Jeff Leisk retires from KTM Australia | A Video Tribute

Everyone in the Australian motorcycle industry recognises the contribution that Jeff Leisk has made to motorcycle racing in this country. 

Jeff’s racing achievements both here, in the USA and in the World Motocross Championship is what he is most widely known for, but those of us that have had rubbed shoulders a bit closer with Jeff know that his contributions after racing have been much, much larger than what he achieved on the track. 

There are so many Australian racers that owe their good fortune to the backing of Jeff Leisk, and he has forged the success of the KTM brand in Australia. Jeff has headed KTM Australia for over two decades but we now wish him all the best in retirement. 

On a personal note, I’m glad to be able to call Jeff and his family long term friends. 

Jeff has handed over the reins of KTM Australia to American Brad Hagi who moves into the role after three years as President of KTM Asia. Mr Hagi started his career at Yamaha USA before then moving to Europe to take up a position as Director of Distributor Sales, working out of Ducati HQ in Bologna. He has also previously worked with the Piaggio Group.


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