE Jerez Test March Josh Hook

Josh Hook – MotoE is a future development area

Let’s move on. Before the current crisis erupted, a burning dossier was on your desks: the positive test for nandrolone (an anabolic steroid) by the Italian MotoGP rider Andrea Iannone. However, we are still awaiting judgment…

Jorge Viegas: “The FIM president has nothing to do with the trial. It has been examined by the lawyers for the two parties, who have sent the various documents they deemed necessary and a committee of three judges, all very experienced, who will very soon give its decision. Afterwards, there will be the possibility of an appeal to the CAS, both on the part of Iannone and his employer, Aprilia, if the sanction is considered too severe; or on the part of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) if it considers that the sanction is not sufficient.”

Do the specifics of motorcycle sport always go hand in hand with the list of products prohibited by WADA?

Jorge Viegas: “With us, skill, psyche and courage are more important than brute physical strength. Not to mention the problem of painkillers. I plan to meet the new president of WADA, Witold Banka, to see if it would be possible to have a list more suited to our sport.”

MotoGP Rnd Jerez Iannone GP AN x

MotoGP Rnd Jerez Iannone GP AN x

Andrea Iannone

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