Hopkins: “Marc never expected it”

“In 2010 I did a full season, crashed a lot. A lot. And then ever since, from then…there was a 450 class the year after in 2011 then took the step to STK600 in the British championship. And here’s another story with my dad, again, at this point I was probably quite cocky…I was 16. Thought I was an absolute hero, riding round on my STK600. Did no testing…a day at Mallory and I was like ‘YEAH! I’m ready to ride a 600’. Turned up at Brands Hatch Indy, the first round, and I was like ‘Dad, I’m gonna win this weekend.’ Again, he says, ‘You need to stop thinking like this because it’s going to end in a bad way.’ I put it third on the grid, and then the race was wet. I’d done no testing, I rode warm up in the wet and I was 23rd and I was thinking ‘Oh my god’. Come the race, I won it by ten seconds! Complete opposites.”

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