Erik Buells FUELL Ebike Seems to Be Really Happening

Our favorite motorcycling iconoclast is at it again, along with a few other engineering heavyweights, and we’ve just been informed the first of their very interesting ebikes, the FUELL Fluid, is set to begin deliveries beginning this month. Or September. We’re talking an internal-hub 8-speed gearbox, carbon-belt drive, hydraulic brakes, 3.2-inch IPS color information display – and 125-mile range at up to 28 mph via not one but two removable batteries, with 1008 watt-hours of juice.

So far, FUELL has raised over $1 million over here at crowd-sourcing site INDIEGOGO, where there’ s a bunch more information, and where if you place your order before August 6, you’ll be looking at 30% off the $3,999 list price for the Fluid 1. Ahhhh, when will our test unit be available, Erik?


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