Electric Motorcycles Were Made For The Daily Commute

Electric motorcycles haven’t yet reached the mainstream, with charge times, maintenance concerns, and range still obstacles for many riders. But even with these shortcomings, there’s a definite place for ebikes, even considering the need for further development. That place is on a commute. With a full charge, all of the bikes below will make the trip to the office with juice to spare (unless you’re an extreme commuter with triple-digit, one-way distances to cover), without costing you money for gas or a claustrophobic mental breakdown. The average American spends nearly half an hour, one-way, during their commute every day. That time would be a lot more enjoyable on a motorcycle. And with urban areas becoming more and more flush with charge stations, ensuring you’ll have the power to get home is easier than ever. You’ll contribute to the reduction of emissions, be able to weave more easily through congested traffic, and be the cool dude or dudette who walks into the office carrying a motorcycle helmet every day. What’s not to love?

Source: MotorCyclistOnline.com

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