High-speed crash rules Oliveira out of Australian grand prix

News 27 Oct 2019

High-speed crash rules Oliveira out of Australian grand prix

MotoGP rookie cleared of broken bones following major fall on Saturday.

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Red Bull KTM Tech3’s Miguel Oliveira has been declared unfit for this afternoon’s Pramac Generac Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix following his high-speed incident entering turn one during FP4 on Saturday.

The Portuguese rookie crashed prior to yesterday’s final stoppage due to the windy conditions, with painful swelling in both hands – despite no broken bones found – effectively ruling him out of action for race day.

“At the moment, the hospital was calling me and that’s why I was stressing out because we’re going to have an MRI today on the right wrist because it’s still hurting,” said Oliveira. “Obviously, they can’t see anything broken in the hand on the X-ray, but we suspect that there might be further injuries, maybe in the ligaments or something. We’re going to check that out today and have a full report tomorrow morning.”

Oliveira crashed heavily after a gust of wind caught him out at the end of Gardner Straight: “In my opinion, I think I got some turbulence from [Johann] Zarco’s bike but, in that moment I got hit by a strong gust of wind. Yesterday there was a crosswind on the start-finish straight and it was really hard for us just to go straight.

“For some reason, our bike was a little more sensitive to this and I was at 24 degrees [lean angle] from the moment I grabbed the brakes, just trying to lean in and, as you saw, it wasn’t possible to make the corner and the rest is history. I’m just glad I’m here talking about it.”

Source: CycleOnline.com.au

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