Honda Celebrates 60 Years in the US with Kokoro Videos

Kokoro means heart. Soichiro Honda is bracketed here by Dave Mungenast and his wife Barbara, who started a Honda motorcycle dealership in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1965. Dave M. sounds like he was quite a guy; Green Beret, racer, adventure motorcyclist before there was such a category, and a risk taker who took at least one very good one. Later came Honda cars, then an Acura dealership… all three of which are still hawking Hondas in St. Louis. Honda sent us a couple of really nice 6-minute videos, packed with Mungenast nostalgia and classic Hondas. 
If you find yourself in St. Louis, though, what you really need to do is track down the Mungenast Classic Museum, which houses all manner of motorcycles besides Honda, and more than a few classic automobiles as well.
Honda Press Release:

Like a time machine transporting viewers back to an earlier era, the newest videos in the Honda Kokoro™ series take visitors on a virtual visit to original style Honda showrooms of the 1960s and ’70s, as seen at the Mungenast Classic Automobiles & Motorcycles Museum. The Honda Kokoro video series celebrates the heritage, culture, people and products that make Honda unique. “Kokoro” means heart in Japanese.

Last year marked Honda’s 60th year in the continental United States and the Mungenast family is an integral part of the brand’s American legacy. The Mungenast museum was established by the late Dave Mungenast, Sr., who became a Honda motorcycle dealer in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1965 and went on to establish a Honda auto dealership and one of the first Acura dealers in the U.S., in 1986. The Mungenast Automotive Family continues to operate all three dealerships in St. Louis.

The two-part video based on the Mungenast museum, tells the story of the relationship between Dave Sr. and his family with the Honda brand and includes a focus on both Honda automotive history and motorcycle history, through the products and memorabilia housed at the museum.

 The segment on automobiles features several rare Honda “S” model sports cars never sold in America, as well as a Z600 and a 1979 Civic. The motorcycle segment features a replica of the first Honda Scrambler to win a National Championship, a rare XLV750R never sold in America, and other iconic Honda bikes, including a Z50 Mini Trail, XL250, CBX, GL1000 Gold Wing and a 1970 CB750, named “Motorcycle of the Century” by Motorcyclist magazine.

The Mungenast Classic Automobiles & Motorcycles Museum is a permanent, two-building display dedicated to celebrating the memory of Dave Mungenast, Sr. and his family’s passion for everything on wheels. Founded with Dave Sr.’s donation of his collection of vehicles, the expanded facilities now include the next generation of Mungenast’s favorite bikes and automobiles, including many rare items. The family’s collection has something to pique the interest of every enthusiast, young or old. The museum is a gift from Dave and Barbara Mungenast and the Mungenast Automotive Family to the community that has supported the growing family of businesses since 1965. Mungenast Classic Museum

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